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  • zyggiepyggie
    Apr 10, 04:30 AM
    ISO 100 | 1\640 | f5.6

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  • MattInOz
    Apr 18, 09:03 PM
    I'm not really sure what the point would be. If you lay a 17 or 20 inch Mac down on your lap, give it a touch screen, and modify the interface so it's more suited to the less precise input of fingers� haven't you just created a bigger iPad? (Not that a bigger iPad wouldn't have it's uses, but it wouldn't be a Mac, and I'd question whether it would warrant yet another 'marketing name'.

    I suppose it's possible, as many presume, that Apple is looking to merge OS X and iOS, but it's never been that convincing of an argument to me. There are some real incompatibilities between the two in my mind. Many OS X apps demand the precision and unrestricted visibility that a keyboard and mouse give you, but once you're using a keyboard and mouse, the display has moved away from your fingers. A vertical display keeps it within reach, but humans just aren't suited to using a vertical touch screen for more than a few minutes, as Steve Jobs has himself remarked.

    If the future were some kind of OS X / iOS hybrid, why did Apple invent iOS in the first place? Why not just go straight for this touchable OS X Nirvana if it exists? I suspect it doesn't exist, and Apple understood that a usable touchscreen interface has a unique set of requirements, benefits and limitations.

    As for what this 'ix.Mac.MarketingName' is, I actually haven't a clue. It's somewhat intriguing though. It's kind of exciting to think that the inventive minds at Apple might be hatching some new kind of device. A little optimistic maybe, but who knows?

    Was thinking more of a desktop touch screen device. Different from the iPad which wants to be picked up and used, but is workable on your lap. This mythical desktop touch device would still need to be light enough that you could lift it up and just change it's orientation at will like an iPad. Yet with a stand so it could be standing upright in portrait or landscape yet moved and sit anywhere down to almost flat on the desk. That way if you want the screen upright you can have, yet small enough that your not putting it to far away and for the odd navigation touch command would not be to bad. Yet lying down you get the full advantage and directness of touch screen.

    This device would be great for Graphics, CAD, 3D modeling, even FCP maybe where the ability to make the workflow even more direct and tactile would be a real advantage.

    I can't see this device happening this year, but I can dream can't I. See the other part that seems to missing is something that has the directness of touch but and doesn't obscure what your doing like a mouse so you get the accuracy, but you can't do this at the expense of the other input means on there respective platforms. Or in other words a stylus but it has to work with fingers as well but not spongy like the current ones you can buy.

    To me the keyboards a red herring, both OSX and iOS can use either real or on screen keyboard. The difference comes down to point device.

    As for why they split off iOS as a branch, well where now five years in and only with Lion is it looking like the two will align. So if they waited till OS X was ready they would have forgone the last 4 years of iOS device revenue plus maybe the next 2-3 years as well before it was really ready for the general purpose touchable OS. Even then it would be doubtful if One Application Framework is diverse enough to cover 4 families of products each with there own tweaks to how you work with them.

    It's funny for all the advantages of computers it's only now we see them becoming as intuitive as pencil and paper some time in the next 5ish years.

    Yep so intrigued to what this new device maybe if it''s anything all. There some really fun possibilities. Just not sure which one is "ready" for this year.

    disney princess jasmine pictures. Disney Princess Jasmine
  • Disney Princess Jasmine

  • Mexbearpig
    Jan 31, 07:22 PM
    Playdoh was on sale and the book was half price :cool:.

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  • Stella
    Apr 14, 03:09 PM
    Jailbroken already, albeit, tethered!

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  • disney princess jasmine

  • DMann
    Oct 1, 02:36 PM
    AT&T has hands down the worst service I have ever experienced.

    It is as though they were operating in an emerging mobile phone world sometime in the early 80's when phones were the size of a Sat phone or you carried it in its own portable case.

    In all the years I was with Verizon I had maybe 10 dropped calls.

    They should be ashamed of themselves. But really what do they care, they have the iphone exclusively for the time being.
    I must say this reflects poorly on Apple who picked these idiots in the first place.

    Honestly, on a day to day basis, I think about going back and just giving up, the service is just terrible and I live in NYC! Where there are towers everywhere, and I usually have 5 bars.

    Despicable profit seeking, customer service unfriendly whores is what they are!Blame Verizon then. Apple approached Verizon first, and Verizon was unwilling to allow Apple to have full control over the OS, the design of the iPhone

    itself, or to make concessions regarding profit sharing. CDMA would not have been an ideal choice for a global phone, in any event.


    I'm thinking of switching from Verizon to AT&T to get the iPhone. However, I'm hearing horror stories of up to 30% dropped calls in the NY area.

    For all iPhone/AT&T users in northern NJ and NYC area, can you verify that you experience around 30% of dropped calls?? is this true??

    I want the iPhone, but not if it comes with such bad service!!

    Thank you,

    olimits7Northern NJ: zero dropped calls, excellent coverage overall.

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  • zulgand04
    Oct 23, 08:12 AM
    i was reading solmewhere the other day, don't rember where but it was sayin something along the lines of not being able to transfer a copy from one computer to another. example runing a copy of vista on a pc1, then get rid of that one takeing windows off it and wanting to run it on my new pc2 will not work. Due to the licences is resticted to the one computer you instal it on the first time. It was on digg the other day.


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  • robeddie
    Apr 22, 07:00 AM
    Wow, are you this much of a jerk in person?

    Absolutely! But only when it's warranted.

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 25, 10:43 AM
    I wonder how you'd react if your daughter was trans.

    The woman that was attacked? She's somebody's daughter.

    She is NOT a woman

    She's a MANfor crying out loud :mad:

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  • rmwebs
    Apr 26, 12:37 PM
    I guess they could build it into iTunes in some fairly fluid way, but still.

    Yay....more itunes bloat! They really need to ditch iTunes all together. It's turned into a piece of crap.

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 15, 08:53 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

    Am I the only one that thinks this is potentially the new UI?

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  • The Princess: Jasmine

  • KingYaba
    Dec 1, 02:33 PM
    Router, firewall I feel OK.

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  • ctdonath
    Apr 13, 03:45 PM
    It would sport of course Airplay and Retinal on a 60" model in other words 4K TV for the masses. :-P


    Think long and hard about whatever complaint/excuse people have about TVs. Think about whatever technical explanation is required for use.
    Think about how to get rid of it.

    Resolution, framerate, bit rate, and color depth so high the actual figures are irrelevant.
    Wiring irrelevant (save only power). Either wireless, or "anything goes".
    Effortless 3D (glasses-less, lenticular, and/or head tracking).
    Minimal, intuitive interface (barely-there remote, or iPad like).

    Not saying it would be all or any of these.
    Saying it will be a "why didn't we think of, or do, that" obvious step.

    And just insufficient enough to keep the haters happy.

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  • Disney Princess Jasmine Doll

  • bobthecat23
    Apr 24, 03:56 PM
    can we get a hell yeah? lower prices at&t can go burn in hell

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  • disney princess jasmine cakes.

  • skunk
    Apr 28, 02:34 PM
    There is no legal duty to assist, and laws requiring otherwise are unconstitutional and thus unenforceable.Is there no duty to report a crime?

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  • guru_ck
    Apr 22, 04:22 PM
    My favorite iPhone design was the first one. Bring back the aluminum and rounded sides. It's not comfortable to hold this iPhone 4 brick!

    disney princess jasmine pictures. Disney Princess Jasmine
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  • thirumalkumaran
    May 3, 07:52 AM
    The IPS tech screens are removed from specs...
    Have they moved to TN panel sinstead...?

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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:43 PM
    Osama is dead, so what? The U.S needed him alive.

    Actually this works out great for our PR. When he was alive he was a very powerful image to conjure up support for the ongoing wars, a great emotional appeal. Now that he's dead he can be trotted as an example of how we are winning and need to stay the course regardless of facts, reasoning, or actual reasons for getting our military into the Middle East again.

    disney princess jasmine pictures. Disney Princess Jasmine
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  • Dagless
    Mar 8, 04:13 PM
    And that's what bugs me. That's the only time I can think of on TV where they actually pulled a switcheroo instead of having the character killed or sending him or her on a long trip to visit Aunt Edna in Schenectady.

    Walt, from Lost, too.

    I don't see the appeal of 2 and a Half Men too, or How I Met Your Mother. I honestly don't get it :p. Maybe I'm spoiled with stuff like Darkplace, Partridge, Peep Show etc.

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  • rhett7660
    Mar 2, 10:44 AM
    :mad: Emiilo is busy being a director and winegrower, thank you very much :mad: :p

    As to Charlie - I'm of two minds - I do think that part of this is definitely publicity. He probably hasn't had so many requests for interviews in years! On the other hand, even though that drug test he took was supposedly negative - I think that's probably a temporary thing and he will back to hitting the crack pipe pretty darn soon if he hasn't started up again already.

    As to losing his children - yes it's sad for him, but definitely good for them. although with a drug-addicted mom - perhaps there is a well meaning relative that could step in for the boys? Charlie has 5 kids. His oldest is married I think, so don't know what she has had to deal with. But Denise always had custody of the 2 girls and I think for while there he wasn't even allowed visitation, so sadly, I don't think losing visitation rights is going to change anything for Charlie.

    I agree, given his state of mind right now, I wouldn't be surprised if this is all Chucks fault too. Charlie doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for his actions. But hey, he is making millions, or was making millions why should he! :)

    Nov 1, 05:25 PM
    To become a relevant team, we need to reach 250k units per day, almost double the current rate. We need 70 more iMacs/MacBooks or 5 8-core systems.

    We have reached 200k PPD, nice power up...
    Keep going, we need more bigadv users...

    Oct 2, 06:32 PM
    yeah 30% of calls are dropped sounds about right...

    I worked in NYC for a while too. Seems right on par. Way to go AT&T.

    Mac Marc
    Apr 25, 12:37 PM
    How do you explain the MacBook Pros with the antiglare screens?

    Never going to have a matte screen lol

    Apr 23, 06:16 PM
    I think AT&T is getting tired of dropped calls on it's frequency wants to start dropping them on T-Mobile's as well.

    Jul 26, 05:58 AM
    It's also likely to lead to a Douglas Adams-esque end-of-the-world pandemic scenario! Euuuh!

    As DNA prophesied:
    "A loud clatter of gunk music flooded through the Heart of Gold cabin as
    Zaphod searched the sub-etha radio wavebands for news of himself. The machine was rather difficult to operate. For years radios had been operated by means of pressing buttons and turning dials; then as the technology became more sophisticated the controls were made touch-sensitive � you merely had to brush the panels with your fingers; now all you had to do was wave your hand in the general direction of the components and hope. It saved a lot of muscular expenditure of course, but meant that you had to sit infuriatingly still if you wanted to keep listening to the same programme.
    The music swirled and dived for a moment. Another voice broke in, presumably Halfrunt. He said: �Vel l, Zaphod�s jist zis guy you know?� but got no further because an electric pencil flew across the cabin and through the radio�s on/off sensitive airspace. Zaphod turned and glared at Trillian � she had thrown the pencil."

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