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  • BC2009
    Sep 13, 10:52 AM
    What operating system and browser are you using?

    The Apple symbols that you're able to see are just GIF images (one of the smilies provided by this message board is an Apple logo.) You can see this one (:apple:), because it's just an image. But you can only see this one () if you have the necessary fonts installed, which all iOS devices and Macs should.

    I think you are dead-on. One of them is a font character which requires the Apple font installed, the other is an image.

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 23, 12:15 AM
    I think that the White iPhone 4 will only reach my country by the time iPhone 5 in announced. No market at all here.

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  • paola105
    Oct 19, 09:11 AM
    I really want to but I don't think I will.

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  • e�Studios
    Mar 19, 03:04 PM
    The only thing i would worry about is if Nintendo pulls a M$ and when/if they release online games that they won't let you online because you modified your hardware.


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  • LastLine
    Jul 23, 02:26 PM
    Just to check, if I build with Xcode 4 can I submit to iTunesConnect? The SDK isn't in beta so logic says yes but I just want to be sure.

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  • Kasalic
    Mar 31, 02:33 AM
    Can anyone give me the right amount to partition off for Windows XP+Games+Bootcamp?
    Thanks in advance,

    Simple answer - No we can't.

    Longer answer - Only you know how many games you will be wanting to install on XP, similar to the above poster, I only play one game which requires Windows, so I set mine to 40GB, which was enough for OS and the game.

    One piece of advice I would give you is to partition your drive into 3, one for Mac OS, one for Windows and a third 'spare' partition. THat way if you find yourself running out of space on either Mac or Windows you can format the 'spare' partition appropriately, or even split the spare into two.

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  • amacgenius
    Oct 16, 04:50 PM

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  • bluehill
    May 3, 09:13 AM
    The leaks tool doesn't tell you where leaks happened. It tells you where leaked objects were created. The red line is where the leaked string was created.

    There's no obvious bug in the code shown. Does anything else leak? Do you release the address in the MapViewController dealloc method? Does the MapViewController leak?

    @interface MapViewController : UIViewController <MKMapViewDelegate,NSXMLParserDelegate>

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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 27, 05:39 PM
    How long is a piece of string?

    The Mini with adequate RAM will run all of those programs and is good value for the money if you already have a good monitor.

    Is it going to be fast enough for your particular working environment? We can't tell.

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  • GGJstudios
    May 5, 07:27 PM
    Have you tried a PRAM and/or SMC reset already?
    PRAM/NVRAM has nothing to do with the OP's issue.

    Mac OS X: What's stored in PRAM (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1242)
    When to reset NVRAM or PRAM (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1895)

    SMC might help with some fan, unexpected power-offs or slow performance issues, but not heat-related shutdowns, as the OP described.

    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964)

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  • tersono
    Apr 14, 05:33 AM
    Talk to Apple. This looks like the infamous Nvidia 8600M issue and may still be covered under Apple's replacement scheme (I actually got a brand new MBP out of them about 6 months out of warranty).

    Make an appointment at your local genius bar and see what they say.

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  • alansmallen
    Jun 5, 04:53 AM
    Do you ship to Canada?

    Price lowered to $300

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  • spoon man
    Dec 25, 02:07 AM
    These have kept me warm other this month with all the snow :) .

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  • ninewhereman
    Mar 22, 01:19 AM
    I buy games for both. Some games I know I am going to love the multiplayer, and will still play through the single player once in a while. Other games I buy for single player only. Usually games that are one player only.

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  • mlstein
    Apr 8, 02:21 PM
    Absolutely. If you're on AT&T's $25.00/month plan it will cost you and extra $20 in the months when you do that. AT&T has told me that if you've got one of the old $30/month unlimited data plans you can use the iPhone as a hotspot with no additional charge.

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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 12, 07:56 AM

    I need a REALLY cool iphone case. Kinda like the Switch Easy stuff, just a little thinner. Thanks!

    Have you looked into the switcheasy Naked? It is a switchasy itself and one of the thinnest cases ever.

    Problem is like most plastic cases, it will look like it went through war after just a few weeks of use.

    If you don't like that one what switcheasy case you like so I can see If I know of a similar one that is slimmer.

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  • flosseR
    Mar 21, 02:26 AM
    Hi, thanks for the responses.about the canon lenses: I use Nikon so my lenses are all black. In terms of throwing the lenses around, well I do go on travel and I do go out in the woods etc. so yes my lenses do see action and they do get small hits here and there. My old sigma 70-200 had some scratches because it fell on the ground. So yes I have seen damage to the lenses in that respect.

    In terms of the lens coats, they look like they fit well but I have seen professional photographers using self adhesive tape as a layer of protection. So no glue residue left as you take it off but still that looks even worse than the lens coat :)

    I'll have to re-think what I will do....

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  • RobertD33
    Jul 9, 02:35 PM

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 21, 07:59 PM
    Inactive memory

    This information in memory is not actively being used, but was recently used.

    For example, if you've been using Mail and then quit it, the RAM that Mail was using is marked as Inactive memory. This Inactive memory is available for use by another application, just like Free memory. However, if you open Mail before its Inactive memory is used by a different application, Mail will open quicker because its Inactive memory is converted to Active memory, instead of loading Mail from the slower hard disk.

    from Mac OS X: Reading system memory usage in Activity Monitor (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1342)

    In other words: Your Mac is fine.

    May 7, 12:36 AM
    At this time I'd go for the top of the line iMac 27".

    Apr 30, 09:57 PM
    Happening for me too, restart doesn't fix it.

    Apr 23, 11:02 AM
    Yes of course - but so what? We aren't islamophobic, are we?

    No, not a bit of it.

    We'll just give them the tools with which to defeat us.

    Silly season is in full swing.

    Jun 17, 04:44 PM
    The labs, and just having 5000 other developers in the same place to discuss things with, have always been the main reasons to go to WWDC in my opinion.

    Designer Dale
    Apr 9, 02:50 PM
    Thanks dude! Appreciate it

    To clarify:

    dude = male

    Demi-Goddess = female


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