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miss you best friend

miss you best friend. Andy, my est friend. I miss you
  • Andy, my est friend. I miss you

  • mikes63737
    Apr 21, 07:38 AM
    I'm excited to get my MacBook Pro (probably this week) and start on it...although the F@H website does not have an Intel version yet.

    Would it be possible to run the Linux version on your MBP? Linux and BSD (Which Mac OS X is based on) are very similar.

    miss you best friend. i miss you best friend
  • i miss you best friend

  • Ommid
    Apr 23, 03:16 PM
    Yeah there is a major problem with backlit wireless keyboards: The batteries aren't going to last for months anymore, are they? Where is all that power for the lights going to come from?

    Since when do they last months!?

    I would love a backlit keyboard! Laser cut aluminium keys with 16.5 million colour LEDs please :D

    miss you best friend. My est friend Chubbs.I miss
  • My est friend Chubbs.I miss

  • RITZFit
    Dec 24, 11:54 PM
    mohney... could've use a hell of a lot more of it this month though

    miss you best friend. Best friend poem; Miss You
  • Best friend poem; Miss You

  • Alaerian
    Apr 18, 12:28 PM
    If you're entirely happy with a smartphone camera and consider replacing your P&S, you must be happy with mediocre quality photos. Myself, I'd rather have my Canon for when I know I'll be taking photos, and my iPhone for "okay quality" snaps suitable for Facebook.

    miss you best friend. Miss You By Amy Amy says:
  • Miss You By Amy Amy says:

  • paola105
    Oct 19, 09:11 AM
    I really want to but I don't think I will.

    miss you best friend. Dear est friend Anele,
  • Dear est friend Anele,

  • ChoMomma
    Dec 3, 12:23 AM
    WHen posting pics of your system online people need to start adding watermarks so idiots like these won't reuse them for posting Ads on CL or Ebay or where ever.

    They post on CL here in Sacramento as well. Usually we use the Flagging system to get them deleted as quick as possible.. I just wish there was someway they could be filtered or refused from posting.

    miss you best friend. Best Friends Pictures
  • Best Friends Pictures

  • adrian.oconnor
    Oct 21, 10:12 AM
    No. It's not related to any dislike between Apple and Oracle. I believe it was timed purposely to keep Java applications out of the new Mac App Store.

    Good point, I hadn't linked the two things together. I wonder what their motives are? I wonder how they'll feel about MacRuby and MonoMac stuff that is submitted to the AppStore?

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  • Owl Miss You Best Friend!

  • smiddlehurst
    May 5, 05:17 AM
    Hyperthreading is the latest name for an Intel technology that effectively allows a single physical core to run as two virtual cores. So in the current iMac range the i5 processors have 4 physical cores and can run 4 threads in parallel. The i7 processores have 4 physical cores but can run 8 threads in parallel thanks to hyperthreading.

    So Hyperthreading only really offers an advantage with applications that are designed to run on multiple cores. Unfortunately things aren't entirely that simple as there's also the slightly faster clock speed of the i7 and Turbo Boost to consider.

    Turbo Boost effectively lets a processor speed up when it's not using all of its cores by 'shutting off' the cores that aren't in use. Off the top of my head the i5 3.1Ghz can Turbo Boost to 3.4Ghz while the i7 3.4Ghz can run to 3.8Ghz. The real world difference is relatively small but can be worth a couple of frames a second in a game or a few seconds off a benchmark.

    Hope that helps a bit, if there's anything there that's not clear just ask.

    miss you best friend. I Miss You With Every Tick
  • I Miss You With Every Tick

  • gks
    Apr 25, 01:44 PM
    Ok. Apolgies again but I guess I didn't make myself clear. Yes the pages are written in ASP, I wrote them myself but like any other web page it's still just text at the end of the day. Unlike HTML you can't just view the page source and edit it though since the HTML you are seeing could just be something that is rendered by the server. What I'm after is something that can FTP to my site, download a file and then edit it using a text editor before reuploading

    Still nothing I'm aware of that can do that on the iPhone...

    miss you best friend. My Best Friend:( I miss you in
  • My Best Friend:( I miss you in

  • Acronyc
    Apr 18, 12:45 AM
    My 11" MBA was a bit wobbly when I first got it in December and I applied some gentle pressure on it on one side to make it even. That worked really well and it hasn't been wobbly since. The wobble was very minor, though, so it didn't really take much for it to be fixed.

    Since you just bought it I'd imagine that they would exchange it without much of a hassle.

    miss you best friend. Andy, my est friend. I miss you.
  • Andy, my est friend. I miss you.

    Apr 6, 05:22 PM
    Can you post the PHP? The form looks okay. The PHP would help us know what's going on.

    miss you best friend. miss you friend poems.
  • miss you friend poems.

  • rwh202
    Mar 5, 06:46 AM
    Well my quad core i7 MPB turned up this morning, so the first thing had to be to see how well it folds!

    It's just the stock 2.0 GHz 15" version, but initial indications are good.

    It downloaded a 6701 WU, which do tend to be slower than the others, so I'll update these figures once its done a few different units.

    TPF: 11 min 46 s
    PPD: 6184
    CPU temp: 85 C
    Fan speed: 4667 rpm (both)
    Power draw: 58-59 W (screen off, 62-63 W with screen on)

    For comparison, my 2.4 C2D iMac does about 1400 ppd using 75 W, but at a much cooler 54 C.

    Feel free to add your own Sandy Bridge numbers for comparison.

    Keep folding!


    miss you best friend. i miss you friend poems. i
  • i miss you friend poems. i

  • tyr2
    Apr 5, 07:26 PM
    Lets hope it's better than the recent PC port, which by most accounts is terrible.

    miss you best friend. You are my est friend and i
  • You are my est friend and i

  • imaketouchtheme
    Apr 8, 07:54 PM
    Most likely, the buyer will send you back a Core 2 Duo machine and keep your i5. Did you jot down the serial number with pictures before you sent the computer to him/her?

    miss you best friend. I#39;ll miss you so much,
  • I#39;ll miss you so much,

  • wide
    Aug 16, 11:35 AM

    miss you best friend. miss you best friend quotes. i
  • miss you best friend quotes. i

  • ubestbsteppin
    Jun 18, 05:43 PM
    Do you know anyone who was there last year? I was wondering where people line up since the mall is closed that early in the morning.

    miss you best friend. I miss you every day, Charlie.
  • I miss you every day, Charlie.

  • Surf Monkey
    Oct 21, 12:28 PM
    I have an LC 475 that's clock chipped to 33mhz. It's basically the 575 without the built in monitor. In my experience with the box, the last really stable and useful system to run on it was 7.6. I wouldn't put 8 on it.

    Now, having said that, I think the OPTIMAL system to run on a 475/575 is System 7.1.x. It's easily the fastest, most stable and most solid in terms of functional features for that hardware platform IMO. 7.6 is a great system, but I think it needs a little more juice than the 475/575 can offer.

    miss you best friend. i miss you friend poems. i
  • i miss you friend poems. i

  • DonohoMD
    Jan 5, 09:24 AM
    Is anyone using a bluetooth headset with their 4th Gen iPod Touch? Which models work?

    I am looking to use it for some Ustreaming and it would be ideal if I could use the mic from a bluetooth headset to provide the audio.

    It seems like most of the questions around the forums are for older generations and was surprised to find very little information on the topic.

    miss you best friend. miss you friend poems. i miss
  • miss you friend poems. i miss

  • joeloud
    Oct 24, 07:50 AM
    If I buy a family pack, can I get 5 shirts (if I have 4 people with me)? We're planning to be in line really early (school being closed kinda leads to intense boredom). UTC's answering message kinda implies they'll open for the Leopard release.
    I don't know about the 5 shirt thing, but what's UTC? School? I don't think they'll be giving out the shirts are a school bookstore. Just the Apple Store, AFAIK.

    Apr 24, 03:27 PM
    That falls under "esoteric knowledge that nobody should ever bother with". Which means it immediately fails a code review, just like someone writing "a + 1 << i" and expecting people to know which operator has higher precedence.

    In all honesty I think that's a bit harsh. Anyone who uses memcpy a lot should know what it returns (if you don't and just ignore the returned value then you don't know what you are returning which I think is very bad practice). Anyone who does not use it a lot can be expected to lookup the documentation: that's what I did as soon as I opened this thread.

    Apr 29, 12:57 PM
    Do you have a TM backup or a clone of the system from before you applied the update?

    If not, then a retail version of SL will be fine, you can install that over the top of your existing installation and all your files and settings will remain intact. Your 10.5 disc will not work now.

    Apr 7, 08:37 AM
    looks like overkill and bulky. different design but bulky

    Apr 28, 10:11 PM
    I struggled with this for the longest time until I discovered that I was looking at the All Contacts group instead of my Exchange contacts. Click the arrow in the upper left to go back a screen until you see something similar to the attached one. In my case, I have 2 exchange accounts - Personal Gmail (where I keep all mine) and my work exchange that I use just for email searching.

    Go into whatever your equivalent to the Contacts under Gmail is, and add contacts in there. I just tried to close and reopen the Contacts app and it saves your folder between sessions.

    Jul 21, 06:09 PM
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