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happy birthday images for orkut

happy birthday images for orkut. happy birthday Orkut scraps
  • happy birthday Orkut scraps

  • wordmunger
    Nov 1, 12:15 PM
    No, Apple Hardware should be its own category. Why should I have to tunnel down through Hardware --> Apple Hardware, just to get to Mac computers, on a site called "Mac Guides"?

    But this all raises a much larger question. Is it so bad to have a lot of categories? Since every post can be associated with multiple categories, does it really matter? For example, I could associate iBook G4 with Apple Hardware, Apple Laptops, and iBooks. I could put iPhoto in both Apple Software and Prosumer Software.

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  • combatcolin
    Mar 30, 02:46 PM
    Arse to that.

    There will be plenty of stock to go round, so no idiot e-Bay price inflation.

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  • happybirthday happybirthday

  • jackerin
    Apr 18, 07:12 PM
    Photos indicates plural... :confused:

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  • Happy Birthday Orkut Scraps,

  • nobunaga209
    Jul 12, 02:23 PM
    Magic Orbz FTW if you want to go with a PSN network game; otherwise you gotta go with Final Fantasy VII! :D

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  • dantiston
    Apr 12, 01:42 PM
    Here's a screenshot. I'm eager to learn how this might be setup wrong, as I'm bewildered as to the problem.

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  • vincenz
    Mar 18, 09:34 PM
    It's funny how incorrect that is.:rolleyes:

    Correct info, please?

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  • bilestyle
    Sep 3, 03:25 PM
    Sick of applescript programs for video conversion, here's my new Cocoa app written entirely in Objective-C, multithreaded, to encode a variety of movie formats into vcd mpeg1/svcd mpeg2, xvcd, xsvcd, and DVD ready for DVD Studio Pro format.

    Digital Schism webpage:

    Download Link:

    There is a variety of different options available for todays media afficianado, we find the format to be trusted by the experts, and that maintains the widest range of compatability is MPEG. (Specifically MPEG-1 and MPEG-2)

    It has become clear to us that it isn't as easy as it should be to convert the wide array of available media formats to (S/X)VCD/DVD. In an effort to answer a large demand for a simple to use program that encompasses the large spectrum of options available to the Macintosh platform we are proud to bring you Echelon.

    Convert multiple files

    Echelon delivers the capability of converting a large queue list of files to a variety of different MPEG based formats (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2). It aims to employ all the complex video tools in one easy to use program.

    Limitless customization

    In an effort to accomodate your personal needs each file maintains its own individual settings. It is also possible to save your favorite presets for future usage.

    Fast, Reliable, Simple

    We have put in endless hours of research to only allow conversion methods that will solely yield usable end products. We aim to have a harmonious blend of intuitition and simplicity, the things you have come to expect as a Macintosh user.

    Advanced User Features

    In an effort to meet the needs of the varied levels of experience within our userbase we have implemented an array of advanced features for each encoder included.

    Realtime Preview

    In addition to intuitive graphical and textual progress indication, the user has the freedom to view the actual frames of video as they are encoded.

    Multiple Effect Filters

    From adjusting gamma (to be implemented later), to deinterlacing, to denoising we attempted to supply all the necessary effect filters for any of your desired outcomes.

    World friendly

    We will be localizing Echelon in multiple languages, and are up to suggestion for any localizations we didn't cover, dont hesitate to contact us with more language suggestions.

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  • fuzion11
    May 5, 08:11 AM
    Basically I want an iPhone 4, but am mostly around WiFi, I'd be ok with some data, but I really don't need it. I'm looking to buy the phone upfront, and maybe $20-$40 for service afterwards, but I'm open to compromise to keep it cheaper.

    As of now, I'm using an iPod touch with textfree but I need more stability.

    I would like unlimited texting (sms not needed) and maybe 500-1000 minutes a month... any suggestions?

    Also, I have no idea how to do a carrier unlock (or when its needed, even) but I do know how to jailbreak.

    ANY advice would be appreciated!

    You failed to mention whether you are from the US or Canada....If you're from Canada, I started a thread almost a year ago called "The Canadian iPhone thread" do a quick search and there is pages of people talking about and suggesting great plans and retention plans to choose from.

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  • maflynn
    May 6, 09:47 AM
    Is anyone running Lion on a lower-powered machine? I'd like to hear feedback on those who have tried it on an 11" MBA.

    Search this forum, there's some threads about folks running lion on a core duo (not core 2 duo) cpu

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 19, 03:26 PM
    Sufficient would be the best you could say. A gaming PC will provide a better experience, at least for gaming.

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  • WillEH
    May 5, 11:15 PM
    Hey everyone, I am looking for computing suggestions for college.

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  • sb58
    Mar 21, 05:53 PM
    the screenshots look pretty crappy XD

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  • orkut/happybirthday/2.gifquot;

  • skippinjack
    Jul 10, 09:34 PM
    I shall be there! I'm gonna roll up at like 4 AM, see what the line is like (if there is one) and then may just chill and take a drive up and down A1A.

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  • R94N
    Nov 4, 10:35 AM
    Quite a nice idea - one of the other forums I visit uses VBulletin software as well and it has the photos.

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  • WinterMute
    Mar 27, 06:54 PM
    I'm sorry but this is still an illegal activity under the terms of the EULA that all users of the game agree to when they install the code.

    Blizzard own the rights to the game, the code and the ideas behind the game where applicable, and that is what they are protecting.

    For sure they want the player base to keep paying the fees for server access, but they put the money into the development, publishing and maintenance of the multitude of game servers, and they have the legal right to profit from their endeavors.

    Whilst you may not agree that pirating a beta test client to run on a server is a big deal, Blizzard do and the law is on their side.

    MacRumors cannot condone the promotion of illegal activities on these forums.

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  • edesignuk
    Nov 9, 04:56 PM
    I click my bookmark (http://www.spymac.com/gallery) to go and take a quick look around the oh-so-slow Spymac galleries, and look what now welcomes you when you first visit the site, a bloody great sales pitch :mad: :rolleyes: Same thing happens if you go to the front page. It only seems to come up when you first visit, and if you leave, but don't close your browser it will not be there if you go back again. But if you quit your browser then go back you will be greated by it again.

    Spymac have now totally gone down the comercial pan.

    edit: oh, and btw, we need to arrange to hunt down the dude "modeling" the shirt and wipe that grin off is face ;) :D

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  • iMac22
    Jun 30, 08:32 PM
    I've been trying to get an iphone since it came out last Thurs. I didn't preorder so no luck. Just yesterday I went to a local ATT store and tried to get one as a walk in. They sold out shipment one and two in 5 minutes. They asked if I'd like to preorder one and that it'd take 7-10 business days to get here. I decided to do so. Today I already got a confirmation that my phone has shipped from Texas. Estimated delivery date to the ATT store is tomorrow! (overnight delivery) So it seems that the 7-10 days may really turn out to be 2 days. I'm crossing my fingers.....we'll see tomorrow.

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  • designboy
    Oct 26, 08:20 AM
    Wonder if they'll have a line for preordered and a line for new buyers. But I guess the preordered are getting mailed? Anyone bringing a camera or video camera? You could post them on Flickr or YouTube. I thought about that but some people are weird about strangers taking their picture.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    May 6, 07:25 PM
    Could you use ScreenFlow (demo) or QT X to screen capture the process and upload it to some file sharing service like Dropbox, 2Shared or MediaFire?

    Apr 6, 05:22 PM
    Can you post the PHP? The form looks okay. The PHP would help us know what's going on.

    Mar 3, 09:43 AM
    As a compromise, I say use of more than 3 punctuation marks in a no-no. Unless the MR poster has been named SJ's replacement. I'll also make allowance for anyone replacing Schiller, Ive or Cook

    Mar 19, 12:24 PM
    Where on earth can I find them other than eBay? I need the following...

    � display bezel
    � backlight inverter board
    � aluminum access panel(the one on the bottom that you remove to take it apart)
    � power cable

    Obviously I'd be willing to purchase a parts iMac if the price were right and it had what I need.

    Mar 14, 04:03 PM
    iSwifter. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

    Apr 24, 08:18 PM
    Not sure what you are looking at, since 3 drives is sort of an odd combination. I have a 2009/2010 Mac Pro Nehalem, running the apple sas card for the 4 internal bays (yes I know they make adapters to use 3rd party cards), and the performance is fair, not great but fair. About 300Mb/s read/write with 4 WD Black edition drives (1tb each). Externally, running an Areca 1680x card, with a 8 drive ProAvio chassis, 8 SAS Seagate 15k7 drives (450GB) which gives close to 900MB/s. I have tried multiple cards over the years, nano and I have exchanged lots of posts/messages. Email/PM me with specific questions and I will try and help you. Beware of most of these 3rd party slot adapters/etc. they are more hassle than they are worth.


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