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natalie portman white dress in black

natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman
  • Natalie Portman

  • billchase2
    Jul 25, 09:23 AM
    i totally called this! and was told i was wrong... ;)

    natalie portman white dress in black. lack and white dress,
  • lack and white dress,

  • mahicantu
    Apr 26, 11:00 PM
    I bought an iMac April 16. If apple releases a new model May 3rd, will they pity recent buyers and allow exchange/return for the new iMac????

    natalie portman white dress in black. lack and white dress,
  • lack and white dress,

  • milbournosphere
    Jan 26, 12:01 PM
    What, no interjection in the thread title? I'm a little sad inside...

    natalie portman white dress in black. Portman as the white swan
  • Portman as the white swan

  • ScottWebb
    Apr 6, 10:40 AM


    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman in Gianfranco
  • Natalie Portman in Gianfranco

  • NickZac
    Feb 1, 08:57 AM
    Nope. Certainly not mine…

    Are you the same NickZac who posts in PRSI? :confused:

    I don't know what a PRSI is. Grr

    You know, it's almost like you meant "idol" in jest, and people are taking you seriously... :D

    I shouldn't complain too much...least people here take me crazy :(

    natalie portman white dress in black. The beautiful lack swan,
  • The beautiful lack swan,

  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 02:17 PM
    I just updated mine and there is a noticeable difference in speed with this update. It is much faster in opening applications and text messages.

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman wore Vionnet
  • Natalie Portman wore Vionnet

  • NoNothing
    Mar 29, 10:47 PM
    It is Apple. Number 2 is not the reason. Chances are moving it to another venue would cost more money which means less profit.
    Google is more than likely just trying to cover cost. Apple is going to try to make a profit.

    Apple has greater than 7 million in man hour costs alone.

    natalie portman white dress in black. natalie portman black swan
  • natalie portman black swan

  • MattInOz
    Apr 25, 04:48 AM
    This sucks. The iPhone will come out later than expected, and no LTE. What are they doing?

    Same thing apple always does function not features.

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman was all smiles
  • Natalie Portman was all smiles

  • h0mi
    Apr 26, 12:16 PM
    $20 a year on top of the $100 a year for mobileme would not be appealing. If the $100 a year for mobileme goes away, that's different.

    natalie portman white dress in black. lack and white dress,
  • lack and white dress,

  • macfan881
    Jan 27, 05:11 PM
    once the new macbook pros come out im sure the stocks will go back up :rolleyes:

    natalie portman white dress in black. night. Black tie: The
  • night. Black tie: The

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 22, 11:00 AM
    Why not just let him have his emotional argument? Why do you have to correct him or specify anything? If it doesn't concern the consumer (us), why not just let the issue be regardless of what one person or another has to say. This is a forum, a place to voice opinion, nothing more. If you wanna hear your right or you have strong arguments, okay yep.

    His argument wasn't emotional, it was a statement of fact (not an opinion). It just so happens that statement wasn't actually grounded in the current situation.

    natalie portman white dress in black. natalie portman black swan
  • natalie portman black swan

  • Keleko
    Apr 7, 09:49 PM
    Well, considering you have posted a few shots from Hop-town, I am about 99.999% sure where it is, but I'll play along and see if anyone else has a guess. I may just have a slightly unfair advantage, even though I have never been to this site specifically ;)

    Looks like no one else does. Jefferson Davis Monument in Fairview, KY.

    This is a really powerful shot. Great composition. I think the only thing that could make it better would perhaps be a little fill flash on the statues. I've really been enjoying your work. Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, what brought you to Hopkinsville? That's quite a ways from Atlanta.

    It's my old Kentucky home! Born and raised here. :) I was trying for HDR on the statues, but they still came out too dark because of the bright sky.

    Mine for today. Taken at the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial. (
    IMG_3158 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr


    So, have you ever visited Patti's 1880's Settlement near Kentucky Lake dam? This duck has. :) (

    If you want to see some of my other Kentucky (not just Hoptown) photos, they are in this set. I have more to process and upload still, too.

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie looked lovely as she
  • Natalie looked lovely as she

  • lbro
    Apr 18, 01:28 AM
    Okay I'll play.

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman in Gianfranco
  • Natalie Portman in Gianfranco

  • josephfarran
    Jun 6, 06:40 PM
    Did they really tell you to use the Shopping Cart feature in iTunes? Because since iTunes 9 this feature is gone now! The documentation you/Apple quoted is depricated unless your still using a pre iTunes 9 version.

    I miss shopping cart, but it is still around - called wish list now. Click on the drop down arrow next to the file you want to DL and click "add to wish list." Not sure if it works like this on the iPhone OS though...

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman wearing a
  • Natalie Portman wearing a

  • iMikeT
    Jul 10, 10:45 AM
    Well that does it! I'll officially be done using MS Office come Janurary 2007.

    Actually, since I discovered AppleWorks, my use of Office drastically decreased. I've been looking forward to taking iWork for a test drive but now with this news, I think I'll take it for a spin anyway and wait for iWork 07.

    Is it just me or does Office seem to be more intuitive than it really should be?

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman blue dress was
  • Natalie Portman blue dress was

  • andys53
    Apr 22, 10:38 AM
    Have you used a 4.3" phone. They don't seem that much physically bigger but the screen size is awesome! Apple keeps getting squeezed with adding new technology because of the size limitations of the phone. Giving us a slightly bigger size with the advantage of a bigger screen size AND more components seems like an excellent tradeoff.

    Yeah - I know if will never happen because SJ is compulsive obsessive with never making things bigger.


    The current size is more than adequate for me, and I use reading glasses! The screen could possibly be increased I suppose if the black areas were somehow shrunk, but unless your hands are like shovels the phones already big enough.

    natalie portman white dress in black. Natalie Portman wears Jason Wu
  • Natalie Portman wears Jason Wu

  • br0adband
    Nov 4, 10:43 PM
    Hmmm, and I thought it was down to me running it on a MacBook ( 2Ghz,2GB ). For the money I paid for it, it's a useful ( but not great ) product. However, I've found the support to be abysmal, and that's as important to me, as how it runs.

    I've only had a quick scan of this thread, but does anyone with a C2D based machine have it running? Any problems? ( thinking of Parallels C2D debacle, here ).

    I have a 20" iMac Core 2 Duo with 2GB and the stock 250GB hard drive. I'm running Parallels 24/7 with XP on a second 20" LCD monitor - OSX on the left on the iMac itself, XP on the right with the second LCD dedicated to running XP fullscreen.

    I've rebooted twice in 3 weeks just because some software on the OSX side required a reboot.

    To be honest, I've had more application crashes and restarts on OSX than I have under XP/Windows in the past 3 years. So much for "crash resistant" - and yes, I've had 4 kernel panics since I got this iMac home; that's more than the number of BSODs I've had under XP in 4 years.

    So, in the next day or so I'll be doing the following test batch and making a thread here for the results:

    - I'll be installing Parallels build 1970 clean
    - I'll be installing the current beta build of VMWare Fusion clean
    - I'll be installing XP SP2 *only* in default VMs under each of those two applications
    - I will not be updating the SP2 at all, in fact neither VM will have Internet access to keep that aspect out of the testing
    - I will install Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Encoder 9 as supplied by Microsoft for testing (see the next step)
    - I will be installing PCMark05 from Futuremark into each VM for comprehensive testing under both applications (WMP10 and WME9 are required components of PCMark05, hence me installing them in the prior step)

    I will then run the default benchmark in PCMark05 with the following stipulations:

    natalie portman white dress in black. A white dress isn#39;t just for
  • A white dress isn#39;t just for

  • Kingsly
    Oct 18, 06:13 PM
    This is what interests me: “Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple’s history.”

    natalie portman white dress in black. The PhilmGuy Reviews: #39;Black
  • The PhilmGuy Reviews: #39;Black

  • twoodcc
    Oct 27, 06:58 PM
    I'll get right on it! and try to oc it some, once I figure out how :o

    I should finish my first bigadv wu sometime around 10 cst tonight.

    sounds good! you'll really stack up on points then! what kind of motherboard do you have with the 920?

    also, how are your amd machines doing?

    Apr 12, 09:27 PM

    ISO 400, 78mm, .33ev, f/5.3, 1/400

    Apr 26, 02:43 PM
    not everyone wants a dedicated home server that they load everything on and let it run 24 hours a day. We just have a MBA.... i'm not gonna load all my music on there and leave it plugged in 24 hours a day. Just not gonna happen.

    Exactly. It's more than just the $5 for the app and the data cap/bandwidth issues. It is wear and tear on a machine that has to be left on 24/7. It is the hydro cost of running that machine 24/7 instead of turning it off when you go out (this alone may well add up to more than $20/year!) If you don't want your main machine on 24/7 then it is the cost of another Mac mini or NAS or other device to act as the server instead.

    It is also wear and tear on your 2 TB drive that has to be on 24/7, as opposed to working more like a backup drive that's only activated occasionally to back up your music files. It is the hassle of ensuring AudioGalaxy and your server and your ISP internet connection are all up and running when you need them to be (dealing with power outages, internet outages, maintenance, restarts, software updates, etc.)

    $20/year might well be worth it for the uptime and hydro considerations alone.

    I don't have a dedicated server, just my normal home PC that I have iTunes on that I already sync my iPhone to. I put it in SLEEP mode - it consumes almost no power unless it's gets "woken up" by the streaming app, after which it puts itself back to sleep. It doesn't run 24 hours a day - only when I stream or am actually using it. Maybe 4 hours. I never have an issue.

    All the rest of the stuff (dealing with power outages, internet outages, maintenance, restarts, software updates, etc.) is nonsense. It's what I do normally or would only very remotely occur.


    Dec 29, 02:38 PM
    Ok, this thread is getting weird. Seriously, the BBW fetish thing grosses me out. It did back before I was in shape/thin and it still does now. There's nothing wrong with a little excess baby fat on a girl, that's cute. I'm talking 130-135 lbs on a girl that should weight 110. But as soon as cellulite/stretch marks/unnatural creases show up, it's game over.

    That moon girl has nothing about her face that's cute.

    Michael Phelps consumes 13000 calories/day, but he's a world-class athlete, not a world-class cow.

    That's of course on days he's training. Event days, he probably needs less because he'll spend most of his time sitting and waiting for results/his turn. On days in his jammies on the couch resting, he's probably around a 2500 for metabolism because of his muscle mass.

    It's important for anyone to figure out their base metabolism and to figure out how much they burn depending on what activities they do. That's how you maintain your weight. You can eat anything and everything, fat/sugar/alcohol, just as long as you keep your calories in check to not go over what you spend. That way your weight won't change, though if not eating right all the time, you'll have deficiencies in vitamins/fibers/proteins which your body needs and you'll just end up being hungry because these calorie dense foods are not filling at all.

    Hence why there's no such thing as a "diet". Just eat right, indulge reasonably in any of the comfort foods you need, make sure calories in = calories out, and you're set for a healthy weight. There's no magic pill or magic recipe to it.

    Oct 23, 11:04 AM
    Oh well, all this says to me is that Vista is going to suck even more than I originally thought. :D

    Apr 26, 12:24 PM
    Amazon charges its cloud service too. Why should Apple give anything away for free? :rolleyes:

    I guess the point is that the base service should be free. I don't demand that from Apple but storing 2GB worth of 'my songs' should be free.

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