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1000 dollar bill

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  • one Dollar bill: quot;Imagine

  • jeffs177
    May 5, 05:16 PM
    No, because it only applies to Macs bought at one of the listed locations.

    I see, I'm going to read over the Terms And Conditions after work.

    One part says "For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the �time of purchase� may extend from the day of your Mac purchase until the end of Apple�s 14-day return period".

    I guess it still implys that I need to purchase the computer from Apple and only Apple, but that I have two weeks to purchase the 1 to 1.

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  • casik
    Sep 8, 06:19 PM
    I don't care if I don't own my music, I still can listen to it whenever I want, what I do care about is my favorite artists getting a bigger bit of the cake when it comes to what I spend. Stick it to the recording studios... as long as the prices don't increase to compensate their greedy little pockets.

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  • Krafty
    Jun 20, 05:47 PM
    Really... I can not believe this is a topic.... LIVE YOUR LIVES for the next 4 days...
    After getting stung by 2 hornets, I think ill stay inside.....

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  • maconservative
    May 6, 09:38 AM
    I had the same heating issues while playing WoW on my 15" Late-2009 MBP. I began looking at coolers and decided on the Rain Design mStand. While not an active cooler, it does lift the notebook off the desk surface, providing better air circulation. The aluminum design also helps dissipate heat. As an added bonus, it looks great too.


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  • 1000 dollar bill. us 1000

  • cube
    May 4, 11:48 AM
    OK, I can power an FW400 drive from FW800. I think it was my FW400 repeater hub that couldn't be powered.

    I imagine an FW800 drive can be powered from FW400, too.

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  • revisionA
    Sep 23, 01:03 PM
    Maybe they are outsourcing the refurbs after that date.

    Didnt think of that one did you?

    If they contract out the repairs, why not let the contractor sell them in bulk to someone like macmall who could move them just fine.

    Then, apple.com would only be new shiny white merchandise and backordered black versions as they are released and snatched up.

    Leave no Nano left behind! Especially a black one!


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  • 7on
    Jan 18, 12:30 PM
    I was thinking of getting an iStockphoto portfolio going as a little side venture and was wondering what people thought of it? Or does anyone here do illustrations and sell to iStockphoto?

    I know it's not a primary income sort of thing, but it would keep me motivated to continue illustrating and any money couldn't hurt.

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  • pivo6
    Feb 17, 07:21 PM
    Thanks Captain Obvious. I was just being sarcastic.

    Then it's good that you started a thread about it. :rolleyes:

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  • Blind Buzzard
    Dec 6, 07:54 AM
    Have you installed the most current Firefox 1.5?

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  • MayPeng
    Apr 26, 11:22 PM
    Two notes for you:

    1) Why have you not told us what your device is? At least the class of device? This could at least get us to the point of knowing if we should expect the OS to have a generic HID divice driver for this class of device. If there is no generic class driver, then: yes, absolutely you will need to create a device driver (and no, it is not going to be easy).

    Unless you ask good questions, you should expect nothing but bad answers.

    2) This is not the sort of forum where you should expect to find people who can write drivers. This is a user-level forum. If you need help writing device drivers, then your best bet (short of paying someone who knows how to write device drivers on the Mac) is going to be on Apple's Darwin-drivers list (http://lists.apple.com/mailman/listinfo/darwin-drivers).

    Your speaking make sense to me. Actually I don't know how to ask question properly to resolve my issue because I'm new to communicate with usb device.

    The following is the info capturing through USB Probe:
    Device Descriptor:

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  • ChrisBrightwell
    Jun 20, 01:50 PM
    I'll take the grey sock if you decide to part it out.

    edit: I might take the blue and/or green one(s), too.

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  • kainjow
    Dec 15, 03:33 AM
    I didn't consider going until I saw this thread. The product I'm working on is going to be released at the expo, so I may book a flight. Would love to see San Francisco again :)

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  • strider42
    Apr 9, 10:37 PM
    I salvaged 4 of the 1st generation iMacs from a storage closet. Unfortunately the RAM is so abysmal that I can't begin to install OS X.

    I can't find OS 9.x install discs for a reasonable price. They're all a fortune.

    If anyone can help me acquire, borrow, copy, torrent, whatever a version of this OS we (my students and I) would appreciate it.

    Of course, you're asking, "What the heck will students do with these relics?" We have kids with multiple disabilities. We're running some VERY basic software, games, etc. So these iMacs will provide basic functionality needed.


    Question, what is this machine running right now. its important because if it really is a first generation iMac, it needs to have had the firmware update 1.2 installed first. If you don't do that, OS 9 won't install. if its been running 8.6 or higher, it should be fine. This applies to all tray loading iMacs.

    If its a slot loader, you don't have to worry about it.

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  • Benjy91
    Aug 20, 06:27 AM
    It is truly a bloated beast, It takes about a minute to open up, plauges my screen with adverts If I open it without a video file. Bogs down the system massively too.

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  • FluJunkie
    Apr 28, 03:02 AM
    Just so you know there are no military applications that benefit from this.

    This is...just not correct.

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  • MacinDan
    Mar 12, 03:28 AM
    I too have been using Mactubes, and it works better than the in-browser flash player, but I can't seem to get quicktime to work.

    "Can not open video. Please open URL with browser."

    That's the error that I get when I switch to Quicktime. Any ideas?

    You need to upgrade to version 3.0.4. Occasionally Youtube changes something in their urls, I think, and the program's author has to update (which he/she does promptly).

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  • MacTech68
    Oct 18, 12:29 AM
    I have an old LC 575 that I'm using for mostly playing games and some word processing, no internet, though. I'm wondering if I should upgrade from 7.5.5 to 7.6 or from 7.5.5 to 8.0. I'm probably going to pick up 32mb of RAM soon, so I'm ready for any OS to be on it.
    Any thoughts?

    You'll probably get different answers but my opinion would be that unless the game requires it, don't upgrade to a later system.

    NZ engine (http://www.toyota-wiki.com/wiki/Toyota_NZ_engine)

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  • Jolly Jimmy
    Apr 23, 07:56 AM
    Will I be able to put the retail version on a flash drive? Because my dvd drive is pretty much busted.

    Yes, I did the same for my flatmate's 1st gen MacBook whose drive is also bust.

    Would it be possible just to clone my Macbook 6,1 HDD and restore it to the HDD on the 1,1?

    I'm not sure if this can be done without any problems.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 23, 04:00 AM
    taken from this (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3641) support article:

    With the iTunes Store, all sales are final. As soon as you click the
    Buy button (using either 1-Click or the Shopping Cart) your purchases are charged
    to the credit card on your Apple Account. You cannot cancel a purchase or receive
    a refund for a purchase.

    however, the iTS is known to make the occasional exception, so here's for hoping ...

    I think this is shockingly bad service

    Mar 30, 04:17 PM
    Hello everyone, just looking for a little help. I have a small Canon Vixia HF20. Great HD camera, the only trouble I have is getting a steady shot. I could put the thing on a tripod but I shoot sports better without it on a tripod. Any tips on how to get a clean steady shot with such a light device?

    Second, anyone know which setting on the camera is best for shooting sports?

    Jun 12, 02:49 PM
    Anyone else going to be going to the apple store for their phone on the 19th?

    Mar 20, 06:06 PM
    The next Mac Mini should be fine for that. If as hoped it gets a Sandy Bridge processor it'll make the MacBook Air look terribly slow in comparison for CPU intensive tasks, especially if you put a SSD in the Mini.

    As for EyeTV, the current Mini isn't as powerful as many of us would like, but I find it to be adequate. Hopefully the refresh will correct this and allow smooth playing of live sport in HDTV using progressive scan.

    I have EyeTV and two 2009 Minis and see no problems other than the motion problem inherent in 1080i video. Changing computers won't fix that problem.

    May 5, 09:27 PM
    Posting this from my new 27" iMac, purchased from Best Buy!

    I got the lower base 27" model for $1615 + tax, so I'm pretty happy. The $85 I saved will pay for an extra 8GB of RAM :) Going to have some dev VMs running on this sucker with no problems.
    I got mine ordered as well! i went with the high end 27", with the sale going on it cost me $2038 including tax. i read a forum post on macrumors that said that the imacs are having issues with screen yellowing. i'm starting to worry about it a little bit haha

    Mar 17, 08:27 PM
    Any of the Call of Duty's

    oh...and Jezzball...:rolleyes:

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