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  • Macky-Mac
    Apr 7, 05:49 PM
    Why could it not have a secular constitution?

    the main reason would be that neither palestinians nor israelis want a secular state

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  • samcraig
    Jul 16, 07:05 AM
    The antenna issue is a smaller problem when compared to emails and open letters coming from Apple which insult the intelligence of its customers while providing no facts to back up their claims.

    What formula were they using originally a few years ago? Why after an update a few years back did reception magically appear better? What formula are they using now. And does the formula at all dictate whether or not the radio gets more power or not to keep its signal.

    Non Issue
    You don't have the fact.

    Comments like this are fueling a small fire which turned into one that's raging.

    Acknowledge that some or perhaps all iPhones have an inherent flaw and fix it. It's not that hard of a concept. Personally, I'd respect Apple a lot more if they admitted SOME problem and that they were fixing it.

    Instead we get a worthless open letter and these emails implying that Apple is 100 percent right and that our data is wrong.

    Really? How are dropped calls bad data. If I'm getting a dropped call, I'm getting a dropped call. That's like telling me I'm not bleeding when I have an open wound I'm looking at.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 12, 10:59 PM
    Crap I planned on buying one of these... :mad:

    Yeah, I recommended them to a few people as well as my g/f. Sucks. :mad:

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Mar 5, 01:11 PM
    Sure, it's all speculation, apart from the fact that he drove off with her clinging to the hood, and continued for 35 miles, reaching very high speeds. This is more than enough by itself to qualify as attempted murder.
    Sure. Doesn't mean she's not a dumbass.

    I'm just pointing out that you speculate as much as everyone else, yet you act like it's okay when you do it.

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  • ericinboston
    Apr 4, 03:53 PM
    Two words: UI responsiveness. The huge boost the A4 provides makes the iPhone 4 worlds better than the iPhone 3/3GS. In relation to Android devices, their UI responsiveness SUCKS, even when they're running a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which makes using them an exercise in frustration.

    My peer has the iPhone 4...and I use it here and there...I really don't think there's anything different in regards to snappiness. Inherently there SHOULD be a bit more speed on the 4 but it's nothing I've noticed.

    iOS rocks the socks off Android from a UI responsiveness perspective, and this is a CRUCIAL PIECE in growing and maintaining a user base. Most people don't care about the tech specs. They just want a device that meets their needs and feels "fast," and Apple has been able to provide that far better than any other smartphone maker.

    I haven't seen the Android for long periods of time...but the A devices I've seen and used are very snappy. Of course, everything takes a bit of time to learn to use so you can't just say the Android sucks. Android is selling more than iPhone...the facts are in. :) Android doesn't suck. Maybe a particular device running Android but that's like blaming Microsoft because your HP/Dell/Compaq/Toshiba(insert your vendor here) has 1 particular model that ain't so great.

    I'd love to get the iPhone 5...but my contract is up in Sep, the iPhone 5 is gonna be here in 2012 according to Apple and other sources. Can I wait? I dunno...and what will the iPhone 5 have that will ENTICE me to keep me as an Apple customer? If it's simply a (like the iPad 2) faster chip and more internal memory and 1 or 2 features(while, say, the Android has all sorts of better/cooler features), then nope...it's Android time.

    I don't have a billion apps like some folks. My iPhone is really a video camera/camera, web surfer, and emailer device which I occassionally run an app like ESPN Scorecenter. The iPhone really needs to fix some simple PHONE features/annoyances like the Contact list, a Redial feature, and a few other things. Not to mention the years-old problem(s) of long voice memos and/or video footage that cannot be trimmed or synched with the almighty iTunes. Lame.

    Overall I LOVE my 3GS...but sooooo many cool(er) phones and features out there this year that when my contract ends, I will shop wisely.

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  • WildCowboy
    Jan 4, 01:58 PM
    Oh, BTW, if products are announced as "ships today" then only flagship stores will have the products available immediately in-store right?

    Even then, the flagships may not have them for a few days. (For those headed to MWSF, it's only a two-block walk to go check. :D )

    3:00 at the marked horseshoe lounge sounds great to me. I think I can make that any day next week. Like vniow, it would help if people knew what day(s) they'll likely participate in this. I'll probably only spend part of one day checking out the Exhibit Hall, and I can make that any of the days...I just need to know which one to choose! :)

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  • travhoog
    Mar 7, 05:29 PM
    just bought 8gb for $65 today ($20rebate) on newegg after finding this article. good luck!


    As I recall, many 6GB ram kits were having issues on the Late 08 Macs, so OWC started selling verified kits that were slightly more expensive but guaranteed to work. So I guess I'm saying beware, and test it out fully. If that kit does work for you, please share your experience. Maybe I'll pick up a pair too.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Dec 4, 04:54 PM
    Would those 1000s of people still wanted an EV1 if GM was charging enough to break even on them? Or charging enough such that within 5 or 6 years GM could turn it into a profitable business?

    I will agree that the price would have to be 'front-loaded', because there would be less than the usual new buys after that 5 or 6 years.

    The vehicle would last long enough for people to actually get tired of driving it, and want something new. Unlike now, when they are forced to buy new, due to mechanical wear and tear.

    Plugging the sales numbers 10 years out, into their computer models, would scare the bejesus out of everyone in the industry, and the share-holders too.

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  • Adurbe
    Dec 2, 06:19 AM
    no mum, I am a poor starving student!!
    What new trainers?
    O.. Theeeeeeese?!
    They're not mine... they're for... ummm.. my doctorate!! 'Research'!! Honest!!

    :D :rolleyes: :D :rolleyes:

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  • fel10
    Jan 14, 01:22 AM
    MBP (Uncharted 3 - Can't wait for this game)


    iPod Touch






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  • martinX
    Apr 14, 05:07 AM
    Based on murmurings and mooings on the pro sites, I reckon Apple will lose some customers to Avid, if they had originally come from Avid some time in the last 10 years. They're talking about going back to Avid, not to Avid.

    I also reckon every kid who has used iMovie in the last few years will start using FCP X in about July. This is the next generation of video editors, and they will far outnumber Avid users. They will be making movies for web distribution. They will be flooding the film schools. They will also have the mad skillz (look at me, sounding like a teenager :D) to turn things over really quickly, something which is appreciated in today's editing environment.

    Apple has built FCP X for people who have never used film and probably never will so the metaphor needed to go. Bye-bye bins, hello "smart folders". And a big hello to the do-deca-core, 8TB, 32GB Mac Pro everyone can now justify purchasing.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 13, 01:14 AM
    A 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo costs roughly the same as a Core Solo per 1,000 sold ($209 + Apple's discount). With the graphics chip costing Apple pennies, they can go quite aggressive on the processor.

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  • boston04and07
    Oct 3, 05:13 PM
    I've seen this problem also (just once recently, once or twice a long time ago), but it was fixed by restarting the application on the Mac.

    Well I've solved the problem with my sound disappearing. I reinstalled Eyetv, only to discover that the problem persisted. After digging around some more, I realized that in the Audio pane of Preferences, I noticed that my Audio Output was selected to go to System Sound. I tried checking Headphones, since I have some external speakers plugged into the audio-out port of my MacBook. This seems to have solved the problem...at least, for now!

    Now if only I could get the iPhone app to connect to my Mac on a consistent basis, I'd be a happy camper! :) Unfortunately my "My Eyetv" account randomly started telling me that my router (AEBS) was incompatible after using it for the past few days, and using port forwarding hasn't worked either - my iPhone won't even connect that way. Hmmmmm.

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  • vniow
    Nov 30, 11:26 PM
    Ooh, neato. I just registered. Looks like I'm going this year. :D

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  • kazmac
    Apr 28, 04:44 PM
    This is interesting to listen to! The reason this conversation is so beat to death is because both machines are SO VERY NICE!

    I bought the 11 initially and loved it. But, after a few long sessions using it (4 or 5 hours straight), I began to have serious 2nd thoughts. My eyes just grew tired too fast. I ordered a 13 just to see what I thought. Well, I returned the 11 for the 13 and I am as happy as a clam! If I had kept the 11 it would have been a bit better traveling, but the 13 is pretty compact and light as well.

    But, the 11 is maybe the sexiest looking personal computer I have ever seen! But alas, I am 55 years old and I need a little bigger screen. One more thing that I really enjoy more about the 13 is the longer battery life.

    Each person has to weigh which factors are the most important to them. It is great that both if the Airs are so great that people labor over the decision as to which is the best for them individually.

    Another thing that swayed me. I had a Dell xps m1210 (12" screen) for a couple years (in my PC days) and it was my favorite Windows PC of all times. However, when I got another laptop I went to a Dell 17. I only enjoyed it for about 1 month - it was too darn big, hot and heavy. It was at that time I went to a white MacBook and fell in love with Macs. As of rt now in my business I have access to iMac 27, MBP 17, MBP 15, MBP 13' MBA 13 and iPad 2. Right now I am traveling so am writing this on iPad 2. The MBA 13 is with me on the trip and will be pulled out when I get serious about working!

    Honestly, the MBA 13 is the machine that I use 90% of the time when I am working. The iPad 2 is what I use when I am just relaxing or responding to email.

    I hardly use the iMac 27 because I hate sitting at a desk. Once in a while when I am working late in the home office I will sit in the recliner with the MBA 13 as primary and connected to the MBP 17 as a 2nd display via Air Display.

    Each person has to work thru their own requirements . I think it is great apple has so many great machines to choose from and work with.

    Wonderful post.

    If and when I decide to go back to a Mac laptop it will be a Macbook Air 13".

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  • cooknwitha
    Sep 12, 11:00 AM

    Now, he should be knighted for that innings. Without Pietersen, England was on track to lose the unloseable!

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  • wizard
    Dec 2, 02:31 PM
    What bothers me about this is that we now seem to have a huge number of professors and other self promoting (people) running around scaring people for what appears to be a number of odd reasons. This is about as real of a concern as the people making all the noise about global warming. Sure there are issues here, but it really looks like the efforts of people associated with theses scares are more about self promotion and self enrichment than anything else.

    Not a nice thing to say, but when you understand that some of the people involved in the global warming debate where a few years ago involved in the coming ice age debate you have to wonder about sincerity. I mean really what is the big deal here that a public announcement was need. Was it an issue of radio frequencies being trackable, something we have all known about for years, or the fact that the transmission was coded for identification?

    The point is if you have anything on you body that transmits radio energy you can be tracked. No surprise there. I'm also suspicious about their software, the unwillingness to publish said software may indicate that this is a elaborate dog and pony show.

    In the end I just think it is sad that people in the higher education systems of this country have nothing better to do than to scare people. You would think with all the long term economic issues we have they could find a little time to develop technologies that will push the economy forward. Instead energy is focused on items that go down the drain in a few months time.


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  • HyperZboy
    Mar 29, 02:15 PM
    I've always thought all along that Apple was going to have to pay Nokia something or settle this simply because other cell phone manufacturers using similar technology have already settled with Nokia.

    The question now is why has Apple been so stubborn? Do they know something we don't or are they risking the farm on this one?

    With the Nokia/Microsoft deal in place, is it possible Nokia had no intention of ever settling with Apple like they did with other cell phone manufacturers? Hmm, makes me wonder.

    And of course, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop which will be Apple filing another lawsuit against Nokia after losing the first round of their countersuit.

    And anyone know what's going on with the Apple lawsuit against HTC? That could conceivably have broad implications on the entire Android OS itself and Google.

    Now my final question would be, is it possible Apple could file suit against BOTH Microsoft and Nokia when the Windows Phone 7 Nokia phones come out? I mean, Steve Jobs said it himself that Apple had patented the iPhone to the hilt and intended to protect all those patents.

    I somehow think this is all going to end up in a wash in the end and I just realized I've given myself a patented headache typing all this.


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  • lilo777
    Apr 28, 05:40 PM
    For Tom Tom, the map data for the USA is divided into five sets of about 250-300 MB each. No problem at all. UK is about the same size.

    The problem with off-line map data is that it does not get updated automatically and one has to pay for updates (about $70 for US maps for Garmin)

    Nov 10, 10:54 PM
    Price is now confirmed at $150 for Kinect + Kinect Adventures. Also confirmed is a new 4GB Arcade 360, based on the slim design, retailing in a bundle with Kinect for $299 (or $199 for the 360 by itself), giving a $50 discount on the total cost.

    My thoughts? Too expensive to bother with! Kinect costs nearly as much as a console itself, which is far more complex.

    [EDIT: �129 in the UK, bundle price at �249]

    Mac Pro(2009) 2.93 Quad | 8GB | 3.46TB | 4870
    Mac Pro(2008) 2.8 Octo | 4GB | 1.82TB | 2600XT
    iPad 32GB 3G & iPhone 4
    EOS 1D Mark III | 5D Mark II

    $150 USD is too much? Looking at the toys in red I would figure $150 would be a drop in the bucket. just saying

    Sep 12, 12:08 PM

    Aug 17, 07:38 PM
    Originally Posted by runplaysleeprun
    "I've got some eggs here. the powerbook is in the car. i was going to make an omelet on my way home."

    Love your signature.

    Writing this with my 12'' PB on my belly. All good!

    Apr 15, 11:41 AM
    Sooooo, while I don't want to whine, say we get iLife 07 in October (Yes, I know thats worst case and all that) with Leopard and then we get back to normal and get iLife 08 at MWSF in Feb, people aint gonna be happy. Can't see it, but you know...

    Apr 26, 04:03 PM
    It looks alright. I'm leaning more to the black though. Nice to finally give people options though.

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