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  • Samuriajackon
    Mar 5, 09:29 AM
    Me heart Emma. :)

    Wallpaper (http://wallpaper.skins.be/emma-watson/38968/1920x1200/)
    http://img158.imagevenue.com/loc132/th_46391_Clipboard02_122_132lo.jpg (http://img158.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=46391_Clipboard02_122_132lo.jpg)

    Wow Windows XP? Give me your address and I'll send you an upgrade.:D

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  • MaynardJames
    Apr 11, 04:56 PM
    This isn't 3D at all. It's a 2D image that is adjusted through headtracking. If you move a 3D character in a game using a controller; that isn't mimicking a 3D display.

    All 3D is a 2D image that is manipulated in such a way that the brain is tricked into seeing 3 dimensions. How is this any different exactly?

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  • zero2dash
    Mar 28, 10:22 AM
    The 120 Hard drive, fantastic, about time, and you can buy it separately, Yeah i know its expensive, but if you listen to Major Nelsons podcast you'll find out why, and you get a cable to transfer the contents from your 20gig hd to the new one.

    There's no excuse for charging $180 for a 120gig 2.5" SATA hard drive. None.

    Expensive isn't the word. "Anal with no KY" is more like it. :mad:

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  • FuzzMunky
    Apr 13, 01:36 PM
    Who said this was a dumbed down edit suite and no longer for pros?
    This looks AMAZING and solves dozens of the gripes that I deal with on a day to day basis.
    Thank god that Apple aren't scared of naysayers and traditionalists like user 'Full of Win'!!!

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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 10, 01:56 PM
    is it just me, or is this 20-20 abomination somewhat, "shallow"

    Surely that's cos you keep getting tonked in the one-dayers?! ;)

    Been catching the match on and off this arvo, but pleased we finally made some headway.

    The weather is doing it's best to mix things up! I have to say Wintermute made a good point earlier, the 3rd test was hampered by rain, we could have that urn already in that respect.

    However, I'd love for a proper battle like we've seen before, rather than a wash out. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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  • levitynyc
    Apr 10, 08:04 PM
    Hopefully this wont start more "Steve Jobs is near death" rumors.

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  • foobarbaz
    Apr 29, 01:38 PM
    Yes, Apple is a kind of Big Brother. They strictly control what people get to do with their devices. Some might call it censorship.

    And what does Stewart complain about?

    That they got mad at the guy who, well, paid a stranger to get his hands on their property and then even disassembled it?

    Imagine losing your iPhone. The guy who finds it doesn't return it and sells it instead. And another guy takes it apart to look inside. You'd be mad, too. ;) Even if it wasn't a super secret candy pooping prototype.

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  • Lennholm
    Apr 12, 03:51 PM
    Not possible. Glasses free 3d requires very narrow viewing angles, you cant move your head around or the 3d effect is lost.

    I know that but what I meant was that with further development of the technology this narrow viewing window might be able to shift sideways (not widening it) so that it's always where your eyes are. I'm just speculating and imagining and I don't know if there's any possibility for this technology to ever work this way, I'm pretty sure that 15 years ago no one thought that glasses free 3D would be practically possible

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  • gorgeousninja
    Apr 27, 10:03 AM
    Oh, oh, how long before Amazon, Android and the rest bring out there own 'Traffic' branded apps... it is 'generic' after all.

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  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 5, 07:14 AM
    I hate to rain on your parade, folks.

    No thanks to the recent earthquake in Japan, I think it's VERY possible Apple will delay the retail arrival of the iPhone 5 because several critical parts that come from Japan for the new iPhone 5 are not longer available due to electronics and electronics parts factories in the Sendai area not operating due to earthquake/tsunami damage and lack of power in the area. I wouldn't be surprised right now that Apple is scrambling to get alternative parts suppliers. As such, the early fall release date of the iPhone now makes more sense. Also, by early fall Apple will have lined up new suppliers to make all the parts for the iPhone 5.

    It also means Apple will be under less pressure to get iOS 5.0 out the door; Apple will have maybe two more months of development time to "polish" iOS 5.0 so it will be a great operating system. :)

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  • NathanMuir
    Apr 6, 07:50 PM
    No, but it's a pretty great source for most things.

    Except for when one lacks the context to understand the content, right? ;)

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  • doberman211
    Apr 12, 12:50 AM
    doh! there goes my plans to get the iPad 3 sometime in october. i just dont think the iPad 2 is the best it could have been. There are tablets out there with a gig and a half of ram already! what's this 500 megs? nothing! and the 1GHz processor, yes dual core but still. it could have been much better. I do admit the graphics even put the xoom to shame which i love since the xoom wasn't even released at the time.

    it is a transition and they just wont admit it to themselves because it sells great. oooh under a centimeter thin. i want one. no. another thing is carbon fiber or even liquid metal unibodies they've been so graciously putting off for years now. i wouldn't mind paying an extra hundred bucks for a liquid metal MBP o iPad. it'd be more than twice the strength of titanium, so yeah, bulletproof notebook, who wouldn't want one? and it'd trim off an extra half pound of weight too. i did notice the .2lb difference in the iPad 2. it was noticeable with only .2lb off. imagine .5lb off instead? yeah.

    sorry for trollin' its like 2AM where i am. im gonna go get some sleep now.

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  • pengu
    Jan 9, 06:15 PM
    The iPhone doesn't offer anything new to an already saturated market. If we wanted to look ahead at developing cell phone technologies, one quick glimpse across the ocean and we'd see it all in Japan. In Tokyo, their phones are their train tickets. One swipe of the cell phone over a reader and you're sorted. Internet and music is old news for them, as it is for most of the world. And a touch screen? Now there's a problem waiting to happen.

    You've never used a smartphone have you? my P910 had a physical flip keyboard/number pad, and i removed it (removal is a standard feature of the p910) and just use the touch screen for the last 6 or so months. never been happier. screw a physical button that gets worn and doesnt show you the number any more.

    You could say the PC market is saturated by Windows, and the Server market is saturated by Dell/HP/IBM/Sun and Microsoft/Linux, but they still operate in both markets sucessfully. the iPod is proof that they can produce lifestyle devices that people just want, regardless of their computer.

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  • winmacguy
    Nov 10, 03:14 AM
    With Vista going to computer manufacturers now, I highly doubt that it will be pushed all the way into the summer. Although it is Microsoft, and this IS Vista, but I still don't think it would happen. MS would release it anyway and a crapload of updates following if necessary.

    I think Leopard is farther away than many speculate. If Apple really wanted to release it right in January, you would think they would want a bigger hoopla to build the hype, which would have to happen almost immediately. Even then, you would think as neared completion we probably would have gotten a rumor or leak concerning the supposed top secret features by now. While I have nothing but gut feeling to go on, I think it'll be *really* previewed at MacWorld with a release, maybe March or April, possibly into May.

    And that would make more sense. Let Vista's dust settle, let the bitching commence, maybe even a couple highly publicized virus or spyware incidents, then swoop in with Leopard, showing that even after MS had 5 years of development to rip off OSX, Apple is still ahead of them. That would give time for hype, and give Apple the press coverage. Not only is it likely, it makes sense.

    For Summer read Winter in the US and for Autumn read Spring in the US.

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  • MrFirework
    Oct 18, 08:53 PM
    I'm completely baffled. I posted earlier in this thread and got no replies, so I'm even more confused than when I posted the first time. Why is it so out of the realm of possibility that the 5th anniversary of the iPod would be the release date for the "True Video" iPod?

    Everyone seems to be ignoring this time as a great release date. Yes it's early, but they could do pre-orders to ship before December.

    I'd love to be told I'm wrong in this speculation, but it's the "why" I'm wrong I'm interested in most. No one is mentining this date!


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  • crackbookpro
    Apr 17, 10:25 AM
    Lte... Lte... Lte.

    Apple is playing the cards right... the consumers will be fooled, and purchase the white iPhone... all while not realizing that Apple has made a strategic business decision to look towards LTE, and wait for the next big release of the iPhone with 4G from Verizon & AT&T.

    Apple is waiting on AT&T... been trying to tell you guys in other posts.

    The iPhone 4 is one of Apple's biggest money producing products to date - Glass on the front & back ehhh...

    Think people.

    Apple has done it again. Maxed profits & cut margins, all while gaining momentum with the consumer.

    They make products that sell(max profits), instead of making products for the user like we remember Apple. Not one Apple product get's overstocked... Not ONE!

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  • mms13
    May 4, 12:52 PM
    Try turning off features you're not using. I'm unfortunately using an Android phone at the moment, but I was able to get battery life up to about a week by turning off GPS, WiFi, etc. It has been a while since I used an iPhone, but I imagine you might be able to do something similar.
    A WEEK iPhone battery life? Even if you cripple the phone by disabling features, there's still no way it would last even close to a week unless it's in sleep mode the entire time

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  • sigamy
    Oct 4, 11:46 AM
    Many folks on this forum seem to use and rely on iDVD. I'm in that group.

    I know that the world is much larger than this forum, and therefore the percentage of iDVD users to all Mac users is in fact very small. But...

    If Apple does drop iDVD it will be another example of blantant disregard for customer's requests.

    This may be obvious for many, but for me, it will be the final confirmation that Apple has moved on from the "digital hub" strategy of 1998 - 2007.

    Remember when they made all this cool software to help sell Macs? With iPhone and iPad success this is simply not required any more.

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  • JoshH
    Sep 12, 12:28 PM
    try this one. it's not video, but it is with pics!



    Mar 20, 01:58 AM
    Dude we're talking about 5-8year old PowerMacs. @ the guy that's saying that they had an 11% repair rate... DUDE. You WILL have to fix something in a machine that old eventually. My QS went into the shop more times than I care to admit, but I ran it into the ground and at 7 years old somebody stole the darn thing -_-

    The G5 I'm using right now is 7 years old, the memory controller was running alarmingly hot, but I yanked the backside fan and stuck a regular antec fan in its place and the temps are back to semi-normal now.

    Don't expect a 7 year old machine to not have problems, but if you have backups to fall back on you'll probably be ok.

    Nov 17, 04:37 AM
    Have a fixed row of preset and a few reprogrammable keys to call up the interactive functionality of each seperate module so by switching the module to do each task you could record your info with one module switch the module while the file is open push the correct preset key and name the file then go on to the next either related or new task at hand.

    Take a look at this:


    a killer interface, easy to program, it works, and is shipping since about a year. The tech is here, so I would expect Apple to be able to implement it in their products.:D

    Jan 16, 03:16 PM
    Using technology available to virtually everyone, it is possible to accurately identify individuals from as far away as sixty feet! The "eyeball" (with the included "optic nerve interface") provides this capability. Forget the Nike + iPod Sport Pack with its wireless link, the "eyeball" communicates directly to your brain! Using these surveilance tools you can identify anyone using only a photograph or in some cases an artist's drawing.

    This technology is currently being used by the police, FBI, CIA and agencies of foreign governments to track individuals of interest to them. No one is invisible!

    Not sold in any store; your distance may vary from the report above. Coming soon: the binocular attachment. Increased surveilance distance!

    Jul 11, 07:01 PM
    Many professional cameras use magnesium alloys for their chassis, makes for a very light but amazingly strong frame that will not burn any more than aluminum :)

    Aug 8, 12:46 PM
    Anybody else pick up some canned applause lingering after the real stuff at a couple of points in the keynote?

    If so... that is mega lame.

    Yes and yes. I have never heard that before in a Stevenote. Hopefully its covering a heckler or other audio problems, but I'm beginning to doubt it as I watch more.

    The stream keeps breaking up about half way so I'll reserve judgement until I see the rest but ewww. :(

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