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  • pyounderfire
    Apr 24, 12:54 AM
    I knew someone would suggest that... LOL! In user accounts under my name the only thing I see is ituneshelper and some speech thing. But, would ituneshelper prevent my IMac from sleeping, I wonder?



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  • Alexjones
    Apr 3, 04:46 AM
    I bought a new one for $399 under a renewed contract, Then i went home and had some Pancakes.

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  • forcefieldkid
    Feb 18, 08:57 AM
    Believe in What You Want (Jimmy Eat World)

    +1 - Great show.

    Reel Big Fish @ The House of Blues
    Staind - MTV Unplugged (Surprised me as I thought they were gash before that)
    Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged
    The Roots Present...
    Life of Agony - River Runs Again

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  • Silentwave
    Oct 16, 08:44 PM
    so-so overall, but I loved the beeping a la Ellen Feiss....

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  • Small White Car
    Jan 20, 06:05 PM
    What the heck is a brother printer?

    This is a term I am unfamiliar with.

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  • MrRay
    Oct 18, 12:53 PM
    I'll be there, though I think this is a sign my mac mania is getting a little out of hand.


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  • farmerdoug
    Mar 29, 12:34 PM
    if I run system("ls > tmp.tmp") I don't have any problem. I am getting an output to the terminal instead of writing to the file.

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  • Naimfan
    Mar 9, 10:19 AM
    You can upgrade the RAM to a maximum of 1.5 GB on later 12" PBs and 1.25 GB on earlier ones, using a 1 GB PC2700 RAM stick.

    The hard drive can also be upgraded to (I think) any capacity IDE/P-ATA 2.5" laptop drive.

    I don't know of any processor upgrades; you might check Sonnet's website to see if they have any.

    Also, video editing and encoding on a G4 is not quite what I'd call "less intensive" use--it can do it, but it'll be slow.

    And depending on the processor, Leopard will be OK--the faster the CPU, the better. Leopard on a 867 MHz G4 12" could be painful, though . . .

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  • quantum003
    Apr 29, 10:35 AM
    I didn't know they had vinyl banners, those are cool. I have a couple of the Think Different posters: Picasso and Earhart. Nabbed 'em right off the wall from my old work immediately after they went out of business- yoink! :D

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  • puckhead193
    Dec 26, 08:34 PM
    what happened to their email support system.... :confused:

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  • Vylen
    May 5, 06:32 AM
    Umm, isn't that pretty much exactly what I described in my OP? Albeit I didn't use the phrase "dynamic overclocking".

    Maybe? Perhaps? Depends? :p

    Doesn't matter now ;)

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  • tytanic11
    Jun 25, 08:06 AM
    I bought this MBP; its currently on its way via UPS. I just want to let everyone know we had a very quick, smooth transaction and I'd definitely do business with this seller again. I'll update this thread when the MBP arrives (UPS says tomorrow)

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  • cocacolakid
    May 4, 02:59 PM
    Congrats on a nice purchase.

    Here is the Everymac.com page for that machine. (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g5/stats/powermac_g5_2.5_dp.html)

    As for future support for syncing iOS devices, iTunes will be the biggest culprit. iTunes 10 requires 10.5.8, it's likely that the next major update to iTunes requires 10.6, which PPC's can't run. The big question is, how soon until that happens? With Lion due out this summer, I doubt it will take 2 years before Apple drops support for Leopard.

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  • Legion93
    Apr 27, 04:59 PM
    wtf would you need 64gb.

    Read post #10

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  • iphones4evry1
    Dec 10, 03:49 PM
    It's going to be interesting to see how this slows down the App approval process. "After a highly publicized dispute, Steve Jobs had to review the App himself and he said 'huh??? what??? it's not even in english!'"

    I have a feeling this is going to open up a lot of loopholes and backdoors for foreign developers.

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  • FluJunkie
    Apr 20, 10:43 PM
    Depends on what you call normal.

    Mathematica 8 (http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/new-in-8/)

    Indeed. I can definitely think of some scientific computing applications that will, essentially, eat as much resources as you want to give them.

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  • taylorwilsdon
    Mar 18, 12:50 PM
    Auction ended!

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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 19, 10:25 AM
    I'm in favor for a BB youtube code. I rather clicking links or opening in a new tab/page
    I rather just have it ready to be loaded on site.

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  • dscuber9000
    May 25, 07:55 PM
    Almost five years late, my friend. :D

    Apr 1, 05:37 AM
    :D if it were GM, wouldn't Apple call it that?!!

    Apr 25, 11:46 PM
    Just to clarify, it does chime and the light on the front does fade to off after its turned on right? If its doing all that, its most likely a bad graphics chip.

    Dec 23, 06:43 PM
    It's okay, I understand what you mean :)

    My mac's a 14" iBook that's been upgraded to 1 GB of RAM and 80 GB HD. I use Airport (so I experience the delayed connection that you've got post-wake) and there's nothing hooked up with Bluetooth.

    I'm so confused as to where this problem could be originating...

    Mar 14, 01:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    This joke is funny and not over used at all. My favorite part is when you take a shot at the dev team and make your release date a long time away.
    Apparently you're one of those guys who believes that the dev team owes you a jailbreak. Honestly if I had one I'd troll all the people like you, who tell the dev team they suck and go ahead and use their jailbreak anyway.

    really? i thought he was making fun of those people.

    Apr 9, 06:12 PM
    I really like my OtterBox Defender, as I mentioned in my review above I almost did not switch over to the the Ivyskin Q3. It is thick, it will not work in any of my docking ports but for protection you can't beat it. OtterBox has a new case in the works that my be of interest here. It has not been released yet it is called the Reflex, see the link below. According to the description it has the protection of the Defender with a slim design and a snap off bottom for docking. It sounds very interesting. :)

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