Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Ode to Kevin

Ode to Kevin - why? Read further.
We went shopping this morning (we are talking Saturday here) to the Prahran market. Melbourne has been really wet in the mornings when I like to get out on the bike but not today. Probably not a bad thing considering we were out at a trivia night and home late last night.
The last time we went to the Prahran market I bought Sue the Jacques Reymond book at the Essential Ingredient Foodie shop. She said to me, "I'm just going to have a look around, why don't you just pop off to the cook book section". So devious that woman.

His Book.

The Recipe

How it should look (from the book). Go Sue.

Did I tell you - Sue speaks green........
Although he is a Frenchman and a French trained chef, his food frequently uses Asian ingredients. The reason he gives for moving to Australia are twofold. One, that he has access to fantastic Asian  ingredients and two, that Australia doesn't have set views on how dishes should be cooked. In other words, he feels free to mess with what are otherwise traditional recipes and of course make up new ones. I dislike the term fusion food, but it's probably correct for many of his recipes. Anyhow, his food is wonderful.
This dish maybe less so, or maybe it was my cooking of it.
I found 3 books I would have liked to buy for Sue at the shop but instead, I took photos with my phone and purchased them from the Book Depository from the UK at half price. Tell you more when they arrive but they are about the historic Paris bistros and restaurants.

Getting back to the shopping - Rabbit, duck, quail were all on the list but it was mainly the rabbit (Lapin for you Francophiles) Sue had in mind for a recipe from Jacques' book. It may be because a friend of ours whom we caught up with at the Trivia night was distressed because Kevin, her rabbit was missing. Now I don't know if she suspected Sue had snuck in earlier in the day BUT!
Anyway Kevin did turnup thye next morning snuggled up in their garage - cut little thing he is with those floppy little ears - I met him Sunday morning. He's very cute and sociable and at a guess he would be very tender.
The shoulder and forelegs of the rabbit are browned to make the slow cooked sauce

with veggies

The sauce has quite a lot of ginger, with a balsamic reduction and then hoisin sauce, Dijon mustard and a few other bits and pieces. I'll post the recipe if anyone wants...the sauce was quite nice, but not fabulous.

It reminds me of the joke about Watership Down. You've read the book, seen the movie, now try the stew.
Does anyone know who sang the soundtrack song "Bright Eyes" to the movie - no prizes???????

Reymond is a Frenchman who came to Melbourne in 1983 and became one of us. I remember Sue and I going to a Mornington restaurant (on the peninsula) where he was the head chef and I tried for the first time - Oeufs en Meurette or poached eggs in red wine sauce. I've never been big on eggs but I tried this again at Auxerre, France in 2009 and absolutely loved it.

I've posted on M Chapoutier wines before. He's from the Languadoc region in the south west of France. His labels have braille. Recently he has invested in winemaking here in Victoria and so we tried one of his Shiraz or Syrah varieties.

Ready to cook with the sauce and resting on a bed of sliced potatoes.
Ready to eat - Couldn't wait

All gone and for me (Leon that is) sooo enjoyable with the wine.
 Leon really enjoyed this dish, but I don't think I'd bother making it again. I wasn't overly thrilled with the sweetness of the hoisin as I think it masked the beautiful flavour of the rabbit. It was very tender, the potatoes had good flavour, but...nah, not a favourite. Especially when a farmed rabbit costs about $20. It's not too difficult to get wild bunnies which are cheaper, although they are still not generally carried in supermarkets or most butchers, and while their flavour is, in my opinion, superior, they can be tough and not suitable for  relatively quick cooking.

This afternoon I intend to make some gougeres also from a recipe in the book, so hopefully they turn out well. I bought a beautiful Gruyere type cheese made in Tasmania to go into them, and they should go nicely with a nice glass of bubbles this evening. Tasmania makes some very nice cheeses and has some lovely cool climate wines also. A beautiful part of Australia. Leon and I honeymooned there, many, many moons ago.With coffee we shared a very nice and smelly washed rind cheese and a soft blue cheese from Tasmania along with some quince paste and thin crackers. Mmmm, yummy.

As we post this, its Sunday night and we are ready to relax in front of the telly and have an early night. We'll catch up with you on "Wednesdays in France" when we discover a Brocante in Le Bugue.
Hope your weekend was enjoyable.

Maybe we'll cook pork next weekend.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Saturday Satire Song

Axis of Awesome are an Aussie comedy singing trio - no further explanation required. Grab a cuppa, sit down and be amused for a few minutes.

OK - hope that put a whimsical smile on your face - We're off to the market now to buy some things to cook from a cook book that we bought recently - tell you more Monday.

lil wayne bald head

lil wayne bald head. Lil Wayne To Play a Patriot
  • Lil Wayne To Play a Patriot

  • ucfgrad93
    Feb 12, 12:54 PM
    The iPhone 4 was a failure at launch. The antenna is broken. It drops Internet connections and calls if held a certain. The glass claiming to be strong is weak sauce and the only good things on the phone are the cameras and screen.*
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    If you think it is that bad sell it or return it, and move on.

    lil wayne bald head. spreading that LIL WAYNE
  • spreading that LIL WAYNE

  • szark
    Dec 14, 06:16 PM
    I'm still not sure if I can make it to MWSF, but if I do, I'll definitely be at the meetup.

    lil wayne bald head. Lil Wayne Detained By Texas
  • Lil Wayne Detained By Texas

  • Goldinboy17
    Feb 9, 01:27 PM
    Oh look, another condescending and utterly pointless thread. :rolleyes:

    That apparently the OP thinks is funny. *Yawn*

    lil wayne bald head. Lil Wayne Bald
  • Lil Wayne Bald

  • Small White Car
    Jan 20, 06:05 PM
    What the heck is a brother printer?

    This is a term I am unfamiliar with.

    lil wayne bald head. lil wayne bald head.
  • lil wayne bald head.

  • Shelll
    Apr 29, 10:20 AM
    Very simple mac is great for music if you have a lot of cds and rip them with apple lossless to iTunes.

    lil wayne bald head. lil wayne bald head mug shot
  • lil wayne bald head mug shot

  • ninebythree
    Dec 23, 05:10 PM
    I'm having this problem with my relatively new (3 months) iBook. After it's been woken from sleep mode, the keyboard won't work for a minute or so. It'll work if the iBook's been open during sleep mode and I wake it up using the keyboard, but if I wake it from being closed or I wake it with the mouse, the keyboard doesn't function for a short period of time. Help?

    lil wayne bald head. ald head on Wednesday.
  • ald head on Wednesday.

  • ktbubster
    Jun 23, 06:03 PM
    replied - and added the top cases for 12inchers g3 and g4 (trackpad/powerbutton etc)

    I also have some speakers, and other random interior components and LOTS of frames.

    lil wayne bald head. lil wayne bald head. head
  • lil wayne bald head. head

  • Lau
    Sep 22, 05:41 PM
    I'm trying to put a movie on my website. It's on Quicktime, and I have set it up that when you click on the link, it will open in a new smaller window, with the control bar at the bottom. On a Mac, you click play on the control bar and it plays. I am now proud of myself :)

    However, :mad:, on a PC it displays an error message (apparently) then plays with sound but a grey screen instead of a picture, even if the viewer has Quicktime. Why is this? And what can I do?

    If I have to, I can put a link to a Windows Media file as well, but that would be a bit messy, and the people I would expect to be viewing it should have Quicktime. I just have a feeling something's slightly wrong with the above setup, and you knowledgeable folk will know what's going on.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

    lil wayne bald head. LIL WAYNE BALD HEAD. Fotek2001
  • LIL WAYNE BALD HEAD. Fotek2001

  • lokerd
    Apr 14, 10:55 PM
    folder enhancer is pretty nice

    Which one is the best? There are three that I can see. Free, 99�, & $1.49.

    My favorite is NoLock. I do not have to swipe to turn my ipad or iphone on. VERY cool. To me, this one app is the single main reason to JB. Apple should give us the option to swipe or not...it's a fundamental flaw IMHO.

    Sbsettings, as others have mention, is indispensable, if only for the quick access to brightness. Also, to 2x tap the status bar to switch programs is critical to avoid using the annoying home button popper.

    Infinidock is awesome.

    MyWi - pretty obvious how important it is to share my signal with my other devices.

    lil wayne bald head. Chicken Head, Bald Headed
  • Chicken Head, Bald Headed

  • Daedalus256
    Dec 11, 10:16 AM
    who still uses OS9 and for what??:confused:

    I still use it on my G3 Pbook Wallstreet. Namely because it only has 128MB of RAM and I'd like to throw some more of that in and get a processor upgrade before I decide to put OSX on it.

    lil wayne bald head. lil wayne bald head. dreads
  • lil wayne bald head. dreads

  • hob
    Oct 22, 08:47 AM
    I agree with posts above - fantastic. :)

    Thanks for all the compliments :)

    Maybe you could 'redo' it and mention Front Row and the built-in iSight in the features list?I'm working on it as we speak! Expect something by tomorrow morning!

    lil wayne bald head. smacked that ald head and
  • smacked that ald head and

  • Doctor Q
    Apr 26, 05:46 PM
    The code to change videos to links in quote posts seems to affect still images also. Quotes in the DP forum swap the image with an link reading "image". Is this intended or not?

    It's intended.

    Auto-linking quoted images is another change we've wanted to make, and the time was right. The purpose is the same in both cases: to have a link instead of a video or image in a quote.

    If you think a video or image needs to be displayed in a quoted post you can edit it back to the non-link syntax. In other words, you can have it either way, but the default behavior has changed. Images embedded with TIMG aren't affected, at least for now, since small quoted images are less of an issue than large videos or potentially large images.

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  • lil wayne bald head. iBug2

  • edesignuk
    Dec 21, 06:01 AM
    Very nicely done. But yes, completely pointless! It doesn't show what "Spymac 3" is, what its features are. WTF is the point???? :confused:

    lil wayne bald head. Pics Of Lil Wayne Bald.
  • Pics Of Lil Wayne Bald.

  • Bmode
    Jan 3, 09:52 PM
    My apologies for being vague, but I too are not sure about your setup as well. So bare with the directions.

    Open WireTap, select preferences;

    File saving setting: select the desktop.
    Recording file settings: QuickTime Player
    Sound Compression settings: None, 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo.

    This should set up your files for import.

    Open iTunes. Select add to library and add all your desired files. Make a new playlist. Add all the newly imported files and burn.

    *Make sure your discs are compatible. Make sure your time length doesn't exceed the capacity of the disc. If this stuff doesn't work, read everything possible to broaden your computer skills. That's what I do. Cheers! Bmode.

    lil wayne bald head. charlie sheen ald head.
  • charlie sheen ald head.

  • ucfgrad93
    Aug 4, 09:57 AM
    Hopefully it won't damage any satellites.

    lil wayne bald head. lil wayne hot pics
  • lil wayne hot pics

  • igucl
    Sep 25, 08:56 PM
    OK. Thank you, Blue, for the tip. I just wanted to try it:

    lil wayne bald head. marques-houston-ald
  • marques-houston-ald

  • aarond12
    Jul 6, 08:43 AM
    Seems that everyone always has an issue with Apple product except for me. I guess I should consider myself lucky?
    No, I believe you should find yourself in the majority. The minority lives here at MacRumors -- users that notice every small issue.

    For example, I didn't notice the OpenGL slowdown with 10.6.4 until someone mentioned it and I ran a benchmark. Why? I don't play very many games and my computer has a Core i7 processor. Had I not read about it, I wouldn't have even noticed (probably).


    lil wayne bald head. This year Lil Wayne received a
  • This year Lil Wayne received a

  • hipeye01
    May 4, 01:52 PM
    Turns out I never should have been required to purchase a data plan from Verizon in the first place. Data plans are only mandatory for verizon on phones introduced after 2009. Palm Centro was released in 2008 (and available on ebay for a very reasonable cost). I asked specifically not to have a data plan when I called to activate, and was told I had to purchase one in order to activate the phone. Apparently their reps are not well informed about their company's policy. I discovered this only after reading another consumer forum after 2 years of paying for the data plan. I am pretty irritated at having spent so much money unnecessarily. If you go this route you will likely told you need a data plan to use Palm Centro on Verizon - not so. Ask to speak with a supervisor until you get them to activate without data plan.

    This phone works for me because it is so easy to sync my calendar and contacts using missing sync. What I really needed was a mac syncing qwerty PDA with a phone. This fits the bill as it seems few CMDA phones do.

    lil wayne bald head. lil wayne bald head.
  • lil wayne bald head.

  • TheMonarch
    Dec 20, 06:42 PM
    I dunno if somethings wrong with yours, but mine had a weird aluminum/plastic/electronics smell when I fist got it.

    Went away after a few days of use...

    Sep 14, 10:05 PM
    I threw it back where it came from.

    Awesome! :)

    Mar 26, 09:31 PM
    My mouse (Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse v2.0) show far less mouse acceleration in Lion compared to Snow Lion.

    I haven't read anything about this so I guess it's something on my end? Or does other people get similar behavior in Lion?

    What exactly do you mean by acceleration?

    Oct 4, 01:01 PM

    How do you use the knife part, and how does it not slice your mouth open?

    Nov 29, 02:19 PM
    ....i still need more concrete clarification on whether to trademark or copyright the logo for my company..)

    Do you understand that you already own the copyright for your logo design?

    Registering the copyright is both cheap and easy so it's worth doing as it does give you some additional leverage in protecting your rights as the owner of the copyright.

    May 5, 09:57 AM
    Yes, just get 4.3.2 somewhere and you can restore normally for the moment it looks like.

    rebecca crews in bikini

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • raymanrox1
    Apr 7, 06:53 AM
    Hi guys,

    I unfortunately am unable to press the option key while starting up as its locked and I was wondering whether theres anyway of allowing the disk to be ejected (after the windows installation) from windows without having to switch back to mac?

    Thanks :)

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • SwiftLives
    Feb 27, 03:56 PM
    I just don't see how Gingrich can possibly be a viable candidate. Even with the brainpower of the greatest marketers and spinsters out there...The attack ads practically write themselves:

    Sarcastic Political Announcer Voiceover: Newt Gingrich left his wife when she was diagnosed with cancer. When the going got tough, he ran away. What do you think he'll do when the going gets tough for the American People? Is that a risk we can take?

    Let's not forget he was cheating on his dying wife while he was drumming up impeachment for Bill Clinton. Oh...and let's not forget how the government shutdown went for him.

    Am I missing something here? I just don't see how he can acknowledge or deny his past without having that damage his character even further.

    rebecca crews in bikini. image
  • image

  • mad jew
    Nov 25, 04:18 PM
    Has anything happened for this yet?

    After reading threads like this (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=163611), I think we should maybe start a guide about equivalent apps, Windows to Mac.

    I don't know nearly enough about Wiki to start and don't have quite enough time to learn today. :o

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • iJoe
    Feb 14, 12:18 PM
    I'm about to update the guide now. Some more things will be tweaked and added, and the 'choose config' thingymajig wordmunger suggested is being worked on. (But won't be in this update.)

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • dejo
    Sep 7, 09:54 AM
    To me, winning an eighth Tour will do nothing to dispel the rumors of Lance doping in '99. Spite would be best served by digging up some dirt on the French press and embarrassing them with it.

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini. elle
  • rebecca crews in ikini. elle

  • DreaminDirector
    Jul 6, 04:27 PM
    Strange! I had the same problem about 2 days ago. I finally used google to search for answers. Ended up that I didnt need to call adelphia, all I had to do was unplug both the airport extreme and the cable modem. Then wait like 30 seconds, plug the two together via ethernet cord, then plug in the modem, wait for it to reset then plug in the Airport....

    All that headache for something so damn simple.....

    rebecca crews in bikini. Weekend Caption Contest
  • Weekend Caption Contest

  • threeputt
    Mar 27, 09:51 AM
    So how did everybody make out yesterday?

    Any tips on finding an iPad 2 in Ottawa at this point? Should I wait a while before even bothering to look for one in stores?

    I managed to get a white 64 GB WiFi model at the Ottawa Apple store yesterday at around 0930, just after they opened. Only waited about 20 minutes and they seemed to have lots of stock.

    rebecca crews in bikini. but are now adding ikinis
  • but are now adding ikinis

  • dantiston
    Apr 18, 03:55 PM
    I figured it out. I did have everything figured out -- but when I was first setting up the server, I set up our test domain, (church).net to a catchall -- in server admin there was an alias set to *

    I deleted the alias, set GoDaddy (which I highly despise) to point to our server, and Ta Da! Works fine.

    Moral of the story. Don't use catchalls.

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 18, 06:07 PM
    Had to take a lot of quality out of this one to get it under 20K, but I just had to try... ;)

    10 points™ to the first to guess where it's from... :) Edit: Not the same without the title theme from Chariots of Fire, of course but should still be recognizable...

    rebecca crews in bikini. electus, Rebecca Romijn
  • electus, Rebecca Romijn

  • tom vilsack
    May 5, 02:49 AM
    need it to go with you...air

    will use just at home...imac

    that was easy!

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in a ikini.
  • rebecca crews in a ikini.

  • jefhatfield
    Jul 7, 10:31 AM
    for my anniversary, i will post

    as for kainjow, he is a member with 50 posts in a sea of early subscribers with 0 posts...he is quite easy to spot and he even made a post as late as this spring

    he is around, but not that much

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • ATD
    Oct 20, 11:27 AM
    Stunning... no other word for it. But is it the right typeface?

    Good catch. I had a Homer Simpson moment shortly after I posted. I was hoping I could just quietly replace the image but the mods want me to start a new thread.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. :)

    Edit, new thread started

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • fuzion11
    May 4, 02:23 PM
    Indeed. I just spent 3-4 hours restoring my phone after updating to 4.3.2. I will update whence iOS 5 doth show itself.

    Besides, I think the tracking thing is pretty neat :D

    Have you ever looked at the location file that saves on your PC? If so, can you tell me where iTunes saves it?


    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini.
  • rebecca crews in ikini.

  • macsrcool1234
    Apr 15, 09:37 PM
    I want to buy off ebay because I have ebay bucks and would like to avoid paying 3x the price at Apple.

    Would this be the correct adapter to connect a VGA source?

    The seller says to use the picture to decide. From what I can tell, that is indeed a minidisplay port and not a mini-dvi. Can anybody confirm from the picture? Thanks!

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini. that
  • rebecca crews in ikini. that

  • goMac
    Apr 17, 08:00 PM
    Why wouldn't you use the same metrics you use for any other software?

    How much CPU does the stuff you're serving require? How much disk space? How fast of disk?

    I'm not sure why using a machine as a server makes some special case. Figure out what your server software needs.

    rebecca crews in bikini. Terry Crews and Wife Rebecca
  • Terry Crews and Wife Rebecca

  • amacgenius
    Nov 9, 04:15 PM
    Considering you're running the WORST version security wise of phpBB I'd suggest you update, it's not hard no matter how many MODs you have, and if you're that worried about it I could even do it for you...


    Sorry to yell, but I built macthemesforums.net (http://macthemesforums.net) with phpbb and we all have been regretting it since about 3 months after the site launched. Security holes were the first major issue that we encountered... and now we have incredibly slow loading times and it is very hard to upgrade the software since we have made so many hacks to the default installation.

    If you want lightweight and super fast, try PunBB (http://punbb.org).

    If you want a powerful board with good support, use vBulleting or Invision Powerboard.

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in ikini. alek
  • rebecca crews in ikini. alek

    Apr 6, 05:22 PM
    Can you post the PHP? The form looks okay. The PHP would help us know what's going on.

    rebecca crews in bikini. rebecca crews in a ikini.
  • rebecca crews in a ikini.

  • lanulos
    Feb 11, 02:28 PM
    Edit: is it really as simple as selecting install from within ifile? I clicked the link you gave for the beta on the iPod and safari let me open the deb file in ifile. Don't wanna mess anything up but man it sure seems simple.

    Edit 2: well I went ahead and installed it, it works! Thanks a bunch.

    Yep, it's one of the reasons iFile is worth every penny. It can even reinstall Cydia, as I have done a couple of times. And no, you usually don't have to uninstall things first, unless they are really messed up.

    rebecca crews in bikini. VIDEO: Rebecca Crews bikini
  • VIDEO: Rebecca Crews bikini

  • Big-Mike
    Jun 24, 06:04 AM
    Chillin in the reservation line. This is crazy how many people showed up.

    I showed up about 3:50am and found a line with 100 or more people. With the supply issue I don't they have that many for walk-ins so I came back home and went to bed. It will be interesting to see if anyone post how many they had non-reserved.

    Sep 29, 12:57 AM
    What we really need is a Windows Keynote player downloadable for free off of Apple's website. ...Apple could probably throw one together in a day and iWork sales would skyrocket (not to mention the switching potential of the Windows users watching such a beautiful presentation on their piece of crap :D).

    I don't think that would work, considering Keynote uses lots of Quartz technologies, which Windows of course doesn't have. iTunes and QuickTime are different of course because they don't rely on any Core/Quartz tech.

    Oct 12, 08:02 PM
    I'm gonna give it until the 3rd week of Oct is over, then I'll give up and just buy a used PB 667 to hold me over till the new stuff comes out. But I'll be darned if I pay $3200 for an 800mhz G4, I don't care how sexy it is.

    May 6, 02:49 AM
    Well I noticed the quick location fix on my workplace is gone-it must be rebuilding its data. ;)

    Jan 14, 10:58 AM
    Recon it'll take that long? :eek:
    The keynote is at 5pm GMT time (i live in the UK). I'd wanna know what was release before i went to bed :rolleyes: lol.

    I think last time, the video didn't come online until 11:30pm EST.

    Jan 25, 03:06 AM
    Deleting the plist did not fix the problem bt deleting the INBOX.mbox did. Unfortunately it also took out all the emails I already had in the INBOX, so i'm glad I just left it on the desktop.

    This has been a strange day and it all started when I subscribed to .Mac for the first time.

    I wonder if that was just a coincidence.

    neon wallpapers

    neon wallpapers. 9650 wallpapers neon blue
  • 9650 wallpapers neon blue

  • amols
    Nov 10, 12:30 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Macworld reports (http://www.macworld.com/2006/11/firstlooks/rosetta/index.php) that based on their benchmarks, Apple's Rosetta PowerPC emulation technology for Intel Macs has seen up to 30% improvements in the latest version of Mac OS X (10.4.8).

    Old news really. But good to see Macworld endorsing what we knew all along...

    neon wallpapers. Neon Heart iPhone 4 Wallpaper
  • Neon Heart iPhone 4 Wallpaper

  • takao
    Jun 14, 04:11 PM
    It is a power port. The new 360 has that port so you can just plug the Kinect camera into it alone. If you have an older 360, it will connect by USB, while needing a power connection to the wall. Kinect is compatible with every 360, new or old.

    so they are shipping the Kinect with: a power cable, an usb cable and this Kinect port cable ?

    why not simply ship it with power cable + usb and save on the manufacturing of an extra, special cable and designing a whole new connection port on the motherboard ? not to speak of confusion for customers

    neon wallpapers. neon face paint Wallpaper,
  • neon face paint Wallpaper,

  • kdarling
    Apr 4, 07:00 PM
    So the reality is there is a slightly larger market share where developers don't make squat, and a slightly smaller market share where developers have already earned over 2 billion dollars

    Then there's the BREW market... mostly apps on dumbphones... where developers have earned over 3 billion dollars. Lucrative for carriers, too.


    Hey, is there a good analysis anywhere that shows how many iOS developers actually make a living from sales?

    Two billion dollars spread out over 350K apps averages less than $6,000 an app. But it's more likely that most either earn nothing (free apps) or just a few hundred dollars, while a comparative few make the majority of income.

    Thanks for any pointers!

    neon wallpapers. Beautiful Neon wallpaper
  • Beautiful Neon wallpaper

  • Unprocessed1
    Jan 11, 05:12 PM
    using nocturne version 1.04 and no options for the task bar?

    neon wallpapers. neon genesis wallpapers.
  • neon genesis wallpapers.

  • mBox
    Apr 18, 09:42 AM
    That's a shame... maybe take some classes on FCP and you'll be happier.Did you post this problem here when it occurred? Dude next time ask around so we can all try and help you.
    Ive been teaching FCP for 8 years now (basic to mid-level) and there are others here that are very experienced too :)

    neon wallpapers. of Neon iPhone Wallpaper
  • of Neon iPhone Wallpaper

  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 7, 10:44 AM
    A muslim state is what israel would become if all the palestinians were given citizenship, and that simply can't happen, it would be very dangerous. I do know what i'm defending, the right for israel not to become an arab country. You can say the jewish majority there is artificial, but so was the christian population in north america a couple hundred years ago, they also brought boat loads of settlers from around the world, look how that turned out.

    HAHAH.. Israel should be a CHRISTIAN STATE and abolish their tyrannical government and be a true light unto the nations.. God is done with this race. Unless Israel repents and rids itself of ZIONISM, there will be no more Israel as it will wipe itself off the face of the Earth.. But as I said, those blind to not know the true intentions keep defending them.. its gonna happen eventually.

    Zionism is no friend to jew, gentile, christian.. its a form of tyranny and nazi terror.

    neon wallpapers. Neon Wallpapers - Free
  • Neon Wallpapers - Free

  • Jeffrey903
    Aug 7, 08:16 PM
    I think that for the first 24 hours that a new event video is up it should be for Mac users only. Maybe even require QuickTime Pro.

    Either that or just get better servers and/or use bittorrent.

    neon wallpapers. Neon Wallpaper Creator
  • Neon Wallpaper Creator

  • QuarterSwede
    Jan 1, 02:11 PM
    Link (http://nature.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/549595/)

    neon wallpapers. Neon Wallpapers Description:
  • Neon Wallpapers Description:

  • MikeyMike01
    Apr 5, 07:11 PM
    Gotta love the clueless people in this thread getting mad, upset, etc.


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  • eternlgladiator
    Mar 11, 08:43 AM
    Here's mine. Can anyone link me to how to properly change the ical icon?

    Bueller? Bueller?

    can you post a link to the original on this. It's awesome.

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  • CalBoy
    May 2, 02:29 PM
    Technically, we just have "tons of oil" all over the place. It's just that much of it is too expensive to get so we rather get it from the "poor nations" who will sell it for cheap. I'm sure as technology advances, it will get cheaper to mine those, but as long as we don't need to, we're going to get other ppl's oils.

    It may also come to the point that if oil demand greatly exceeds available supply by a large margin (ie China, India, and Brazil keep growing like they are) a viable alternative will arrive before we can get to those reserves.

    If that viable alternative requires abandoning petrol-based fuels, then the market could essentially disappear. If both can be distributed concurrently, then the market will readjust to such a point that it probably wouldn't be cost effective to drill most of our deeper resereves.

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  • racer1441
    Apr 16, 09:58 AM
    Fortunately, I've only got 4 weeks left of high school, then I'm going to college after the summer break. Really looking forward to being treated more like an adult :)

    Take this advise. Don't retain anything from High School. Nothing you will learn there makes any difference at all in the real world. Nothing.

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  • Kreative21
    Nov 10, 11:08 AM
    Hey guys, although I've been a daily reader of Macrumors (and its forums) for about 3 years now I've never actually posted anything before (mostly because my views and thoughts are usually already expressed by members).

    Anyway, I thought I'd actually add my 2 cents to this thread.
    Although I would love to see Leopard released in MWSF I highly doubt it. What you have to remember is that Apple has been getting a lot of press coverage this year from the media. More and more reporters are coming to Apple's Media Events so they don't need to release Leopard in MWSF to steal the thunder from Vista's release. All they need to do is give a spectacular demo of OS 10.5 with all the "secret features" either at MWSF or shortly afterwards at a Special Media Event. If these "secret features" are in any way revolutionary (or really really cool) the media will eat it up and will focus a lot of their Tech News on Leopard in relation to Vista (instead of Vista vs. Tiger like they did this year). Vista will look like its 4 years behind Mac OS just from a FULL demo of Leopard even if they don't officially release it till April. Apple can do the "secret features" demo, make all the press fall in love with Leopard and then spend the next 2 months putting the final touches on everything while the media talks about how superior Leopard will be to Vista. And on top of that they will be talking about the newly released iTV, iPhone, etc... so Apple will be getting a LOT of press coverage in the beginning of 2007. It will be Apple's year not Vista's so they don't need to release it early. I do think they will release it around end of February/early March though.

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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 20, 10:10 AM
    Sorry for the n00b question but does this mean Motion is dead or they'll sell is separate to the FCP package?
    No one knows. Apple reps specified that the preview was just for FCP X and info on the other apps will come out in the future.


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  • VulchR
    Apr 6, 09:11 AM
    Well, I suppose this highlights the issue of recycling electronics.....

    By the way, does anybody else think a square container for a spinning blender blade is just poor design? :p

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  • JRSY37
    Mar 7, 11:56 PM
    Is that Twitterrific 3 still running, or have you found a way to mod the appearance of Twitterrific 4?

    its the version 3.2.4. without a mod.

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  • AppleNewton
    Jan 10, 12:01 PM

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  • batchtaster
    Mar 29, 10:07 AM
    Kodak, meet Nokia. Nokia, Kodak.

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  • Apple OC
    May 1, 04:35 PM
    You don't need to take a country by direct force when you set up their governments to bend to your whims. Why do you think certain leaders get installed by us? Just because the USA is very careful about the PR doesn't mean we aren't in control through various means.

    That is how you see it ... "bend to your whims?" :rolleyes:

    I however disagree with your opinion of the USA

    Jan 4, 10:56 AM
    New one


    Dec 2, 09:43 AM
    Not really CNN's falt, the story was filed by their Seattle affiliate KING.

    Seattle, University of Washington, flaw in a Nike product being portrayed as an iPod flaw... I sense a pattern...

    I think a study needs to be done looking into how to track people using their Zunes.

    Jul 11, 04:22 PM
    I had a laptop with a magnesium alloy case back in the days before I became a Mac Convert. It was a Sony VAIO 505-TR, and was a very nice light machine. One of the benefits of the magnesium case over the aluminium Powerbook case is the magnesium case never corroded like my 12" PB case has.

    I think your iBook has a magnesium frame.

    Magnesium tanishes, but I believe it is like aluminum and practically transparent. As for the flammability, you have got to be really trying to ignite it. Your iPod is not just going spontaneously light on fire.

    Aug 6, 08:24 PM
    Old Speckled Hen Ale (which I also really like)

    Not had Old Speckled Hen for a while, don't often see it in pubs in the midlands.

    I used to enjoy a pint of London Pride, when I worked in Marlow. Recently been trying a few real ale pubs in Birmingham. Some nice beers to be had.

    Though in this early hour i'm finishing off a bottle of red :)

    Mar 16, 12:31 PM
    I would also suggest better suited than Americans to face a future where cooperation, both nationally and internationally, will become a more valued and necessary trait.

    If you're speaking about politician's ability to cooperate is a valued trait and many others are better suited, but if you're talking about regular americans and their ability cooperate during tough times all you have to do is look to the out-pouring of goodwill in the aftermath of 9/11. Japanese politicians are just as bureaucratic and divisive as american politicians if not more.

    Otherwise the connection between what americans could or would do in the future in regards to cooperation and the penchant for the japanese to behave during a time of crisis is a bit flimsy.