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  • slackersonly
    Jul 24, 03:17 PM
    Using prices for comparison, current Mighty Mouse is $49 and Bluetooth Mouse is $59.

    I would like to see the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse at $59 or even better a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mighty Mouse Combo for $99.

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  • leekohler
    Nov 1, 07:50 AM
    'Nuff said.

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  • samcolak
    Apr 22, 11:58 AM
    Coincidentally, a couple of days ago was recompiling the kernel and it appeared that OpenDarwin (DarwinBuild) was directing the latest plists to a 10.7 kernel.

    Completely wiped out my MBP and as a result, no joy whatsoever in bless'ing the System as all. You have any experience in the past re the Darwin build process?

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  • silentnite
    Apr 24, 02:37 AM
    For all the T-Mobile users just keep your fingers crossed and hope that the merger doesn't pass. wouldn't it be really nice to finally have an iphone at an affordable rate.:o

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  • rockthecasbah
    Jul 26, 10:02 AM
    If this patent is anything close to reality, Apple may be prepping something much bigger than an iPod, something closer to a full-featured OS X tablet computer. You'll be running a full-featured version of iTunes, not just the simplified UI of the iPod:
    but who would want to have a full featured iTunes when you still haven't solved the problem of typing. The most efficient part for me is to type out what you're looking for. I do, however, see the advantage to making playlists more efficiently on the go, giving you the ability to shuffle anything you choose, not just "All Songs" which is a bother. :)

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  • Ish
    Apr 12, 07:05 AM
    Just been on a business trip to Florida and stayed at a hotel in West Palm Beach. The car park and surrounding area were planted with these trees. I think they're banyan trees, a type of fig. Can anyone confirm or otherwise? At night it was lovely to stroll outside and listen to the insects chirping. The lights in the car park lit the trees from underneath giving them a very LOTR look! We were taking a big exhibition with us and everything was just on the limit weight-wise so I daren't even take a monopod, it was so close, so the camera was hand held for this photo. It's not sharp enough to enlarge but wanted to share the look of the place!

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  • Umbongo
    May 3, 07:57 AM
    *cough* TFT Panels?!! Didn't iMac's always have an IPS Panel?

    TN and IPS are both TFT. Apple will still be using IPS panels on the iMacs.

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  • Lollypop
    Jul 24, 12:47 AM
    well there are two market share stats that are at issue here. one is hardware sales, and one is OS X usage.

    i.e. I have a mac mini, but it doesn't have X on it. It runs solely windows 2003 server with a couple of virtual servers on it also running windows 2003. It's dead quiet so i can run it in my room 24/7. so it's a hardware sale, but not using X.

    I built a macbook for a client running XP only since that's what is required for work. i think more and more we will see apple hardware being bought for use with windows -- people who like the aesthetics but prefer to continue to use their current software library and/or have work restrictions.


    This statement worries me, yes a increased market share is good, but in the end I want it to be for the entire platform, the hardware and OS X! I run Parrallels for a few ancient windows only games but even then I somehow feel like Im betraying my decision to use OS X, I just hope leopord is a big success and that more and more cool apps are writen to keep people trying OS X and not windows.

    Out of interest, why havn't you tried OS X server? Is there a specific reason you went with Windows 2003 server?

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  • firestarter
    Apr 17, 07:36 PM
    Thunderbolt would be a killer feature for this machine - and would open up a whole load of expansion options.

    Sonnet are marketing a load of interesting accessories, from Gigabit ethernet and FW800 adapters, to RAID arrays, to full-size PCIe expansion card housings, all of which can connect via Thunderbolt.

    Those CPUs are pretty fast. For everyone except gamers it should be a nice machine.

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  • thirumalkumaran
    May 3, 07:55 AM
    *cough* TFT Panels?!! Didn't iMac's always have an IPS Panel?

    Remember the lawsuite on screen supporting millions of colors?

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  • Glideslope
    Apr 28, 07:22 PM

    Who cares really?

    It's white! That's all I care about :)

    It's a Thick Chick Phone. :apple:

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  • Pillar
    Sep 16, 08:50 AM
    macbook pro 13" razer orochi, incase neoperene plus, mobileme :)
    i just have to find seagate momentus xt somewhere..

    congrats! i'm thinking of buying a incase neoprerene plus for same macbook pro as yours. thoughts on it?

    i went to target and bought some household goods. no pictures at the moment, no more iphone :o

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  • daveschroeder
    Oct 23, 08:02 AM
    The word "same" never occurs in the text, which never contemplates multiple installs.

    It says you can't use it in a virtual machine. End of story. End of discussion.

    Vista Business and Ultimate include additional licenses to also run the same licensed copy of Vista running natively on the licensed device in a virtualization environment as well.

    In other words, if you purchase or build a PC with Windows Vista Ultimate, you can use that same installation and license to install it in a virtualization environment on that same platform. That goes beyond what has been done on any other platform for virtualization, and why the limitation is specifically delineated on Vista Home:

    You may not use the software installed[1] on the licensed device[2] within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system.

    [1] This means "the software" (i.e., Vista Home Basic or Premium) is already installed on a licensed device.

    [2] The "licensed device" is the device that Vista Home is already installed on, and that license may not be reused to also install it in a virtualization environment, which you CAN do with Vista Business and Ultimate, because Microsoft includes additional licenses specifically for virtualization use, which is why there are all these specifics about virtualization use on the lower end Vista versions in the EULA in the first place.

    The Vista Business/Ultimate EULA on the same topic states:

    6. USE WITH VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGIES. You may use the software installed on the
    licensed device within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system on the licensed device. If
    you do so, you may not play or access content or use applications protected by any Microsoft digital,
    information or enterprise rights management technology or other Microsoft rights management
    services or use BitLocker. We advise against playing or accessing content or using applications
    protected by other digital, information or enterprise rights management technology or other rights
    management services or using full volume disk drive encryption.

    This is because Vista Business and Ultimate include additional licenses so that you can use the same copy, legally ALSO within a virtualization environment on that same system. This is more than is possible with any other commercial OS, from a licensing perspective. The restrictions on Vista Home are ONLY restricting you from using it in a VM on the device where it's already installed. If you buy Vista Home standalone as a retail box, and it's not installed anywhere else, you are free, legally and technically, to use it in a VM to your heart's content.

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  • blubyu
    Apr 26, 12:24 PM
    I'll stick to streaming audio AND video flawlessly off my own PC and have complete control and plenty of storage for free, using a $5 (one time charge) app. I see no benefits of the Apple cloud based scenario. But I can see huge disadvantages if Apple, in it's attempt to make money off this service, intentionally limits internal storage capacity in future devices.


    Can you point me to were you are getting your 2TB hard drives for free? :cool:

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  • Photek
    Jul 24, 03:43 PM
    WOW..... a mouse that not only gets clogged with fluff, rendering the scroll wheel useless... but ALSO eats batterys like sweets.......

    where do I get one of those from:D

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  • Cheerwino
    Apr 13, 02:42 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Anytime an "analyst" opens their mouth, it should be page 2 material at best.

    Every time an analyst speaks, a fairy dies. :(

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  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 12, 10:19 AM
    These really are the worst rumors and don't belong on the front page.

    "iPhone 5 in the works. Will be announced someday." Just put that up as a permalink somewhere.

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    Jul 25, 11:24 AM
    the new consumer MacPro tablet... 1" thick, 15" widescreen, :cool: touch or non-touch inputs (u choose) bluetooth keyboard included (virtual keyboards suck). Built in stand. Face of device is ALL SCREEN with very narrow margins. Face is ballistic glass, tough and virtually scratchproof. Trackpad like the current notebooks, but virtual.

    $1500. 2.0 core duo. ($500 more for dual core duo.) 2 gig ram standard.

    Steve also announces CS available NOW.

    Edit: Frosted ballistic glass. And the entire front is imbedded with some sort of 'invisible' solar panel array so that the device self charges when off (or maybe even when it is on?)

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  • Chimera
    Oct 18, 04:47 PM
    Where are these figures?

    The first, third, and fifth are units while the second, forth and sixth are revenue.

    The first two are the last quarter, second two the year ago quarter, and third two are this quarter.

    Oct 20, 09:57 PM
    also, you need to have a passkey and completed 10 WUs with your passkey before you'll get a bigadv unit

    I got a passkey a couple of weeks ago and have it on all of the machines now. The mp has run through quite a few wu with the passkey by now.

    Oct 2, 10:45 AM
    If you want to lay the blame at anyones feet, it should be Apple. They should have made a CDMA version and split the load between the networks.
    I can just imagine the lawsuits from clueless american consumers complaining that their iPhone from verizon does not work in Europe like their friends AT&T iPhone.
    CDMA is a dying technology. That is why verizon is switching to LTE (4G GSM).

    The blame does not lay with Apple. The blame rests solely on the entire wireless industry who have been claiming "unlimited" data on phones that were too crippled by a lack of features or crappy software like browsers for people to even bother trying to use a lot of data bandwidth. The iPhone changed all of that and AT&T should have offered capped plans but then a bunch of american consumers with a sense of entitlement would have complained that Verizon were offering unlimited data on their crappy phones.

    The iPhone was such a major game changer in how people use wireless data that no carrier in the US would have been prepared for the load. In Europe, where the Nokia smart phones are more popular, there was higher data usage long before the iPhone came to the scene. In North America, most phones offered texting and WAP internet access. Smartphone usage was much lower in our region compared with Europe.

    Feb 25, 10:26 PM
    They show will be on as long as the ratings are up. Maybe Sheen gets killed off when he crashes his car next season and then their long lost brother enters.

    Now that I think about it, there's only one way this might work: if the producers can get Emilio Estevez. :D

    Jul 25, 09:40 AM
    First of all, I think this should have been released at most a couple months after the introduction of the Mighty Mouse. Taking a year to give it BT capabilities is ridiculous.

    And $70 for a ****ing mouse is absurd. Doesn't look like I'll be buying anymore mice from apple.

    I payed more than that for my Apple BT mouse a few days ago:mad: :rolleyes: :(

    Apr 13, 07:58 PM
    It's still not going to happen. Just watch.

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