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  • cal6n
    Sep 12, 12:31 PM
    steve Is Not Wearing A Black Turtleneck
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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  • Nobita
    Mar 7, 03:56 PM
    So... I don't quite get it. My boot ROM version is MB51.007D.B03 (the same as noted in the link), but I did upgrade my EFI that takes away the annoying SuperDrive sound... Does it mean that I can use 8GB or can't?

    Also, does it mean that when upgrading to Lion the boot ROM version might change? I do want to upgrade to Lion since it might bring support for SSD trim (for other SSD brands) as rumoured...

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  • felgatec
    Mar 29, 11:01 AM
    Nokia is still around? wow.... i haven't heard anything from them in years so i just assumed they gave up....

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  • snugharbor
    Apr 11, 12:35 PM
    Not a good sign, not a good sign... Last time he talked about his personal life was ...in after he was diagnosed to have a rare form of pancreatic cancer? And now he is telling us everything about himself...

    I really hope that he will be healthy and lead Apple to another decade of success.

    Getting your house in order and telling it your way while you still can.

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 20, 06:09 PM
    Guess I won't be telling tonight....

    But anyways what I did have,

    6gb(3x 2gb) Corsair XMS3
    500gb(was in the process of cloning to a 75gb WD Raptor)
    2x GTX 460 768mb (OC shader)
    Windows 7

    hmm, i think i have that same motherboard.

    If I was folding (don't see the point. I tried it for a few days and didn't see the point.), I'd be using this computer I built back in Jan '10.

    Antec 900 two
    4GB 1333 ddr3 RAM
    Gigabyte P55A - UD3
    GTX 260 892MB
    1TB HDD

    Been able to hit 3.8Ghz without changing the voltage very much. Maybe 1.25v. Didn't see the need to overclock just to see Facebook. Stock speeds are plenty fast for me now. Might bring it up gradually.

    I hardly use that computer though, after I got my MBP :(

    well the point of folding is to help scientists research cures for diseases, like cancer. please tell me why you think there's no point in that?

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  • rcappo
    Apr 28, 05:10 PM
    I would love to have a GPS and a few GB of worldwide maps on an iPhone. I'm not always within range of a tower and I don't even want to think about foreign data rates...

    This is the one thing I will give Google credit for. Google Earth works really well when you have a fast internet connection. The issue is how to you find friends on the map (based on them sharing their location with you), stores, tourist attractions, and the best route to take when you might not have the best coverage or there are thousands of people trying to use their phones to get data or calls...

    Apple could use some of their cash to buy a TomTom or Garmin though...

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  • Iglio
    Jan 3, 09:37 PM
    http://i.imgur.com/R7Bvk.png (http://imgur.com/R7Bvk)

    what up 8 bit

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  • Piggie
    Apr 29, 10:22 AM
    Not much of a math person either, eh?

    Guess not, if I was selling Fruit on my market stall and someone said, what's your top/best selling item of fruit and I said, oh, Apple's Apples are the No.1 and No.2 best selling pieces of fruit I have, they outsell everything.

    Oh, so you sell loads of Apples the guy asks?

    No, I don't sell that many Apple's compared to my other fruit.

    the bloke leave with a confused look on his face.

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  • a.phoenicis
    Apr 11, 07:50 PM
    You guys are clearly missing the point of this... It is not at all the same thing as the silly 3D movies, where you put on special glasses and get to see things jumping out at you...

    This is a 2D image that is simulating depth and parallax perspective in real time based on your movements in the world.

    What this means is that unlike any of the 3D effects you see in movies, you can actually move your head to the side and look behind things.

    This is way more of a "true" 3D effect than what you get in the movies... That's more of a bass-relief... you never get to see anything that isn't already baked into the image.

    With this effect, if there's something in your way, you can move to the side and see around it.

    This is really awesome.

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  • termite
    Oct 19, 03:11 PM
    Vista has text-in-icon, doesn't it?
    KDE has had that for a few years now. It's annoying as heck if you have many text files around because folder views are just plain noisy. It's okay for directories full of images, though the initial generation of the thumbnails can take awhile. On the whole, I'd say it's a feature that sounds much more useful than it actually is.

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  • question fear
    Aug 18, 07:02 AM
    Because it's really easy to connect an iPod to your TV and watch your videos that way. There are also several peripherals (http://podophile.com/2006/07/26/memorex-announces-iflip-video-player-for-ipod/) coming out soon that add a larger wide screen to the iPod. And don't forget watching videos on your MacBook or MacBook pro.

    Flowbee, that is my thought exactly...I think the next gen of ipod will come with an Ipod-->RCA cable; it makes the most sense and puts apple in a good position to be an on-demand competitor. Don't get cable tv? No problem, dump the show on your ipod via itunes, slap the cables in your tv and go.

    Full screen video ipods are nice, but give people the chance to use their ipod like they'd use a dvd player (but be able to bring it with them to anyone's tv) and that's where the $$$ is in an itunes movie store.

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  • okrelayer
    Jan 9, 05:29 AM

    January Desktop

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  • lamar0607
    Jun 24, 08:28 AM
    I just heard from USA TODAY that best buy store are getting 0-5 units. Obviously it depends on where you are--and this is probably bad journalism as it's not accurate, but take it as you will.

    My fianc� and I are numbers 8 and 9 at best buy. Still no call from them. We are going in at 10am (when they open) to wait and see what's going on.

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  • MacSKY
    Dec 7, 08:26 PM
    Maybe one could call me a little naive about what I'm about to say, but, don't think for a moment the reality of AT&T losing their exclusivity with the iPhone isn't on the minds of the AT&T suits. In theory, if you're happy with the network, you'll have no reason to leave when it's up. This APP can only be a good thing, and they have to start some where.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm in a fantastic service area for AT&T and have no complaints. I understand there are those that don't, but at the moment, the only thing that would make me jump ship would be price. This from a former VZ customer. I say thank you AT&T for being concerned even if it is all show.

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  • Battlefield Fan
    Apr 10, 08:20 PM
    can not wait to buy a copy and read it!

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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Jan 14, 04:51 AM
    http://img282.imagevenue.com/loc393/th_02074_406440_5qo0spq1_45341cf1e7f0f924f3873dd9cd9deecf_122_393lo.jpg (http://img282.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=02074_406440_5qo0spq1_45341cf1e7f0f924f3873dd9cd9deecf_122_393lo.jpg)

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  • Avro
    May 2, 01:33 PM
    it should be noted that the Dell price includes a discount , which apple never seems to do.

    I got a 30% discount on my Mac Pro.

    Never say never. :D

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  • dancertom3
    Jan 9, 06:32 PM
    You could say the PC market is saturated by Windows, and the Server market is saturated by Dell/HP/IBM/Sun and Microsoft/Linux, but they still operate in both markets sucessfully. the iPod is proof that they can produce lifestyle devices that people just want, regardless of their computer.

    This is true. Never underestimate the appeal of shiny objects. (I know they get me everytime!)

    Awww I'm getting a MacBook on the 21st of January, what if iLife 07 is announced on the 22nd ? :(

    Me too! I'm ordering a MacBook Pro on the 19th of January! Do you think that I'll get stuck with iLife '06? If it comes out a week later will I get a free upgrade?

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  • monokakata
    Apr 10, 08:26 PM
    I'd suggest contacting a large post-production house and seeing if they'll show you how they do it.

    My son works at a big place in NYC and I've seen their machine room (mostly Apple). His outfit does what you're talking about, 24/7, with access all over N America and Europe, both for the editors and their clients.

    I would suppose that any good-sized house does the same, and since you're specifically doing video -- well, that's what the post houses do for a living.

    Sometimes imitation is an excellent solution.

    Aug 8, 07:43 PM
    Yeah, Jobs didn't seem as on-the-ball as usual. But give the guy a break, he's a busy man and he's had major surgery in the not-too-distant past, he's bound to have his ups and downs.

    A friend of mine has been undergoing treatment for cancer over the last 18 months and most of the time she's fine... Sometimes she has a rough patch like we all do every now and then, it just affects people a little harder when they're in a delicate state to start with.

    Steve's fine, I'm sure he'll be back on top form for the next keynote. And if not, well... That sucks, but he's gonna have to stop someday :P

    Aug 7, 04:41 PM
    QuickTime Pro.


    This is a stream that can not be downloaded (using normal software, that is...)

    Jan 9, 10:57 AM
    incredible! would you mind sharing what programs/guides you used to get that looking so amazing? :)

    The "dock" is dragthing. The skin is linked. The icons are from here (http://www.yummygum.nl/). There are threads here and over at macthemes if you need help with dragthing.

    Sep 12, 12:28 PM
    try this one. it's not video, but it is with pics!



    Mar 27, 10:34 AM
    She is on the hood, and you are prevented from moving.

    What the Hell do you call that??A problem. He should have called the police if there was no other way to extricate himself. Driving at 100mph with someone clinging to the front of the car is simply not an acceptable option.

    Both should be thrown in jail and left to rot.Again, he should have called the police. What should she be charged with? Is she or is she not the victim of attempted murder?

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