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  • cat in hat party ideas.

  • SteveRichardson
    Jul 11, 03:21 PM
    yeah whats the real difference between magnesium and aluminum?

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  • cat in hat hat images. cat in

  • madhatter61
    May 6, 11:10 AM
    What does the screen look like when you remove the front flass panel? Is is still glossy under there? If the glass panel is just stuck on magnetically like that then what prevents companies of making simple bezels to replace it with the screen area cut out?

    Magnetic ... glass isn't magnetic ... only iron, nickle, cobalt are magnetic. Your suggestions are not even possible ... learn physics before you suggest crazy ideas like this.

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  • cat in hat images. cat in hat

  • Habakuk
    Sep 29, 05:44 PM
    Restart your mac.

    Thx for the hint, that did the trick. App works fine now. Great app btw.

    At MBP restart the EyeTV 3.2 asked for WiFi permission. The update to 3.2 (btw failed the first time) did not require a restart of the machine.

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  • raven in clipart bow hat

  • misterbig
    Apr 30, 01:38 PM
    I'm on day 4 with my new ultimate 11" and I'm loving this thing. The 26:9 is weird at first but the size, like everyone is saying is great.

    Wow how did you get such an ultra-uber widescreen? :D

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  • a Santa hat peeking out of

  • sikuss
    Jan 17, 09:30 PM
    Can't wait to see what he does on the Duc next season..


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  • cat in hat images. cat in hat

  • itcheroni
    Mar 23, 07:08 PM
    Why do you live in America then? Seriously? Why?

    Move to Japan if you dont want looting.

    Move to France if you want "#1 Healthcare"

    Move to the jungle if you don't want to hear advertisements.

    Take your time machine to Nazi Germany if it's really THAT tough living with the other 2 of 3 major political parties. I'm sure you would love the fantastic single-party system.

    Now onto the OP- I, like most of the posters here I suspect, have never been to Japan, so am hardly qualified to offer an answer.

    I also suspect that there is some looting going on, but there are more important things to be reported on than a guy taking a tv from a store: Libya, an earthquake, a heating nuclear reactor, rebecca blacks dub step remix, etc.

    You bring up an interesting point. There's no looting in Japan, yet I don't believe most Americans would be happy with all that comes with a culture that has no looting. It is also a culture with extreme conformity. Try explaining to a Japanese person that being gay is accepted as perfectly normal in most parts of the U.S.

    Let me give another example. If you were caught with any alcohol on your breathe while driving, you would 1) automatically go to jail 2) will have to pay around 5-6k in fines and 3) be fired from your job and 4) have an incredibly difficult time ever finding a job again. There's no due process; besides no one would accuse you unless you did something. And if there's a conflict between a Japanese person and a foreigner, it has to be the foreigner's fault. My friend got into a car accident which wasn't her fault. The Japanese party was allowed to go after talking with the police for about 20 minutes. My friend was question on site for 2-3 hours and taken to the station for another 10 hours. All for a simple traffic accident with no injuries.

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  • MyCuteGraphics gt; Clip Art

  • illbeback
    Apr 28, 10:51 AM
    Wow... rip someone off and you go to jail.
    Nothing NEWSWORTHY about that!

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  • Pet Clipart

  • WillEH
    May 1, 03:29 PM
    Oh - I do have a problem with immigration policies too - and I'm not very happy about illegal immigrants either, so don't get me wrong on that, CalBoy. But that is not the immigrants' fault - legal or illegal. It's the politicians' fault, and the EU plays a major role in this (in their backroom-deals with Saudi officials, for instance). I think I mentioned something about the politicians as well in an earlier post, where I stated that they are far worse than the illegal immigrants - I can't really see why this is a "focus on the immigrants".

    I personally think you went too far Calboy by calling me and torb racist and xenophobia, after one post. You have no idea how we live life. I'm certainly not scared of other culture's, the fact I work with 85% foreign people. I'm a manager at a large 4 star hotel. Me disliking illegal immigrants (when they come legal because of "human rights") in my country is nothing to do with being racist, even if you saw it like that. We're struggling as it is here in England, yet we spend millions housing illegal immigrants, and paying for their every needs. I know I did say I wouldn't reply, but I really don't feel comfortable being accused of being a racist. Also torb is right, the EU pretty much control us now.

    Now you could say, well they are legal now, so why have a problem? the problem, my taxes and what we get back from it. The government has pretty much messed up our country (Labour)

    2 week bin collections, schools closing, less emergency staff on, less money for hospitals, etc (the list is really long) Yet we pay for people who illegally enter this country. You tell me if that's right or not?

    But yet my friends from india and other countries who work their asses off in hotels, can only stay here for a year or 2 on a work visa, then their applications get rejected and they can't stay in the UK, why is that fair??? I've seen many GOOD friends go because the government are to stupid to sort the stupidness out.

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  • The Cat in the Hat is a

  • cherrypop
    Oct 20, 04:28 PM
    I don't care if those shots are real or fake. It's not like we're going to get something radically different than we have now.

    In fact, ALL I want from Apple is more speed. Make the OS faster and I'll drop $100 no question.

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  • Stars and Stripes Mini Top Hat

  • kellen
    Sep 12, 12:05 PM
    Proof please...

    off tv, they said that they have a reporter inside with his blackberry

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  • benhollberg
    Apr 15, 08:52 AM
    OK , let me say this... I work for the government. As I said, they can and will keep it.

    Exactly the government, you don't have to give something up because some school principal told you. Two completely different situations.

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  • steve2112
    Aug 5, 07:19 PM
    Rogue runs a tied house here in the city, which of course carries mostly their beers, but also is required to carry Coors Light as a part of a deal they have with Coors to distribute for them. Last time I was there it was listed on the board as Coors "We Pity You" Light.

    Oh, and Lee, I know a place that occasionally serves up a pretty awesome pomegranate cider. Just saying. ;)

    Wow, I love Rogue. I don't think I have had one from them I didn't like. I'm also a fan of New Belgium. Normally, I'm a stout and porter kind of guy, but sometimes it's good to enjoy a good Rogue Dead Guy or Fat Tire.

    I really hate my state's stupid beer laws. The cap on beer is 5%, which cuts out a lot of great beers. Thankfully, I have friends and relatives in other states where I can get said beers. :)

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  • Cat+in+the+hat+pictures+

  • Blipp
    Apr 14, 10:52 AM
    I wondered if certain bits of Color, Motion, Soundtrack and perhaps even Compressor and additional bits of FCP 7 might be sold as plug-ins via the App Store. And I'd imagine Apple will start soliciting third-party plug-in developers to make their submission for the Store pretty soon too.

    Though I'd be very disappointed if Apple cut out key features of FCP (like multi-cam editing for example) only to sell them as add-ons I for one welcome the idea of them breaking up the studio and allowing customers to purchase only the parts they need or gradually purchase the entire suite over time.

    I'd love to see Color (among others) get a facelift to match the new UI but I have a feeling that with all the effort on rewriting FCP we'll have to wait a little longer for the rest of the suite to get their chance.

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  • Back every clipart the faint

  • skunk
    Sep 12, 02:04 PM
    It's pretty cool.I believe there are a couple of expat teams in LA. Maybe more by now.

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  • day hatquot; clip art image is

  • Turbo Squid
    Apr 5, 11:16 PM
    I'm impressed that the iPad held up so well. Props.

    BlendTecs are pretty bad ass. I'll get one if they have a stainless steel one. When in college I got a slap chop and a sham wow because they impressed chicks. Now it's time to get the BlendTec and start really pulling tang!:D

    As for people who are disgusted etc... saying it's wasteful and crying for the environment. Come on. It's advertising... Have you thought about what you did to impact the environment or economy today? If you are worried then why aren't you outside planting a tree or collecting money to send an ipad to a kid?(instead of using up energy to run your computer to post on a forum dedicated to things like ways to keep older energy whoring models alive longer (among other things of course and yes that was an extremely close minded statement. I was just trying to come up with an example to use) also people who keep their Macs longer aren't; as they say, 'helping the Economy'.

    Anyways it shouldn't be considered too wasteful. Keep in mind apple is a 'greener' computer manufacturer.:p

    At least the sales that BlendTec will make as a result of this video will be taxed and the govt will put the money to great use a they always do right?

    Anyways. "I ain't hatin'"

    Mac keep Macin. Forum keep foruming. BlendTec keep blending. And Apple come out with the new MacBook Pro already Gahhhhhhh:eek:

    </end rant>

    - Sent from my energy sipping iPhone 3GS. And my 2G went to a friend in need. Not a kid but he acts like one sometimes...

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  • dmula
    Apr 21, 04:37 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I wish it would work exactly like Lala.

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  • cat in hat coloring pages. cat

  • zflauaus
    Sep 12, 11:50 AM
    I would have skipped school today or at least come down with some food poisoning at lunch. Where's your commitment!
    Hmm.... Food poisoning at lunch. That won't help since it's at 12:45!!!!!

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  • jelloshotsrule
    Aug 7, 08:12 PM
    Just finished it with only a few hiccups.

    Was disappointed in following the keynote via MR. Seeing the demos has me a bit excited now.

    New iChat features look very cool and I don't chat.

    Web Clip is very cool. I see uses for it at work already. Wish I used a Mac full time at work.

    Spaces seems to be a very convenient way to get rid of clutter.

    New Mail features might get me to finally adopt it and lose Entourage.

    Time Machine was very cool.

    Spotlight looks to be what we all wanted all along.

    Oh well, we'll have to wait until Spring.

    my aren't you the apple apologist today?

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  • macthetiger85
    Oct 4, 12:39 PM
    For something like OS re-installs, maybe USB drives. For everything else, downloads, probably. That seems like a logical course of action. But then again, a lot of people don't like to use logic when they make decisions.

    well logic is more for music creation, not really general decisions - however you can mix some great inspiring beats to help you make decisions :)

    Apr 26, 03:19 PM
    You do have a brain, right?

    That's uncalled for. I don't understand what the purpose is either. Why don't you explain it if you know so much.

    Apr 26, 11:53 PM
    The front is just so ugly.

    Aug 4, 04:48 AM
    MotleyPete is a man of taste and distinction. Pay heed to his wise words.

    For those with beards and home knitwear, and who like a bit of cask beverage, may I recommend The Brewery Tap in Chester, UK (my home town).

    It's owned by local independent brewery Spitting Feathers and has their own products plus plenty of guest ales. It's situated in a magnificent Jacobean great hall, part of Gamul House, where King Charles I stayed in 1645 during the Battle of Rowton Moor (which he lost), prior to losing his head.

    The food is also good.

    I don't think they sell Bud., but I may be wrong.

    Apr 27, 08:55 PM
    That's the reason Apple chose google maps in the first place. When they first introduced the iPhone, there would be no plausible way to store maps on a phone with only 4/8GB of storage.

    True, perhaps not the entire world. But before the iPhone came along, back when we all mostly had "only" 512MB for data and apps, many of us had installed a subset of the TomTom database on our smartphones.

    Outside the USA, some phones even came with TomTom installed by the carrier for the country where it was sold. Especially HTC Windows Mobile phones.

    Nov 30, 10:38 PM
    wow, hadn't seen the pass. thanks for pointing it out! my family is probably going to SF in spring or summer, but winter break is early this year, and I believe I get back to school the 9th. maybe i could convince my parents to let me miss one day of schol (which would never happen) and go to SF in winter.

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