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ubuntu wallpaper

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  • 8) Ubuntu glass

  • AlmostJosh
    Dec 5, 08:48 PM
    A double industrial is all I want :)

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  • Ubuntu Wallpapers

  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 29, 03:21 PM
    Come on! We all know that the TRUE Apple fans on here will gladly pay $1.29 or even 2-3x that to support Steve Jobs' organ transplant fund. They wouldn't go to Amazon even if they were giving away that music for free. :D

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  • of Ubuntu Wallpapers a few

  • Krevnik
    Apr 15, 04:06 PM
    Problem is the App Store. I don't think Apple thought about this in regards to the Mac App store having larger programs. Sure the iOS App store is easy....most apps are small.

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  • Strongfist36
    Apr 14, 07:04 AM
    I don't get it. Why are you guys given Apple free plubliscity on a product they never tend to release? What I understand even less is why are people still waiting on this...? Makes no sense.

    Anyways, Steve already said that there wont be a white iPhone 4. You can check the interview here: http://www.getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2011/02/23/steve-jobs-says-there-never-was-a-white-iphone-4-humor/

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  • over from Ubuntu 7.10.

  • Ugg
    May 1, 10:47 PM
    Obama's speech was awesome

    I agree.

    It's a good feeling that Osama is dead. It's not the end of al Qaeda, but it's the end of the first chapter of this ten year old war.

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  • ubuntu-wallpaper Date: 10/01/

  • St0rMl0rD
    Dec 4, 11:06 AM
    You want a GUN for Christmas?


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  • 3D Ubuntu Wallpaper - circle,

  • ArtOfWarfare
    Apr 12, 08:23 PM
    In about 45 minutes...


    Thanks, just saw it.

    Kind of surprised it's such a late thing... doesn't Apple tend to do events at 10 AM, not 10 PM? (I guess it's still only 7 PM on their coast... still, isn't it time to go home by now for their employees?)

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  • fyrefly
    Apr 19, 01:20 AM
    If the new AIR is using the same Sandy Bridge processor as the Samsung series 9, you'll be sorely disappointed with its graphics performance.


    3DMark is less than half of the Air (2188 vs 4611)

    WOW ran at a miserable 14fps at 1366x768 res compared to the Air that runs at 53fps at 1440x900. Battery life is worse as well.

    We knew all this Graphics stuff already like a month ago from the Engadget review.

    They said the Series 9 gets 25 mins less battery life (http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/28/samsung-series-9-900x-laptop-review/).

    PCMag says the Series 9 gets almost an hour MORE battery life (http://www.pcmag.com/image_popup/0,1740,iid=291739,00.asp). These reviews are all over the place, and only tell part of the story.

    Yes, the graphics (aka Gaming) performance will be less. But it seems on par or better than the 9400m, which people use just fine every day in the 2008/2009 MBA/MB/MBP's.

    And regarding Battery life - we have no idea what Voodoo Apple puts into the power optimization of it's laptops.

    All we can empirically say at this point is that the (U)LV i5/i7 chips with IGP consume about 21W TDP, which is less than the SL9400/9600+320m combo which some have pegged at over 30W TDP. The laws of physics seem to dictate that since it draws up to 10W less power and would (presumably) have the same battery, a SB MBA would have more battery life than a C2D MBA.

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  • Ubuntu Wallpaper; blue, Linux,

  • E.Lizardo
    Apr 13, 06:27 PM
    This is a false rumor. Absolutely no way will this happen.

    First of all Google failed with their TV.

    Second of all, it is much better to have the components separate. You can more easily pass the audio to a home entertainment system for surround sound. With a component built into the TV, you have cables going back in the other direction to the receiver. If audio and video both take the same path there is less change of them getting out of sync.

    I thought it was unlikely too,but after reading this thread,with multitudes of people flatly stating it will never happen,I'm leaning much more toward them actually making a television.

    The amount of certainty with which you make a prediction is inversely proportional to it's likelihood of being accurate.

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  • wallpaper ubuntu. best ubuntu

  • playaj82
    Aug 16, 03:25 PM
    Dunno if this was posted, but Safari lets you resize text boxes within pages:

    http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/8060/picture28by6.th.png (http://img502.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture28by6.png)
    http://img272.imageshack.us/img272/6174/picture29ps1.th.png (http://img272.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture29ps1.png)

    That is pretty cool

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  • wallpaper ubuntu. wallpaper

  • mikeapple
    Mar 31, 10:43 AM
    *Sign* I'm a Mac OSX fanatic.. but I'm not comfortable with making my desktop look like a Giant iPad... I'm hoping there is going to be alot of "Classic View" options :(

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  • glossy-Ubuntu-wallpaper

  • Surely
    Feb 28, 01:41 PM
    I disagree. He's seriously ill. Just look at the guy. He's one year older than I am and he looks ten years older.

    I'm not saying that I don't think he's abusing some serious drugs, but I think he has more control over what he's doing/saying than we think.

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  • wallpaper ubuntu. wallpaper

  • balamw
    Oct 23, 04:21 PM
    This is actually an incorrect report that Microsoft has tried to correct, but it keeps getting reported.


    I know we jump all over MS for spreading FUD... We shouldn't do the same.
    Microsoft's "correction" is discussed further in the "update" on the article you linked:


    The bottom line is that Vista Home Basic/Premium are not licensed for use in a VM. Ulitmate and Business editions are OK.


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  • Luxury Ubuntu Wallpaper

  • j0417
    Apr 22, 05:28 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_7 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E303 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think it makes sense that so many different sources have different ideas. After the iphone4 leak I could see Apple purposely leaking false info to keep the hype up until september and prevent a real leak. Any thoughts on that?

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  • Free Ubuntu Wallpaper

  • Tomorrow
    Apr 25, 07:30 PM
    Not wise to step in and try to break up this fight. Knock someone's tooth out, you can get sued. You can get beaten up (or stabbed, or shot) yourself. Whoever called the police and told the attackers they were on their way did the right thing.

    You might see this as "warning" them, or helping them to get away; I see it as an effective way to get them to leave the victim alone.

    How about someone with a penis and breasts?

    I fit this mold; I use the men's room. :o

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  • Ubuntu Wallpaper

  • puma1552
    Nov 15, 05:48 PM
    Yeah, I don't get all the "OMG $250 on a jumper". Seriously, I assume you guys have never shopped in Burberry, Paul Smith, D&G etc...

    That Panerai watch looks awesome.


    It's the fact that while well made, it's pretty much a waste of money because clothes are a consumable.

    Unlike something like a nice watch that will last for years and years, a shirt loses it's form and fades a bit after 1-2 years, at which point it's pretty much junk.

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  • Pirate Ubuntu wallpaper

  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 22, 02:03 PM
    That's typical Apple. Intel chipset does not support USB 3.0? No USB 3.0 for Apple fans!

    It's not built into the current Intel platform standards. That doesn't mean it doesn't support it. Most of Intel's reference boards even include it.

    NVIDIA GPUs do not work with SandyBridge? Stick with outdated C2D CPUs for years.

    Nvidia GPUs work fine with the Sandy Bridge platform. The problem was that they were not licensed to make chipsets for intel processors past the Montevina platform.

    What's more important - CPU/chip or case? In case of Apple, the case always wins. Apple is all about image. Once designed, the case should stay unchanged for many years. Apple will wait until somebody designs a "suitable" chip. Is not it kind of backward?

    Apple is using the same CPUs as everyone else, for which their enclosures are extremely competitive in terms of dimensions.

    Then we hear excuses from Apple fans why Apple could not use separate USB 3.0 controller. This would require redesign of the motherboard - Wow! Think of it - redesigning a motherboard! Some companies redesign tens of motherboards every year but Apple? No way. Now iPhone users will be stuck with outdated technology for a year or two and they will be feeding us all kinds of excuses why LTE can not be used in iPhone. Just ridiculous.

    There's no question that two radio chips would have caused the tiny logic board inside the iPhone 4 to grow. That means the battery gets smaller or they make some other sort of sacrifice which potentially changes the housing. Too much work to release the same iPhone on a different network, especially since apple wouldn't want to sacrifice battery life.

    Since apple has to design to the greatest common denominator, I doubt they'd increase the size of the phone given the number of outspoken size critics on this forum.

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  • ubuntu wallpaper.

  • Brien
    Mar 16, 11:16 PM
    Wow, things sure are crazy. Good luck to those who still need one. I was kicking myself for ordering after it had slipped to 2 weeks, but now that it's at 5 weeks I feel a bit better. :D
    ROFL! No one in their right mind is going to swap an AT&T for a Verizon model when the GSM models are in such short supply.

    Also, though I know none of them read Macrumors, I'd like to sneak a moment of catharsis by sending out a big karmic f_ck you to all the scalpers who stood in line on Friday and bought out all the GSM models to ship and sell them overseas.

    Anyway, off to order my GSM version online, and then to enjoy my Verizon white 32GB at work while I'm not drafting contracts & wills.
    Yeah. That seems to be the case across the country. Makes you wonder what percentage of iPads left the country on Friday...

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  • linux wallpaper ubuntu.

  • dugbug
    Jun 6, 01:24 PM
    Sad thing is the developer is now going to be charged $300 (Apple requires the developer to reimburse the user Apple's commission).

    Jun 6, 01:35 AM
    There is a 15 minute window after entering a password for purchase during which you can click "buy" and not be prompted.

    Oct 24, 08:08 AM
    Here comes the moaning.......... ;)

    Yea... WHERE THE [censored] ARE THE MACBOOKS?! I want a Core 2 Duo MacBook, not MacBook Pro :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    May 3, 03:42 AM
    Will the iMacs be released in all countries at the same time? I live in the Netherlands but I don't know wether to expect an iMac update this week or not.
    I don't want to wait! Want to buy one nowwwwww!!:D

    Thomas Veil
    Mar 8, 02:22 PM
    They did it with Darren on Bewitched too.And that's what bugs me. That's the only time I can think of on TV where they actually pulled a switcheroo instead of having the character killed or sending him or her on a long trip to visit Aunt Edna in Schenectady.

    Apr 24, 01:28 PM
    The very least the staff should have done is to have protected the victim as best they could, and stayed with the victim during the seizure. It looks real enough to me, and I've seen plenty.

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