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  • Kissaragi
    Apr 22, 05:07 PM
    Id be sad to see the beautiful iphone 4 design go so soon. I think it has at least another year left in it.

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  • trainguy77
    Oct 13, 05:14 PM
    well we just got passed again. we are now ranked #59 as a team. and there are plenty more teams on our heels

    Yeah. Atleast we are gaining on 4 teams as well.

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  • AppleFanatic10
    Dec 2, 02:59 AM
    To be honest, I kind of have everything I want. (mainly my Mac and phone). I think for Christmas I would like a few hundred bucks (just incase I wanted to buy something) and certainly a new watch, which I might end up buying myself before then.

    LOL same here; Finally got a mac after begging my parents for 3+ years.... ended up buying it myself :). And I have my Blackberry; so there's actually nothing I want this christmas. And if I did end up wanting anything I'd buy it myself sooo.... nope there's nothing :cool:

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  • lmalave
    Oct 24, 07:53 AM
    anything for macbooks? please?

    What I'd like is the base MacBook to drop to $999 and the base mini to drop to $499. That's what the G4 versions cost before they were replaced by the Intel versions.

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  • johnnyrb
    Apr 11, 04:32 PM
    Why no Thunderbolt cards for MacPro users?

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  • starflyer
    Apr 14, 03:12 PM
    Of course since jailbreaks only happen because of security holes. So I hope Apple closes up security holes even if it means jailbreaking breaks. While I'd like Apple to make it possible to jailbreak easier I won't begrudge them this approach.

    It's funny. It's like the jailbreakers are doing Apple's job for them by finding these security holes.

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  • damixt
    Mar 16, 10:35 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    No more tickets at cerritos.

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  • rovex
    Apr 22, 04:35 PM
    Josh tweeted

    I was among those that thought it was ugly, and that was an actual leaked device.

    Save your breath for something a little more detailed than a mockup based on some guy's sketch.

    Lol, I knew that he's lurking these boards. Very funny to even contemplate people saying the iPhone 4 was ugly, it's perhaps the most aesthectically pleasing electronic product that has ever been released to this date.

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  • meepm00pmeep
    Oct 24, 08:25 AM
    Nice update. Some really nice to have features, but I'm not totally depressed about buying my 2.16ghz MBP 3 months ago (not that I could have waited, really).

    be satsisfied with what you have when you needed it... i got my 17" MBP only 3 weeks ago with no regrets and i love this thing, i don't need all that's there in the update, what i have now will suffice until the next time i need a new computer :D :D :D

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  • nies
    Apr 26, 05:24 PM
    Eldiablojoe, from what I understand appleguy123 and Chrmjenkins are both ok, plutonious was the only one lynched

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 15, 11:30 AM
    I got a 64 AT&T. Trading it for a 16 wifi and cash to some nice people. Today worked out :D

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  • robby818
    Apr 28, 10:34 PM
    Using my digital calipers the white is .01" thicker, I am using the same case from my black iPhone and it seems to fit just fine. Didn't notice any difference till I heard about it.

    Sweet pics. :D

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  • charlituna
    Apr 13, 11:50 PM
    Apple not releasing a new IPHONE in June would really pull the stock into the garbage. It would be hard to make up that lost revenue for the quarter.

    You assume that there would be lost revenue. Or rather lost stock value. A lot of that issue could depend on what is announced for iOS, Mac OS, the whole Final Cut game etc. Not to mention ipad sales for the quarter and if they release any new computers, those sales numbers. The buzz from all that could be enough to carry the stock value.

    And who knows they could announced in late june but with a 60ish day to launch. And if the phone was 'magical' enough no one would really take issue with the wait.

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  • JosiahPB
    Jul 18, 12:04 PM
    I think cement and gravity are more of a killer to an iPod than a Microsoft product will ever be.

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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 12, 11:08 AM
    That's more or less what I've done. The issue is this. If you envision a twenty page booklet, it will consist of five pieces of paper. On the front of the first piece of paper, the left panel will be page 20 and the right panel will be page 1. On the back, the left panel will be page 2 and the right panel will be page 19. And so on. It is this non-sequential printing of the pages that I'm struggling with. How do you tell it to print pages 20 and 1 on the first piece of paper, other than having it print page 1, then putting the paper back into the printer and having it print page 20.

    (A big reason that I'm trying to get away from the manual solution is that I want to save this as a PDF so I can hand it to a copy shop to print out multiple copies for me. But, unfortunately, you can't print to a PDF page twice. :) Oh, and I've tried using the Layout option in the print dialog, but it reduces that page image dramatically, so 10pt font becomes 6pt font. So that wasn't a good solution...)

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  • BillyBobBongo
    Apr 13, 02:12 PM
    Yet another ridiculous speculation by unqualified experts who need real jobs.


    Tony here, he knows the story! *thumbsup*

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  • mduser63
    Jul 24, 05:51 PM
    The user's manual is available on the FCC website (I think it's linked from tuaw.com). Anyway, according to the user's manual, it's a laser mouse in addition to being wireless.

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  • Doctor Q
    Jun 6, 01:23 AM
    How long after you make a purchase does the App Store remember your password so you don't have to enter it again? I presume that's what happened in this case.

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  • trunten
    Nov 20, 05:14 PM
    You both need to calm down. One of you wants flash, the other could do without. We get it.

    And by the way Apple is under no obligation to offer you Flash or anything else for that matter, you knew before your purchase that Safari would never support Flash, consider yourself fortunate that Skyfire exists.

    On topic, I wonder if the ipad app will be any different? Perhaps they can embed the video in the website so it takes the place of the original flash content?

    Apr 12, 08:13 PM
    Where is the new FCP?
    Did Apple take the stage at this event or didn't they? I find it odd MR hasn't reported on it yet... or... IDK, when would Apple take the stage? It seems like it's an early morning company to me, not an evening-going-into-night company.

    But like, if Apple never took the stage, I'd say it's newsworthy given there were a good deal of rumors saying that they would.

    In about 45 minutes...


    Apr 29, 07:56 PM
    That's your choice man and I respect it, we all have our own ways.

    Sorry, I'm actually being sarcastic, but you will find a lot of users here who behave just as I have described. You'd think that they sat on the board of directors. I agree with you, competition is good and it is good to be open minded and not have blind loyalty to one company. But the majority here will disagree with that.

    Apr 26, 03:30 PM
    Once I get my iMac will get the free basic MobileMe and purchase the very reasonable 20.00/year for music.

    It's cheaper than DropBox which charges 200.00 /year 100GB and 100.00 /year 50 GB Even if I didn't get the music I'd be getting the 200.00 and 100.00 pkgs from Dropbox for free.

    Apr 14, 12:30 PM
    At this rate jailbreakers will never catch up.

    4.3.1 was out for a just week when a functional, untethered jailbreak came out for it.

    Apr 17, 07:04 PM
    The CPU would be considerably faster, but the graphics ughh lol. The only way I can see myself grabbing a new one this year is if it comes with some type of integrated 3G plan similar to the iPad, then I'd consider downgrading the GPU.

    Idk how the CPU would be considerably faster than a 2.13 GHz core2duo.
    The only bright side to this upgrade is the fact that battery might last extra :30 -1:00 hour.

    Does this mean we might see thunderbolt in the new MBA? (which i dont even care)
    If the CPU processing is really that faster than the 2.13 I would like to know since I ordered an MBA yesterday :P

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