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  • jaw04005
    May 1, 10:05 PM
    Good. Hell of a way to kick off your reelection campaign.

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  • Shaun.P
    Nov 1, 03:34 PM
    I'll be happy with my car/road tax getting paid and some iTunes giftcards :).

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  • Intell
    Apr 17, 05:32 PM
    What time would the day end and night end?

    It would be a fixed 24 time. Probably around the evening of EST.

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  • rxse7en
    Jul 28, 10:24 AM
    There is no incentive to go to a Zune. Same DRM, same features. THe people who hate the iPod and buy Creative aren't switching to Zune. They don't want to be locked into DRM. So unless microsoft really does something innovative it is just another player in a sea of non-iPods.

    That's a good point. I think people are happy with what's available to them and I'm not so sure that an all-encompassing portable media device is ncessary. I've had 4g ipod for a couple of years now. Use it at the gym and when mowing the lawn. I don't think I'm the typical iPod user, but how much portable entertainment is too much? I always thought Walkmen and iPods were a little antisocial, people tend to shut themselves in. I think MS would be better off creating the next media paradigm.


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  • gerrycurl
    Nov 3, 02:06 PM
    all i have to say is that vmware is a strong company financially with a very good long term vision/proven track record, there's no way parallels will survive. there's no way all the hardware companies will fully cooperate with parallels, i don't see them lasting, you're better off putting money in vmware, they'll give you a good product, they've been doing it longer and better. but i understand how it is with firsts, it's always hard to part with them. ;)

    even though i didn't get an invite into the beta program, i'm shocked at how quick they're actually executing. that indian exec at vmware said it would be coming soon at the last wwdc, but this is great.

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  • petemitchell2k4
    Oct 24, 08:06 AM
    What about those of us that bought MBP's in August? The upgrades weren't in the forcast! Ugh, I really hate it when this happens!

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  • enda1
    Jul 25, 11:49 AM
    Anyone considered how this (technically) will work? How will the iPod detect where your hands are?

    I seem to remember a rumour about apple developing a display which emebdded motion sensors or CCD's between the pixels in a screen. Could this be what they will use to see/sense what you are doing.

    As an aside, it would be cool if they could inplement this into all their screens. How cool for flicking between pics of a laptop of changing songs in itunes.. endless posibilities!

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  • NativeOSXboy
    Apr 22, 09:31 AM
    It's interesting how many people blast Apple. They completely retooled the smart phone/mobile phone platform.

    I really enjoy Apple products, and have since 1996. They always just work, sure the hardware at times can get dated between updates; but things still just work. Is Apple greedy? No they are like any company, they want to make a profit.

    But it is not Apple's fault that so many companies are playing catch-up. Those companies that are playing catch-up are the truly greedy ones. They thought they could continue to pass off mediocre products and consumers would continue to purchase them. They spent no money on design, r and d, and many other aspects that make a product great. So they let Apple simply slide into the market and grab up market share.'s no conspiracy, these companies just didn't keep their eye on the ball.

    Maybe some of the folks on here should be happy that Apple has become mainstream. Apple gave geeks everywhere the ability to have something in common to talk about with that hot chick at the coffee shop using an iPhone or Macbook. Sorry just trying to throw a positive in there.

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  • snebes
    Apr 23, 06:24 PM
    The T-Mobile deal isn't a for sure thing. Likely, but the FTC could block it. Also, as the article states T-Mobile's towers use a different frequencies.

    That doesn't mean that Apple wouldn't be testing handset for them now. Just being an optimist. If AT&T/T-Mobile purchase does go through, it doesn't mean that T-Mobiles 2G/3G network goes away. It will be around for many more years. AT&T may require their handsets to support the T-Mobile 3G bands as well as their own.

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  • cmaier
    Apr 21, 11:31 PM
    Record-breaking quarters and the position as the trend-setter in consumer tech.

    These legal skirmishes haven't and won't result in any major untoward changes to Apple products. We all know this already.

    I'm not disagreeing. I'm just disputing the idea that somehow the U.S. courts are biased towards Apple. Apple's court results don't indicate that.

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  • Jetson
    Jul 11, 09:30 PM
    I read some of the reader comments at the end of that article. This "Argo" is just vaporware, yet people are saying they'd rush out and buy it.

    Other commenters got upset because someone pointed out how the "Argo" is an iPod ripoff. It IS a ripoff - you'd have to be as blind as a mole to not realize that Microsoft wouldn't have a clue of how to build this thing without copying the iPod. That's what Microsoft does - copy.

    Another thing Microsoft does well is to market a product as a loss leader - for years if necessary. Remember how they started giving away their IE browser and just buried poor Netscape. Microsoft has money to burn.

    Microsoft doesn't mind putting a piece of crap on the market. They know that the lemmings will buy anything with the MS logo on it. Then they will take years to iron out the bugs and end up with a fairly serviceable product. Not a great product, but one that works well enough for a world that follows the crowd.

    And why is Microsoft supposedly launching their "iPod killer"? Because they just can't stand the thought of Apple dominating the market that Apple built. Ballmer says they are going after this market because it's there. He says they want 90% of the market or nothing.

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  • DaBlackMamba
    Mar 15, 10:38 AM
    Mission Viejo has none left. They had around 25 total but only Verizon and some wifi.

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  • pmz
    Mar 30, 09:07 AM
    WWDC has always been a software conference, the hardware you see on the 1st day are for the consumers (and fanboys), the remaining days are always software focused ... Thats why its from 6th-10th :rolleyes: ... don't get it twisted, not every developer desires the new releases of hardware at every wwdc.

    Apple is at the core a software company.

    Yea ok. The new iPhone is the highlight EVERY year, and will be again this year. Fanboy my ass, it's the highlight of the event, everyone knows it, and if wwdc comes and goes without even of mention of new iPhone hardware, APPL is going to take a dive.

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  • Zman5225
    Jul 24, 04:45 PM
    in for one!

    Been waiting for this to be released since the mighty mouse was intially introduced.

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  • Tones2
    Apr 22, 10:50 AM
    I still haven't seen the "killer app" that makes this higher mobile speed something I can't wait another year for. I know that's not the smartest way of looking at it - the higher speeds bring the innovations we haven't imagined yet. But I'm not seeing them on the Android platform, either.

    It seems to mostly benefit tethering - but tethering benefits other devices and not the mobile handled experience.

    Fast access to these new cloud music storage services is interesting, but the data caps practically kill their usefulness.

    Then you have never streamed video onto your phone from home or Netflix or Slingbox. It's not pleasant over 3G onto the iPhone - looks and responds even worse on the iPad.

    We need 4G NOW!


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  • Benjy91
    Apr 29, 02:47 PM
    Oooh things are heating up :D

    I'm not gonna buy music from Amazon again though, I downloaded 1 song for my Dad once from there. Because iTunes didn't have it, and Amazon emailed me for weeks with spam.

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  • digitalnicotine
    Jan 31, 01:47 AM
    @neko girl

    Um... what? I mean what did you purchase? (looks cool) :)

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  • Platform
    Oct 24, 09:06 AM
    Does anyone know if they are available from today in the retail stores?

    The new MacBook Pros are available from the online Apple Store. The new MacBook Pros will ship next week.

    That was in the story :confused:

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  • Evangelion
    Jul 12, 01:39 AM
    I'm not sure if it's just a bunch of "computer guys" around here, but in the gaming world Xbox 360 has a fair amount of cultural cachet.

    IIRC, PS2 is still outselling the Xbox360. And when we compare install-base, Sony's lead over MS is HUGE. And since PS2 is still outselling their competitor, that lead is increasing.

    Sep 15, 07:39 PM

    WHAT... is that? :eek:

    It's a Hexbug. I bought it at Brookstone today.

    It's a robot.

    I want to get the inchworm next.

    Apr 28, 04:29 PM
    Apple shouldn't be aloud to state the thickness as being the same as the black iPhone. If they can't even fit into some cases then it's just yet another issue apple has to amend. Honestly, with all the QC issues and delays in the past do they just purposely not tackle issues that surely a competant R&D faculty would inevitably find?

    I agree - if this does turn out to be in fact the truth Apple has some explaining to do.

    Mar 3, 02:42 PM
    AA is crap,

    What about the millions of people worldwide that it has helped?

    Jun 27, 05:17 AM
    Aside from the whole "personal responsibility" debate, why doesn't Apple just allow cancel/refund of purchases as long as it is done before the download is finished (meaning it's impossible to use)?

    Seems like a no brainer to me.

    I get refunds all the time. Maybe its because I usually go to the "problem" section in the itunes store. But failing that the creator. But I have gotten refunds from several. Also Its early and Im not thiinking too clear..but you can go to your ACCOUNT and authorize whichever device you wanna allow to use your purchases. Of course I dont think this will help if you set up a new account for a gift, but you can GIVE apps to others. I apologize if my somnambulism has misread your intent. WOuldnt be the first time.

    Oct 21, 08:00 AM
    Here in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas, he comes to us first by steamship, and then on a white horse. It is that important that the TV shows him arriving direct, plus tens of thousands are on the quayside. I hope to be there this year in Harderwijk on the 13th November with my grand children.

    Gifts are given on the 5th December

    I forgot to say what I want the Sinterklaas to bring me, Well Hayden Panettiere baby oil and a large bed::p

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