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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 26, 03:01 PM
    Originally Posted by Darlo770
    Should have bloody known >

    Originally Posted by louis Fashion
    Well they won't be charging me.

    You wouldn't consider paying $20 per YEAR?

    No, I pay Verizon, I pay COMCAST, I have my music on my iPods/iPad/Imacs another monthly fee is just one bridge too far. If you need it/want it bless you. I have to draw the line somewhere

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  • MathijsDelva
    May 4, 02:49 AM
    I'm not so sure the next iPhone will look like the current iphone 4. It probably will be, but i don't know.. They're delaying it and with the white one just released (which of course looks the same).. They've handed out prototype A5 iphones to developers just to make sure the new design won't be leaked. I think Apple could come out with a surprise regarding the design of the next iPhone.

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 18, 10:52 AM
    What, pray tell, is in a 'vegitable'?

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  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 13, 08:17 PM
    Linkin Park A Thousand Suns

    Only one song kicks ass and it's called "Wretches And kings" It's going to be a hit in da clubs. I said it first! :D

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  • Eldiablojoe
    Apr 27, 01:23 PM
    I was going to vote for Nies, but I'm pretty sure he's not a WW, so I'm going for -aggie-. It appears everyone else is smelling blood in the water and jumping into the feeding frenzy. I'll just keep my insights to myself for spite then.

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  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 4, 03:22 PM
    First of all, thank you all for the kind words. I have next to no clue what I'm doing when I'm shooting (yet), as I'm still learning the more technical things. I have an idea about the SS/Aperture/ISO triangle and a few things here and there, but I am just learning how to shoot better.

    Today's shot:
    My Flickr (

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  • johnnyrb
    Apr 11, 04:32 PM
    Why no Thunderbolt cards for MacPro users?

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  • Seo
    Nov 11, 03:39 AM
    just goes to show people still want to be able to see flash on their iphones reguardless of how bloated

    Not an accurate deduction from this app's popularity.

    See, this app is a very slick implementation of Flash on the iOS. No bloat, and everything's fast and battery efficient, because iOS sees it as HTML5. All the bloat and processing is on the Skyfire servers.

    All you can tell from Skyfire's success is that people want Flash as long as it is as good or better than HTML5.

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  • Brien
    Mar 16, 11:16 PM
    Wow, things sure are crazy. Good luck to those who still need one. I was kicking myself for ordering after it had slipped to 2 weeks, but now that it's at 5 weeks I feel a bit better. :D
    ROFL! No one in their right mind is going to swap an AT&T for a Verizon model when the GSM models are in such short supply.

    Also, though I know none of them read Macrumors, I'd like to sneak a moment of catharsis by sending out a big karmic f_ck you to all the scalpers who stood in line on Friday and bought out all the GSM models to ship and sell them overseas.

    Anyway, off to order my GSM version online, and then to enjoy my Verizon white 32GB at work while I'm not drafting contracts & wills.
    Yeah. That seems to be the case across the country. Makes you wonder what percentage of iPads left the country on Friday...

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 10, 07:01 PM
    I don't even know what to say...

    Say nothing.

    It's the only way to kill him.

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  • Yvan256
    Jul 28, 10:05 AM
    Don't forget, ALL consoles lose money when they first ship.

    Nintendo never sold any console at a loss.

    I tend to agree with you, but that is just business, and Microsoft is good at it. If we want to point fingers, point them at the consumers. The only reason Microsoft still pours money into things is because people will still buy their products. Microsoft also uses their position of having a large amount of disposable cash. If their product sucks, people won't buy it, and Microsoft suffers.

    If that were true, Microsoft would never have been able to survive after Windows 95.

    If a product sucks but almost everyone else is using it, most people will use it too.

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  • Devie
    May 3, 08:34 AM
    Awesome upgrade, glad to see they're hitting up the GPU for once.

    But now my iMac is out dated, which obviously means its useless.

    Now Apple, please upgrade the Mac Mini Server, with thunderbolt.

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  • grant6923
    Apr 14, 09:13 PM
    Just updated�Now having a problem with people hearing me. If i use speaker phone they can hear me just fine. I have done a voice memo, and it sounds like I'm being recorded at half volume. Anyone else having this problem :mad:

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  • Jtut10
    Apr 14, 12:35 PM
    Yawn....Boring...Youre gonna put a case on it anyhow...How about a new iPhone?! I dont want to wait until the end of the year

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  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 24, 10:33 AM
    Black-on-white crime, much more prevalent than the reverse, is one of those open secrets the media doesn't like to report on, usually since they're too busy accusing whites of racism.

    The media always reports on black on white crime, so much so, that they are often accused of over-reporting and fueling white people's fear of the big bad black man!

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  • dongmin
    Aug 15, 10:06 PM
    Your lucky day. Look at the search bar on not integrate internet search into Spotlight??? I search the internet far far more than I do Spotlight (I barely use Spotlight--too sluggish on my iBook). If they'd integrate google, wiki, amazon, etc. people'd be using Spotlight all day long. Get people into the habit!

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  • neko girl
    May 1, 11:08 PM
    my fear is the democrats will try to use this a political gain and that is so very wrong both to the military and for this good event.

    It turns a great event into worthless BS. It was just luck of the draw that a Dem was in power when this happen and it was only a matter of time. I already am watching some people try to turn it into political gain and it makes me sick.
    I'll take this over the worthless birther trash the opposition has been spewing.

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  • RawBert
    Dec 29, 05:40 PM
    When one starts approaching the weight of worlds fattest person they can no longer get to the toilet. So I feel sorry for the person with bed pan duty:eek::eek::eek:.

    Oh God! *dry heave* You're right.

    I'm sure fried chicken drumsticks sometimes get wedged in between her rolls for months at a time. Perhaps even whole chickens.

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  • jazz9
    Sep 14, 08:31 PM

    Oct 29, 01:02 PM
    for now, we'll see what happens in the long term.

    sounds good. it would be great if you run bigadv units on that machine. you saw what it can do from whiterabbit's stats.

    Jul 24, 03:37 PM
    The frustration I feel when going from a Mighty Mouse with ball to a mouse with a scroll wheel, is the same as when going from a mouse with a scroll wheel to one with none. What a pity it requires a lot of rubbing/wiping and/or disassembling to keep it working!

    Apr 25, 08:10 AM
    I hope this is true. A lot of people would go to T-Mobile because of their competitive pricing and that would encourage AT&T and Verizon to lower their prices too. Hell, I would consider switching.

    nah Verizon and AT&T would furlough a couple of goons to go and see that Tmobile prices were brought up to their level...there is NO WAY TMobile will be allowed to undersale Verizon and AT&T...NO WAY...Tmobile, Sprint and whoever else you wanna name only has lower rates now because they are starved for new customers, losing old customers to Verizon and AT&T and they DON'T have an iPhone...

    Oct 18, 05:07 PM
    That nothing.
    I made 600 million profit selling lemonade on my street just last week.

    Mar 15, 11:05 AM
    Kind of a bummer. Just chasing the tail.


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