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  • Cygnus311
    May 3, 08:51 AM
    Any gamers have a sense as to how well the top end machine (either i5 or i7) with the 2gb gpu option will handle Battlefield 3 later this year?

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  • trekkie604
    Oct 25, 02:47 AM

    Among other things...

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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 11, 04:47 PM
    who's charlie sheen?
    Some actor guy, who by an incredible coincidence has the same name you do. Then again, you were no doubt born Charlie Sheen while he was born Carlos Estevez, so you're the real Charlie Sheen and he's just pretending. :p

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  • nick004
    Oct 24, 09:05 AM
    No where on the sites does it mention 64-bit capabilities, unless i'm missing it. Can 64-bit be safely assumed?

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  • Legion93
    May 1, 11:05 PM
    my fear is the democrats will try to use this a political gain and that is so very wrong both to the military and for this good event.

    1. Democrats buy most of the books that have been banned somewhere. Republicans form censorship committees and read them as a group.

    2. Republicans consume three-fourths of all the rutabaga produced in this country. The remainder is thrown out.

    3. Republicans usually wear hats and always clean their paint brushes.

    4. Democrats give their worn-out clothes to those less fortunate. Republicans wear theirs.

    5. Republicans employ exterminators. Democrats step on the bugs.

    6. Democrats name their children after currently-popular sports figures, politicians, and entertainers. Republican children are named after their parents or grandparents, according to where the money is.

    7. Democrats keep trying to cut down on smoking but are not successful. Neither are Republicans.

    8. Republicans tend to keep their shades drawn, although there is seldom any reason why they should. Democrats ought to, but don't.

    9. Republicans study the financial pages of the newspaper. Democrats put them in the bottom of the bird cage.

    10. Most of the stuff alongside the road has been thrown out of car windows by Democrats.

    11. Republicans raise dahlias, Dalmatians, and eyebrows. Democrats raise Airedales, kids, and taxes.

    12. Democrats eat the fish they catch. Republicans hang them on the wall.

    13. Republican boys date Democratic girls. They plan to marry Republican girls, but feel that they're entitled to a little fun first.

    14. Democrats make plans and then do something else. Republicans follow the plans their grandfathers made.

    15. Republicans sleep in twin beds--some even in separate rooms. That is why there are more Democrats.

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  • shecky
    Oct 24, 08:57 AM
    is the HDD removable?

    The userguide online is still the CD MBP

    i am waiting on this and the "Technology Overview" to be posted before buying. just want to make sure there are no surprises :)

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 14, 03:22 PM
    forget it.

    It's not worth getting into. Not everyone has the issues with their phones. I reboot mine almost everyday and with this update I notice a speed difference. I don't have an issue with opening youtube vids in safari and I have no lag time with opening 3rd party apps. Get over it.

    Open a stock app, like Messages or Photos.

    Watch the animation, look at how the icons fly off to the edges of the screen and the app you pressed zooms forward from the centre of the screen and into full screen view. That, is the animation for launching an app.

    Now try it on, for example, Infinity Blade, Engadget, TUAW, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 3 (basically 99.9% of third party apps). Notice that when you press the app icon, it dulls as normal, but then the app immediately appears on screen. No home screen icons zooming off to the edges of the screen, no app you are loading zooming forward from the centre of the screen to fill the entire viewable area.

    Only once the app has been loaded, and is in the memory, can you open/close the app and get the animation as normal.

    No doubt you'll say you don't have that on your phone, but there you go.

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  • gnasher729
    Oct 24, 05:01 AM
    I have no issues with having the software installed once, although Apple allowing certain products to be installed on a desktop AND a laptop is great. But, I do not steal software. I really like what Apple does with their 'Family Packs'. You can add ~ 25-30% to the price and install it on five machines. That is great marketing and very fair.

    Since I don't have a "Family Pack": Could you have a look at the license and check whether it would allow installing on three Macs plus in a virtual machine on two of these Macs for a total of five copies?

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  • aswitcher
    Jul 25, 05:39 AM
    The existing iPods already are lickable, though the 3rd gen controls are a little more convenient than the click wheel and button interfaces. Feel free to take my word on this, and if you feel the need to confirm, remember that it's probably rude in most places to lick someone else's iPod without asking nicely first.

    Ok, now I need to see all that in a silhouette Apple add.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 13, 11:31 PM
    So am I the only one left with the original iPhone? Had it since Sep 2006. Was going to wait for the 5, but I'll just get a white 4 in a few weeks. I'm happy.

    The original smart phone.

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  • flopticalcube
    May 1, 09:44 PM
    Heard a rumor on twitter.

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 30, 07:28 PM
    I scanned chrmjenkins, and he is a villager.

    Someone asked about my first scan, and unfortunately that was Appleguy123, who was killed before I had the nerve to out myself.

    Ok guys, now you know I'm clean. It's still possible that aggie could be the wolf who is trying to buy (my) our trust.

    Since eldiablojoe was alpha, we have to ask who he would infect among the rest of us. It's really a toss up. Aggie makes sense, especially if he was able to scan and kill the hunter and then name me clean because he knew I had to be.

    Also makes sense to infect hunter, but I don't even know if he is still alive.

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  • shanmugam
    May 3, 08:04 AM
    Order placed. Upgrading from 24" 2.93 GHz Core 2.

    3.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
    8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB
    2TB Serial ATA Drive + 256GB Solid State Drive
    AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5

    Hopefully should last me a few years like the old one. 6 weeks to wait though. :(

    expensive, why not go MBP + nice LED Screen + SSD?

    if you are selling 24", it will go for dirt

    I am interested in the upgrade from 21.5" 2009 mode, but the resales value is low, i have no interest in the upgrade.

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  • ghostface147
    Apr 28, 04:58 PM
    This is what happens when Apple buys their white iPhones off the street in China. Keeping it real folks...keeping it real......

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  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 16, 09:11 PM
    I also think the trackpad is better than the mouse.

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  • UniPro
    Mar 15, 11:01 AM
    Wow I'm sorry for everyone who left empty handed. I can't believe apple stores would open early just for 4 iPads. So pointless.

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  • Detlev_73
    Jun 6, 10:22 AM
    You sound like a wonderful human being.

    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:

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  • graphite13
    Nov 3, 07:41 PM
    Dont count Parallels out. They will eventually have multicore support in their app, and i am sure will keep getting better over time.

    Oh, not counting them out at all. That would most certainly be a mistake. No, but VMware certainly brings a lot of history and man power to the table. They are THE elephant in the room when it comes to virtualization (they essentially pioneered the market that exists today).

    I think they bring with them a long history of good, solid, stable roducts that the enterprise trusts.

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  • steve knight
    Dec 31, 01:15 AM
    you gotta feel sorry for the poor abused toilet. I can imagine the reamed out plumbing.

    Apr 3, 09:41 PM
    While I am happy with it for myself, I know it is rather (ok, very) cliche to post a duck shot (
    IMG_3102 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr

    Sorry, but what's wrong with duck posts??? Especially one that's as good as this? Nice "head room." I like it!

    Doctor Q
    Mar 4, 03:29 PM
    I made the mistake of turning on the TV news thinking I'd learn something about turmoil in the middle east. No, the news covered Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, and more Charlie Sheen. My mistake.

    Nov 29, 05:49 PM
    I now have 2 gpu's running which should put up some additional points. I have stopped the cpu folding on that machine, it wasn't doing nearly as many ppd in windows as it was in linux. Hopefully I can push over the 400k ppw mark but we shall see.

    I am used to win xp at work but win 7 has been a challenge to figure out, so many things have changed...

    nice. both 275s? how do you keep up with the wattage?

    Apr 25, 11:02 PM
    Does that mean you'll make me a sammich? After hurting my feelings and all? :)

    Apr 29, 02:20 AM
    Dude, you're thinking too much... There should be very little difference between two white iphones as well as two black iphones since they're made exactly the same.

    There is very little difference between the two masses. 2.4mg difference. That is less than 2% of 140g.

    It is not a matter of "thinking too much" about it but a matter of simply "thinking" about it.

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