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  • The.316
    Jan 27, 03:47 PM
    I thought I would never buy headphones over $100. I was always ok with my $30 Sony in ears, but now that I got the Sennheiser 595s, Im glad I did spend the money. The Beats look nice, but they have nothing on Sennheisers. AMAZING sound quality, and they were definitely worth the money.

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  • Glideslope
    Apr 29, 03:46 PM

    I wonder if this is part of the labels' strategy to take power away from iTunes.

    Interesting point. I'm sure the Department of Justice would love to know about any contact between Labels and Amazon in the past few months. :cool:

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 26, 03:32 PM
    i am going to change vote as well, since UCF has become active and has only one vote, so it would be kinda pointless.
    i'll go with Nies

    if we exclude the unbolded votes (aggie and eldiablo), it is

    plutonius 3 (nies, jav, ucfgrad)
    nies 3 (plutonius, appleguy, don't panic)
    eldiablo 2(3) (nathan, moyank)
    ibro 1 (chrmjenkins)
    chrmjenkins 1 (ibro)
    nathanmuir 1 (eldiablo)

    with plutonius holding the tie breaker

    if those 2 votes get validated, it is still plutonius with 4, followed by nies and eldiablo with 3

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  • komodrone
    May 3, 11:55 PM
    OR another reason: Apple decided to go verizon exclusive and ATT is shunned.

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  • Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

  • Schtumple
    Jun 6, 11:38 AM
    Gee, do you have any idea how easy it is to click the wrong thing on an iPhone or iPod touch?

    They probably had one click enabled and the kid checked out the most expensive app and accidentally clicked buy.

    Can happen.

    In that case, why do the parents have one click enabled on a device that's used by an 11 year old... :p

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  • iRobby
    Apr 22, 05:09 PM
    other than the decrease in the size of the bezel gaining larger screen which I want the rest of this photo to me is a step back not forward ascetically. Don't like the design of the casing.

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  • mhuk01
    Jul 24, 04:28 PM
    i ordered a custom build macbook and apple bluetooth mouse last friday. should i cancel the order for the mouse and wait? or because of all the mighty mouse problems should i be happy with a completely sleek standard apple bluetooth mouse?

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  • Don't panic
    Apr 17, 11:58 PM
    i'll play, mostly to annoy aggie. ;)
    but i won't ask any clarification on the rules so the usual suspect can keep complaining about being ambushed.

    i am on vacation with family, therefore there will be little posting till next tuesday (not sure when the game will start). i'll make sure to at least vote.

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  • BigReg
    Jul 26, 08:43 PM
    I think Apple Marketing thinks they're slick with their blatant patent advertising/marketing to create buzz on potential new products. I think its fairly lame.

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  • NickZac
    Jan 30, 12:26 PM
    So we have...
    -A few porn stars
    -A Ferrari
    -A briefcase of cocaine
    -Excessive alcohol consumption
    -A $30,000 check to a porn star is this any different than 'Two and a Half Men'?

    I love this man.

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  • Psilocybin
    Apr 18, 10:03 AM
    This one goes out to all the tinfoil hat know who you are (secret code inserted here.-..-11..-312).

    I think Apple intentionally borked our current 320M graphic power in the 10.6.7 release fiasco. This was intentional. That way when they release the new MBA's with the inferior integrated graphics chipset, they can actually show an IMPROVEMENT in graphic speed.

    Seriously. Its true. I read it on the intrawebs.

    anyone test 320m in lion?

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 29, 05:49 PM
    I now have 2 gpu's running which should put up some additional points. I have stopped the cpu folding on that machine, it wasn't doing nearly as many ppd in windows as it was in linux. Hopefully I can push over the 400k ppw mark but we shall see.

    I am used to win xp at work but win 7 has been a challenge to figure out, so many things have changed...

    nice. both 275s? how do you keep up with the wattage?

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  • andyjslin
    Oct 20, 10:22 PM
    I want to finish writing my thesis and have it submitted.

    Plus an iPhone 4.

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  • OhEsTen
    Dec 1, 02:23 PM
    C'mon Apple... don't let us down here.

    I agree with the other posters here that Apple needs to take this seriously and kick it into high gear. Send a message to the world (or at least your user-base) that you're on top of the situation.

    I for one, feel that Apple will come through, and am glad becuase I think there will always be a huge "community effort" put into making our choice of platforms better in terms of security

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 28, 05:30 PM
    Congrats whiterabbit on your first bigadv unit. Team outlook looks better, yet we are not out of the woods yet.

    i think we've come a long way. and if whiterabbit does bigadv units on this i7 also, then we'll really be looking good

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  • Chappers
    May 2, 04:13 AM
    Getting a DNA finger print is pretty quick these days - I presume they did that.

    Did they try and capture him - I doubt it - a living Osama is worth two dead ones.

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  • jasvncnt
    Apr 15, 08:22 AM
    Why would i buy the white iphone 4 when i already have one

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  • vincenz
    Apr 13, 02:09 PM
    It makes sense. A monitor with a built- in apple TV. Question is how big will it be?

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  • rdowns
    Oct 19, 05:46 PM
    Thanks for the chart...I always like to see stuff like this. But your 3Q and 4Q numbers for 2003 and 2004 looked a bit fishy, so I looked into it and made the corrections below for 2004. Don't know if there are any other errors.

    Thanks. I'll have to go back through all the reports I have one day when I'm bored.

    Apr 13, 04:03 PM
    I'm going to make a wild and crazy shot: Apple is teaming up with Bang & Olufsen and sell TV's with build-in Atv's.

    Apr 28, 10:34 PM
    Using my digital calipers the white is .01" thicker, I am using the same case from my black iPhone and it seems to fit just fine. Didn't notice any difference till I heard about it.

    Sweet pics. :D

    Apr 11, 02:43 PM
    All I can say is, "Thank God." Near term I get rid of tons of cables -- I have seven attached to my MBP on my desktop right now (external monitor, FW800 for external drive, Ethernet, FW400 for scanner, USB for keyboard, USB for printer, and audio out to external speakers). Long-term it is possible Thunderbolt will enable changes we can't envision right now.

    My only issue is the name "Thunderbolt" and the weird lightening bolt (that to date has always meant "touch this an you die from electrocution"). Light Peak was nearly perfect IMHO. Oh well, I'm guessing some committee group came up with this.

    How are you going to reduce the number of cables? It seems like you would still need the same number of cables.

    Oct 19, 08:09 AM
    Heh heh...yeah me too. Maybe that's what The Steve (tm) was referring to when he said that '07 was going to be one of the most exciting years for Apple yet.

    Or it could just be a new colour range for the iPod nanos.

    I don't think Apple will come out with a "consumer" tower for the foreseeable future. I think Apple's strategy is to make "consumer" products like the Mini which are made to look more like consumer electronic devices (e.g. look like a stereo or DVD players). A tower just does not fit that category. Apple makes the Mac Pro for professionals that will actually put in a specialized video or audio card for their *professional* work. And yes, a consumer like a gamer might want that expandability just so they can get the latest and greatest gaming video card, but Apple is *not* going to aim for that category anytime soon because: 1) it's a small fraction of the market compared to the overall consumer market, and 2) the PC owns the gaming market. And why would Apple want to go for the PC gaming market anyway? A disproportionate amount of gamers just build "white box" computers so they can optimize everything to their liking for the lowest cost, and that's *definitely* not Apple's market.

    Apr 28, 05:37 PM
    The strangest part for me is, that his white iPhone is made of plastic instead of glass - maybe he should buy it at the Apple Store and not on the streets, Mr. "I can measure the thickness by hand, but not detect that it's fricken glass."

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