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funny golf team names

funny golf team names. front of your team name is
  • front of your team name is

  • dkoralek
    Oct 24, 08:55 AM
    And they delayed this update by 6-8 weeks for ... ?

    Would/Should we have waited if we knew then what we know now and will know in the future ?

    Probably because they needed to wait for sufficient stocks of the faster merom chips (you don't see many of the 2.3GHz offerings from other manufacturers, either). Now I just have to decide if I want to lug a macpro across the pond or go for a 17" mbp.


    funny golf team names. NFL Team Names 1.1.1
  • NFL Team Names 1.1.1

  • dokujaryu
    May 3, 09:19 AM
    I was looking to verify that . . . it blows now that I know. I didn't want to have to spend the extra $200 for HT.

    Hyperthreading hardly matters. It's already a quad core designed to shut off two of the cores for better performance. The minor boost to the i7 is almost always going to be attributed to the higher clockrate and the 2MB additional L3 cache.

    There are some very specific scenarios and synthetic benchmarks that will use 8 threads effectively, but very few real world users will notice any benefit from Hyperthreading. Most everyone will notice a higher clock rate and more L3 cache. It's probably more fruitful for people to decide if $200 is worth 300more Mhz and 2MB additional L3, I would say those factors alone is worth around 11 - 13% performance boost, and constitutes a 10% higher cost.





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  • Cowboys Golf Club - No. 3

  • RBR2
    Apr 26, 03:27 PM
    Ah, I completely forgot about PCI-Express based SSDs. I kept thinking about 6Gbps SATA SSDs.

    Also, "SSD drive" is redundant :).

    TB is basically PCIe + Display Port video.

    Part of the discussion on expansion cards for Mac Pros was that, according to Intel, TB must have direct access to the PCIe lanes and the graphics processor. In theory, someone could come up with a PCIe graphics processor board with a TB controller, ports & etc, but the question will be whether there is a sufficiently large market for the device.

    Whether a RAID array saturates TB or not, the bottom line is that TB is a great deal faster than even an eSATA connection. When will TB 2.0 come out? Who knows? Let's see how version 1.0 is adopted.


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  • FUNNY NAMES LIST. fUNNY nAMES lIST. Here are some funny names that mean

  • Hans Brix
    May 1, 11:21 PM
    It's about time.

    funny golf team names. team names for your team?
  • team names for your team?

  • Me1000
    Oct 23, 08:25 PM
    What do you know M$ is trying to copy apples licensing agreement! lol

    funny golf team names. golf is still a funny game
  • golf is still a funny game

  • jav6454
    Apr 29, 04:03 PM
    At this point, most people would call an explanation necessary.

    I don't have one at this point. Random people killed and so far only villagers dead. I have no idea on a wolf.

    Now if that is suspicious to you, then go ahead and kill me. You'll be surprised at the result.

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  • plays golf funny Obama

  • maclaptop
    Apr 22, 11:01 AM
    Of all the things that iPhone needs soon, LTE is not one of them.

    We can all wait until its widespread, and usable.
    Speak for yourself.

    Small minded thinking is not something I subscribe to.

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  • golf team and they#39;ve been

  • uwetodd
    Apr 26, 01:17 PM
    wow, this is awful, ****ing capitalists apple. This is why I'll use soundcloud and NOT apple cloud.

    Yeah, capitalism is the problem. :rolleyes: God forbid you have choices and MIGHT have to pay for something.

    I have no doubt Apple will have a similar "free" baseline that might wet your palette. Actually that would mean competition/capitalism was involved, which also means you're still not going to be happy.

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  • Callaway Golf Balls: HX Hot

  • ppilone
    Mar 31, 12:00 PM
    What happened to iCal from the Beta 1 Lion release? I felt that was a great unification of iOS iCal and OS X iCal (the layout was similar to iPad's iCal but it still looked like an OS X app). This new, giant brown header with embossed buttons and hard-to-read titles is just... awful.

    funny golf team names. It was quite a fun weekend of
  • It was quite a fun weekend of

  • Waybo
    Apr 5, 08:45 PM

    Maybe lowering yourself a bit to be at her eye level would also make a good picture ?

    She glows! I really like this just as it is, but I was thinking the same thing as Rowbear. How would it work if you went even lower, so the camera was looking up at her just a little?

    funny golf team names. How funny would it be to watch
  • How funny would it be to watch

  • andiwm2003
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    I hope I'm not the only one disappointed that you see an i7 in 3 out of the 4 MBPs, but i7 is only available for an extra $180 in the iMac.

    The i5 2400 costs $150 @ MicroCenter, and that's the processor they use in the $2000 iMac!!! This is why people say Macs are overpriced (and they most certainly are). That having been said, I'll be buying an MBA or MBP 13 soon enough.

    i7 in MBP is not equal to an i7 in an iMac

    funny golf team names. NFL Team Names 1.1.1
  • NFL Team Names 1.1.1

  • joekun
    Apr 29, 02:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think amazon should use a better compression format, but at nearly half the price the same song on iTunes, apple has a tough sell.

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  • Funny Engraving Ideas For Golf

  • toddybody
    Apr 22, 09:17 AM

    We are so going to sue you!

    Fine! Sue Me!

    funny golf team names. From left, Central golf team
  • From left, Central golf team

  • MrCrowbar
    Aug 15, 04:50 PM
    It looks like the menu text default has dropped from 14pt Lucida Grande in Tiger to 13pt Lucida Grande in Leopard -- a welcome change.

    Nice indeed. Is there a way to custumize the menu bar font in Tiger? The font is way to big in my opinion and you can never have enough info icons up there. I hate it when some are hidden cuz the main menu is so wide...

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  • This golf cart has been

  • URFloorMatt
    Apr 22, 06:41 PM
    If the tapered design is real, the mockup almost certainly has it upside down. The thickness and weight would be at the bottom, not at the top. Otherwise, it would be an ergonomic disaster.

    Given that Topolosky's people couldn't figure that out (or their source told them their mockup was correct), it suggests that the source is not good or Topolosky's people can't interpret leaks worth a damn.

    funny golf team names. Nature#39;s rules of golf
  • Nature#39;s rules of golf

  • Peace
    Jul 12, 10:54 AM
    Don't think MS is after iPod ?
    Read this :


    funny golf team names. The team of Burt Jamieson,
  • The team of Burt Jamieson,

  • rmwebs
    Apr 26, 12:20 PM
    Amazon is poised to pwn both Apple and Google on that one.

    If MobileMe is any indication, Apple just doesn't get cloud - if they plan on charging for it, Amazon is happy to take their business - they'll sell you plain mp3s for the boot!

    Agreed. I can foresee this being another poorly made mobileme addon which is pure crap to use if you are outside the US (due to immensely slow network connectivity from Apple's servers).

    Amazon will rule the cloud since they have been doing it for so long, and have multiple DC's in the US and Europe. Apple are at least 10 years behind here and will have a hell of a hard time getting to Amazons level.

    funny golf team names. Labels: concept , funny , wii
  • Labels: concept , funny , wii

  • puma1552
    Nov 10, 07:58 AM
    Burberry Pullover



    another brand that plasters its name all over their stuff


    where you've been? abercrombies lowest quality company has been around almost 10 years lol

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  • yumm, funny cafe name

  • brainwave89
    Jun 16, 07:36 AM
    There was no reason why this issue shouldn't have been resolved at the Apple store level. That store manager deserves needs to be enlightened.

    Apr 26, 01:30 PM
    A little harsh here - you don't know if he payed for the music or not and it might also contain movies and other stuff. I know many people that collect lots of music CD's and movie DVDs over the many moons they are on the planet and ripping that in high quality needs lots of storage. Many people try to rip at highest quality possible and that is expensive storage wise. Just don't assume it's is stolen - might be, but you and I don't know.

    Because many people get angry about just anything that Apple does ... so I'm not sure why they go to a MacRumor site which is apple biased - but that might be just a way for them to vent off their frustration with life.

    highly unlikely he spent that much money on something like that and $20/year is too much money for cloud service lol

    Apr 15, 03:50 PM
    And dropbox now works without the plist hack

    The Dropbox forum build has been working without the plist hack for over a week. Check out http://www.dropbox.com/forums to get it.

    Jul 11, 07:05 PM
    WE HAVE COMPETITION!! Thank you, at last... :sniff:

    This is war.


    Apr 25, 01:02 PM
    Thanks for that, already have the U3011 ;)

    You display czar devil you! :p

    May 4, 07:53 AM
    A sales rep reply is now how low the credibility standards have fallen?
    While you are collecting more hard data like this, I'll be prepping my Black card for the purchase of a pair of new iPhone 5s in June.

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