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  • inkhead
    Sep 1, 06:05 PM
    The finder is being rewritten. This was posted and discussed several places (i think on thinksecret offsite forums. I haven't installed leopard, and I can't comment on it anyway because of NDA, but from stuff on the web, the finder has been rewritten from scratch and it appears that brushed metal is just temporary.

    I agree Finder is slower than a snail. Many Mac fans live in denial about the s-l--o--w f----i-----n-------d--------e----r but it is a joke compared to XP. I love OS X and it would be easy to impress others with it's elegance if it weren't for the S-L--O---W F----I-----N------D-------E--------R.

    Great! The pop-up menu on my documents folder in the dock just opened. Bye Bye.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 27, 06:55 PM
    he looks like plastic.

    Only Ivana knows for sure.

    Bob, or not Bob, that is the question.

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  • ~Shard~
    Oct 26, 12:52 PM
    Interesting, I didn't hear anything about this in the rumor mill. I'm not sure how it will fare, but competition is always a good thing...

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  • vrDrew
    Mar 23, 06:01 PM
    I think it could be a real winner all round.

    More and more TVs are being sold as "Internet Ready." The problem is, on most of them the implementation and user experience is horrible. Half of them require a CAT5 wired connection to your network. And the other half need optional Wi-Fi adapter. Most consumers have neither the time, skill, nor patience to buy, install, and configure them.

    Then there is the issue of usability. It is awkward and time-consuming to try and navigate text boxes using most TV remotes.

    Apple licensing AirPlay as a means of letting TVs show YouTube content, plus stream photos, music, and video content on your home pc or iPad/iPhone would be a tremendous feature for TV makers to sell.

    The interesting question would be whether or not Apple licensed AirPlay to device makers of Android or Windows phones and tablets. This seems much less likely.

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  • Tonewheel
    Apr 19, 11:28 AM
    Women will love the new white iPhone.

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  • e-coli
    Sep 13, 08:26 PM
    Dell a top tier vendor?

    actually, dell makes insanely great computers. their stock video cards generally aren't very good, but you can fix that easily.

    apple needs to catch up quickly. it's getting sad and pathetic. especially with the rumors that apple is just now scrambling to find someone to manufacture/replace the G5 or equivalent.

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  • saving107
    May 2, 01:05 PM
    Cool. Now where are the spy shots of the new iMacs?

    Shh, don't tell anyone I showed you this
    http://files.macbidouille.com/mbv2/news/photonews19/pastedGraphic8.jpg http://files.macbidouille.com/mbv2/news/photonews19/pastedGraphic9.jpg
    2004 reference

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  • bruinsrme
    Apr 5, 08:09 AM
    yeah I can see his point.
    However there will be efforts to make it like a pc through accessorizing the device

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 14, 04:52 PM
    That design is just awful. Reminds me of a cheesy alienware case:
    Funny you should say that, because the company that designed the original 360 (and presumably this new redesign) is also the company that designs stuff for Alienware...


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  • Zen0Jin
    May 6, 03:34 PM
    So im wondering while i wait for my new imac what your idle/load temps are

    Would be super if you wrote which imac you have aswell.

    Wondering how much the 95w cpu does to the temp in the imac.

    Would love to hear idle/load gpu temps aswell :)

    RealTemp - Windows 7 - CPU hits 70C max on gaming.

    Haven't checked my GPU temps but they aren't high either.

    System doesn't even ramp its fans when gaming.

    In OSX - CPU idles at 36C, GPU idles at 46C from iStatPro. I don't do much on OSX, a Hulu flash video seems to peg the CPU at 2-10%...

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  • RussOniPhone
    Feb 18, 11:44 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I hope he is doing well, Steve is a BIG part of Apple I'll always think of Steve as one of the greatest people of our time, my heart goes out to him I hope he does a speedy recovery. We love you Steve.

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  • applesupergeek
    Jul 13, 07:25 AM
    So can I put one of these new SDXC cards in the back and use that as my boot drive while maintaining the internal HD for data storage?

    Would that be better than an SSD?

    No it wouldn't be better than an ssd, on the contrary it would worse than an HD, sd cards are not optimized for the many small writes that an os performs, nor do they lend themselves well to ntfs or hfs+, and that's why ssd drives that include flash have such convoluted contollers and cost that much more than sd cards, because of the development that goes into them.

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  • abbstrack
    Aug 19, 05:53 PM
    Places is working here, Idaho.

    i guess now NYC is finally as cool as Idaho, because it is now working here as well...

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  • justinfreid
    May 1, 12:10 AM
    Earlier this week I received an email with 2 keys, and will gladly give one away.
    I used one for myself and I'm JJJ.fff on Battle.net.

    Here's how to get my second key:
    Follow me on Twitter (@JustinFreid), and @reply me with why you should get it. I'll give my extra key to the person who convinces me he or she most deserves it.

    There are 3 stipulations:

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  • rdowns
    Apr 8, 07:18 AM
    So we're on our way to a government shutdown because the Tea Party Republicans want to kill Planned Parenthood and Big Bird. How ****ing sad.

    Hey Tea Party, remember, it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. :rolleyes:

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  • snberk103
    Mar 22, 11:13 AM
    Great thread for all of us green thumbs out there! Of all the specialized forums I have belonged to, none of the folks are as helpful as the photographers. IMHO

    ... Although, one can look to the future too! This is the beauty of photography! There are no rules, limits, or boundaries, hence zero gravity! :)

    Two Thumbs Up on photographers are the nicest people!

    I have the good fortune to live in a small community that is crawling with photographers. The entire island is 10,000 people and we have close to a dozen internationally recognized/award winning shooters. We have one camera club, plus two and half informal groups of photographers (roughly grouped from amateurs to retired pros (with lots of overlap in the groups) that mount between 2 to 4 annual group shows in the local community art's complex. The longest running show hangs close to a 100 photos each year, and we have a waiting list of people trying to get into the group. One of the rules is that the images shown have to be "New" to island.

    Most of the other non-media specific art groups/guilds accept photographers as full members (rare!) so in fact one can come and visit my little island just about anytime, and see some photography hanging in show somewhere. Just like a big city, eh?

    And - almost without exception - the nicest people on this island of ours are photographers. We socialize together. We bump into each other on the street. We have dinner and beers together. We are constantly thinking up new shows we should be doing. Sigh. Sometimes (just occasionally!) I wish I could go out and not talk shop. "Too many d*mn photographers!" I've been heard to say....

    Any way.... yes.... photographers are good people....

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  • alhedges
    Apr 12, 05:33 PM
    My guess is maybe people in the mid-west would PREFER vzw, but they'll never buy one anyway...
    Umm, Chicago is filled with iPads, and AT&T tends to have better service.

    Try again.

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  • Diatribe
    Oct 27, 07:15 AM
    Although it looks pretty nice, it is a half-assed approach to improvement.

    - No spam management
    - No full feature set (missing bounce, etc.)
    - No full data set for the Address Book (still can't note bdays, etc.)
    - No iCal integration with a fully editable calendar

    Seriously would these things be too hard to do? Google does them so why doesn't Apple?

    Sometimes I get the feeling that there are only interns working on .mac

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  • DeSnousa
    May 3, 07:58 PM
    I just joined anonymously, but I used the MacRumors team number.

    Excellent, thanks a lot for your contributions.

    Apr 13, 04:11 AM
    What about denying somebody a job because of their, say, intelligence? Charisma? Any number of things that are largely predetermined?

    I used to work for a Major Music retailer and when interviewing people we always decided who would get the job based upon personality... If say we had 10 CV's these would already be the good CV's as the bad ones never got to the interview stage...

    So out of the 10 candidates be they White, Black or Asian, Male or Female the one that got the job would be the one whom we felt would bring the most to the team.

    IE would we like to spend time with this person outside of work as well as inside.

    May 1, 12:10 AM
    Earlier this week I received an email with 2 keys, and will gladly give one away.
    I used one for myself and I'm JJJ.fff on Battle.net.

    Here's how to get my second key:
    Follow me on Twitter (@JustinFreid), and @reply me with why you should get it. I'll give my extra key to the person who convinces me he or she most deserves it.

    There are 3 stipulations:

    Apr 2, 07:56 PM
    It's a great Word alternative for those who don't need Excel and don't want to shell out several hundred bucks (MS Office) just to get something better than TextEdit.
    At $80 for iWork and $150 for the student/teacher edition of Office, it's a bit harder to justify. Of course, if you get an academic discount, $50 for iWork is low enough that you might just pick up both. I'm waiting for Pages to become a more capable page layout app. I'm still a little worried that Apple won't stick with it.

    Mar 29, 10:58 AM
    sorry man.. i just cannot help you...

    you are beyond what we, on planet earth, define as normal...

    I tried.. i really tried..please read carefully what i wrote..
    the "cropping" was referred to only one camera body.. just to illustrate you the whole crop size thing.

    Now on the top of my quote you write to show you an exif intact photo with an EFs and EF lens..

    I cannot do that as I don't have my cam but I will have it back on the weekend and I actually own a dx and FX lens (EF-s and EF) in Nikon land that overlap at 24mm, so I CAN show you..

    to everyone else: Can someone do this before then to show our poor misguided soul what is going on?.

    As far as Nikon goes: The reason was the F- Mount.. High speed crop is a byproduct. the D700 does not have it and some other don't either but they all MOUNT DX lenses in crop mode AND full frame mode.
    F Mount has not changed since the 1950's and the reason why they kept it was that they can let people use older lenses.. Canonians for example got forced to EF in the 80's if I am not mistaken.

    Now drop it.. you lost.

    I have not made claims on Nikon mounts. Only about the crop mode. I used to shoot Nikon gear. So I am familiar with the cameras and the lenses. I now shoot Canon gear, ok. I am also very familiar with the lenses and gear.

    Every time this subject comes up, the general response is... "but if you crop"... which is what you brought into the conversation. The fact is if you want a true comparison, you cannot crop. As from the example in #27 or whatever post it was with the 5D image, yes, you could crop it and get a 1.6 FOV. BUT, that is NOT what the lens is transmitting (see the black corners). Is the actual FOV the same? Again, who gives a flying flip. What is the true definition of FOV? Again, Does it matter to the average Joe with a camera? NO. It's the resulting image that matters, and if you got those black corners in your pictures, would you be happy that in order to get a usable image you ..."just have to crop"?

    At the end of the day, the debate is... is the IMAGE the same or not. Who gives a flying flip about the FOV. All that matters is do you have the same subject in the frame, and the resulting print. If your print has more subject in the frame than another, then the image is DIFFERENT (and yes, this can be achieved with the same focal length lens, different sensor sized cameras). Again, see #27.

    As far as Nikon goes: The reason was the F- Mount.. High speed crop is a byproduct. the D700 does not have it and some other don't either but they all MOUNT DX lenses in crop mode AND full frame mode.

    So do this experiment for fun.... Mount your F mount lens to your Nikon body. Set your Focal length. Mount to tripod. Shoot an image. Look at your results

    Now, take that same setup and simply change your setting to your DX setting (1.6 or 1.5.. I forget for Nikon). Look at your results.

    Are the images different or the same? What changed? The lens is the same focal length on both images, but your sensor capture are has changed. The DX mode only records the center of the image circle.

    Now, Im fairly certain the next logical argument you will bring up.... IF you change the physical dimensions of the resulting images because of the number of megapixels and file size (dimensions)...... This will bring us to another debate about the merits of up-rezzing or down-sampling an image. Again, not an Apple-to-Apple comparison.

    Feb 18, 12:46 PM
    Certainly hope it is not the last supper, Steve Jobs would be Jesus though.

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