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  • citizenzen
    Apr 3, 10:51 PM
    It's clear that California, Texas, and Washington all have bad deficits. Two of them have 0% income tax while one has 10.6%. What conclusion do you want me to draw from this?

    I don't want you to draw any conclusion. I was simply trying to correct what I thought were some misconceptions about California.

    You're right that this state does have one of the highest deficits and tax rates for high incomes. However, if you look at the figures, despite the tax rate, Californians still earn more per capita on average than Texans. If you're looking to save money, it doesn't necessarily make sense to move.

    Look at this chart (http://www.taxfoundation.org/taxdata/show/482.html) from the Tax Foundation. Texas's total tax burden is 7.9%, 1.9% lower than the national average, yet Texas's per capita GDP is $40,498, $2,041 below the national average. Obviously their lower state tax burden doesn't equate into more wealth for the individual. There are other factors involved.

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  • MrSugar
    Sep 7, 12:58 AM
    I have now spent three hours of my life reading this site. It's hilarious, thanks for the link.

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  • strausd
    Apr 11, 12:59 AM
    Ping me if you are interested in a used GT120. It's only 5 months old or so, and I've got the receipt, etc.

    Why do I want to sell? Under current conditions (Snow Leopard, applications etc) all my 3d apps default to the GT120 rather than my 4870 for rendering OpenGL, which slows my work in c4d and vue.

    Oh, is there any way to change that? I do a lot of Maya and AE, will it affect those too? Like, If I were to use to hook up my third monitor to the GT120 and had a Maya window on it, would it use that or the 5870 to render? And if I had 3 monitors on my 5870 rather than 2, would that slow it down any?

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  • iJays
    Mar 23, 02:57 PM
    If iOS supported DLNA you would be able to do this without any new standard, there is no need for a new apple developed standard for this, I can stream video from my android phone to my TV, Bluray and PVR already. This is something devices have been able to do before Airplay came along.

    It's not hat these devices need a new standard, just for apple to support an already industry wide used one.

    yes, i can do this with my htc desire hd and sony tv already....
    it is very apple like anyway, create a different name for something and call it theirs like airplay and retina display :apple:

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  • Lacero
    Sep 17, 10:55 AM
    One day, just rush into the store and shout "I Love You!". That should get her attention.

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  • wackymacky
    Nov 8, 02:03 PM
    No spy chips, thank you.


    Umm. Doesn't my cellphone already have a unique identify number that it comuncates with my carrier while it is switched on and tells them where I am within the cell network. (And with the GPS chip I can be pin-pointed withing a couple of meters).

    Ummm... I wonder..... Does Apple track when ever a iPhone onwer enters a Apple Store, Or Wallmart? They have the technology.

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  • Diode
    Mar 23, 01:54 PM
    I thought other players were also offering such technology... Hows airplay any different ? :cool:

    Unless they want to copyright the term "AirPlay"

    The difference is Apple get's $4 per device and the manufacturer has a widespread of devices that people already have ready to use with it.

    I say it's a win/win

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  • qap
    May 6, 01:43 PM
    So im wondering while i wait for my new imac what your idle/load temps are

    Would be super if you wrote which imac you have aswell.

    Wondering how much the 95w * cpu does to the temp in the imac.

    Would love to hear idle/load gpu temps aswell :)

    * 95Watts are only for the i5 3.1GHz and i7 3.4Ghz, i5 2.7 is rated 65W :o Anyway I'm curious too :D

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  • opmaroon
    Jul 20, 03:52 AM
    F&%K THE CHIP!!!!!!


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  • yankeedoodle
    Nov 22, 02:18 AM
    Sounds like cold fusion to me... :D

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  • Steradian
    May 6, 12:33 AM
    There is a great sense of community with us Mac users, something that I love. I LOVE my mac, I use windoze all the time...it just dosen't work for me...I am a curse to PC's...I cause Blue Screen's of Death whereever I roam. When I do my Programing for Comp Sci @ my HS, I have to do a restart at least 4 times a week OY! But do understand that it is running Win95...So I can't blame the comp too much...I take all sorts of crap everyday from my PC using friends, who all bash apple. Reason? none...Yeah...

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 20, 04:07 PM
    its running a 2.6 Ghz Dual Core with 2 GB of memory, Intel GMA X4500, and windows xp. it just runs F@H at the moment so i would like to use it to the best of its ability.

    is this a desktop or laptop?

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  • weldon
    Apr 2, 07:15 PM
    Word is far...because Pages just isn't a word processor... Publisher was a horrible app and Pages is merely an Apple (much better) version albeit still kind of redundant.
    The first week Pages was out a lot of people were crowing about a new "Word-killer" and I really felt that was offbase because the better comparison really is to Microsoft Publisher. It reminds me of a light version of Pagemaker from 10 years ago.

    Still, I think that Publisher is an important program. It's a lot easier to create a newsletter with photos, columns, fancy headers, etc. in Publisher than it is in Word. I think Apple should not try and compete with Word on the Mac, but should try to create an equivalent to Publisher, only better.

    When I need to create a flyer or a newsletter thing, I fire up Publisher on my Windows box because it works. I'm a teacher and sometimes that free-form page layout is the perfect thing. For handouts with pictures, I just use Word, but I'm always annoyed that I have to format the picture so that text will flow around it and I can place it anywhere on the page by drag and drop. I'd rather do stuff like that in a page layout app, but I don't need to spend the $$$$$ for Pagemaker.

    Word, is a great app. I know people complain about it being bloated, but I can get everything I need done pretty quickly. I don't find that Word is slow or that it gets in my way. Of course, I've been using Word since it first came out on the Mac and Windows. I'm used to its quirks and can do things pretty easily. Today, I created a short document that has three columns of terms in the middle. I know that I have to insert a section break (continuous) and then format:columns to switch to three column, and then insert another section break (continuous) to go back to one column. Not intuitive, but easy for me.

    The one thing I would like to see in Word is a reference database and auto-format for citations so I can switch to APA or MLA style as needed. My grad school professors each have their own ideas about proper style.

    Again, Pages shouldn't grow into a competitor for Word. It should be Pagemaker for the rest of us.

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  • gatepc
    May 2, 05:45 PM
    I've got the full 3GB that it'll recognize. I'm mostly concerned about the old video card.

    The person who asked you how much ram you meant was referring to your video card ram not your system ram. I think that that GPU only has 128MBs of VRAM but am not 100% sure off the top of my head. but it is an older GPU you will probably have no problems running it on low but don't expect to run it on anything higher if your lucky you might be able to run at med settings depending on what res you run at. VRam is not as important as most people think it is. The processing power of the GPU itself is much more important.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 26, 06:37 PM
    What they will probably end up doing is tell the air owners that they can download the software from the app store or they can buy the optional optical drive and install their new OS like everybody else does.

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  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 25, 06:33 AM
    Was going to pick mine up this morning, however I have had to postpone collecting it as I have to pick my iPad 2 this evening so i'll collect my 3DS at same time :)

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  • tobefirst
    Nov 14, 01:58 PM
    I'm sorry, my goal wasn't to keep people out of the topic, but to make it easier to talk about the two separate topics. Why can't you post over there?

    He's 11 posts shy of the requirement.

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  • edesignuk
    Sep 7, 05:55 AM
    Same kind of thing, but for the London Tube (http://www.themanwhofellasleep.com/gossip.html). Great stuff :D
    8. I binned all the porn on VHS... there's no point in it anymore.

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  • kerrels
    Oct 16, 09:18 PM
    Hey!! Stop talking about the iPhone!! It makes me hornY!!

    Sep 1, 12:07 PM
    I am amazed to recently discover Mac owners pay more on average to keep the most current OS running on their box, even though OS X is cheaper (by about $70) than comparative Windows releases.

    Spending $400 on Vista Ultimate Edition makes up the difference. :) Although the operative phrase here is "most current OS running on their box"--the most current Windows is six years old, so if people want to complain that it costs more money to keep up with modern OS updates than it does to have no major OS updates at all for over half a decade, that's not exactly something I consider a negative.

    Apr 24, 06:34 AM
    Make the RAM user upgradable even if it means only having one ram slot. I really feel strongly about this because it seems that the MBA is morphing into a full functional iPad with a keyboard. :(

    I can not help wonder if this is going to put more laptops in landfills this way.:eek: There are many people that can't afford ordering the ultimate BTO option and are able to upgrade the components over time.:cool:

    What do you think?

    Apr 13, 01:21 PM
    I don't think Pages is horrible. It's not great, but it isn't quite as bad for me as everyone else finds it. I don't use it all that much (Keynote gets used far more than Pages does).

    I'm with you. I'm new to the world of Mac and I want to stay clear of Word. It's not a great app, but it's something I'm getting used to.

    Same with Keynote, different approach, but I like it better than the world of PP.

    Feb 18, 12:17 PM
    Steve doesn't look any thinner than the last two keynotes.

    Apr 29, 01:10 PM
    But I agree in theory that we can cut down greatly on how much we drive. And higher gas prices will do that(which is good, even if we don't make as much off taxes as you would if driving levels stay the same)

    The new wave of urban living will help too. If people don't have driving as an option because of price, or have it less, interest in public transit but also walking and biking will increase due to natural market pressures. However, many towns and cities in the US will have a major infrastructural gap because they have so many roads that are not cyclist / pedestrian friendly. They will likely change due to economic pressure, but cities investing in walkability now will be well poised to grow when/if such a time comes.

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