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  • Cinch
    Jul 11, 06:00 PM
    wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Max whatever)? I used to think that this was a cool thing to have in an iPod. an iPod with internet radio capability sounds like a really cool idea. I'm lukewarm about now.

    We already have wired music share libraries on our computers (college campus). I just don't have the motivation to explore other's music library. I turn my sharing off, quite frankly I'm embarrass to let the world know what I'm listening to most of the time:D .

    The next step? An iPod phone. It should do two simple simple simple simple things (1) act like a basic phone you contacts, missed calls, dial calls etc and (2) behaves like a 4GB Nano. yeah I know, Motorolo Rokr didn't meet the challenge.


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  • liven2
    Jul 21, 10:49 AM
    I work for a company called Prime Alliance Solutions and our entire company is migrating from Windows machine to macs running Parallels. We are also changing out our windows servers to a to Xserves. Most of the users have never used macs before but overall they have had an excellent experience!!! :) ... Things are changing specially if our Windows Centric Business is willing to go all Mac! I am soo stoked for APPLE!!

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  • Keleko
    Apr 4, 02:48 PM
    It is little known that the Greeks made it all the way over to Kentucky. But, here is the proof from Hopkinsville, KY.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5221/5587074293_0debd07671_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5587074293/)

    Let's pretend I posted this version yesterday instead... :)
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5106/5589940554_084d12e3d0_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5589940554/in/photostream/)

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  • Hisdem
    Sep 13, 07:04 AM
    I mentioned this in the last thread, but I just picked up some of these leather covers for my Moleskine's and they're pretty sweet. Made by Inkleaf Leather (http://www.etsy.com/shop/InkleafLeather?ga_search_query=inkleaf+leather&ga_search_type=seller_usernames) on Etsy if anyone cares.

    Really like the look of those! But I can't afford to get them now :(

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 24, 07:24 PM
    If he still has "parts" down there ... he belongs in the Men's washroom

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  • Applespider
    Aug 15, 02:06 PM
    I want a way to see how much space the trash is taking up before I empty it. Is there a way? There was in OS 9 and OS 8.

    I use the Junk Meter widget (http://www.dashboardwidgets.com/showcase/details.php?wid=607) to see mine and just leave it sitting open on Dashboard all the time.

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  • Intell
    Apr 17, 05:32 PM
    What time would the day end and night end?

    It would be a fixed 24 time. Probably around the evening of EST.

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  • Ryth
    Apr 24, 09:55 PM
    hmm...I wonder if you can use a pay as you go plan with it.

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  • tigres
    Apr 22, 09:34 AM
    Many get garbage 3G speeds on AT&T in many areas anyway, so what's the point of having a 4G iPhone that GSM provider (insert AT&T) in the US can't even support on a mass basis?

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  • shandn
    Apr 15, 01:18 PM
    So you're assuming that Apple are merging both stores into 1 and that developers have had time to implement universal binaries that run on 2 different frameworks and submitted the result to the app store ?

    This is obviously a bug, but it's not what you think it is. ;)

    Well, as i said i'm not really into apple products, but i guess apple would instead develop an emulator if something like that were to happen...

    Maybe it's a point and click remote thing for apple tv...

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 31, 10:51 AM
    UGLY. I hope tey have an option to return it to the unified look of the rest of the OS. If not, I'm sure there will be a terminal hack to being some sense back to the UI.

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  • hatehereyes
    Sep 17, 02:34 PM
    Just got this for $30 :D


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  • -aggie-
    Apr 19, 12:14 PM
    It's better to wait longer before starting if you get more players (should at least have 15).

    "Don't Panic" said he will play but I didn't see his name on the list.

    I'll play and bring some popcorn in anticipation of another "Don't Panic" / Aggie argument :).

    Note: I have a bunch of work coming up so I may not be as active (posting) as usual :(.

    My point wasn�t we need to start; it was that we aren�t getting players. I figured I�d bump it to maybe get the thread some notice.

    When do DP and I argue?:confused:

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  • Scarlet Fever
    Oct 23, 07:57 AM
    As if that's going to stop people. Most people don't even know about these usage restrictions.There are usage restrictions? :rolleyes: joking...

    seriously, since when have people done as M$ tell you to do? Don't something like 35% of Windows-based computers run illegal copies of the OS?

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 13, 07:59 PM
    Anyone actually planning on buying this? Especially with a refresh right around the corner?

    Of course. I'll bet a lot of the true followers would still buy the original iPhone is Steve said it was better.

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  • daneoni
    Apr 22, 04:27 PM
    I don't buy it. Sounds nice but i don't buy it for an iPhone 5 revision...iPhone 6 maybe. Looks like everyone is copying Palm with the gesture area thing. First RIM now Apple.

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  • 840quadra
    Dec 1, 04:44 PM
    lol system 7? Why?? No one runs Windows 95 for fun...


    It is not Windows 95, and that is for me to worry about.

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  • rw3
    May 2, 12:15 PM
    Apple Store employees know ZERO about future product releases except for what they read on MacRumors and the like on the internet. They are given no prior knowledge to a new product release.

    barbie wallpapers 2011. Beautiful and bright wallpaper. Part 562 129 JPG | 3888x2592-2560x1600-1920x1200-1920x1080 | 101 mb(rar)
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  • jameselson
    May 3, 08:08 AM
    Unless you can use one of the thunderbolt ports maybe? :confused:

    Well yes, that's how it would work (and how it works on the current 27" DisplayPort based iMac). But just because you can physically connect a cable doesn't mean it will work as an external display. The connectors were the same on the old 27" and 21.5", but only the larger display functioned as an external display.

    Oct 23, 10:59 AM
    The new MacBook Air, 11.6'' base model. Going to New York during christmas and will buy there the new Air. Here in The Netherlands it costs 1000 euro, in the USA it's around 700 euro (converted dollar - euro). Difference of 300 euro!

    That's what I did in 2008 when the Original Mac Book Air came out, it saved at the time more than �450.:)

    Oct 19, 07:48 AM
    Dell is losing out in all directions, but HP? They just became the #1 worldwide PC manufacturer again after increasing sales 6%. Dell meanwhile lost 6% last quarter.

    I know a loss of 6% and a gain of 6% aren't the same numbers unless you start at a common baseline, but it doesn't take a genius to work out where most of Dell's lost sales went.

    Since when did HP become the number 1? I've not heard anything, do you have an article or something that I could possibly read?

    Jul 12, 09:25 PM
    According to this Zune site, MS won't be giving away free music. They might try to convert ACC to WMA but I doubt that'd be legal for their own software (but I am sure 3rd party software already does this). I don't see everyone dumping their iPod for something they'd have to re-buy all their music for.


    Jul 14, 09:30 AM
    Before this comes out, Apple is going to have to let consumers know that they make the iPod. Not Microsoft.

    Some people may think it's the new iPod, judging by the picture on engadget, and this thread/article posted earlier (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=191119) saying that most people don't know the iPod is made by Apple.

    If people think this 'Micropod' is the new iPod it could be over for Apple, unless they release something at the same time.

    BTW, about the picture posted on engadget, the buttons look '3G iPodish'. Maybe Microsoft is going to try and play catch up with MP3 players now :p edit: missed bcharna's post
    OK, and were not on planet earth hehe... If people are that stupid then the worlds definitely gone for sure!
    C'mon, apple will adhere to wireless USB technology and you can have your WIFI... could you imagine how long it will take to get high def audio files into it? I listen to 16 bit AIFF's @ 48 Khz and they are big files, this would take forever on a WIFI protocol. This is for the kids man!

    Dec 30, 11:08 PM
    There is a Website called AmpleStuff that has living accessories geared toward larger people in general. This includes the Ample-Sponge, for cleaning those hard-to-reach sensitive areas. I'm not making this up. Laugh if you want, but products like this do allow big people a bit of dignity.

    We are learning some awfully interesting things about you today, lol.

    Whatever floats your boat though lol:D

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