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wiz khalifa tattoos on face

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  • callme
    Apr 5, 10:08 AM
    I don't buy it. What a nightmare that would be if just touching that area of the iPod took you back to the home screen. (Even the MacBook trackpads require a physical 'click' in order to register.) This would be a usability disaster.

    A MacBook trackpad does NOT need a click to register.
    You can change the settings so that you do not need to click at all, it simply takes your touch as a click. I use it in this way all the time, I NEVER click the touchpad.

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  • Mintin8
    Apr 14, 01:38 PM
    I rated Negative, so should you. Please, move to Page 2.

    I don't know why you care to be honest????

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  • Nym
    Nov 14, 01:06 PM
    It's not offensive, it's a point of view, I myself think that "some" religions are full of crap and tell people to live their lives in fear and in denial of our greatest joys (just look at some "religions" point of view towards sex for example).
    When I say I'm an Atheist it means I take no part in the religions game, I have no religion because I don't believe in a superior being (although I respect people's beliefs).
    And yes, I consider Catholicism (the Vatican institution for example) an hypocrisy, or do you really think you'll ever see a black man or a woman become a Pope? Probably not. (it's just an example)
    No one has the right to tell me what my opinion should be, Catholics probably think I'll go to hell for not believing in god and I respect that.
    I just like to separate myself from everything bad that's being done in the name of religion these days and throughout history (censorship, terrorist attacks, "holy" wars against the middle east, the crusades, inquisition, and the list goes on...)
    Most religions have a "beautiful" basis, but they're distorted by man, just look at Catholicism, Christ always said to aid the next man but you look at the Vatican and it's all spewing wealthiness and everything decorated in gold while more than half the world lives in complete misery, I can't pact with that.

    Edit : I have no hate for you or your country, I haven't got hate for anyone, life's too short, but you're first post (Mike) sounded like others people religions were less than yours. Maybe I got it wrong.
    And I know of course that African countries enslave their own people, hell, my own country killed a lot of natives in Brasil and Africa, I'm not saying it was only the American ones, doesn't mean I think it's right.
    And yes, the constitution was created (like any other big social change) because the oppressed started to rebel, not by the goodness of the white man. A lot of people died fighting for equal rights, the constitution wasn't handed on a plate.

    PS - I don't know half the religions in this world so I'm basing my opinion on the religions I do know and that prevail in my country.

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  • cybrscot
    Apr 6, 02:56 AM
    Insightful from the Woz!

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 19, 05:46 PM
    What! no update for my G7 PowerBook?
    How they expect me to run virtual PC with no slowdowns?

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  • Eriden
    Apr 5, 09:46 AM
    You're supposed to use smilies when you're being sarcastic on the Internet.

    Nonsense. A <sarcasm> tag is perfectly acceptable around here as well.

    Of course, the need for such devices usually says more about the reader's comprehension abilities than it does about the writer's callousness or alleged cultural insensitivity/anglocentrism.

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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Jun 14, 05:30 PM
    It does seem superfluous to have 3 ports now that wifi is (finally) built in and Kinect has its own port.

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  • BWhaler
    Sep 1, 02:07 AM
    For some reason this bummed me out.

    I guess I was hopeful that the developer preview was an old build with just enough for the developers to test their apps, and just enough cool new stuff to keep the public interested.

    I was hoping that the build was 6 - 8 months old, and Apple was working on a build with all of the top secret features that was going to blow us away.

    But I guess while there are obviously a few things up Apple's sleave, we've seen a good chunk of Leopard. I guess that makes sense given each release has 3 - 5 meaningful new features, and 20 or so little new nice touches.

    I guesss my hope stemmed from the opportunity to slap Microsoft and Vista. Looks like Leopard is going to be a typical release.

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  • scott523
    Sep 25, 11:28 AM
    Omg with no laptop updates, I'd like to watch as Apple's laptop sales tumble. Already the Apple Store dropped their MacBook shipping days down to 3-5 days (nobody wants it). :mad:

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  • generik
    Oct 10, 01:58 PM
    I for one hope they redesign the entire case. I dropped my 17" Power Book while it was in my computer bag and caught it by the strap as it hit the floor. I'm not sure if you can picture this, the bag was on my shoulder and slid off and I caught it just as the corner hit. I thought, thank God it was in a computer bag. Well the corner of my computer that it the ground was folded like aluminum foil. I was really surprised that I was able to reshape it back into shape with my hands.

    Granted nothing was wrong with the computer, but....

    It is soft like tofu aye?

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  • guzhogi
    Jun 18, 03:39 PM
    I wonder what the IO performance of the reader is and what a 64GB drive might manage.

    Something I'd like to see is a rackmount SDXC RAID array. Think how many sd slots would fit in a 1U array. I know, probably won't happen, but still interesting to see.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 02:59 PM
    white 4 inch iPhone 5 FTW

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  • GodBless
    Sep 1, 03:58 AM
    Just because they are improving this build doesnt mean there aren't some major apps or system features they are not revealing to developers.

    They could be updating another version of the OS alongside this one with extra goodness!, and the updates are most likely to be fixes based on what the devs tell them is buggy.

    I think they have purposefully left stuff out of Leopard for the moment so that it is even more shocking when it is all revealed at the launch of Leopard! thats what apple does best, shocks the public with "one more thing!"I have to agree. I am certain that when Steve Jobs said that there are "Top Secret" features he wasn't joking. Sure we have minor updates but that can't compete with Vista and those features aren't really good enough to be "Top Secret" after all -- how valuable to Microsoft and appealing to buyers are those small features anyway?

    My assumption is that Apple will blast Vista away with new Leopard features that haven't been revealed to anyone yet -- including those developers who are currently testing Leopard -- just wait for MacWorld San Francisco (MWSF) in January.

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  • matthewt24
    Mar 27, 10:22 PM
    Here�s my situation. I own a Sony DCR-SR42 HDD handycam. I have quite a few mpeg2 files saved on my old Dell laptop. They were all shot using 9M (HQ) and 16:9 Wide settings.

    Recently converted to an iMac this past fall, and transferred the files to the new machine. My goal is to create a slideshow containing still photos and video clips in iMovie �09.

    I purchased the mpeg2 Quicktime plug-in and downloaded MPEG Streamclip. I�ve transcoded a test file into several different formats; however, they are all either squished or stretched when viewed using QT. The dimensions of the test file are listed as 720x480. Below are the results (compared to the original) using various Export options (and settings) in Streamclip.
    - DV (Compression: DV25; Standard: NTSC; Aspect Ratio: 16:9; Interlaced Scaling & Reinterlace Chroma checked by default on all Exports): image slightly stretched wider than original
    - Quicktime (Compression: AIC; Quality: 100%; Frame Size: 720x480 DV-NTSC): QT window opens as 4x3, and image appears squished
    - Quicktime (Compression: AIC; Quality: 100%; Frame Size: 854x480 16:9): image slightly stretched wider than original (same as DV above)
    - Quicktime (Compression: AIC; Quality: 100%; Frame Size: 720x480 Unscaled): QT window opens as 4x3, and image appears squished (same as QT/AIC/DV-NTSC above)
    - MPEG-4 (Compression: H.264; Quality: 100%; Frame Size: 720x480 DV-NTSC): QT window opens as 4x3, and image appears squished (same as QT/AIC/DV-NTSC above)

    Am I missing an Export setting? Am I doing something incorrectly? How can I convert my mpeg2 files into a format that iMovie is able to import, and retain all the original settings?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • big samm
    Jan 7, 09:08 AM
    I am still having no sound and no badges. I have tried reinstalling the app and doing a hard reset. Nothing. All I am getting is the alert but nothing else.

    Your iphone is sooo modded im not surprise... Lol im jailbreak too and everything seems to work except for the sound... The push is fast too it comes 1sec before my mobile me email notification

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  • autrefois
    Nov 14, 10:28 AM
    Sounds great to me! Did anyone here anything about Zune intergration in planes? I didn't think so. :p

    It still amazes me that so many cars in the US are iPod friendly. Now the skies are becoming iPod friendly, too! Next stop, the space shuttle.

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  • pianojoe
    Jul 6, 02:30 AM
    This brings up an interesting question for me:

    Since the Mac mounts Windows FW drives no prob, couln't you just move the PC's HD to a FW enclosure, and connect it to the iMac?

    Just guessing...

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  • Yebot
    Feb 18, 10:31 AM
    I could sit outside a Palo Alto cancer treatment center with a camera and produce a dozen, faceless shots of thin, old white men in jeans every day.

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  • powerofmac
    Aug 19, 10:00 AM
    This new location feature is screaming "Im not at home, please break into my house!"

    Jan 6, 08:00 PM
    something I noticed its also gone through my address book and linked people to facebook accounts I dont have as friends (on facebook)
    some of them are way wrong ie some I know they dont have facebook but its added someone with the same name

    Feb 26, 02:40 PM
    Very well said - the absurd pension benefits they get for so little time is a glaring example of the abuse of power that our elected parasites exhibit.

    It's absurd. You're vested in the program after 5 years. A Senator's term is 6. :rolleyes:

    Mar 25, 11:41 AM
    The bottom line, nobody loses in the decision as to whether to get an iPad 1 or 2. Either is a great product that everyone loves

    Apr 5, 09:53 AM
    I can see this.

    Take me and my gf- she works soon I'll have finished studying and be working full time. We won't need a full computer each. Get one mini/MB/MBA and two iPads for the same price as two MBPs.

    The iPad is much better for emails/web than computers in my opinion.

    Jun 18, 02:36 PM
    Is Apple thinking that SD cards are going to become the new "floppies"?

    Many people who exchange files by 'sneaker net' use CDs, but don't need the capacity of a CD. Plus while rewriteable CDs exist, they are pricey and most people don't use them. Most files are exchanged a barely used CD that then gets shelved and collects dust.

    Imagine if people started exchanging SD cards. Initially lower capacities only will be available, but soon CD equivalent SD cards will be available, and soon after that the 1 and 2 TB cards.

    If Apple can create enough demand for cards, then economies of scale will bring prices down as they become a standard commodity.

    As others have mentioned the bigger capacity ones would have all sorts of uses besides the exchange of files. Wow.


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