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  • Plutonius
    Apr 26, 04:01 PM
    with plutonius holding the tie breaker

    if those 2 votes get validated, it is still plutonius with 4, followed by nies and eldiablo with 3

    I'll make the assumption that I'm going to lose the vote so I'll get some last analysis in while I can.

    Make note of the people who voted for me.

    Jav - Still not sure if he voted for me to silence me or because he was still mad at me for the last game. He is acting (voting) the same way he did last game.

    Nies - Nothing pointing to him as a WW except his posting was similar (and strange) to last game when he was a WW.

    UCF - His vote looks like a vote protecting either Nies or Eldiablojoe. If either Nies or Eldiablojoe is a WW, UCF is the other one.

    Eldiablojoe - His vote for me was a vote to save himself but that doesn't mean he is not a WW.

    Based on the above info, UCF is the best probability of getting a WW tomorrow. If UCF is a WW, then it's most likely that either Nies or Eldiablojoe is the other one.

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  • marksman
    Apr 22, 11:15 AM
    Apple doesn't compromise their overall vision and functionality for single features like all the other handset makers.

    So this is no surprise. This is why the individual iOS devices completely dominate their market segments.

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  • 2IS
    May 3, 11:53 PM
    I'm trying to old out with my cracked screen 3GS. Not sure I can wait until September...

    Fix the crack???

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  • andrewm
    Jul 24, 11:03 PM
    I may be one of the few these days to dislike his Mighty Mouse. I find the clicking to be unresponsive compared with my Kensington Bluetooth two-button mouse, and I had trouble getting used to it even after a month of use.

    Additionally, my scroll ball after awhile started to not catch on its sensors--it'd spin without moving the scrollers on the screen. I don't know whether it just collected junk or whether it's a real defect in my particular mouse, but either way a lack of scrolling made the mouse unusable.

    Oh, well--here's hoping that Apple will come up with a real second button, or more of a second-button feel, in the future.

    I also speculate that Apple will completely replace their normal mice with the Mighty Mouse models... both wired and Bluetooth. It simply makes no sense to maintain two separate product lines that both function as single-button mice by default. Just my half-cent worth.

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  • Bo98
    Mar 29, 07:59 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Does anybody else see the 9.6 inside the apple?
    Sept. 6th?

    Whatever it means, it's interesting.

    After you point it out, yes, I do, but I can't imagine that Apple would give ANY clues to future release dates/announcements.

    They did with the iPad 2.

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  • blow45
    Mar 31, 03:04 PM
    butt ugly (at the very, very list leave the option of reverting as in the

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  • cantthinkofone
    Apr 24, 01:20 PM
    By some other aspect of her character I guess.

    It is a dumb question (sorry). Female toilets only have stalls, so the victim's surgical status is moot.

    Well....Unless something along the lines of "I can't wait to have this thing removed" was said...Just sayin' :p

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  • VirtualRain
    Apr 5, 09:35 PM
    The Celebrity Eclipse, tethered in the harbor at George Town, Grand Cayman, shot from the tender transporting us to shore.

    ISO 100, 18 mm, 0 ev, f/7.1, 1/200
    C&C welcome & appreciated.

    Nice shot. That ship is monstrous!

    Another of mine from the market...

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  • jav6454
    Apr 25, 06:46 PM

    During the massive PM telling everyone the game started, he and I were the only ones in the group. (remember it's 5 pms at a time). Hence I vote for you out of spite of me not being the only one PMd.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 13, 09:09 PM
    I would love to see those prices!........not really tho

    They'll buy the panel from Samsung, charge double the price of everything else on the market and the sheep will be lined up for days to buy one. It will be a huge hit and Sony and Samsung will go out of business.

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  • jellomizer
    Oct 23, 12:28 PM
    If Vista can run soley in a virtuallized environment without breaking the EULA, but not be installed on a machine that also is using it in a virtualized way. How does this affect anyone-(Mac or PC)?

    If I own a PC and I want to run Vista, why would I want to also run Vista, on the same machine, in a virtual environment?

    For Mac users, why would we want to install Vista-(via BootCamp) and then also use it under virtualization?

    What situation is there that you would want to run the same OS on the same box, one natively installed and one in virtualization?:confused:

    Very confused about how this affects anyone?

    Well it is an issue on who you want incharge. For example If I am doing some web development I may want to virtualize Vista to insture the page renders correctly in IE 7. Then switch back to my Mac Enviroment. But there are other times say I want to play a windows game I would want Windows to have full control. So I want to run it nativly.

    I think Microsoft wants to make sure you are not putting the same copy of windows on different virtual devices so you can have 10 Versions of windows from the same license. (ALthough it is on the same box)

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  • alphaod
    Nov 29, 04:31 AM
    I want one of these (which I can probably do without):

    Nikon 24mm f/1.4

    But I would really like one of these:

    Nikon TC-17E II teleconverter

    I could definitely use it to increase the focal length of my telephoto and only sacrificing 1.5 f-stops.

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  • blipmusic
    Apr 19, 02:18 AM
    But it seems on par or better than the 9400m, which people use just fine every day in the 2008/2009 MBA/MB/MBP's.

    Honest question: Why are there so many comparisons to a GPU (9400M) the Air no longer has? The Intel IGP is still worse than the 320M, which to me is the only relevant point if all we are comparing is the GPU.

    Removing options is removing options. At this point it would've made sense to release the new MBA with SB a few months later, than doing what seems like a downgrade on the graphics side. Easy for me to say of course. I don't have a finished design in my shed, ready for release and the choice is to either make money (release with C2D) and possibly losing some (no release, wait for SB).

    Luckily, the MBA, especially, doesn't depend on its GPU alone.

    The laws of physics seem to dictate that since it draws up to 10W less power and would (presumably) have the same battery, a SB MBA would have more battery life than a C2D MBA.

    It seems that the only way Apple could rationalize bumping to SB is by bringing something new, meaningful, to the table. An hour extra battery life, perhaps. Or new hardware, such as a built in wireless modem (pretty please, make that fit in the 11"). I guess it all depends on how long they can use the C2D versus what they can offer "in return" for going SB.

    On the other hand most buyers won't care/notice anyway, which Apple is probably more than aware of. :(

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  • Mherm88
    May 3, 08:21 AM
    Hopefully the ifixit teardown will reveal if there is a 2nd bay accessible for manually adding an SSD if I choose the 1TB option, I want to just put a 128GB or even a 64GB SSD just for applications and the system and store music/movies/photos/docs on the 1TB. I have my windows desktop setup this way with a 64GB and it is wonderful, I don't want to pay $600 to get a 256GB SSD plus 1TB.

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  • MacinDoc
    Apr 13, 11:49 PM
    They'll buy the panel from Samsung, charge double the price of everything else on the market and the sheep will be lined up for days to buy one. It will be a huge hit and Sony and Samsung will go out of business.
    Out of the 5 predictions above, only #1 and #4 have any chance of happening, and even that chance is slim to none.

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  • Core Trio
    Aug 15, 04:41 PM
    NO one uses iChat because no one uses AIM. Its all crappy MSN!

    It must just be where I live but...everyone I know uses AIM, ichat, or adium (my weapon of choice) I dont have a single friend that uses yahoo or msn

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  • tjb1
    Jan 26, 11:11 AM
    Wish I could get my taxes done, worked 3 jobs last year and only got my W2 for one of them :( didnt make much though...probably about 4k so maybe a $200 refund if that. Anyone have a guess? I always mark no dependencies or whatever so they take all the taxes out.

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  • MacTheSpoon
    Apr 22, 05:16 PM
    I'd love it if they got the bezel that small. Especially if the overall size of the phone didn't change much. Hope it happens.

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  • lmalave
    Oct 24, 07:53 AM
    anything for macbooks? please?

    What I'd like is the base MacBook to drop to $999 and the base mini to drop to $499. That's what the G4 versions cost before they were replaced by the Intel versions.

    Dec 30, 12:59 AM
    Anyone watch 1000 Ways To Die ( on Spike? I can only take so much but it's good sometimes when I'm stuck in a hotel. Today a xtra large woman having sexual relations, while on top fainted and smothered her poor helpless partner who could not get out from under her.

    How could he move her when he probably broke his back during sex?

    Apr 15, 05:54 PM
    the "view" buttons in finder changed back to the old style.



    Apr 25, 11:42 AM
    Do you guys think there will there be another refresh with Lion pre-loaded this summer? Im looking to purchase my first mac but wanted to wait until Lion drops.

    No. It will just start shipping with Lion.

    Best case scenario is that the proximity is close enough that they offer some kind of discounted deal, but I doubt that. (apple has been known to offer discounts for products that are purchased right before product launches, though).

    Mar 16, 10:31 PM
    This morning at Fashion Island was a success. They received probably 50 or so, almost exclusively verizon models with about 4 wifi models.

    I got the one I wanted 3G, 64gb, white, but I wanted ATT. It wasn't a deal breaker to get a Verizon iPad so I am a happy camper!

    Apr 28, 10:43 PM
    Using my digital calipers the white is .01" thicker, I am using the same case from my black iPhone and it seems to fit just fine. Didn't notice any difference till I heard about it.

    Image (

    Steve takes a leave an all hell breaks loose in the "thin" department.

    Enough to officially brand this as the "Pork Iphone", for sure.

    Will the Iphone 5 come in a bacon-wrapped version?

    (Is anyone so slow as to need a <sarcasm> tag here?)

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