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  • iancapable
    Oct 19, 11:15 PM
    The Gartner report released yesterday had Dell and HP virtually tied for first place with 17.2% market share each (HP ever so slightly higher) and the IDC one had HP 300k units (or 0.2%) ahead.

    Dell are still #1 in the USA, but even there the gap narrowed, from Dell having a 2.2 million unit lead in the previous quarter to a 1.5 million unit lead in the quarter just ended.

    HP are really leaping ahead. I expect they will take the US #1 spot back from Dell sometime next year.

    Oh my... Showing signs of a dying Dell... Apple is looking good at the moment though.

    If Apple grabs even 10% of the Market, I reckon we will see a lot more software ported to OSX (namely games).

    I'm porting all my code over to OSX, so will be on of those converts.

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Jul 10, 08:45 PM
    I'm with you 150%. I love pages in that it just lets me create:fast. I don't like that it makes assumptions (or more, I don't like the assumtions that it makes) as to what I want to do. Your example of the dropped in graphic is dead-on. I dropped in the graphic, so probably I want the graphic. I may want to do more with the graphic, but I may not. iWeb does the same thing, and the pre-1.1 template-only-no-blank-pages thing just made it even worse.

    I'd like a tiered level Pages. Maybe an "expert mode" or something that just places things, then has better designed menus and "inspectors" to let me do what I want with it. I find the inspectors to not be well laid out or logical. Why is the text broswer in a completely different dialog than other text attributes, i.e. paragrapgh style, color, etc.? Only Apple knows. If you want to do seperate dialogs, at least give me the option to merge or tab like InDesign.

    My only two beefs with Pages is the fact that its toolset is everywhere. You've got some toolbars which only really get you to some space hogging side views and inspectors which take up tons of space just for the one or two things I need to hit. Second, it needs a built in macro language - even if its based off AppleScript (i.e. an AS menu would do then). Having AppleScript support but not accessible within the app itself makes it much harder to deal with.

    For example when I put in a graphic, I want to make it 2'' wide, shadow, move with text, wrap to the left with a black border. That's 4-5 panels I have to go through each time I add a pic. I add about 50 or so pics per doc.

    So first I'd love if they could organize the menus, toolbars, inspectors, and such a lot better. Its just so haphazard. Next the ability to script repetitive actions.

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 29, 03:08 PM
    Well aint that a kick in the teeth!

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  • Kurgan
    May 3, 07:59 AM
    To bad there was no mini. I have been warming up my shop finger all morning...

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  • HasanDaddy
    Mar 15, 03:40 AM
    I gotta be up early anyways, so....

    ....gonna head over to Fashion Island at around 8 AM and survey things - if the line is not too bad, I'm gonna commit

    I've met some really cool people in the Apple 'lines' - honestly, waiting a few hours for an Apple product is always an experience

    Mystikal - if you're around, I'm the dark-complexioned guy wearing a maroon Ed Hardy sweatshirt and tan cowboy boots - holla at ya boy!

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  • oldwatery
    Oct 18, 04:34 PM
    Nice results especially as the street was forcasting around 50cents.

    �Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple�s history.�

    Oh yeh! I can't wait.:D

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 22, 12:17 AM
    There's only so much one can do with smart phone styling.

    You should argue that in court on Samsung's behalf. Sounds like a winner. :rolleyes:

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  • one1
    Apr 17, 06:25 PM

    At first, I thought it was more stable.

    However something seems to have gone wrong with my audio.

    iTunes won't start, when I try it brings up an error message:

    The iTunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occurred (-200).

    There is no sound in Flash videos (Safari or Chrome) is missing, or any sound in Jitsi (VoIP client), or in MPlayer (Video player).

    Strangely enough, QuickTime has sound. Have no idea what's going on here.

    I have some issues with quicktime as well and some other stuff (Can anyone tell me if their auto importer works??!?!) but I was able to clear some issues up by going to the manual download link posted earlier in this thread and DL'ing the update myself and reinstalling it.

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  • inkhead
    Nov 6, 03:55 AM
    Just FYI.

    The "private" beta that's being circulated is a very old beta in the development stage. VMware has big plans, and is working closely with Apple to have a true Mac look and feel.

    Things VMware Final version will do:
    Be 100% Free
    Support Adjusting how many processors you use.
    64bit support and optimization
    Drag and drop into the VM window (just try dragging a file off your desktop into the VM now)

    ***And full support to use your bootcamp volume. So you don't have to have two disks anymore or one for Virtual Machine, and another for bootcamp with full video accelerations. You can just run your bootcamp volume right inside of VMware for those times when you don't want to reboot, and just need to do work. That way you only have one copy of windows on your machine! No VM needed!

    **Support for "Virtual Appliances" which VMware has a bunch of on their site. Thousands of companies make ready-made Virtual Machines, that you can download and run in VMware, such as a lamp server, special build of RedHat, or a Ubuntu for graphics, or a mail server, or anything you can imagine, there are over 100,000 Virtual Appliances available on the VMware site, and you can create your own "Virtual Appliance" and share it with your friends!

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  • peapody
    Sep 13, 06:33 PM
    ^^^The food's pretty good. I was never disappointed.

    Nice edit.:D

    Tried to be good to the mods to reduce their headache. haha..but alas a purchase is a purchase.

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  • LordDixon
    Feb 12, 01:12 AM
    So we have...
    -A few porn stars
    -A Ferrari
    -A briefcase of cocaine
    -Excessive alcohol consumption
    -A $30,000 check to a porn star is this any different than 'Two and a Half Men'?

    I love this man.
    minus the cocaine and I'm in.

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  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 7, 09:53 PM (

    Today's shot was taken from a boat underneath a bridge. I totally got lucky on this one. :rolleyes:

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  • Brien
    Mar 12, 03:09 PM
    Managed to score a 16GB black wifi iPad. Was hoping for white, maybe I'll get lucky and someone here wants to trade.

    If not I guess I'll live. I ended up 'settling' for a black iPhone 4, so this isn't much different.

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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 26, 10:40 AM
    I'm hoping iPhone 5 supports HSPA+.

    That's PLENTY fast. Every bit as fast as current LTE networks.

    Not really. There are some markets where Verizon LTE is able to pull down over 10 MB/s, which T-mobile's HSPA+ and WiMax can't touch.

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  • biggest father1
    May 4, 12:58 AM
    I'm not saying this is fake but I work for AT&T Business Care for billing and some technical calls. We haven't been told this information yet so I don't see why that person would know. The only information we've been getting lately is the progress on AT&T buying T-Mobile.

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  • NEvolution
    Sep 15, 11:26 PM
    It's an awesome SSD, currently reviewing it. But there is no way that very little space can replace my 500GB.
    It will take some time getting used to 60GB of space. But absolute silence from the uMBP takes no time to get used to at all :D

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  • Consultant
    Apr 15, 01:22 PM
    Any news in the latest build of Lion? When can I install it and be sure most works? :D

    (on Snow Leopard)

    1. Pay $99 to get into the Apple developer program.
    2. Download and install in new partition.

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  • EricNau
    Aug 15, 06:24 PM
    does anyone know a rough date for its release?

    (March 20 to June 21)

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  • rovex
    Apr 27, 12:46 PM
    Nice metric you have there, $some people on the internet have said it, thus it must be true.


    Obviously taking everything out of context, when we are dealing with the bleeding obvious there is no reason not to suggest it. I watched the video before reading the comments, so your point has no substance.

    Jul 10, 02:47 PM
    As someone who uses MS word as the default word processor... a 'word processing' mode in Pages sounds dandy... some of use just don't have the time or inclination (energy) to learn pages which is so very different (not worse) than word....

    Apr 30, 12:56 AM
    Yes, competition is a good thing... But how much real leeway do any of these companies have to set price points? It seems to me that the labels are the ones mostly setting the pricing, and that's in their favor, not in the customer's favor.

    It seems the labels allow different prices for different stores in order to "game" the system in their favor- they'll allow Amazon to sell for less in the hopes of eating into Apple's market share and taking away more of Apple's leverage to negotiate for lower costs for itself (and customers).

    Apr 13, 07:12 AM
    You sound like I am against it.

    Yes. You sounded like one. But apologies if you weren't.

    In my opinion, dashboard is coming with iOS 5.0.

    Apple did incorporate dashboard in iPhone OS 1.0 with the first iPhone but due to issues with performance they had to remove it.

    This can be verified by debugging and going through iPhoneOS 1.0; navigating to /Library/Widgets folder. It was empty though.

    Personalization is good. But the way its done on Android is ridiculous.
    + Widgets should always be sandboxed, the way they are in Dashboard.
    [Both Google & MS failed to understand that btw]

    I think personalization is good till the time it hinders the brand and brand quality. Folders/Wallpaper[:p] were one way to achieve that. There 'might' be more in the future but I highly doubt that.

    All I can vouch for is that dashboard is coming in iOS 5.0.

    Personalization in its entirety? Never in iOS 5.0.

    Nov 24, 07:17 AM
    glad to have you! like SciFrog said, get a passkey and run the bigadv units on that mac pro!

    I've got my passkey! Now I have a couple of my machines working on units. I have a small Linux Render farm that I'll put online here shortly.

    Parkin Pig
    Apr 10, 08:02 AM
    In one of the cooling towers at the abandoned power station is this foreboding text.
    Hope I won't get too much flak for the heavy use of photoshop.
    Vignetted, poster-edged, and graduated-blurred, but I was pleased with the comic book result

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