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quotes on teachers

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  • farewell quotes for teachers.

  • amacgenius
    Oct 27, 05:27 AM
    What's the vibe on this update for people who haven't had any RSS problems so far, and whose machines haven't been in for service at all???

    I'm tempted to do it anyway, to stave off the possibility that it might eventually go to **** in a couple months (a la people whose week 19 machines have been fine till yesterday kinda thing), but then that old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" pops into my mind...

    I've got a week 18 BlackBook, no problems at all, never a random shutdown after both the 1.0 and 1.1 firmware updates.

    The 1.0 raised my idling temp to around 54� and the 1.1 update pushed it up to about 56� but other than that no problems.

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  • Awesome Quotes About Teachers

  • Object-X
    Aug 7, 11:01 PM
    Top Secret stuff? You mean like a movie download service? Or a Front Row PVR? iPhone software?

    I find it interesting that he didn't say anything about Front Row and how it would be improved. He didn't say anything about iChat and how it might evolve into a phone service with an integrated iPod/iPhone. In fact, everything they did show are pretty much improvements to existing technologies, except Time Machine (way cool). They didn't add HD-DVD/Blueray to the Mac Pros. I guess what I'm getting at are things that didn't show up are most likely software technologies that have an accompaning hardware device to go with it, and since those products aren't ready they can't spill the beans just yet.

    Mac World in January is going to be amazing!

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  • charlituna
    Apr 3, 10:40 AM
    Android Phone Specs are out pacing the Iphone. An 8 Megapixel camera, bigger screen and more memory will keep me buying. IOS 5 with the rumored adobe flash would be great too.

    Sorry dude, but Flash has NEVER been rumored to be on anything iOS at any point. Jobs has taken a stand that it is not appropriate to include it because it is too flawed and Adobe takes too many short cuts in producing their various versions. Something that has been confirmed by comments from Adobe's own people and various designers that work with it.

    All too often they take one more or less working version or anything and slap on porting code and call it a day. Which something high powered like a Mac computer might be able to handle but a mobile device with a much lower processor and ram can't. This is a major reason why all those Android devices that were marketed as "with Flash" haven't added it yet. It doesn't work on their stuff either

    This is what Jobs was talking about when he called Adobe "lazy". They need to sit down and rewrite all their stuff top to bottom in native code for the system it is supporting. That is the only way to truly have efficient code with reduced risks of security issues, crashing etc.

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  • Sometimes teachers just need a pick-me up to remind us why we do this. Inspirational quotations about teaching are presented with the hope of sustaining our

  • NathanCH
    Mar 1, 07:31 PM
    ^^^ Awesome for 6400 ISO! Looking forward to more shots from Sat. if you have them. :)

    Thanks so much! Yea, I'm very impressed by the high ISO, although I think the snow might be helping it blend a bit.

    I wish I spent more time consciously framing shots, and waiting for the right moment to snap pictures. This photo I think would have been much better if I waited for those two boys to leave the frame, and if I didn't cut her legs off.


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  • Funny teacher quotes; Teacher

  • mdgolom
    Nov 8, 08:46 AM
    Wow...I didn't expect this announcement to be so early in the month. So what is left for the MacWorld?

    My money is on Apple announcing the iTV and Leopard earlier than expected.

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  • Farewell Quotes For Teachers.

  • mike1123
    May 5, 01:06 AM
    iPad 3 - iPad 3D

    I could really see that, with the iPhone 3G (it was actually the 3rd phone) and had 3G.

    iPhone 3G was the 2nd phone.

    Edit: Damn, Andronicus beat me to the punch!

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  • takao
    Apr 4, 12:53 PM
    as an agnostic, which was raised catholic, i'm not seeing the point of this .. apart of making money

    i suspect it makes as much sense as the new catholic YOUCAT. what a fantastic way to short Youth Catechism :rolleyes:

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  • BigTuna820
    Apr 14, 09:27 AM
    I understand HP and Dell having such a huge market share because of large businesses and old people, but ACER?!...

    I'm fairly certain they just dumped 1.8 million units off their trucks this quarter and said somebody bought them...

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  • beautiful quotes on teachers.

  • mmomega
    Oct 14, 04:53 PM
    Haven't cleaned up and bad pic but here's my little orchard.

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  • quotes about teachers.

  • Lepton
    Jul 23, 06:57 AM
    i think i would rather read a paperback
    wouldnt the screen strain the eyes?
    Good point, one key to a good book reader is a high pixel density. Of course, that would be great for viewing video, as well..

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  • best quotes about teaching

  • gugy
    Aug 3, 05:58 PM
    THAT is exactly what Im talking about. All you people bitch and complain about new things/developments that Apple might be working on (and later announce) and at first you all hate it. Then you get used to it, and then one day you find you love it. I hope the iPhone does come out and you all hate it and it becomes a phenomenal success....the same case the iPod once faced. Same with the new names (MacBook). Same with the switch to Intel (now look how lucky we are). Same with the Intel integrated graphi...well...no one likes those actually, but my point is stop thinking you're going to hate it because you're most likely going to end up getting it anyway.

    So true!
    That's why Steve probably never wasted his time reading forums because in the end MOST people just love to hate and whine. With some exceptions of good posts, I usually just see people expecting crazy products and then getting disappointed at the end of every keynote or special event.

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  • Yvan256
    Jul 23, 05:09 PM
    3P apps and games? I'm all for it but it would blur the simplicity of the ipod and effectively make it a PDA, i'm not sure Apple/iPod/iTunes is ready to take this step.

    The competition is ready. Wether they have a good product or not is besides the point. Apple needs to enter that "merged market" soon or the iPod will lose its edge.

    The fact is, the less gadgets we have to carry around, the better it is. Except that the "merged gadget" needs to be able to do all things perfectly, no half-baked solutions.

    I wouldn't mind an iPod that could play music, play movies, have games/apps, Safari, Mail (and Wi-Fi, obviously). How about a built-in iTMS access too? These things wouldn't make the iPod "not an iPod" as long as its well implemented.

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  • Day Quotes: Happy Teachers Day

  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 22, 08:11 PM
    I've always loved the look of those iSight cameras, do they work well? (If that's whats on top of your monitor, I think it is anyway)

    Yeah, thats what it is, I have one too:


    They work well, but can be grainy by todays standards. They don't do well in low light.

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  • rockosmodurnlif
    Mar 28, 10:29 PM
    There seems to be an aftermarket (http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=wwdc+2011&_sacat=0&_odkw=wwdc&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313)

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  • jkichline
    Apr 17, 11:12 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games and...toys!?

    I have an almost 9 month old boy. He was using the iPad to play games by 6 months of age. The iPad *IS* one of his favorite toys and with it's education and entertainment potential, is certainly a good investment. I need to go because he's about to attack my keyboard. I'll give him the iPad to play with :)

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  • complexcommunic
    Mar 11, 05:18 PM
    Apologies...if it has already been discussed...I am at an airport, and dont have the time to scroll through all the pages before my flight departure:


    Looks like a hoax to me anyway.....

    lol good instinct. It is a hoax and it has been discussed... ad nauseum. Someone from here went and gave 9to5 a "tip" to see if he'd post it, and he did, so we know to discount everything that ever comes up on that website. Have a good flight.

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  • MyDesktopBroke
    Mar 22, 03:29 PM
    The guy should have known better than to bring his iPad into the kitchen - might spill something on it.


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  • Powerful Quotes for Teachers

  • thewhitehart
    Aug 29, 12:32 PM
    Wow, all of these vista versions, which one do I pick? I think I'm going to end up going with the Windows Really Good Edition� (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/winrg.php).

    (Yes, I know it's been posted before, but I had to do it.)

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  • IJ Reilly
    Nov 27, 10:29 AM
    And then -- I can't figure out what you're talking about. I have no problems listening to any Beatles albums in Stereo. They're perhaps wider stereo soundstages than you'd find today (where albums mostly play the same GD thing out of both channels) -- but that makes them sonically interesting, not unlistenable.

    I think what is being referenced is what used to be called "ping-pong stereo," the very wide and complete separation of channels -- which in the Beatles catalog is heard mainly on the Rubber Soul and Revolver albums, the two best they ever made IMO. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but mess with these recordings at your peril!

    Sep 12, 02:58 PM
    Generally the layout is fine, but this thing (iTunes 7) looks absolutely FUGLY!

    Yea, apple had platinum, then aqua, now, with this release the've invented "Delorean." :(

    Oct 26, 09:12 AM

    That's quite a bit of BEIGE!

    Mar 28, 09:21 PM
    It's neither a math game nor marketing ploy.

    Apple is not artificially limiting the number of attendees. It's a facilities issue. They are at maximum capacity for this venue. It's not like they can simply print out 5000 more badges. The fire marshal would shut the place down.

    That's why local television coverage of professional sports have their blackouts lifted after a sellout. Not everyone who wants to watch can fit in the stadium/arena.

    Thank you for being cool, calm, and logical in your reply. I just had to give you a gold clap for replying the way you did instead of raging like a fanboy.

    Sep 6, 08:26 AM
    The iMac and the Mini have been upgraded, does that mean that the MacBook and MBP will follow suit before 12th September, ready for whatever announcement comes then?

    i reckon, if they changed all of the core duos to core 2 duos in one go apple would not be able to handle all of the extra orders, so they spread it out a little.

    May 5, 11:29 AM
    for all those people talking about the updates, your monthly data cap and overages... I'm pretty darn sure the Over-the-Air updates would be free and not count against your monthly cap...

    probably why they are in talks with verizon.... because otherwise why would verizon care they would be all gun ho for it cause they would get a ton of extra overage money...

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