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Morgan 3 Wheeler

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  • Clive At Five
    Jul 25, 10:15 AM
    And this is exactly why we will know in advance the arrival of the iPhone. If the FCC must approve it, someone will find the filling online a month before its release.

    ...and by a month, I meant a day




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  • timerollson
    Sep 13, 12:53 PM
    6-pack of this:

    Not as good as Samuel Adams' Octoberfest. Tastes like root beer. Yuck (sort of) lol.

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  • Morgan 3 Wheeler 2012

  • DakotaGuy
    Apr 13, 07:52 PM
    Why won't this rumor die?! Seriously. It makes MUCH more sense to make a set top box that is compatible with any tv, and thus have wider appeal and adoption than to make a TV that has to compete with every other TV manufacturer out there. This is not Apple's game. Their game it to look at a market that is not currently being exploited to its full extent, figure out what people may want, then come in and redefine that niche. Worked with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. There were predecessor in each of these markets but Apple came in and completely dominated it because they redefined it and tied it into a (relatively) easy to use ecosystem. Ok, it a really easy to use ecosystem, just slow and bloated. :D

    I agree this is a silly idea. Who in the world would want the Apple TV integrated into a TV? What happens when an updated Apple TV is released the next year? Toss out the TV and buy another? Most people going in and buying a new large screen HDTV are planning to keep it a lot longer then the peripherals attached to it. If some new device comes out, no problem, just plug it into your TV. The other thing is that the TV market is very a very mature and saturated market with some big well known brands behind it.

    I suppose they could make the content device separate like the current Apple TV which can be attached with an HDMI cable. If they do that what is the point of an Apple branded TV which would likely be built by another company like Samsung, LG or Sharp? Styling and a logo with a higher price? Nonsense.

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  • Btrthnezr3
    Feb 1, 01:07 PM

    Got tired of the lime green one...I'll get it back out sometime and switch back but for now, I'm ready for sleek black.

    Love this case, btw.

    Oh and...!CD15ZYgB2k~$(KGrHqN,!h0E0E86Tth+BNP6OvT,bg~~0_3.JPG

    Yay! I feel like I have a new phone!

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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 12, 05:39 PM

    Any professional copy shop should be able to take your sequential, 5.5" x 8.5" size pages and turn it into a booklet with binding in the middle. My understanding is that they have super-expensive machines that can do that without much effort.

    I don't think you need to futz around with a non-sequential layout unless you plan to print this out yourself without the use of fancy $40,000+ copiers.

    You know, that's a good idea.

    Here I was so caught up in the idea of getting it to be a final version, I didn't even think of that. Let the machines that are designed to do this do the work....

    (I'm not even going to dignify the other snide poster with a response :rolleyes: )

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  • Waybo
    Apr 4, 03:02 PM
    ISO 200, 92mm, 0 ev, f/6.3, 1/640

    Morgan 3 Wheeler. 2011 Morgan 3 Wheeler - front
  • 2011 Morgan 3 Wheeler - front

  • macrumormonger
    Apr 12, 04:38 PM
    What lens?

    Zeiss 35mm Distagon 2/35 (

    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 0.002 sec (1/640)
    Aperture f/7.1
    Focal Length 35 mm
    ISO Speed 100

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  • OdduWon
    Jul 22, 12:51 AM
    heres a shot of the macrocrap zuno that is flush worthy:D

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  • Lurchdubious
    Sep 14, 12:28 PM
    Halo: Reach Legendary Edition
    Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 S

    Replacing my old Xbox 360 Elite. Can't wait to get all this set up and play.

    PERFECT! Now you can eat while you play! I really should have done mine this way.


    p.s. I'm jealous. I can't justify trying to sell my Resident Evil Elite to jump back on the Halo train.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 23, 01:05 AM
    Apple certainly can design a phone that supports LTE, but getting good battery life out of it is another thing. This is an area of focus for Apple so they won't make compromises here.

    And that's exactly what's wrong with Apple philosophy. Consumers make compromises, companies make profits. There are plenty of people who would compromise battery life for speed. Are you saying that Apple does not care about them? Because they believe that battery life is always more important? Obviously the real reason is different. They are just trying to maximize the profits in their own way (i.e. keeping the number of models to a minimum) and that's why smart consumer should chose Android. With Android one can pick the phone they need (not the phone Apple think is best). Different people have different needs and with Android one can find a phone with a set of compromises that fits them best.

    What do you don't seem to understand is that most people would rather not have to keep swapping the battery in their phone throughout the day, nor should anyone have to. There is demand for LTE, yes, but 4 hours of battery life is not what i would call good. What good is your phone to you if the battery is dead? You may be fine with switching your battery twice a day, but i think the majority of us would rather have a phone that we know is reliable and wont die on us. Also, 3G is good enough for me for now, and I know I'm not alone. When LTE/3G hybrid chips are here, i will welcome it.

    What do you don't seem to understand is that every individual person does not care what most people need/want. I want to be able to buy the phone I need. If you go with what "most people" need it would be a dumb phone then (with great battery life BTW)

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  • Mac Kiwi
    Mar 4, 05:09 AM
    Makes me wonder if he has always seriously mentally ill, but was always able to hide it with drugs and alcohol and kept refusing treatment.

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  • 2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler Side

  • DeathChill
    Apr 23, 01:34 PM
    If you don't have an iPhone... you may have LTE :D

    If you don't have the only device that supports LTE, the Thunderbolt, you don't have LTE. :D

    Oh, also, if you have a device that makes it through a day you definitely don't have LTE. :D

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  • Morgan 3 Wheeler

  • SciFrog
    Oct 26, 03:49 PM
    Will be hard to resist getting a Nehalem when they get updated next...

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  • Morgan 3 Wheeler Pictures

  • deloreanz
    Mar 16, 09:57 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    About 40 in line now at SCP.

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  • Morgan 3 Wheeler - Front, 2012

  • WalcomTV
    Apr 25, 10:26 PM
    LOL. love all these posts.
    Can I start a post thats about how Im anxiously awaiting the END of all these "when is the new iMac coming out" threads?

    please lets move on...

    Every single thread. Every single thread. You comment on this.
    The amount of times you've said: "Im anxiously awaiting the END of all these "when is the new iMac coming out" threads?" is equal to the threads themselves.
    This is a forum. People ask questions, so they come here.
    Please stop being so pretentious.

    Anyway, 2011 iMac huh?
    First day purchase for me.

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  • 2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler 02

  • WildCowboy
    Aug 15, 04:55 PM
    ability to search other search engines, like firefox does. why just google?
    why not wikipedia, IMDB, AMAZON, EBAY and more?

    You can do that now with AcidSearch (

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  • Morgan 3 Wheeler set to sizzle

  • yac_moda
    Jul 26, 05:04 PM
    I sent Apple a long description about how to build a GPS location service into .Mac, iPods, PowerMacs, and with a proximity sensor.

    This was right after the kid in NY was killed for his iPod.

    Remember SJ promised a fix for this.

    I wonder if the proximity sensor will be wiresless disposable earphones :confused:

    As for REMOTE TOUCH I still think all touch screen actions will work best with the fingers on the BACK of the device and with them graphically and transparently reflected over the interface.

    And probably the ULTIMATE use of finger laser tracking would be a keyboard that has keys with multiple depths, dispose of those shift keys ! I also sent them a suggestion for a keyboard like this but that idea did not use laser tracking, it used a new type of button :eek:

    If the touch area for the hands were just flat wings on the back the swung outwards, they could also act as a support for the screen EXACTLY LIKE the traditional book holder:eek: :eek: :eek:

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  • AnyKey
    Oct 23, 02:39 PM
    I don't see the difference between Windows XPee and Windows RG. :confused: ;) :D

    hehe, exactly :cool:

    Morgan 3 Wheeler. morgan 3 wheeler 1 Morgan 3
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  • swarmster
    Apr 22, 09:36 AM
    As expected.

    Yep. As an added bonus, LTE networks might actually be available in more than select locations sometime around launch. They're not missing much this year.

    Not sure I understand, I've had 4G on my Evo for over a year now...


    The "4G" on your Evo is WiMax, a completely different standard being pushed by Clearwire and supported by Sprint. It allowed Sprint to get a "4G" network up and running fairly quickly, but it's likely to be dead-ended with the proliferation of LTE and/or Clearwire blowing through its venture capital. Sprint's CEO has already said they'd be open to switching over to LTE in the future, which they really should do or end up being left behind in a similar way to their CDMA situation (except without Verizon to back them up).

    Jun 6, 11:11 AM
    'Eleven-year-old "Accidentally" Downloads $1000 App' more like, the kid blatantly knew what he was doing, you can't accidentally buy something, he clicked 'buy', what was he expecting to happen...

    Gee, do you have any idea how easy it is to click the wrong thing on an iPhone or iPod touch?

    They probably had one click enabled and the kid checked out the most expensive app and accidentally clicked buy.

    Can happen.

    Jan 26, 04:06 PM
    I've been an AAPL shareholder on and off since 1982. The company has NEVER been healthier or hotter than it is now. We all know about the record sales of Macs, iPods, iPhones, etc. I was at a major shopping center on weekday afternoon a few days ago, and the Apple Store was literally the only store in the mall that could have been classified as "busy" (and not just with lookers but with buyers).

    But you have to distinguish AAPL the stock from Apple the company. In the long term, the two are essentially the same thing, but in the short term the two are merely related. The short-term performance of AAPL the stock is affected by turmoil in the stock market, as well as by speculators hoping to make fast money by buying or selling AAPL for near-term gains. These factors can temporarily drive the stock down (or up) for reasons that have little to do with the company's actual performance.

    In the long term, though, if Apple the company does well, AAPL the stock will do well, too.

    So, where is AAPL going from here? Hard to say... I'm currently "long" on AAPL, so obviously I'd like to see it go up. However, it's quite possible that it could go lower from here -- perhaps much lower (below $100 even). One of the most common valuation statistic for stocks is the price/earnings (P/E) ratio. Right now, AAPL's P/E is around 30. Compared to competitors like Hewlett-Packard (HPQ; p/e: 16) and Microsoft (MSFT; p/e: 21), AAPL's multiple is high. Over the last few years, AAPL's higher P/E has been justified because earnings have been growing much faster than the earnings of its competitors. And if earnings continue to grow robustly this year, the current high P/E will have been justified. However, if earnings stall, you could see the stock price fall rapidly.

    Apr 15, 07:28 AM
    They have GOT to fix the battery drain issue. It started with 4.3 and was NOT fixed with 4.3.1.

    If your device is dead, "fixing" the other things doesn't really accomplish anything does it?

    Mar 31, 10:34 AM
    Just what I wanted to see.

    Bye Bye UI Guidelines.

    This is going to be huge for Mac OS X. UI Guidelines were great but could stagnant the look. The OS needs to look rich in colour.

    Very happy with the change and the development.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Apr 15, 02:50 PM
    Probably just a public beta this summer.

    Goes against Steve Jobs saying Lion was shipping this summer. What is your source ?

    Until Apple says it's delayed, I'll believe Apple when they say it ships this summer.

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