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montego bay beach

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  • gpat
    Apr 24, 02:19 AM
    Just release a GSM/CDMA every-band iPhone 5, and sell it off contract as well. Virgin Mobile USA customers are going to orgasm for that.

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  • iOS v Android
    Apr 28, 04:48 PM
    Oh god its the end of the world...WHOOOOOOOOO CARES

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  • msb3079
    Apr 28, 04:25 PM
    It's definitely not perspective. You can see the metal piece is raised higher because the white sections are thicker than the black sections. A 2 year old could figure this out.

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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 4, 03:29 PM
    I made the mistake of turning on the TV news thinking I'd learn something about turmoil in the middle east. No, the news covered Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, and more Charlie Sheen. My mistake.

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  • farmboy
    Apr 14, 09:22 AM
    Guys, which one should I get?

    I've been trying to score an iPad2 and now here comes the new ix.Mac.MarketingName, which sounds awesome! So between this and iPad2, ATV2, Air, MBP, iPhone, Mac Pro, Nano and iMac, what should I get?

    Mostly I would use this for web surfing and light photo editing, but it also needs to dry laundry and serve as daily transportation for my 8 mile commute. But, I'm worried the new ix.Mac.MarketingName requires Z-rated tires, which are quite expensive. I'm also curious whether, with the right apps, the ix.Mac.MarketingName can serve as a prophylactic or if it's better to have a dedicated device for that.

    So, whaddya think? What other ix.Mac.MarketingName rumors have you heard? :apple:

    Why would you want one? Apple is once again using outdated tech for ix.MMN�. The specs on everything else are so much better. And I'm so tired of the ix.MMN Closed Garden.

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  • dXTC
    Dec 29, 12:04 PM
    In subsequent interviews, Donna (her real first name; she goes by the name of "Treasure" on the BBW adult site Supersizebombshells.com) admitted that going for the record was more of a fantasy than anything, stated mainly for her online fans and FAs. She says that she would most likely stop before getting close to that 1,000 pound mark; she doesn't want to become completely immobilized.

    As KnightWRX said, this is rather old news.

    Personally, I've seen cuter SSBBWs. ;)

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  • macusersoon
    Oct 18, 05:58 PM
    Wow, 1.61 million Macs, what a quarter. Way to go Apple.

    Back on October 10, Switch To A Mac predicted that Apple would sell 1.64 million Macs during the quarter. That was a very close prediction.

    Analysts were expecting only 1.47 million Macs.

    Here's the Switch To A Mac predicion (http://switchtoamac.com/site/preview-apples-q4-2006-financial-earnings-mac-sales-increase.html)

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 08:57 AM
    Video iPod on thanksgiving. I would bet money on it.

    That'll really knock the wind out of Zune.
    I hope so! But if I get a MPB then theres no way I could get a ipod video. Ohwell I would be getting a 2.33ghz core 2 duo 15.4inch macbook pro with 2gb of ram, good grpahics, Dual 6x Double Layer Superdrive, FW800, FW400, Two USBs, 120gb!

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  • blackpond
    Apr 29, 03:49 PM
    Its been my observation that most of the prices on existing content was increased to 1.29. I don't have hard number to back this up, just my observation that most of the content was bumped to the higher price point from being at 0.99 before.

    It's based on demand. If it's still popular its more expensive - no matter how old it is.

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  • satcomer
    May 2, 02:10 AM
    This is not for the faint of heart.

    first released of Osama bin Laden dead (http://www.glittarazzi.com/storage/osama_bin_laden_dead-photo.jpg).

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  • gh0sted
    Jul 15, 09:14 PM
    Microsoft is denying it is true. Being that they need the record labels to sign off on their music store, I doubt they'd infringe on already set licenses and risk a music business revolt.

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  • axual
    Apr 17, 08:35 PM
    Finally, the long awaited, highly anticipated iDoorknob ... Yes! :D

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  • m-dogg
    Jul 25, 08:33 AM
    Does anyone know if the previous Apple BT mouse used laser? Or was it optical?

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Apr 13, 02:23 PM
    Probably been said, but Apple should liscense airplay to tv makers. All the benefit, none of the risk.

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  • CFreymarc
    Apr 1, 11:40 AM
    Sold out in 8 hours??? What on earth is this? A Hannah Montana concert? Dang it, I was gonna go too :cool:

    I doubt if Hannah Montana could fit this in her schedule. The sexual frustration of the audience she would feel going on stage at WWDC would keep her from singing.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 28, 11:48 AM
    Yes, the iPhone does compete against Android. The last time I went into a AT&T or Verizon store, this was obvious. To say that the iPhone does not compete against Android is silly.

    When your sales numbers for phones are ~50% of that of your competitor; whereas a few years ago they were barely a blip, then yes that means they are getting kicked in the teeth in handset OS sales.

    Win... the point is, it's not hurting Apple. Apple continues to grow it's share. It's hurting the others. Android has replaced a hodge podge of OS's out there.

    So, it's not "kicking the teeth" out of iOS. That would only be a fair statement if Apple had a licensing program for others. But they don't. Moto, Samsung and others ran to Android because their own efforts were abysmal and they needed to do something before Apple owned the smart phone universe.

    Yes, it has slowed Apple's adoption because it is a very attractive alternative, but again... not a fair comparison and if anyone is getting teeth rattled, it's RIM. They have been consistently loosing market share and it's not looking good for BB.

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  • ozreth
    Jan 30, 05:30 PM
    Been wanting a new TV for a while

    DUDE! Was that online or in store? I will go buy one today if they have them at my store. Been wanting a tv as well. Do you like it? Is 40" good for gaming and hooking a laptop up to?

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  • ansabakhan
    Apr 13, 07:58 PM
    at&t ?, Verizon ? or both?

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  • ThemacNub
    Dec 5, 05:17 AM
    I think if there were no guns besides the law enforcements then America would be a much safer place.

    Jan 26, 10:14 PM
    That's a very nice pencil!!!
    I have a Zebra 4-in-1 + pencil (http://http://www.jetpens.com/index.php/product/view/products_id/474), which has 4 pen colours and a mechanical pencil. I have 3 nicer-looking versions of the one in the link. ;) I'll pick up more of them the next time I'm in Japan!

    Aug 15, 09:30 PM
    I don't mind the "bubbles" in concept. What I think is hideous is the ovalness of them and the coloring. I'd prefer something lighter and beveled.

    A lot of this comes down to personal preference. Personally, I think OS X's UIs have gotten better with each iteration. Imo, this new bubble ui is better than brushed metal, which was better than candy. Personally, I like UI elements that are shaded to look 3D (which these are not) so that they look like actual objects you are manipulating, what makes you prefer bevels to ovals? (not that there's anything wrong with that ;) )

    Jun 6, 09:32 AM
    Should have let the charge stand IMO, they agreed to the terms and conditons:rolleyes:
    If it had happened to you, I am sure that you would be singing a different tune.

    Apr 26, 09:44 AM
    I think Matte would be good, but you can just go buy a film and apply it quite easily so thats not a show stopper for me, however I have read it can lose some clarity so a factory applied option would be better.

    And now you have two additional layers for light from the display to pass through — the arbitrary sheet of glass AND the diffusing film. It's not a real solution.

    If I had to guess, I'd say there are three likely reasons Apple went all out gloss:

    1. Impressive in-store displays. Colours look punchier when compared to a matte display, and that appeals to many buyers evidently.

    2. The new black-bordered aesthetics made popular by the iPhone, iPod touch and now the iPad. This gives Apple's modern product line a look of consistency. Again, it's about appearances, not practicalities.

    3. So they can talk about recyclable materials like aluminium and yep… glass. But again, it's all about appearances. Anyone really serious about sustainable living knows that the first, and arguably most important, of the three R's is REDUCE. The glass may be essential on a touch screen device, but it is completely unnecessary on a desktop or laptop display.

    Jan 30, 09:08 AM
    One word. Macworld.

    I sold half of my shares in the company the day before Macworld at an astounding price. I personally feel for whoever the buyer was, as they paid well over what my shares were worth that day (wrongly anticipating a spike after Macworld). I, however, have had a close eye on the rumors and Apple's business model as of late. I anticipated several elements that came to frutition, and now still having half of my Apple stock, I about broke even. Until Apple soars high again :). First really insightful stock market decision I've ever made.

    Buy now :-) Thats my $0.02

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