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Mitsubishi Mirage 2001

Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Modified Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Modified Mitsubishi Mirage

  • !� V �!
    Apr 28, 05:26 PM
    If you look at other photos it looks exactly the same.

    That photo has a weird angle to it. You can see the other side of the white iphone.

    Someone from "a" news service is bending a no story into "A Story." ;):D

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage
  • 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

  • DmbShn41
    Oct 14, 08:56 AM

    With AT&T being the cell phone carrier that charges the most, they should be EXPECTED to provide the best quality service in the industry. If AT&T thinks 30% of all calls being dropped is "normal," this is absolutely unacceptable! So this means that of every ten phone calls to 911, 3 being dropped is "normal" and acceptable????? And major corporations with thousands of employees are supposed to sign up for cell service with AT&T, knowing that 30% of all calls (with customers) being dropped is, in AT&T's eyes, acceptable???????? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Wow, you really need to take a chill pill. 911 services dont work exactly like every other phone call. And the 30% is for the NYC metro area, which is has about 20 million other people within a few blocks making calls on their cells too, which creates quite a bit of confusion, signal wise. And lets not forget the buildings, and their makeup of steel/iron frames. And then all the WiFi signal that is being broadcasted around.

    SO yeah there is quite a bit of a hurdle there, but what is even more interesting is what is Verizon, T-Mobile, etc acceptable rate of dropped calls for NYC area? Do you think any lower? Maybe next time you should think before you overreact, and then just not saying anything if it's anything like this?

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. mitsubishi mirage 2001 4 door,
  • mitsubishi mirage 2001 4 door,

  • pdot
    Sep 13, 12:54 PM
    My weekend beer purchase was some Blue Moon.

    I've almost always got a pretty full stock of Blue Moon and Hoeegarden.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Used Mitsubishi, Mirage - 2001
  • Used Mitsubishi, Mirage - 2001

  • ssdeg7
    Jul 15, 07:52 PM
    Well, they got the money back.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi Mirage 2 dr EVO
  • Mitsubishi Mirage 2 dr EVO

  • Surely
    Sep 13, 12:48 PM

    That's good stuff..... I'll have to pick some up this week.:cool:

    My weekend beer purchase was some Blue Moon.

    I got the 16gb "iWatch" two days ago. Another two weeks or I will be back at the store to get the new Apple TV.

    Okay, we get it- you got the nano and turned it into a watch.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage Shop
  • 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage Shop

  • robbieduncan
    Oct 24, 08:29 AM
    Hmmm...I've never seen a power adapter on a plane, and I flew a few days ago (on a cheapo airline, but still...).

    Normally only on long haul and even then only in Premium Economy and up. The cheap seats get no love!

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage 4 Dr ES
  • 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage 4 Dr ES

  • EarthDawn
    Oct 5, 07:14 PM
    Man thats some sad #'s .... thank god its not like that on the Island....

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Re: mitsubishi mirage
  • Re: mitsubishi mirage

  • BlueRevolution
    Jun 6, 04:01 AM
    There should be a setting something like:
    - Never ask for password for purchases of $X and under.
    - Always ask for password for purchases of $Y and over.

    The first one would be nice so it I could set it to free and easily update my apps.
    The second would help prevent cases like the OP.

    I don't know about setting thresholds like that, but I sure would like to be able to download (and re-download) free apps without being prompted every time.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi Mirage 2001 Valve
  • Mitsubishi Mirage 2001 Valve

  • kalsta
    Apr 15, 09:57 AM
    Dude,,...... you didn't get rid of the chin....
    You can't mention iMac around here without someone saying.
    I hope they get rid of the chin. :rolleyes::D

    True enough. But if there was no chin, I may as well have drawn an iPad on a stick, and no one would be impressed by that. ;)

    ps. Yes I think a touch screen mac is coming but it seriously needs to be a new product not an iMac. Also needs to be much much smaller and lighter like the iMac gets the Air Treatment with say 17 or 20inch screen. No Stand.

    I'm not really sure what the point would be. If you lay a 17 or 20 inch Mac down on your lap, give it a touch screen, and modify the interface so it's more suited to the less precise input of fingers… haven't you just created a bigger iPad? (Not that a bigger iPad wouldn't have it's uses, but it wouldn't be a Mac, and I'd question whether it would warrant yet another 'marketing name'.

    I suppose it's possible, as many presume, that Apple is looking to merge OS X and iOS, but it's never been that convincing of an argument to me. There are some real incompatibilities between the two in my mind. Many OS X apps demand the precision and unrestricted visibility that a keyboard and mouse give you, but once you're using a keyboard and mouse, the display has moved away from your fingers. A vertical display keeps it within reach, but humans just aren't suited to using a vertical touch screen for more than a few minutes, as Steve Jobs has himself remarked.

    If the future were some kind of OS X / iOS hybrid, why did Apple invent iOS in the first place? Why not just go straight for this touchable OS X Nirvana if it exists? I suspect it doesn't exist, and Apple understood that a usable touchscreen interface has a unique set of requirements, benefits and limitations.

    As for what this 'ix.Mac.MarketingName' is, I actually haven't a clue. It's somewhat intriguing though. It's kind of exciting to think that the inventive minds at Apple might be hatching some new kind of device. A little optimistic maybe, but who knows?

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi Mirage 2001 Data,
  • Mitsubishi Mirage 2001 Data,

  • vnle
    Jan 30, 10:13 PM
    To interrupt on the burger talk ... my dinner :p

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Modified Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Modified Mitsubishi Mirage

  • eemsTV
    Apr 14, 10:12 PM
    I'm a proud owner of a rooted Droid X, waiting for the Bionic to come out, once I saw this, I admit, I was taken with the sexiness of the phone. I'd be willing to get rid of my rooted sweet Android phone for the white. I'm such a nerd.

    Hoping this phone has a spec update like the 3GS from 3G, that would be fantastic.

    Steve guys are entrepreneurs geniuses.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi-Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Mitsubishi-Mitsubishi Mirage

  • Buckeyes1995
    Apr 22, 05:43 AM
    I am not a gamer but still will not buy an MBA with an i series chip if it means I have to suffer Intel's woefully weak integrated graphics processor. I bought an early 13 inch Ultimate in October and plan to keep it for at least three years. It handles everything I throw at it easily so until and unless it won't do that anymore I don't plan to replace it.

    I'm the same boat.. at first I was pretty P.O.ed that Apple would be downgrading the GPU.. but then realized 'hey dummy, you just bought your MBA 13 Ultimate.. you won't be replacing it for 2-3 years anyways".. by that time hopefully Intel will have a better chipset.. or perhaps Apple will figure out how to put a true graphics board in the MBA :)

    The ONLY thing that concerns me.. if two years from now my MBA fails and has to be replaced and not repaired.. I assume Apple would give me a new one under Apple Care.. which would be a downgrade for me, as I do some gaming.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi Mirage CE 2001 005
  • Mitsubishi Mirage CE 2001 005

  • Gamoe
    Apr 30, 12:56 AM
    Yes, competition is a good thing... But how much real leeway do any of these companies have to set price points? It seems to me that the labels are the ones mostly setting the pricing, and that's in their favor, not in the customer's favor.

    It seems the labels allow different prices for different stores in order to "game" the system in their favor- they'll allow Amazon to sell for less in the hopes of eating into Apple's market share and taking away more of Apple's leverage to negotiate for lower costs for itself (and customers).

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. hood for Mitsubishi Mirage
  • hood for Mitsubishi Mirage

  • iGary
    Aug 15, 10:06 AM
    Still... meh.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi MIRAGE 2001 Reverse
  • Mitsubishi MIRAGE 2001 Reverse

  • notjustjay
    Apr 26, 03:37 PM
    All the rest of the stuff (dealing with power outages, internet outages, maintenance, restarts, software updates, etc.) is nonsense. It's what I do normally or would only very remotely occur.

    I didn't say it was a BIG deal, just that it may be a factor to consider. Granted, I did lump in "basically anything that could cause your server to not be available when you need it".

    I actually do keep all my music on a NAS in my basement so I can access it anywhere. It generally works well. However, sometimes my home internet connection is down and I can't connect. And one problem with my NAS (D-Link DNS-323) is that after a power failure, it doesn't automatically start up again when the power comes back. That has been the cause of many "Grr, why isn't it connecting?" moments for me. It's not a big problem, I just have to remember to go downstairs and turn it on again. And lately I've noticed that instead of spinning up the drive to give me my files, it times out and doesn't let me connect at all. Maybe a firmware upgrade needed?

    All I'm saying is, I can see paying $20/year to not have to deal with these kinds of issues.

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage - Photo
  • 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage - Photo

  • sgosine
    Jun 19, 12:23 AM
    Wow! why is this still being discussed?

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. Mitsubishi Mirage 2001 Intake
  • Mitsubishi Mirage 2001 Intake

  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 3, 04:46 AM
    It'sa me on-a Flickr! (
    250mm (55-250 IS)

    This photo is from my recent trip to India. I had asked about some gear and stuff before leaving (this is my first (D)SLR and my first foray into more serious photography). C&C on everything I post is welcome, as I would like to grow as a photographer!

    Also, don't peek at my photostream, as I'd like to post some of those in the upcoming days here. :D

    I posted this in the March thread... Way to go, me. We're obviously 3 days into April now. XD

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. MITSUBISHI 2001 Lancer Mirage
  • MITSUBISHI 2001 Lancer Mirage

  • tekjunke
    Jan 30, 06:59 PM
    Tickets, to see:

    All I can say is wow, just wow. No wonder it has a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

    My sentiments exactly! if it weren't for laughing at the ridiculously impossible stunts... I would have fallen asleep

    Mitsubishi Mirage 2001. 1997-2001 Mitsubishi Mirage
  • 1997-2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 28, 09:59 AM
    360's main advantage is that it's the only console of the three to release the next generation version. They have a year's head start on the other two.

    They're still losing money on the 360, but component costs will drop until they are making a profit on boxes. Don't forget, ALL consoles lose money when they first ship. With the original xbox, they never really caught up, but it looks like they will this time around. And with the PS3 shipping at an even higher price, there's less pressure for them to drop prices. As much money as MS has been losing, Sony stands to lose much more. If Sony doesn't get their act together, I could see MS and Nintendo driving Sony out of the video game business.

    That's the goal, but so far they have yet to get out of the red on xbox and 360. And "ish"? You seriously just said that?

    It does play GAMES at HD resolutions, right? The original post never said it plays HD dvd's.

    Then it is an HD CONSOLE not an HD PLAYER. Player implies HD media.

    May 1, 02:43 PM
    You can't beat it because it's a pirate site. NONE of the money from the site goes to the artists, songwriters, producers, labels, etc.

    There's a reason it's based out of Russia. So I hope you're happy knowing your essentially buying stolen property.

    Proof please. You have no idea what does or doesn't go to the artists, songwriters, producers, etc. You are speculating. The site has been up and running for years now, because noone has been able to prove in a court that they are doing anything illegal. If the courts decide otherwise and shut the site down, I'll move back to Amazon.

    Dec 1, 07:59 PM
    I'm still waiting to hear that someone--anyone--has actually been exploited by one of these "exploits."

    Apr 13, 02:41 PM
    How dumb do people have to be to think that Apple is going to enter a mature market for a commodity?

    Apr 12, 09:28 AM

    Simply because htcSensation is 1.2GHz dual core

    and... and... iphone5 will have lesser RAM than htcSensation.

    Also, Apple is closed and Google is open.


    Oh I forgot...yes...the "Specs" argument. My bad. AND the Closed vs. Open debate. Yes...that too. It's so open that I can't upgrade to the latest Android version, because it's not available for carrier XYZ. But that's not Android's fault, or the Phone's fault. You can root it though. That's awesome...root it, then download the newest launcher, then reset it, and do this, and do that. Then when that's all done, it's no better than it was when I started. But hey, my icons are Green! Cool...

    Jul 25, 08:06 AM
    Seemingly the US Store is the only one to feature the Wireless Mighty Mouse so far, my Credit Card is quivering in fear of the UK Store being updated :p

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