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  • seashellz
    Nov 29, 12:58 PM
    Now here is one place where the superiority of the Zune comes through. Many, many words rhyme with "Zune", in contrast to the sadly rhyme-challenged "iPod". You can even have:

    "I played a mellow tune
    On my yellow Zune."

    With iPod, you pretty much run out after "tripod".
    Ive an even better one:

    "Id really go to town if I had a Zune t'was brown"
    And we all know what brown reminds us of besides chocolate....

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 19, 02:33 PM
    They will release the ipod classic with the new intel ssd for just $1999

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  • Mac American
    Apr 12, 06:07 PM
    i don't know, i can find headphones (relatively high end) made in Ireland and Germany that are selling for the same price as a few made in China. Contrary to what people believe, i think a rise in price of a product made in a country like the states would not be substantially more. Economies of scale plays a fundamental role in this.

    I agree 100%. Electronics are made in countries with much higher hourly wages in our countries, like Germany. In 2000, we exported ( electronics than we imported, what happened?

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  • dmarcoot
    Apr 17, 12:33 PM
    Why is this on the front page? It's like saying that WalMart is now selling a junk tablet. Except this article says that Toys R Us and Best Buy is now selling iPads. This isn't front page news.

    Sure it is. Best Buy is one of the largest retailers for electronics in US. That Apple can get product into this channel should out to rest some of the supply constraint issues for Apple, and that IS front page worthy news about the short term future of Apple, especially if you own stock in them.

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  • oblomow
    Mar 3, 04:58 AM
    lone hiker

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  • Edge100
    Nov 27, 04:23 PM
    Yes almost every release in the Beatles era was intended for mono. Stereo releases were made years later and the wide effect was partly due to the fact that these songs were mastered from 2 tracks and because the music was recorded to one track and the vocals to the other, well there was no really other way to get stereo...

    Not true.

    The stereo mixes were contemporaneous with the mono's just that no one cared enough to put any thought into them.

    Music is mastered from 2 track mixes (unless you're making surround masters, in which case you'd mix from 6 tracks or more). This hasnt changed to this day. Stereo was commerically available starting from the late 1950s, but almost no one had players that could handle it. So the mixes were done in mono, with stereo as an afterthought. For this reason, many of the mono mixes are superior to the stereo, although people now assume that the CD releases are the de facto standard, when in fact it was a conscious decision to release the stereo versions of every album from Help! onward.

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  • SnoFlo
    Oct 24, 06:45 PM
    ^^ Wow, very nice. I sprung for the Dell U2711 tho' instead of the Apple 27. Very pleased thus far although the Apple 27 kills it in the styling dept.

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  • jgk6502
    Mar 21, 11:17 PM
    After he received the iPad2, he scrambled around his house looking for other things to return, with a same stickie note attached.
    Playboy subscription - Wife says no. Hugh says yes, as a bunny shows up at his door.

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  • yyc engineer
    Mar 25, 12:22 PM

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  • a456
    Sep 6, 08:22 AM
    The iMac and the Mini have been upgraded, does that mean that the MacBook and MBP will follow suit before 12th September, ready for whatever announcement comes then?

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  • MorphingDragon
    Nov 3, 12:27 AM
    Okay then Adobe. Why dont you give us the Uber Light version used on Phones for desktop use? Oh wait. :rolleyes:

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  • Ava's Meeshee
    May 5, 02:39 PM
    And yes, STUPID idea. If I want 3D I'll walk to my bathroom and go take a p*ss. I want 2D for my computing needs.

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  • Littleodie914
    Aug 29, 08:37 AM
    Dang that's expensive. :eek:

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  • coldpower27
    Mar 31, 10:35 AM
    I don't have a classic, but I'd like to associate myself with the people talking about how hilarious the old thread is. Also, here's a repost of Steve introducing the original:

    I was 17 in senior in high school when iPod was introduced, though I don't think I was even aware of it. I had a friend that year who had some kind of horrible "mp3 player" and the next year when I moved into my college dorm someone on my floor had an iPod so I played with one for the first time. My first one was the light blue first-gen mini which I bought sometime in 2004 (which still works...I gave it to my mother when I replaced it with an iPhone on launch day 2007). When my crappy Dell laptop that had been my high school graduation present died a few months later, the iPod convinced me to get my first Mac.

    I hope they don't discontinue the classic just for the nostalgia factor =)

    My first MP3 player was this thing from the link below 20GB for $100 not bad at the time.. but had the weakness of a HD base drive and so when I did cold weather running the thing would freeze at times...

    Evnetually I upgraded or well got another MP3 player in July 2008 which was back then a Nokia N95 8GB on a HUP of my line... that was much better as it had speakers and was based on Flash Memory...

    October rolls around and I buy a 2nd hand Touch Gen 1 32GB for $280 with a Leather Case much better user interface and much higher capacity... (this is my first iPod)

    Next year in September 2009 I get the 64GB Touch Gen 3 for much faster ARM Cortex A8 processors and higher capacity... which is my current MP3 player.. though it also serves as a casual gaming device though...

    Somewhere along the way I picked up a Shuffle for running only as it was on sale for $35 or so... very cheap investment.

    Didn't upgrade to Touch Gen 4... as the capacity didn't increase...and the CPU speed only marginally they only kept 256MB of RAM..probably won't upgrade to Touch Gen 5 as I have an iPad 2 which probably has identical hardware to a Touch Gen 5, I promised myself I won't ugrade my MP3 player till they give a capacity increase to 128GB.. or the hardware inside is improved enough to make it worthwhile..

    So yeah I think with my Gen 1 32GB as entry into the Apple World.. over time i have acquired more Apple Devices as I now have:

    iPod Shuffle
    iPod Touch Gen 1 32GB, Gen 3 64GB
    MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2009
    White WiFi iPad 2 64GB...

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  • Fiveos22
    Oct 27, 03:47 PM
    Absolutely. I'm a bit surprised at all the misinformation (nobody is drilling a friggin' screw in your MacBooks, people).

    Is that the verdict on the screw issue?

    I had my Blackbook in twice and the second time they replaced the heatsink (no problems since) but other than a slightly warped battery, I have not noticed anyother cosmetic changes.

    If people are getting screwed they should post pictures (no pun intended). ;)

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  • Lotso
    Mar 18, 02:29 PM
    Still there. They just cranked it up so that it covers all of us. ;)

    Now the question is, what is reality, and how is it being distorted? :eek:

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  • pdqgp
    Apr 14, 10:56 PM
    So if you are going to be a pirate why bother buying a student version at all?

    I agree. Why buy it at all. No need. However, I wouldn't consider someone paying for a student version to be a pirate. There's a legitimate student paying money for the software. It's no business of anyone who ends up using it. The discount is offered to students, a student buys it, case closed.

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  • iScott428
    Mar 29, 10:33 AM
    The iPhone 5 will not be released until 2012. The next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4G.

    Until then, any self-respecting journalist should refer to it as "the fifth-generation iPhone."

    Thank you, and seriously they are not going to make the jump to Iphone 5 for another generation after this one, that I think is still going to come out on time, with an A5 processor in June. I will be making the move from my 3Gs to the next gen as soon as it comes out. Btw I am not basing my knowledge of a summer Iphone release on the fact that apple has not let me down yet year after year of releasing Iphones early into the summer.

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  • 04mach1
    Mar 30, 02:13 PM
    I am just going to wait, I know if I get an iphone 4 now then in 4-6 months the iphone 5 comes out I will be kicking myself. Its just like I couldnt wait a few months for the 3gs when I got the iphone 3g. I was kicking myself.

    I think I am going to wait to. Kicking myself also....

    Mar 28, 11:23 PM
    Stand by and watch, what? What would Gaddafi do to the protesters? They're all armed now so it wouldn't end pleasantly.

    It's being led by NATO and the US is not committing ground troops. It's a no-fly zone and I would have done the same if I were Obama.

    I agree. I don't really mind what's going on in Libya.

    Mar 28, 10:25 PM
    I think it's really funny (sad) that all the haters come out against RS. First off could you sound like bigger snots that RS is too lowbrow to buy your apple product from them. They're a retailer, that has survived by evolving when their core business has been decimated by the fact that technology in general is cheaper and more widely available than ever. Not for nothing, but the very products we're all coveting and supporting to no end, have evolved from garage built computers that were probably 90% RS parts!!!

    I'm an Apple believer, and terribly disappointed that living in NYC I can't walk into a company store and walk out with my $800 appliance. Tomorrow morning the RS 1 block from my house will open at 9AM, and I'll walk out in 5 minutes with a product that I haven't been able to get in 3 weeks, after 'stopping' in at least 8 times, only to be turned away. The last time the Apple-droid from bum**** actually told me my best bet was to come back at 5AM and wait on line!

    Dont forget your free phone LOL

    Mar 7, 08:52 PM
    Newport, Oregon (

    Sep 13, 09:32 PM
    Mine shipped today and should be here tomorrow! Can't wait! :cool:

    Sep 12, 03:57 PM
    Wait a minute...
    If I was wrong, and got your hopes up needlessly, I'm sincerely sorry... :o :o :o

    Indeed:cool: .....oh house mates lost the ablum art:)

    Note: I'm in class messing around in itunes....boring class:)


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