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love heart tattoos

love heart tattoos. Love Heart Tattoo
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  • firestarter
    Apr 26, 08:52 PM
    transphobia That's a new one. It's almost as funny as the visual I got with a dude at the urinal with D cups.

    Almost as funny as your daughters face when she discovers that her dad is a brutal bigot who waits outside toilet doors to beat people up (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12453464&postcount=56).

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  • plarusa
    Nov 7, 02:21 PM
    To be honest, I've had more application crashes and restarts on OSX than I have under XP/Windows in the past 3 years. So much for "crash resistant"
    Really ? I find that very hard to believe. I have been using a Macbook Pro for a year and I have yet to see what a kernel crash looks like. These types of crashes are regular occurances on all of my Windows machines. And don't get me started on the Virus subject.

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  • daneoni
    Apr 22, 04:27 PM
    I don't buy it. Sounds nice but i don't buy it for an iPhone 5 revision...iPhone 6 maybe. Looks like everyone is copying Palm with the gesture area thing. First RIM now Apple.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 14, 01:13 PM
    Great, another useless update :rolleyes:

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  • bellman
    May 2, 12:23 PM
    I really hope that it comes tomorrow as my apple store credit card is on fire waiting to be spent. ;) however @dpdesilva on twitter is rumoring that apple will delay imac refresh due to leaks and rumors being overshadowed by Bin Laden's Death. Personally I think it might be B.S. I care more about my Imac than the story of his death.

    If that is true then im going to buy Windows 7 and a PC and pretend I like it...:cool:

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  • ifjake
    Jul 24, 03:57 PM
    come on, Apple! what we're all really waiting for is a mouse with force-feedback. for all these games.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 21, 12:57 PM
    It's rather cool to touch when it's not charging. Charging, then I'll probably burn my finger if I touch the "ESC/F1/F2" area.

    but how often do you have it folding and not charging?

    yes i understand the point. but i don't find a reason.

    and yes, i do have all the computers in my household contributing to my personal team.

    i can't 'compete'. the whole thing is basically it's whoever has a very nice computer/folding rig, or whoever has a nice computer and doesn't use it, but leaves it on to fold. so technically it's not 'competing' because they are computers, you aren't actually doing any work besides for setting up the actual client, and having it run well on your machine.

    well i never actually thought of having my own team. and i can see a little personal value there.

    but really, it is fun to have team members to kinda compete with. i know we aren't doing work ourselves, but it's a good cause, and what gets people to fold besides the cause is to beat each other. without the points system, not many people would fold.

    i hope you decide to join MR oneday soon

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 13, 02:20 PM
    This is a false rumor. Absolutely no way will this happen.

    First of all Google failed with their TV.

    Second of all, it is much better to have the components separate. You can more easily pass the audio to a home entertainment system for surround sound. With a component built into the TV, you have cables going back in the other direction to the receiver. If audio and video both take the same path there is less change of them getting out of sync.

    And, let's not forget that Apple tries to appease DRM owners.

    So, you most likely couldn't play anything you don't own outright on such a TV.

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  • Young Spade
    May 5, 05:38 AM
    You have to realize one thing. Without market share, company like Apple can not make profit.

    Apple raked in 6 billion dollars in the first quarter of Q1. That's three months. Oh, by 6 billion I meant in gross. I think that's more than Microsoft made... not sure though.


    Market share =/= profit.

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  • proehrich
    Sep 30, 01:30 PM
    We could be trying to use the Iphone on T-mobile. :D

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  • ruzz1141
    Apr 15, 06:17 AM
    Can anyone confirm if the battery life has improved?

    Unfortunately, no! My wife's 3GS lost 33% overnight after a full charge :(

    I just did the normal update. Next I am going to try to just install 4.3.2 and setup as new and not restore any data and see if stock install still has issue to rule out some corrupt setting/data.

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  • Philter
    Jan 30, 09:34 PM
    Apple stock is tanking because Apple stopped making tools (which people need) and started making fashion objects (which are the first to go in a recession.)

    Maybe if Apple would make some real computers at fair prices... instead of these toys...

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  • Keleko
    Apr 6, 06:03 PM
    The Cherokee Memorial Park in Hopkinsville, KY, is where Chief Whitepath and Fly Smith, a clan leader, are buried. This site was one of the ration stops along the Trail of Tears.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5149/5595980609_3086a27a2c_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5595980609/in/photostream/)

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  • Aduntu
    May 2, 12:59 AM
    I would just like to mention two things:

    1. Today is yom hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)
    2. Yesterday, April 30, 2011 is the anniversary of Hitler's death.

    Just want to through those two items out there

    Your 2nd date appears to be incorrect.

    Through him a bone, will ya?

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  • uwetodd
    Apr 26, 01:38 PM
    Nice. Another awesome media streaming feature that will be choked by AT&T.

    There will probably will be a push to utilize WIFI. Unless, of course, you're one of the "chosen" to have their unlimited data plans grandfathered and won't be impacted. ;)

    Also, you'll be able to multi-task on the ATT network...

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  • animatedude
    Apr 18, 02:55 AM
    According to CNET, the new Air will be released around June with a Sandy Bridge ULV Core i5 2537M chip 1.4 GHz that can turbo to 2.3 GHz.

    So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?

    is this a new news or is it the same thing they posted early this month?

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  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 23, 09:31 PM
    Bring it to sprint and then we might have some competition on price.

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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 22, 10:43 AM
    wimax is not 4G. it even shows up with the wifi icon when it's connected. LTE is a real ITU standard that will eventually pave the way for real 4G

    Really? When my EVO connects to WiMAX the 3G turns into a 4G.

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  • Mord
    Apr 27, 12:37 PM
    I actually know that many here have shared the same view as mine, that It's painfully obvious she wasn't having a seizure. Must of been a coincidence the seizure happened right at door exit then? Purposely done to avoid being taken outside, where she would of been in severe trouble.

    Nice metric you have there, $some people on the internet have said it, thus it must be true.


    Apr 9, 02:02 PM
    http://i697.photobucket.com/albums/vv334/lock222/IMG11238_cropped_resized.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/modestconfidence/)

    Dec 30, 11:08 PM
    There is a Website called AmpleStuff that has living accessories geared toward larger people in general. This includes the Ample-Sponge, for cleaning those hard-to-reach sensitive areas. I'm not making this up. Laugh if you want, but products like this do allow big people a bit of dignity.

    We are learning some awfully interesting things about you today, lol.

    Whatever floats your boat though lol:D

    Apr 27, 06:18 PM
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    Sep 30, 02:33 PM
    The two biggest complaint areas are NY and San Fran. I bet if you took any phone, on any network, and drove around town thru hills and valleys (San Fran) and steel/concrete structures (San Fran and NY), you would have the same drop rate.

    Physics is physics. Wireless signals do not like to propagate through steel, concrete, tinted windows, passing Semi's, etc.

    Jul 10, 09:53 AM
    As a frequent user of Pages 2, I would like more toolbars and less of the 'inspector' stuff, which to me is not as convenient.

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