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johnny depp young looking

johnny depp young looking. More of Johnny Depp#39;s fine
  • More of Johnny Depp#39;s fine

  • playaj82
    Jul 26, 02:40 PM
    Why would you buy a product you're not impressed with? "Man, this iPod sucks so hard. *drool* I think I'll buy it!" Is this some kind of new teenage lingo? :D

    Sometimes I buy products I'm not impressed with to impress the people who don't understand my cool new teenage lingo.

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  • johnny depp rolling stone

  • roland.g
    Sep 30, 12:07 AM
    I took my 3G in to an Apple Store after extensive phone-based troubleshooting with Applecare techs and AT&T techs complaining of dropped calls. They ran a diagnostic that showed I had a 44% dropped call rate and gave me a replacement phone. Unfortunately AT&T also spent the summer robusting their network, so I continued to have problems though to a lesser degree. Over the last few weeks since they completed their network upgrades, I have seen my dropped call rate decrease significantly. Not necessarily happy with AT&T, their network, and the problems/service to date, but if the upgraded network proves over time that it is less prone to signal and dropped call issues, then I will be happier at least.

    BTW, Denver, CO.

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  • When Johnny Depp first met Tim

  • tny
    Oct 6, 04:23 PM
    You are assuming that the amount of spectrum available will never change. There's a reason they just shut off analog TV. Yes, spectrum is a finite resource, but they're shifting more to mobile voice/data very soon.

    You are also assuming that all the frequencies available to each tower are already in use on that tower - that the towers are saturated. I think that's an unlikely assumption, outside very dense areas like Manhattan and DC. (And in Manhattan, you probably don't have the whole "can't get towers approved because of community opposition" problem because the towers are just installed on or in existing buildings, albeit at some expense; and you probably need a denser tower population anyway because of all the ground clutter; so a denser tower population probably already exists).

    I imagine that the transceivers used on the towers have channel limits - that each transceiver can only handle a certain number of handsets k, within the limits of the number of available frequency sets n (the phone doesn't just use one frequency; I'm pretty sure they are spread-spectrum devices, so you are better off thinking of frequency sets rather than frequencies), and that k <<< n . That would explain AT&T's claims that their ongoing upgrades will mitigate the problem - they may be upgrading the transceivers on the towers so that each tower can use more of the frequencies theoretically available than has been true so far.

    The other cell companies also have to segregate their frequencies from one another. If T-Mobile (the other GSM/3G carrier) isn't having this problem, it means either a. their network utilization is a lot lower, or b. they're doing something right and AT&T is doing something wrong. That's also true with the CDMA carriers, of course, but I think they use different parts of the spectrum - and Verizon is a pretty big network.

    It's interesting how cell service works. Here's a simplistic summary:

    Only a certain number of users can use a tower at any given time. There is only a certain range of frequencies that can be used. All towers use these same frequencies. This means that each tower must not overlap the others in terms of coverage area and frequenceis. To ensure this, companies actually use different frequency ranges on adjacent towers. Further limiting how many users can use each tower.

    [cropped out a lot of the quote]

    When I was in NYC I noticed by data speeds were much slower. I didn't make enough calls to have any problems with that though.

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  • Mia Wasikowska; Johnny Depp

  • Exana
    Apr 19, 05:20 PM
    The point, though, is that the Sandy Bridge MacBook Air will have a much better CPU, but a worse GPU unless Apple does something surprising.

    Yeah ! Going with some brand new AMD's Llano APU. :D

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  • Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp)

  • vincenz
    May 1, 11:22 PM
    Good thing. About time...

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  • Asger Leth is looking to

  • Zephi
    Oct 21, 07:10 AM
    You mean the wishes that, uhm, are to fulfill? If so, then I'd love to get some money, which I suppose I won't get more than my monthly sum of pocket money. No macs this year, damn.

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  • Bruce Willis johnny depp howie

  • iEvolution
    Apr 29, 07:37 PM
    Paying less is not good. If you are a true Apple believer, you want to pay as much as possible so you can high five when Apple has record profits. It's not about the consumer, it's what's best for Apple.

    Wow some people here are incredibly close minded. Nothing comes good out of being dedicated to one brand, nothing. You don't get any perks from the company, you lose out on possible better competitor products, you lose money, you lose out on knowledge of other products, etc.

    Furthermore you are dedicated to a brand that is currently one of the most unethical companies out there, the only other company that compares is Sony. Don't get me wrong, I love the iPod line and I love the iTunes software (even if its bloated, management is 2nd to none for music), but the company does some shady things to save a few bucks, and go to great lengths to give the brand a positive name in the media (which includes banning certain individuals from their events if their reviews aren't what apple likes..iLounge 3rd generation shuffle for instance).

    BTW, Apple's primary profits come from hardware not the music store.

    I hate how slow Apple's servers on iTunes have been for the last couple years, definitely gonna have a look into amazon's store.

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  • Looking good Johnny!

  • MrSmith
    Apr 12, 10:29 AM
    What a bunch on whining individuals you are.

    "this belongs on page 2"

    "enough of this, page 2"

    Yeah, yeah, all we know now is that it's becoming increasingly clear that the next generation iPhone is scheduled for a September release, end of story

    stop whining geez :rolleyes:
    Get busy living, or get busy waiting.

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  • Johnny Depp at the event.

  • appleguy123
    Apr 24, 11:17 PM
    Just a few more hours now till I get to chomp on some villagers, see some wolves, protect useless forms of life, or become a useless form of life.
    I'm biting my (werewolf?) nails here.
    Edit: and Neko girl contacted me a few minutes ago. She said that she didn't have much Internet where she was, and might properly play in the next game.

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  • godfather, johnny depp

  • KoukiFC3S
    Mar 16, 12:32 PM
    Anyone going tomorrow?

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  • Starring: Johnny Depp, Frank

  • Rooskibar03
    Jan 26, 12:03 PM
    You're welcome. Might have to order another one before the 31st. :D

    Just an FYI, item shows sold out. Missed my window...

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  • Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham

  • Zonz
    Dec 31, 01:05 AM
    Since when did a persons lifestyle choice become everyone else's business? Jesus, I didn't realize being fat was such an ethical decision... :rolleyes:

    And to actually bring in healthcare and politics into this? Seriously? Then you guys should:

    1) stop smoking cigarettes,
    2) stop eating fast food,
    3) stop sitting on your ass typing on mac rumors (maybe go for a run?)
    4) avoid ever single carcinogen on the planet, like say, the sun (UV radiation?)...
    5) stop driving cars, or doing anything that involves fast or dangerous movement, like say sports?
    6) be the perfect most healthy person ever...

    ...because it's my problem. I'm paying for it in my taxes. HOW COULD YOU BE SO SELFISH!?

    This is her choice. It effects her and her family, not you. I forgot how God declared that fat people go straight to hell, because being fat is so evil...

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  • In the movie Johnny Depp plays

  • Surely
    Sep 13, 06:32 PM
    ^^^The food's pretty good. I was never disappointed.

    hubba hubba. i guess? hahaha

    3 month supply set me back $70 with copay. $370 with no insurance!! :eek: Boys are lucky.

    Nice edit.:D

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  • to remain eternally young,

  • OceanView
    Mar 17, 10:48 AM
    Heard Brea had only 9 iPads today. Anyone confirm? Over 100+ waiting in line. Crazy.

    Brea had 15 wifi only.
    125+ people.

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  • JANUARY 2006 photo | Johnny

  • cult hero
    Apr 24, 12:58 PM
    One of my first thoughts when Verizon got an iPhone out of sync with the normal production order was the the iPhone 5 (or 4S) was going to be unlocked and Verizon wanted to capitalize on a few months of their own form of exclusivity.

    I hope this means I'm right.

    I'm currently sporting a Nexus One which, since its OTA update to 2.3 is a phone that has all the stability and responsiveness of Windows ME. (I have not found this to be generally true of the Android platform, but the Nexus One hasn't done the platform any favors for me personally.)

    I've been eyeing the G2X (so far as I can tell it's just a rebranded LG Optimus 2X) as my next phone, but I think I'm gonna just wait and see what June - September has in store.

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  • Brainy-looking. Wuv. 7) Johnny

  • JLL
    Mar 31, 04:10 PM
    Can someone confirm there isn't going to be a to-do list in Lion? This is ridiculous!

    There is a To Do list in iCal in Lion.

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  • rather like Johnny Depp,

  • ptysell
    Apr 28, 12:11 PM
    So the iPhone went from being pummeled by Android to now just being badly beaten.

    That is Awesome.

    Beaten in terms what what?

    The entire Android platform only generates 1 billion dollars per year in revenue for Google.

    On the flip side, the iOS platform generates 1.4 billion dollars per quarter through the iTunes store for Apple.

    Google hasn't found a way to significantly capitalize on Androids market share and that is a major loss. Hell, Google could take over the other 30% of the market held by RIM/ect. and the yearly Android revenue would still be below Apples quarterly revenue for the iOS platform.

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  • Johnny Depp, Jackie Chan,

  • aswitcher
    Oct 24, 08:34 AM
    aswitcher, could you explain a bit more to me what you mean by
    "802.11n pending firmware upgrade..." since you're the first to mention this at all? Does anyone know if this new MBP will have 802.11n at all (for the iTV)?

    The last round of iMacs are supposed to have new airport extremes that can be firmware upgraded to 802.11N. This is based upon a finding whilst using bootcamp and windowsXP/Vista(?). With Apples special TV thingy coming out next year (Steve Jobs announced at WWDC) all Macs really need wireless faster than G so it makes sense to upgrade them all to "n". So I strongly suspect the latest macbok pros have it - and it will be enabled next year.

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  • You#39;re looking at Vanessa

  • DotComName
    May 4, 09:40 AM
    Also, I'm more concerned with iOS 5 and what it'll bring, than I am with what new specs the iPhone 5 will have.

    Chase R
    Nov 8, 07:31 PM
    Hello broken bones and doctor bills:D

    Life's no fun if you're not taking risks!... (words from an adrenaline junky :D)

    Oct 2, 06:56 PM
    I recently rejoined. I haven't folded for a very long time but my mac pro is folding again during the days. We need to get this team going again. :D

    sounds good! and yes we do!

    Jul 26, 02:50 PM
    Did ye all not read the report. The whole point is that it is a "Proximity sensor" . That it can detect your gestures while "spaced away" from the ipod. This would be no big deal if it required rubbing your greasy fingers all over the display!! Yes and it states "a touch screen display" "For multifunctional handheld devices".

    "The method includes sensing an object spaced away and in close proximity to the electronic device. The method also includes performing an action in the electronic device when an object is sensed." Meaning when I'm close to touching the darn thing do/show this when this is happening on screen.

    Did you read it?

    EDIT: Still not "touchless" either....
    "For example, when using a touch sensing device along with a proximity detection system, advanced gestures may be performed that combine proximity gestures along with touch gestures."

    Apr 15, 03:02 PM
    :rolleyes: Whatever. I'm not NDA police. Pirate all you want. Just don't be pissed when people don't post the changelog RIGHTAWAYS.

    Who says I pirated anything? All I was trying to say, is that it really gets tiring to see this back and forth every time any preview comes out. We all know that people have to agree to not disclose things. We all also know that most people ignore that requirement. It doesn't do any good to remind anyone of non-disclosure agreements. People are going to talk about it anyway. Just saying...

    May 3, 08:25 AM
    Hyper-Threading (Intel Core i7 only) � a technology that allows two threads to run simultaneously on each core. So a quad-core iMac has eight virtual cores, all of which are recognized by Mac OS X. This enables the processor to deliver faster performance by spreading tasks more evenly across a greater number of cores.


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