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funny things to say to a girl

funny things to say to a girl. I have to say that I really,
  • I have to say that I really,

  • QuarterSwede
    Jul 12, 01:54 PM
    Noooo, not a grammar check! They are ALWAYS horrible!

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  • things to say about Emma.

  • mi5moav
    Jul 24, 10:22 PM
    This is old news, the prototypes where shown last month. They actually use Apples igesture software very cool stuff. If you swipe your finger off the screen to the left it is like reverse, finger swipe off screen to top is volume up, finger slide on left or right side mimics scroll... I can't remeber where i saw all the different igestures will have to look. I talked about this about a month ago regarding there new code name"Freedom" let me see if I can find an older link on my ramblings...

    The new Ipod has no buttons, no scroll wheel, no headphone jack, no dock connector. In other words freedom from everything. The most aesthetic piece of technology ever conceived.

    1. Power Supply through SplashPower. Similar to those toothbrushes and razors that charge through there plastics with magnetic fields.(strange they haven't updated there site since September 05...did Apple acquire them?)

    2. Transfer of songs...Wireless USB

    3. Headphone jack...Bluetooth

    4. Navigation...virtual touchless/touch screen. As your finger moves over the ipods screen a virtual scrolling interface pops up allowing for more screen real-estate. fingerprints?? not to worry you don't actually have to touch the screen, embedded in/behind the lcd are capacitors that can tell, which direction your fingers are going. Igesture software will be used to give commands(Apple needed to add another way to input besides pop up scroll wheel... need some sort of tactile or directional point to start from... otherwise on a completely blank screen, which end is up??) I guess this way you can still activate and use the device while it is in your pocket, and even a blind individual could use igestures.

    5. Hold Button/Power On fingerprint screen identification(great for if your ipod is stolen)

    So, there you have it a completely enclosed ipod, so elegant as not to have a single button or port opening or anything but a beautiful screen... Apple will release the in 2006... Freedom... free your self from everything.

    *ipod Nano will still have dock connector for now.

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  • Crusader
    Sep 12, 11:54 PM
    I think the price has to do with it being not just hand made in general, but also hand stitched. They were telling me that hand stitching is stronger and easier to repair over what any machine can do, but takes a lot longer to do. They're really down to earth folks. Just a younger couple trying to make a living at a trade.

    I want to have 1 or 2 but unfortunately I'm from Hong Kong. Not sure if they ship them oversea.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Feb 1, 09:07 AM
    I was just curious, because it seems as if it is a "different" person posting. Perhaps in a day or two we'll see you posting how your little sister or mom got hold of your MacRumors account and posted all kind of weird stuff.

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  • Demoman
    Jul 10, 09:37 PM
    I entirely agree with you on these points. Apple is barely marketing iWork at all, let alone in a way which would help people understand its value. At MW last January I made a point of mentioning the Mac owner confusion over what Pages does to one of the reps on the floor who was demonstrating the new version. He also happened to be on the Pages programming team. (Which game me an opportunity to show him a bug I'd found. :))

    He seemed surprised to be hearing what I was telling him, and I wasn't entirely sure he believed me in the end, but perhaps this rumor reflects some understanding on Apple's part that they're not getting the message out about these applications, particularly Pages. Maybe they'll get serious about marketing in version 3.

    One other thing, I think Apple ought to be bundling iWork with most if not all of their systems, and not necessarily because we like to get free booty. The more Mac owners used iWork, the more who would see the value in forking out for the upgrades. This is exactly how Apple already markets iLife, so why they're not doing this for iWork is just plain mystifying.

    That is really a sound idea. Personally, I do not mind paying the $79 for iWork, in fact it is a zero issue for me (I own Final Cut Studio, Macromedia Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Shake, Lightwave, etc). I think establishing a user base is what Apple should be focusing on.

    Migration into the business world can be a very tenuous undertaking, just ask Taligent (or Steve with Next). Having the best product does not guarantee success. In fact, the history of computers, especially PC's, is littered by the failures of superior technology. In the 80's there was a slogan among corporate computer buyers; "No one ever got fired for buying IBM". The simple truth is, corporations are usually very conservative when it comes to buying technology. Sure, there are exceptions. But, the majority has the mindset, "never put yourself in a position where you can be criticized.

    I am an IT Manager and have brought in Macs on a trial basis. I convinced the technology budget oversight committee that we are better off with Mini�s, rather than Citrix thin clients. We still have to license each thin client for Office. The economics are:

    Mini � Standard w/1GB RAM, iWork and Keyboard = $856.00 � before business discount
    Thin - HP t5520, 64MB, Windows CE = $359 � Office Standard $335 � keyboard/mouse $75 = $769.00

    With the Mini you actually have a fine computer. The thin client cannot do anything without momma. This is a very easy choice unless you have to add another ~ $400 for Mac:Office. That is why the spreadsheet is so important. I already know Pages works for the majority of my users. Any changes that make it more appealing is just that much better.

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  • rxse7en
    Jul 28, 10:24 AM
    There is no incentive to go to a Zune. Same DRM, same features. THe people who hate the iPod and buy Creative aren't switching to Zune. They don't want to be locked into DRM. So unless microsoft really does something innovative it is just another player in a sea of non-iPods.

    That's a good point. I think people are happy with what's available to them and I'm not so sure that an all-encompassing portable media device is ncessary. I've had 4g ipod for a couple of years now. Use it at the gym and when mowing the lawn. I don't think I'm the typical iPod user, but how much portable entertainment is too much? I always thought Walkmen and iPods were a little antisocial, people tend to shut themselves in. I think MS would be better off creating the next media paradigm.


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  • Chupa Chupa
    Apr 11, 04:01 PM
    So basically, the new FCP is becoming the next FCE for prosumers and Apple is abandoning the professional market.

    Well, that isn't what I'm saying, no. It's what you are saying or thought I said, or wanted to think I said or something like that.

    All I'm saying is that I think Apple might lower the price of FCP in order to kill FCE once and for all (as if it hasn't already realistically). All FCE is, is FCP stripped. No reason it can't sell FCP solo @ a prosumer price and then FCS at a higher price point.

    Aperture is a good model for this. It's a pro app, and the boxed full version is a few hundred, but is also available @ a much lower prosumer price @ the Mac App Store.

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  • pmd
    May 2, 08:50 PM
    Also iMacs are still shipping in 24hrs on the apple website, a good sign that the new iMacs are not coming just yet.

    Well, that could be interpreted as:

    If you order an iMac now, it will ship tomorrow. It just might be a newer model than the one you were expecting! :D

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  • bbplayer5
    Apr 28, 12:56 PM
    Android doesnt really cater to the female population unless they are tech nerds. Apple caters to anyone that doesnt care about manipulating your phone. Im actually kinda shocked android has more devices using its OS than Apple does. Most people like simplicity. For me though, android is the way to go. iOS got stale a long time ago.

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  • SmileyBlast!
    Apr 28, 12:30 PM
    This is the important part:

    Apple's iPhone 4 ranked as the top-selling mobile phone in the U.S. during the quarter, and perhaps most surprisingly, the iPhone 3GS took second place in the rankings. Despite essentially being a nearly two-year-old device . . .

    That speaks volumes.

    I noticed that 2 which must mean that Samsung and LG still ship a lot of Feature Phones as well in addition to their Android phones.

    Still, we can surely expect this trend to continue where Smart Phones rise and Feature phones sunset.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 26, 11:59 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/26/apple-expected-to-charge-for-cloud-based-music-storage-service/)


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  • Ubele
    Apr 13, 02:32 PM
    Every time a new product like this from Apple is rumored, it follows a predictable pattern: 1) People look at existing, entrenched offerings by other companies. 2) They assume Apple will add some slightly different functionality and charge a lot more money for the product, and ask, "How many people would pay a premium for something just because it has the Apple logo and does a couple more things than existing products? And why would Apple enter that market, anyway?" 3) Steve Jobs says that Apple has no plans to enter that market. ("Nobody watches TV anymore. Everyone is reading books on their iPads.") 3) Apple announces that it is indeed entering that market, with a magical, game-changing product. 4) People still assume it will be an over-priced slight variation on existing products and predict that it will be an epic fail. 5) Apple releases the product, which is radically different in some ways from anything else that's out there, and/or offers a user experience that is significantly more refined than anything else that's out there. 6) People line up in droves to buy it, and sales go through the roof. 7) The people who predicted it would be an epic fail were among the first in line to buy it (unless they're waiting for the Android version that will come out a year later), and now they're whining that it's been six months already, and there have been no rumors about what might be in rev 2 of the product, which was great in its day but is now getting stale.

    In other words, I believe this rumor is credible only if Apple has some new take on the television set that none of us are even guessing at yet. I highly doubt they'd release a conventional TV with only the guts of the AppleTV added to it.

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  • vader_slri
    Apr 18, 09:53 AM
    Very true. Plus, turbo mode is mostly marketing hype. It should be called turbo fraud. It doesn't work the way it's advertised, ie, most of the time when you need it to. So, what you're really getting is a 1.4 GHZ computer that's advertised as a 2.3 GHZ one. That's taking marketing hype to the extreme. The only way I would buy a computer with one of Intel's turbo hyped CPU's is if the bottom score met my needs. I would never rely on the hyped theoretical upper score in making my decision and in this case 1.4 GHZ doesn't cut it for me.

    Intel's marketing only specifies the base processor speed, not the turbo speed. For example, the i5-2537M under discussion here is advertised as a 1.4GHz chip. Guess what? Its base clock speed is 1.4GHz. It can turbo up to 2.3GHz but it is in no way advertised as being a 2.3GHz chip. Here is the product sheet directly from Intel:


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 26, 11:59 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/26/apple-expected-to-charge-for-cloud-based-music-storage-service/)


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  • Don't panic
    Apr 27, 08:59 PM
    maybe i should just vote myself huh?

    you wouldn't be the first, nor the second, nor the third...
    never helped before.

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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 25, 01:25 AM
    Re: Zune already features none-touch technology

    I wouldn't touch one.

    Zune already features none-touch technology? Huh? Zune doesn't even exist yet (at least from a consumer point of view), so how can you say it already has anything?

    Comparing two products that haven't been released (nor even had their specs officially released) seems quite pointless...

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  • l.w41sh
    Apr 28, 09:40 PM
    So does this mean I can't replace the back of my black iPhone 4 with white glass?

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  • tristangage
    Apr 12, 02:51 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5182/5613717273_8577b78ae4.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tristangage/5613717273/)
    IMG_0802.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tristangage/5613717273/) by tristangage (http://www.flickr.com/people/tristangage/), on Flickr

    Camera Canon EOS 500D
    Exposure 0.003 sec (1/400)
    Aperture f/7.1
    Focal Length 300 mm
    ISO Speed 100

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  • jdechko
    Apr 29, 02:53 PM
    Katy Perry's "E.T.", Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

    If those are the songs Amazon is selling then Apple doesn't need to worry about losing my business. :D

    Apr 13, 08:50 PM
    I saw one in the wild.

    Employee at an AT&T store in Charlotte, NC had one last week when I stopped in to purchase a car charger. He said they are probably going to be out soon, but mentioned that he is having problems with the proximity sensor. he said the screen display is staying on when he is on calls and that his cheek/ear are activating display controls. Could it be an issue with the bright white reflecting too much light into the sensor?

    Apr 22, 06:21 PM
    I don't see how this is going to work... How are they going to keep the same battery life in this form factor? At this price point, or are they going to increase the prices? I'm not going to go back to my 3GS battery life.

    Apr 28, 05:29 PM

    Looks exactly the same to me...

    Jul 24, 08:28 PM
    I like my G5 (the logitech mouse) for the laser, amount of buttons (the wheel has 3 clicks), the extra weight (you don't know you need it until you have it) and the smooth teflon pads on the bottom that make every other mouse feel like crap (stick to the table) when you move it. I just wish there were drivers for Mac. USB overdrive is ok, but I don't get the full 2000 dpi and the speed is still too low for my liking (everyone says I'm crazy with my mouse speed :p ). I have to reach across a 20" screen with less than an inch of mouse movement with no acceleration. It works under windows, dammit! If anyone has a solution for me, PM me please.

    Maybe I'll get in of those Bluetooth "M5". I love that it works with AA batteries since I would hate having to charge my laptop, cell phone, iPod AND my mouse. Laser uses less battery power than the optical thing by the way so battery time should be good.

    Apr 22, 04:16 PM
    Yep, a touch sensitive home button is the way to go. Will act as the unlock button too. It was about time we got rid of that nasty plastic which breaks very easily.

    That image is ludicrous, I can't imagine it being that thin. Thinner than the iPod touch by the looks of it?

    Anyway, I hate the touch's design, can't hold it reassuringly.

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