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funny obama pictures

funny obama pictures. Funny Obama Picture
  • Funny Obama Picture

  • Extremus
    May 3, 09:03 AM
    Site has just been updated. New iMacs are available!!:D

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  • funny barack obama mccain

  • MacRumors
    Nov 10, 02:22 PM (

    funny obama pictures. Obama feels this will
  • Obama feels this will

  • etoiles
    Jul 28, 09:56 AM
    Competition is good...

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  • Obama sign, funny Obama

  • NickZac
    Dec 29, 10:56 PM
    I have to agree it would be interesting to watch her consume all of this.

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  • The flood of funny obama

  • LbSigman
    Apr 14, 03:09 PM
    My upload is better, but my download is the same.

    I've had instances in which my download was 650kbps and my upload has been 1200kbps. It's been all over the board, but I'm still happy with it. Did you just install the new update?

    funny obama pictures. Funny Obama Pictures.
  • Funny Obama Pictures.

  • spookywarrior
    Jun 6, 05:55 PM
    FYI, the article says that they didn't complete the really need to download the reading comprehension app. ;)

    Maybe just maybe I wasn't referring to any set of individuals but yet pointing out that anyone could go download the $1000 app and claim that it was an accident and get it re-imbursed. ;)

    funny obama pictures. funny-obama-2.jpg obama/palin
  • funny-obama-2.jpg obama/palin

  • hexonxonx
    Apr 29, 05:37 PM
    I have to wonder how many people discussing audio quality buy their movies from iTunes vs Blu-Ray.

    Just asking since apparently those people are so concerned with getting optimal performance from their media.

    Not to take this off topic - but too many people have been duped by all the streaming serves and cable companies to believe they're getting a true HD experience when, in fact, they aren't because of the astronomical bitrate difference between what can be streamed vs delivered by hard media at current.

    I don't have a blu-ray player and have no plans on buying one. I also don't have an HD TV, still using a 10+ year old Sony Trinitron. It's not broke so it's not getting replaced till it is.

    I buy all my TV shows and on iTunes in HD and watch them on my 15" MBP. I buy movies on iTunes as well as I don't rent and haven't in over 15 years.

    Even if Amazon has 69 cent songs, I will likely continue buying on iTunes. Over the past year, most music has been purchased on my iPhone while I am out. Can't do that with Amazon.

    funny obama pictures. Obama
  • Obama

  • 7on
    Jul 25, 08:21 AM
    I would like one, maybe convince my mom to buy me one... I'll give her my old 1-buttoner :-p

    funny obama pictures. Funny Obama Pictures
  • Funny Obama Pictures

  • jessica.
    Jan 31, 03:53 PM
    This Rattleware espresso tamper

    That just looks ... well not like something I'd stick in my coffee.

    funny obama pictures. funny obama pictures
  • funny obama pictures

  • roadbloc
    Apr 29, 01:54 AM
    Seriously, why not an Imac with touch-screen right now? Will we need to wait for the next iMac update to see this technology implemented?

    Are you serious? Even if you were to put X on a big enough display so you could easily use it as a touchscreen, you're arm will die of fatigue in minutes. If you want a near touchscreen like experience with your new iMac, try a Magic Mouse or a Magic Trackpad.

    funny obama pictures. Outrageously Funny Obama
  • Outrageously Funny Obama

  • bartszyszka
    Apr 13, 02:25 PM
    It would be interesting if they provided the parts to other manufacturers for "comes with Apple tv" TVs. The only time they've done something like that though is the Motorola ROKR with iTunes built in and that didn't work out very well at all.

    I can't imagine them selling an Apple-branded TV unless they decide to integrate Apple TVs into the cinema displays? But it seems like most people are buying 40-60" TVs these days and Apple only sells 27" displays now.

    funny obama pictures. Obama funny pictures
  • Obama funny pictures

  • theanimala
    Apr 30, 08:57 AM
    This could potentially be the single dumbest post I have ever read on the entire Internet. Bravo!

    What doesn't Amazon sell? toilet paper, tampons, tooth paste, and it is worth 80 billion, when it should be worth 1 billion. It is an uninspired discounter, like online-Walmart.

    On Amazon you can buy used comic books, used read softcover novels, used 10 year old PaperMate pens, it is like a giant flea market.

    They need sales and prestige to keep up their scam.

    High valuations should belong to high tech companies. Amazon says the Kindle is their heart, when it represents less than 0.1% of its sales.

    On Amazon they sell fertilizer made from dung.

    Apple is instead a high tech company. It makes money by selling high advanced technology.

    Unlike Amazon, which has no research and development budget (how much research do you need to carry Q-tips and tampons?), Apple is not a scam. It is what it says it ism a high tech edge company. Amazon says the same, but it is sad flea market selling dirty used bird feeders.

    funny obama pictures. Labels: funny, obama, race
  • Labels: funny, obama, race

  • CFreymarc
    Mar 29, 08:25 AM
    Sadly, Vegas will cost you more for a week than SF (if you want to do it "right").

    And doing San Francisco "right" is close if not more. At least in Vegas you have massive competition for your entertainment dollar. San Francisco entertainment venues is this strange, cabal like maze of approval processes with some social engineering objective hidden from the public.

    Hotels, restaurants and other "substance" costs are a hell of a lot cheaper in Vegas than in San Francisco. I did Vegas for less than a grand in a week last summer just to see how far I could stretch my dollar. I ended up with free rooms, free food, complementary shows and spent my money on what matters -- booze, guns and women!

    funny obama pictures. obama funny smile
  • obama funny smile

  • phototech11
    Mar 16, 11:02 AM
    I have a black iPad2 64gb Verizon that I picked up at Brea Mall this morning.

    Looking to trade for black iPad2 64gb AT&T.




    funny obama pictures. barack obama funny
  • barack obama funny

  • motulist
    Aug 16, 06:38 AM
    Should I see if i can install this beta I got from a friend?

    Mmm hmm.

    #1) NEVER install beta software, especially not an OS, on a computer that you care about at all. It could potentially destroy your computer and destroy everything on your hard disk.

    #2) NEVER NEVER EVER run software you got from a "friend."

    #3) Talking about pirating software, which this is, is prohibited on this forum.

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  • Vertigo50
    Apr 13, 07:58 PM
    It's still not going to happen. Just watch.

    funny obama pictures. the joke was funny. Obama
  • the joke was funny. Obama

  • rdowns
    Oct 19, 01:34 PM

    -Intel Chips are not innovation. Its change of suppliers.
    -Magsafe is an actual innovation.
    -24" monitors have been around for like 10 yrs.... slappig into an iMac isnt innovation its either ballsy managing or perfect timing
    -A webcam.... and a software to list all ur media.... nice not new. ITS A WEBCAM PEOPLE. THATS ALL. IT DOESNT SAVE CHILDREN.
    -I thought Sony had a laptop that did this already? Can't confirm.

    I can confirm that my Sony Vaio does in fact save children.

    funny obama pictures. Obama Joker T-shirt
  • Obama Joker T-shirt

  • gkarris
    Mar 7, 05:47 PM
    Can't say that I'm surprised by this. In fact, I am actually kind of happy it has happened.

    Wait, I thought the show was cancelled, then it wasn't, then it is, so what is actually going on?

    funny obama pictures. Funny Obama
  • Funny Obama

  • Snowy_River
    Jul 25, 01:18 AM
    this sounds very interesting and futuristic. i wonder how you click, or make a selection. it would be pointless if you could scroll wothout touching the screen, but had to touch it in order to click on the scroll wheel.
    im excited though! sounds cool!

    I can see how simple gestures could be recognized as the various clicks that you would normally do, so I don't think this would be an issue.

    Apr 23, 08:48 PM
    What product will the T-Mobile chic bash now??? :rolleyes:

    Nov 30, 12:11 PM
    Here is a link to Atlas's machine stats, it's freeking awesome ( look at!!!!!man the failed stats there are pretty big

    Les Kern
    Apr 24, 11:08 AM
    I have had several friends and family members try Android with several different models, trying so hard to believe it was better then iOS iP4, but finally giving in and now love their iP4s! They all have iPads as well!

    A friend in IT was all over his new EVO, saying and trying to show how superior it was to his old iPhone. Within a month or two the EVO was gone, replaced with an iPhone4. Why? He said it was a dead end. While a few things were really nice, it was buggy, there were too few apps, and it was just no fun to use.
    Life should be fun, not fraught with glitches and a tool that had no soul.

    Jan 31, 07:52 AM
    A riding backpack, new textile jacket and rear seat cowl.

    Apr 24, 07:26 PM
    And how about if she still has men's parts down there? Where does she belong then?

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