Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

funny fortune cookie sayings

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  • nies
    Apr 26, 09:56 AM
    Alrighty good logic, just checking

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  • lbro
    Apr 18, 01:28 AM
    Okay I'll play.

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 9, 02:07 AM

    Mercedez on my bathroom counter.

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  • bmwhd
    May 4, 08:58 AM
    This is actually consistent with what I'm hearing too. Fall release, combined GSM/CDMA platform.

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  • jaxstate
    Jul 24, 05:26 PM
    I hope it functions better than the corded Mighty Mouse. I ended up buying a logitech corded mouse instead of the "Mighty" Mouse. It just didn't feel right. I hope this one is better, but on the other hand, it can't be worst than the MouseBT. It has to be one of the worst Mice ever made.

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  • Mike84
    Apr 22, 09:40 AM
    This does not necessarily mean that Apple's iPhone 5 will not have the hybrid chip. It is entirely possible that Apple could be working very close with Qualcomm and they could announce the Iphone 5 in late September just not ship it until November 2011 or even close to the end of the year.

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  • cherry su
    Jan 2, 01:15 PM
    Emphasis mine. Let's put corn ethanol for vehicle fuel and soy biodiesel aside for a minute. You may be shocked when you find out how much corn and other food is given to livestock to bulk them up for human consumption as meat. It's quite possibly the most inefficient calorie conversion we humans can conjure-- just because we like meat too g**d*** much.

    Vegan: The New Ethics Of Eating by Erik Marcus opened my eyes quite a bit about this kind of thing.

    (Disclaimer: For a period of time, I was vegan because of what I read in that book and other resources. Nowadays I'm "flexitarian", eating meat for only about 10% of my intake, mainly in the interest of family harmony; I could "go veg" again rather easily.)

    Agreed. The documentary Food Inc. brought this to my attention. It's quite freaky, feeding corn to cows. o_o

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  • emotion
    Jul 25, 09:38 AM
    In the UK edu prices:
    £31 for Mighty Mouse and £35 for the Bluetooth version.

    Not too bad I guess. I'll be holding out for the black version though :)

    Edit: Ignore the prices folks...looking at the wrong one.....doh!

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  • Eraserhead
    Jul 25, 08:12 AM
    (the new 5G are a bit wider and thinner than the 4G) making any devices that the iPod "fits into" need to be retooled.

    My 5G iPod fits in my 3G dock just fine, the only problem is that it's thinner so it doesn't fit snugly. I think it will have a dock connector (for accessories) and a headphone socket and hld switch at least, though a splash power charger would be cool, i can just see your iPod falling off it, for a similar feature why not just include a dock to connect to your computer?

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  • rovex
    Apr 27, 01:25 PM
    Jesus christ. You presented your point as "obvious fact" then it was knocked back to pure conjecture, and now you've gone straight to whining that you feel disallowed your opinion, because *gasp* someone on the internet disagreed.

    Grow up.

    Fair enough, not fact but a blatantly obvious observation which by no means is false, as others have agreed. It may be difficult for you to put things in perspective, perhaps due to the strong emotion after watching what unfolded.

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  • Plutonius
    Apr 19, 12:29 PM
    my point wasn’t we need to start; it was that we aren’t getting players. I figured i’d bump it to maybe get the thread some notice.

    When do dp and i argue?:confused:

    i'll play, mostly to annoy aggie.
    But i won't ask any clarification on the rules so the usual suspect can keep complaining about being ambushed.


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  • Westside guy
    Dec 1, 04:34 PM
    Windows Vista is NOT Windows XP.

    Hey, somewhat going off on a tangent here but...

    Vista is just now coming out. Are you old enough to remember that, when XP came out, it was lauded as "the most secure Windows ever"? It's silly to pay any attention to what MS says - until Vista has a track record, we won't know how its security stacks up.

    Love or hate Steve Gibson, but he's pointed out some extremely stupid holes in Vista's security during the beta process. Stuff that was fixed in Windows back in the days of 95/98. They've got a totally new network stack in Vista, and frankly Microsoft has very little experience writing core network code (remember much or most of their previous stack was shown to have been pulled from BSD).

    Now back to the Mac side. I'm glad to see this thread isn't filled with Apple apologists. :) Apple certainly has work ahead of them, but I think all in all they've been pretty responsive to most vulnerability reports over the past couple years. But Mac people need to shed this false air of invulnerability that's far too common on this forum and elsewhere. In the end, common sense will go far to protect you - don't run day to day as an admin account, use a strong password, don't use the same password everywhere. If you have a home network, use NAT (by default you probably will be). Don't try to download a "free" version of Microsoft Office off Gnutella. :D

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  • ksgant
    Apr 13, 02:28 PM
    What does it take to be an analyst now? Just some 20-sided dice and a few key/buzz word decisions to make?

    These guys throw out hundreds of the wild-ass predictions each year and just through sheer probability, someone is right. But they always pat each other on the back in each other's blogs with stuff like "Wow, White really nailed that one didn't he".

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  • digitalbiker
    Jul 11, 12:58 AM
    Apple never intended for iWork to compete with MS Office. Apple merely wanted to fill a niche for those AppleWorks users who didn't need a full blown behemoth Office Suite like MS Office.

    It is only the die-hard Apple users that detest MS Office who are suggesting that iWork is a replacement for MS Office.

    I have been using Pages and Keynote since Day One. Pages One was almost worthless in my book. Apple should have given away Pages v2 to those who suffered through version 1. Keynote was interesting and useful from version one but still lags significantly behind PowerPoint.

    Both Pages 2 and Keynote now make a nice little package at $79.00 for those users who don't need to work in an MS Office environment and don't need all of the revision, collaboration, and integration tools of MS Office.

    But come on, let's get real. iWork doesn't really come close to what is offered by a professional business suite like MS Office. It's like saying, Photshop Elements is a replacement for Creative Suite 2.:eek:

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  • Aetherhole
    Mar 11, 11:50 PM
    Was unfortunately one of the MANY who didn't get anything today...

    Originally thought about the 32GB 3G, but ultimately decided I wanted the 64 3G. Sadly, was waiting at the South Coast Apple Store and slowly heard them announce the 3G models all disappearing one by one.

    Waited for 3 hours... not the longest I've waited, but still disappointing. Oh well, Online Ordering here I come!

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  • IndyJones
    Apr 26, 03:23 AM
    Add a third option, 24" with a 16:10 ratio and a matte option. Easier on the eyes and more vertical space. The 27" was murder on my eyes and I had to sell mine.

    I love my 27' so much!! I will buy another hopefully next week, even though I don't need it.

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  • iDutchman
    Oct 21, 07:14 AM
    Here in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas, he comes to us first by steamship, and then on a white horse. It is that important that the TV shows him arriving direct, plus tens of thousands are on the quayside.
    Gifts are given on the 5th December

    Yeah. Every child grows up with Sinterklaas. You can see it as Santa, only this one comes from Spain by boat.(according to the old tradition:D). Most children stop believing in the real existence of Sinterklaas at the age of 9 or 10. But it's always a lot of fun, though. :cool:
    Sinterklaas comes with a lot of special candy as well. Pepernoten (literally translated it means Peppernuts) and chocolate letters.

    Oh, I almost forgot. ontopic:

    I really do wish to get my SSD inside my iMac 27" mid-2010 model. That's the only thing. I don't really dare to do it myself, so I still need to find a way.

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  • blissmonkey
    Apr 12, 03:09 PM
    Exactly in the same boat except my 3G has a shattered screen with bits of glass that has fallen off. It has gone through hell and back but, I decided to wait since June is only a short wait away. Now, supposedly its been pushed back to september and I am planning on getting a new phone in either june or july since I will have some extra cash and can move to verizon on a family plan. I dont want to get the 4 when the new one is right around the corner. So, this pushing back to september means I'll probably move to the Droid. Hopefully the announcement is still in june and these rumors are just to throw us off since the last iPhone announcement wasnt very exciting since we all knew what was coming.

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 29, 05:12 PM
    Oh good. I like lower prices.

    When I buy music, I typically buy from Amazon anyway. Their prices almost always seem to be cheaper than iTunes for the music I buy.

    /would not buy or listen to anything by the artists listed in the above article. Just sayin' :p

    I've only bought one song from Amazon and the sample rate was less than I get with iTunes. Anyone else notice a difference?

    Apr 23, 08:30 PM
    I don't believe this. Why would Apple waste money on a carrier that has just been bought?

    you know.. the US isn't the only country in the world.

    i think Apple wants to offer the iPhone to as many users as possible, and the only way to do that is to offer it on as many networks as possible.

    there are companies all over the world that run on the same bands as t-mobile.

    Mar 1, 10:12 AM
    If this guy can generate that much viewership and money, it show you the state of television progamming... :eek:

    Apr 12, 09:22 AM
    HTC sensation > iphone 5
    That is all

    comparing a phone that hasn't been released to one with absolutely zero specs? great analysis.

    manu chao
    Apr 28, 05:50 PM
    That ones not really too accurate due to the camera angle...its on a slope.

    Also just run this through myself.

    I get 79.2 on the White iPhone and 78.9 on the black. Given that I also had to level the image that sounds about right. Theres no way you can call your or my results accurate from a wonky photo however as photoshop attempts to enhance an image when rotating to level, thus distorting the original.

    Which would make the it 0.035 mm thicker or 35 micron.

    May 2, 10:08 AM
    Eh I'm feeling a bit weary about tommorow. We haven't heard anything good at all recently.

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