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  • JGowan
    Jul 28, 07:30 AM
    "Three to Five Years"! What a HARD laugh!

    The iPod (which started the whole dang thang) has only been OUT for five years and the iTunes Music Store for about three.

    I think it is downright presumptous to predict 5 years down the pike just about anything when NOBODY could've predicted just what Apple would accomplish in such a period of time.

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  • VPrime
    Jan 26, 01:37 AM
    After the XBMC announcement I knew I had to get one :). Jailbroke and installed XBMC right when I got home :D

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  • Snowy_River
    Dec 1, 08:29 PM
    I do not agree that lower our demands for Apple with regards to security expectations. Now is Apple's chance to prevent getting an image that their competition has, with regards to holes in security. Apple themselves have advertised that Spyware, viruses, etc, are not part of the OS X experience ( In my opinion, that may be received as a challenge, or incentive for someone to make that argument a fallacy.

    Perhaps you missed me saying "Now, certainly, these issues should be looked at with all due diligence"? Again, I agree that Apple needs to keep on top of these vulnerabilities. With a little luck, we'll see a new security update within the next week or two that will patch most, if not all, of these. My objection was not to wanting Apple to fix these vulnerabilities. My objection was to the tone that suggested that if we didn't mount a public outcry, Apple would ignore these altogether, and by January 1st there'd be as many viruses on OS X as on Windows. It's the alarmist nature of so many of the posts here that I found objectionable. Give Apple the credit it's due, and trust that they are working on patching all of these vulnerabilities right now. How hard it is to patch them will determine how long we'll have to wait for the security updates.

    I'm still waiting to hear that someone--anyone--has actually been exploited by one of these "exploits."

    Yes, actually they're vulnerabilities, not exploits. There's a big difference. Determining a way to utilize a vulnerability as an exploit is no small challenge. And I'm with you. While I'm eager to see Apple plug these holes, I'm not worrying about the boat sinking until I see some water start to come in... ;)

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jan 31, 12:27 AM
    Apple stock is tanking because Apple stopped making tools (which people need) and started making fashion objects (which are the first to go in a recession.)

    Maybe if Apple would make some real computers at fair prices... instead of these toys...

    Where do you come up with this stuff? We demand less!

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  • McGiord
    Apr 22, 04:16 PM
    So this rumor indicates that it will be plastic or liquid metal?
    The big home button is not very appealing.

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 28, 11:25 AM
    If apple got their dual-band world phone out a year earlier, for all carriers, it would have made a huge difference!!!! I can't believe apple is delaying the iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not apple, so I am probably wrong, but delaying the IPhone 5 seems like the worst business decision ever!!!!!!!!!

    The iPhone 5 better be a major upgrade that makes it better than all the other devices out there, and better be on all carriers!!!!

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  • Oestberg
    Mar 31, 10:52 AM
    The look of iCal in OS X Lion looks horrible right now! They have to change this!

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  • bradc
    Jul 24, 09:03 PM
    Cool stuff, sort of like a tablet design? I want to see Microsoft's product for sure though.

    Lot's of Rumors lately eh? The Rumor mill is getting pretty high!

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  • Tattoo
    Jan 26, 01:35 PM
    I always wondered where "huffy" came from. :p

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  • Westside guy
    Dec 1, 04:34 PM
    Windows Vista is NOT Windows XP.

    Hey, somewhat going off on a tangent here but...

    Vista is just now coming out. Are you old enough to remember that, when XP came out, it was lauded as "the most secure Windows ever"? It's silly to pay any attention to what MS says - until Vista has a track record, we won't know how its security stacks up.

    Love or hate Steve Gibson, but he's pointed out some extremely stupid holes in Vista's security during the beta process. Stuff that was fixed in Windows back in the days of 95/98. They've got a totally new network stack in Vista, and frankly Microsoft has very little experience writing core network code (remember much or most of their previous stack was shown to have been pulled from BSD).

    Now back to the Mac side. I'm glad to see this thread isn't filled with Apple apologists. :) Apple certainly has work ahead of them, but I think all in all they've been pretty responsive to most vulnerability reports over the past couple years. But Mac people need to shed this false air of invulnerability that's far too common on this forum and elsewhere. In the end, common sense will go far to protect you - don't run day to day as an admin account, use a strong password, don't use the same password everywhere. If you have a home network, use NAT (by default you probably will be). Don't try to download a "free" version of Microsoft Office off Gnutella. :D

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 14, 01:04 PM
    I'm glad more regular people are starting to notice this as well. As soon as I saw signs of it in 4.2.1 I knew this was the usual slow down we come to expect, although they started early this time around. :mad:

    I noticed it right away mate, and I thought I was being a little pernickety until I noticed more people cropping up in threads here and especially on the Apple discussion forums.

    If Apple had added features to iOS 4 over the 4.1-4.3 updates which would explain degraded performance, then fair enough, but Home Sharing and Personal Hotspot are the biggest new feature in the iOS 4 updates, and I don't honestly don't think for one second anyone is stupid enough to believe either impact the way the iPhone UI animates.

    Anyway, I've restored to 4.3.2 via iTunes and while the stock apps run perfectly, the real test is when the device has a load on it, so I'm going to install some third party apps and see how things go.

    Here's an advance hint ... it'll be the exact same as 4.3.2.

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  • clibinarius
    Apr 28, 12:59 PM
    So the iPhone went from being pummeled by Android to now just being badly beaten.

    That is Awesome.

    iOS for phones was being pummeled by Android. iPhone is kicking the heck out of every phone on the market individually.

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  • 61132
    Jul 25, 09:21 AM
    ordered mine, the regular mm will go to another computer in the house.

    Should be here around aug 8th :)

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  • marksman
    Apr 28, 11:51 AM
    Not surprising the iPhone 3GS was #2.

    This is the real data. How are the actual phones selling... That is why when people try to convolute Android vs iOS on phones only it is silly.

    Apple is dominating the smartphone markets with their individual products. Opening up to Verizon has taken away one of Android's advantages in the US.

    All 4 iPhones are in the Top 10 of smartphones sold since the iPhone came out. In fact they are probably all in the top 6 or 7.

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  • Abstract
    Oct 21, 07:47 AM
    I kind of have everything I want, so I guess I want me and my girlfriend to be happy for another year?

    Forget that.

    I want backyard lawn furniture for the coming summer months, and a Dell Streak once it gets a newer version of Android. :D

    I'll probably get the lawn furniture, but I definitely won't get a Dell Streak with 1 year left on a 2 year iPhone contract.

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  • MacGeek1993
    Apr 22, 04:28 PM
    I'm not sure on the credibility of OP's image. Apple has been all about making products thin and less bulky, but in reality, there is such thing as "too thin"

    I own a 4th Gen iPod touch and it has a case with a rubber gasket surrounding the surface. This exact case, in fact:

    I tried using it w/o the case once and I thought I was going to drop it most of the time, mainly because there isn't a lot of room to hold on. With the rubber around the case, it allows for more grip, while adding thickness to the device.

    On the subject of the home button, the home button on my iPod touch sometimes does not respond. I think the home button on the new iPhone should be touch sensitive, but keep the design per OP's image.

    I know it may seem like I am comparing apples and oranges, but It's the truth. Sometimes you need thickness on a device so you can hold it.

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  • bradl
    May 2, 01:41 AM
    All I have to say that hasn't been said yet is...

    .. not bad for someone whom his detractors stated he was unqualified to be POTUS because of lack of military experience..

    Funny that it took a small dagger strike at the heart instead of Bush's running in with guns blazing, shooting first and asking questions later. If someone would have thought of that 8 years ago, this would have been a done deal.

    Obama is definitely getting another 4 years out of this.


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  • Chundles
    Aug 15, 02:28 PM
    Hmmm, why would an update of Front Row be deemed top secret...
    Could this suggest that the mythical iHome might be coming soon?

    Well, I don't know about the name considering iHome are a successful company that make a range of iPod-enabled clock radios but it certainly sounds like a good product.

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  • boncellis
    Jul 11, 06:29 PM
    ...D) Who the hell is COWON?!? - It's sounds like one of those "Simpsons brands" like Sorny.

    Lol. Good times...

    This doesn't spell doom for anyone or anything. Companies that are afraid of competition usually never stood much of a chance in the first place--Mr. Jobs has thrived under these conditions over the past 5+ years, I would expect nothing less now.

    Apr 12, 10:23 AM
    That's so cool.

    When is the movie unrevoked-3 coming?

    LOL...Right after Launcher Pro 3.

    Jul 24, 05:24 PM
    The mighty mouse is a great mouse. The only thing I dislike about it is the way the scroll wheel sticks. My wife doesn't like the squeeze buttons on the side, but I think they work great. I guess it's all a matter of preference. If they fix the scrolling wheel problem on the new one's I would definitely buy one. I've found though that cleaning the scroll wheel with rubbing alchohol several times in a row will take care of the sticking problem.

    BEWARE: I use to do this too, and my "press-the-scroll-ball-and-click-the-mouse" 3rd button ceased to work right after one of those cleaning sessions. I don't know if the two events were related, but I tend to believe they were :eek: . I might have used too much alcohol that time, though... :o [*rubbing* alcohol, don't get me wrong :p ]

    Aug 18, 04:28 PM
    Yet that doesn't change the fact that the BSOD still exists in XP.

    Ive never experienced the BSOD in 5 years, which is remarkable given the problems i had with 95. Bought a Rev D ibook when they were released, had two kernal panics within first week. Was not impressed with the stability of Panther, Tiger seems somewhat better. Applications still seem to shut down without warning.

    Mar 1, 11:37 AM
    I heard some radio jocks this morning say that they think this whole Charlie Sheen thing is a bit. Kinda like the whole Joaquin Phoenix thing or a radio shock jock who just goes way over the top. Of course the partying and lifestyle is real, but they were talking about this present media tour and the crazy talk he's spouting. It all equals more publicity for him, the network, and the show.

    After thinking about it this explanation sounds pretty reasonable. If it's not that, then as many have said he's had a break with reality of some sort and the eventual end is not going to be pretty.

    I watched the Piers Morgan interview......I still think he's ****ing with people.

    I've met a bunch of Hollywood types, and for some of them, their reality is not the same as our reality.

    May 4, 04:45 PM
    iOS 5 at WWDC and new iPhone hardware at an apple special event in September. You heard it here first.

    Shocking as this may sound, WWDC was not designed as a stage to release iPhone updates. WWDC is a DEVELOPER conference...not a release party.

    If anything it should be Mac centric as without the Mac the iPhone wouldn't exist.

    Developers, Developers, Developers!

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