Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Jul 24, 09:47 PM
    How Minority Report......:rolleyes:

    But seriously it sounds really dumb, I wonder what that thought projection iPod is picking up from me now......

    I see dumbfounded iPod users ;)

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  • chuise
    Jun 6, 09:54 AM
    Nothing as serious as a $1k purchase, but my (almost) two year old purchased an album from iTunes, by accident, on my iPad last week. I used the "report a concern" link that was on my receipt to report the problem. I got an email from an Apple rep the next day saying that they would give me a refund, but it would be a "one time exception."

    From email:

    Please note that the iTunes Store Terms of Sale state that all sales are final, so this is a one-time exception.

    The best way to avoid unintentional purchases is to use the Shopping Cart. That way, you can consolidate and review your selections carefully and buy them when you're ready. Here's how to use the Shopping Cart:

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  • NickZac
    Jan 1, 11:38 PM
    Because I feel I've made my point. I'm arguing against the stereotypes and prejudices, not the effects on society and healthcare, or mental dysfunction.

    I am with you 100%; one's weight bears no resemblance to one's character and no case will be exactly the same. Like most issues, there is a strong degree of individualization and how someone experiences and interprets the same events can vary dramatically.

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  • rdowns
    Dec 29, 04:27 PM
    Yes, and even I think this is weird, on two levels. One is the "watching her eat". The other is paying for the privilege. These guys could hang out at a mall food court or a Super Wal-Mart with an onsite restaurant and get their jollies for free on pretty much any given day.

    Or just go to :D

    I wonder what website the people who are in go to to make fun of people?

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  • eawmp1
    Apr 23, 03:36 PM
    In general, the staff at most retail and restaurant chains are taught to notify the authorities and not get involved. Violating this policy can and will get you fired at best, or killed at worst.

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  • TheReef
    Apr 14, 07:29 PM

    I love the way the light models the mountain, it really 'pops'.
    This scene looks familiar, albeit more green than last time ;)
    Great to see you shooting again, I always enjoy what you share here.

    Another beautiful photo, Reef. Love the colours and look of your pics.

    Thanks Ish :)

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  • epmadsen
    Apr 30, 06:01 PM
    Great! Commoditize an art form and degrade it even further.

    It's bad enough we've already hacked music apart by turning it digital, now we're treating it like soda pop. Everything is a bargain bin price war.

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  • ChrisA
    Dec 4, 11:45 AM
    iAdware apparently works by silently installing a system library. That sounds like a vulnerability that Apple could easily fix, by requiring Admin privileges, issuing a warning, and/or prompting for an Admin password.

    Seems easy for an end user to fix it himself. Simply change permision on the library so a non-admin can't write there. About four clicks and you're done with it.

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  • Icaras
    Apr 26, 12:46 PM
    I would happily pay the current fee for MobileMe if Apple offered some better options for hosting a website. Right now I pay for web hosting for a family blog and a flickr pro account. If I could host my wordpress blog on my idisk space with my own domain name, I would sign up right now.

    You could always do this. I have my own domain name and host on MobileMe.

    Though I haven't figured out how to use an email address using my domain name and have mail hosted via MobileMe. I wish they would add that feature.

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  • generik
    Aug 18, 04:51 PM
    Yet that doesn't change the fact that the BSOD still exists in XP.

    The code for kernel panics exists in MacOS too, from my experience sometimes the OS even croaks before it can even draw the cool graphical error screen out. At least Windows XP has a fully functional BSOD :rolleyes:

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  • ChrisGonzales90
    Jun 27, 12:53 AM
    Should be for all limits

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  • LemonsofDeath
    Apr 22, 01:18 AM
    Corporations are evil.

    Apple is evil, so is samsung. Why anyone would have an emotional yearning for one company above another is beyond me, both companies would gladly take all your money for nothing if you let them.

    Let them duke is out, neither is right.

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  • jav6454
    May 1, 11:01 PM
    As long as it has Zombies I'm game. Killing Nazi zombies was getting old anyways.

    What kind of zombies? Al Qaeda zombies?

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  • KREX725
    Oct 18, 09:59 PM
    An example of a "cash cow"

    Microsoft Windows XP
    Microsoft Office

    Nearly everything else MS does is at a loss or does not generate a lot of cash.

    What about all of those profits from the XBox 360????? Don't those things just consist of about $8.00 worth of plastic????? :p

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  • joeops57
    Jul 28, 07:42 AM
    I actually hope it's moderately successful. Hopefully then, Apple will see fit to reduce their pricing schema on the iPods.

    Realistically, it could go either way. Despite the debacle that is Windows, Microsoft has had a great deal of success with the XBox. I wouldn't be surprised if Zune isn't as bad as most members of MacRumors will make it out to be.


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  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 22, 05:43 PM
    Good to see Apple catching up to the features Palm introduced two and a half years ago.

    What features would those be, smart guy?

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  • maflynn
    May 4, 09:40 AM
    This is news????

    I thought based on all the other reports it was a fore gone conclusion that there will not be any IP5 this summer.

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  • Beaverman3001
    Apr 17, 06:58 PM
    According to CNET, the new Air will be released around June with a Sandy Bridge ULV Core i5 2537M chip 1.4 GHz that can turbo to 2.3 GHz.

    So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?

    The CPU would be considerably faster, but the graphics ughh lol. The only way I can see myself grabbing a new one this year is if it comes with some type of integrated 3G plan similar to the iPad, then I'd consider downgrading the GPU.

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  • willzzz88
    Apr 17, 03:55 PM
    No issues with any of those updates on AT&T.

    Actually the reason for the battery drain is Apple updated the network baseband vocoder to the latest support UMTS/HSPA+ and better cell hand-offs in order to reduce dropped calls to an absolute minimum on GSM and similar on Verizon...

    You get a trade off, worse battery life (some of it has to do with the software though, drain the BATTERY ENTIRELY, and recharge it should get to 80%-90% now... ALSO DO A SETTINGS RESET BECAUSE your phone is running on OLD settings PREVIOUS to 4.3.2) but improved performance in everything else or crappy voice calls because your iPhone can't use the latest network capacity enhancements AT&T/*insert GSM carrier here*/Apple has made or Verizon/*insert CDMA carrier here*/Apple has made.

    Personally I like PERFECT VOICE QUALITY on GSM/CDMA.

    When I'm @ work I charge on the computer/USB port anyways... Or in the car...

    Mar 29, 05:51 PM
    Apple stole the upward curve effect in that logo from the Inception poster. ;):D

    Apr 14, 08:47 AM
    Jones do you realize what the iPhone is? It's a radio for speaking to Steve Jobs and it's within my reach!

    Shut your eyes Marion don't look at it no matter what happens...

    Don't look marrion keep your eyes shut! (

    Apr 25, 09:47 PM
    I wonder if they will update the cinema displays at the same time to include thunderbolt ports.

    I love my 13" MBP but I would like an updated 27" cinema display, as would my eyes and back.

    Apr 20, 09:28 AM
    Was thinking more of a desktop touch screen device. Different from the iPad which wants to be picked up and used, but is workable on your lap. This mythical desktop touch device would still need to be light enough that you could lift it up and just change it's orientation at will like an iPad. Yet with a stand so it could be standing upright in portrait or landscape yet moved and sit anywhere down to almost flat on the desk. That way if you want the screen upright you can have, yet small enough that your not putting it to far away and for the odd navigation touch command would not be to bad. Yet lying down you get the full advantage and directness of touch screen.

    I do get the picture — this concept of 'best of both worlds'. But I think the reality wouldn't be quite as great as you imagine. Mouse input and touchscreen input are quite different things, and you'd be asking developers on this platform to support both with their apps in order for things to work whether the user has the device upright with a mouse plugged in, or horizontal for touchscreen input as you describe. Otherwise the user would be constantly expected to switch between the two for different tasks, and that would make it a nightmare to use.

    You mention in there that the 'odd navigation touch command would not be too bad' on a vertical screen, and that may be true. If that is your only expectation, that's fine. So what you probably have in that case is still a Mac running Mac OS X, but with a touchscreen capable of supporting certain touch commands and gestures. Of course, Macs are already capable of supporting various multi-touch gestures through a touchpad (or Magic Mouse or whatever), so it's conceivable that they could add a touchscreen as well, to be used occasionally as the need arises, but I'm not convinced that is going to offer the Mac a whole lot more functionality or that it would justify a whole new marketing name.

    See the other part that seems to missing is something that has the directness of touch but and doesn't obscure what your doing like a mouse so you get the accuracy, but you can't do this at the expense of the other input means on there respective platforms. Or in other words a stylus but it has to work with fingers as well but not spongy like the current ones you can buy.

    Adding a stylus to the iPad for certain tasks is fine IMO, and far more natural than switching between a real keyboard and touchscreen. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs made that comment which has been interpreted as 'stylus = fail', so you're not likely to see Apple encouraging that any time soon.

    To me the keyboards a red herring, both OSX and iOS can use either real or on screen keyboard.

    Sure, the iPad can use a real keyboard, but when you do, it really isn't the same experience that makes the iPad special anymore. It's a compromise in order to salvage some of what makes a desktop machine feel more precise, and that's my point — it feels like a compromise between both platforms, not a new and superior experience. The iPad really shines when you're touching it, because that's what it was designed for.

    Yeah okay, so Apple released iWork for the iPad just to show us that they could. I won't be buying it though. It's not what the iPad excels at.

    It's funny for all the advantages of computers it's only now we see them becoming as intuitive as pencil and paper some time in the next 5ish years.

    I think the iPad is already pretty much there when it comes to ease of use (depending on which apps you're using of course). That's why the in-store hands-on display is so effective — anyone from age 3 through to 103 can pick one up and start using it straight away.

    Sometimes less is more, and I think that is probably true of touchscreen interfaces, and why the iPad has hit the mark where Windows-based tablet PC's failed in the past.

    As for why they split off iOS as a branch, well where now five years in and only with Lion is it looking like the two will align.

    People look at the superficial similarities between Lion and iOS and think the two are merging into one OS. I see it differently. Time will tell.

    Apr 24, 09:09 PM
    Let's all spell it together.


    AT&T had it at one time. Hence, TMobile couldn't have the iPhone, or any other carrier in the United States.

    The more you know.....

    It's absolutely ridiculous it has taken this long for tmobile to have the iphone in the usa.

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