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  • MacProCpo
    Nov 24, 10:31 PM
    By "small render farm", I mean small! It's made up of 6 Dell GX270, running P4 2.4ghz single core, with my MP as the Que controller (Ubuntu via Parallels). But they should working out pretty good for continuous folding for the time being. I'm building 5 dual processor, dual core Xeon servers (all 2.66ghz) to replace the Dells but that won't happen until the end of December (i'm getting ready to move from Japan back to the States in two weeks and I have most of my stuff packed up). Once I get settled back in the States and have the new servers running, I should be able to commit some good firepower towards the team effort.

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  • Battlefield Fan
    May 3, 08:29 AM
    Since when has the iMac had a TFT display? I thought it had an IPS display??

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  • iHateWindows
    Nov 4, 11:47 AM
    Maybe I need more RAM, but I was dissapointed to be reminded of Virtual PC, the way it totally slows the rest of my Mac down... (
    [click for bigger image]

    Take into consideration that you're running a beta OS on beta software. Both Fusion and Vista will get faster and more bug-free over time.

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  • crees!
    Jul 26, 02:37 PM
    I never said I wasn't going to buy/drool over this mystery product.

    I'm just not going to be impressed.
    Why would you buy a product you're not impressed with? "Man, this iPod sucks so hard. *drool* I think I'll buy it!" Is this some kind of new teenage lingo? :D

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  • lostforwords
    Nov 8, 11:06 AM
    I got my MBP early so now I would love to get a monitor to bump up the resolution. I'm really liking the HPs monitors right now, so I'd like one of those.

    I won't get that though as the MBP was my Christmas present. Tempted to buy one of those monitors when I get money from my relatives, so it'll be like a joint present from them...

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  • damienvfx
    Oct 24, 09:34 AM
    Yayy!!!! I hope they have this at my local apple store this morning.

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  • Plutonius
    Apr 28, 12:18 PM
    Plutonius +1 :D .

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  • AcesHigh87
    Apr 27, 11:38 AM
    I don't feel like reading through 6 pages of comments but, I can attest that most retail stores will tell you to call the cops but not get involved. I've never worked fast food but have been told that from working in a drug store for several years.

    At the same time, however, some common sense is needed. I'm pretty sure if I was in this situation, policy or not, I'd be stopping them. This isn't like one little slap and some yelling, this is a brutal assault. For that matter, I get the feeling that the person taking the video isn't an employee, just a hunch. If so, why the hell didn't they think to do anything but pull out their damn cell phone and video tape it? For that matter, they were laughing at one point which is just downright heartless.

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  • bluebomberman
    Jul 10, 11:09 AM
    A number of convenient features catered to writers and typists will also be wrapped into Pages 3, including a thesaurus and integration with Spotlight, Wikipedia, and Google. Apple is also said to be looking to build a robust grammar checking engine for Pages that could find its way into other Apple and Cocoa applications.

    I'm going to a MFA writing program in the fall; would love to see how this turns out. I use Word exclusively but can't shake the feeling that there's a better way to do things.

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  • Joellama
    Apr 14, 07:57 PM (

    Apple today released iOS 4.3.2, bringing several minor fixes and improvements to Apple's operating system for mobile devices. The build number is 8H7 for the majority of devices, with the CDMA iPad 2 receiving Build 8H8. A separate iOS 4.2.7 build 8E303 is also available for the CDMA iPhone 4.BGR noted ( one week ago that iOS 4.3.2 was expected to debut within two weeks and reported earlier this week that the update would fix ( the issue with CDMA iPad 2 connectivity and FaceTime glitches.

    Article Link: Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2 (iOS 4.2.7 for Verizon iPhone) (

    Two versions of the iPhone and two current versions of iOS. Wait, is this iOS becoming fragmented? ;-)

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  • dr_lha
    Oct 18, 04:32 PM
    Having looked at the numbers in more detail it is interesting that compared to the year ago quarter desktop sales are relatively static and pretty much all the growth in mac shipments is in the portable lines. Good to see Apple add 1bn to revenue anyhow.
    I imagine this is an industry wide trend. More and more people are buying laptops, and in the MacBook, Apple have an extremely desirable modestly priced laptop. Even my mother in law has one! :)

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 29, 05:12 PM
    Oh good. I like lower prices.

    When I buy music, I typically buy from Amazon anyway. Their prices almost always seem to be cheaper than iTunes for the music I buy.

    /would not buy or listen to anything by the artists listed in the above article. Just sayin' :p

    I've only bought one song from Amazon and the sample rate was less than I get with iTunes. Anyone else notice a difference?

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Nov 23, 03:37 PM
    There is a safe way to run Flash apps on iOS: package the Flash as an iOS app. If there are actually Flash apps that users can't live without, this is the safe way to provide those Flash apps on iOS machines. Apple will distribute those apps with a 70/30 split of the sale price to the developer. If the developer wants to make the software free, Apple will freely distribute the software to anyone who wants it.

    I'll say this one last time. Flash is not an app! It's a method of delivering content on a web site. You cannot make iOS "apps" to replace a web page dude. As long as there are Flash only web sites, there will be a demand for Flash plugins. This Skyfire app is proof of that. I won't bother arguing anymore about the other things as it's a complete waste of my time.

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  • kernkraft
    Oct 28, 05:27 PM
    I'm a BMW fan and have thought about restoring an E30 or picking up an E36 M3. I personally would never buy a Countryman but the Cooper S and JCW appeals to me. I understand that this car may not appeal to some people but I personally dig it. It's very peppy and has soul. It does something for me and it's what matters. I've looked at a new BMW 335i...RWD...twin turbo. On paper it has everything a car guy would like but meh...too generic for me.

    I actually love those E30s, that is why I wouldn't have an issue driving any example. At least I'd be driving a decent car or something that was when new.

    I had all sorts of cars over the years, almost exclusively German premium ones but my biggest regret is not to get a 318is when I had the chance. I went for a practical E46 Touring (third in a row) and later I bought a 1983 SL280. That was a more special car but I still have a lot of admiration for those small BMW sport coupes. That is why actually, that I have high hopes about the 1 series coupes. The history is there, you can see the DNA, that's what BMW is very good at.

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  • FX4568
    Apr 17, 08:41 PM
    my mbp 13" i5 plays those games just fine.

    yea, a MBP 13 i5 uses a different voltage than the one I stated above.

    the Intel GPU largely depends on the processor power, and thus, will have a range of 30-120 FPS difference according to each processor.

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  • kingtj
    Mar 31, 01:45 PM
    Personally? I find it humorous that so many people on here refuse to use the app, or have big issues with it, all because of the faux leather look to the top bar, or other attempts to make the app look like its physical counterpart. If the app has the FUNCTIONALITY you need, that's what makes it good! I've come to expect that Apple will regularly revise the LOOK of these applications. Even if they had a look that 99.9% of users agreed was "perfect"? They'd revise it with the next major release of the app or OS, simply because they know people don't feel like they really "got enough for their money" if it doesn't look different at a quick glance....

    The way it defaults to entering new appointments with that "unnamed appointment" heading drives me nuts too. Accidental taps on the iPhone or iPad can lead to those things being added to your schedule, and if you don't notice it until later? You're left wondering if it's supposed be a real appointment for something, or if it was just a screw-up. They should make it so if you don't actually fill something in, it cancels adding it.

    Another feature I'd like to see? It needs a way to easily open up a list of your contacts from the Address Book inside a pane in iCal itself, and drag one over to the calendar to add an appointment with their address inserted as the "location", and name plus maybe phone number(s) in the title. Like many people, I use iCal to track appointments I have with clients, so this info usually needs to go into them.

    I saw where someone wrote a fancy Applescript to accomplish this, but IMHO, that's still a "hack" for functionality Apple could/should include!

    What I want to know is have they made iCal more usable? I'm not sure how I feel about looks but there are quite a few pet peeves I wish they'd address.

    1. When I say enter new appointment, I should be put straight into the edit screen. Not have it put in a unnamed appointment that I have to click at least two more times to actually get into a full edit screen. When I put in a new appointment of course I want it to say more than "new appointment!!!" I want to be able to name it and set a time and maybe even a reminder and tell it what calendar! What's worse is iCal used to work like this and for some reason some dipsh*t decided that some reason when I put in new appointment I just wanted to put in a new appointment at random time... what sense doe that make? (yes, this is a huge pet peeve of mine)

    2. Reminders. First when I set a reminder for 2 days before, display on the appointment/task 2 days before, not how many minutes 2 days before equals.

    Secondly, when it pops up the reminder and I want to tell it to remind me again, give me an option to set reminders. Or at least have more sensible ones (like give me a half a day later option, not just 1 hour or a full day. I want to be reminded later today, but not have to keep hitting one hour if I don't want a full day reminder).

    Those are just the ones I can think of on top of my head, but they both annoy me a lot out of iCal (I really am not that picky. I'm sure people who want more out of their calendar/task app have a lot more things to nitpick about it cause iCal is pretty damned basic and really could use more functionality).

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  • GQB
    Apr 22, 07:50 PM
    My favorite iPhone design was the first one. Bring back the aluminum and rounded sides. It's not comfortable to hold this iPhone 4 brick!

    It's just a matter of what you're used to. I love my IP4, and my wife's 3GS feels clunky to me. Cognitive dissonance says you'll end up defending whatever you have and resist changes. Just human nature, not good/bad design.

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  • Hastings101
    Mar 31, 08:30 PM
    Heinous. Absolutely hideous.

    And I'm a fan of eye candy.

    The faux leather is almost as bad as this "Marble" OS X mockup, from back in the day:

    I actually kind of like that, outside of the ugly close/min/max buttons and the scroll bars :P

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  • Bootstrap Bill
    Apr 13, 02:51 PM
    I think Apple would be better off licensing the technology to other manufacturers. This could become a new standard for TV.

    Apr 24, 10:23 AM
    I just found that the person that was beat up was transgender and this was a hate crime. How come this is not all over the news? I guess hate crimes are okay now by black people but if a white person did this it would be the end of the world.

    They seemed pretty pissed off at her. I highly doubt they were beating her up like that simply because she's transgender. If they end up getting charged with a hate crime I'll lose a little more faith in humanity.

    Jan 30, 07:45 PM
    Here is my question with the market....

    A year ago, when Apple was at 80 and the iPhone and all the new products had been announced, I figured everyone knew how great these products were going to be and had already inflated the price of the stock to a high 80. So, I decided not to buy.... well, as we know, the stock rose over 200. Everyone bought much later on.

    So, does this translate to: In a market that I know a lot about and believe in, even though new product news is out, before profit/financial news it out, should I still buy?
    (Yes, I am relatively new at this... flame on)
    It just drives me nuts, that I knew things were going to do well, and thought everyone already knew and had bought.

    Apr 13, 02:06 PM
    I think the changes to the latest Apple TV is a sign of where Apple wants to be headed. The next Apple TV will be even smaller and come free when you buy a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Wait and see! Just like giving e-mail away helps Google's ecosystem, so does getting Apple TVs into people's houses help Apple's ecosystem.I want to believe.

    Then again we are talking about the company that is nickel and diming for nearly every formerly included accessory now.

    Jul 28, 07:58 AM
    This is great news! When the Zune is at its peak in three-five years, it can coincide with the first release of Vista in 2009-2012.

    Do you seriously think VISTA (Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans & Adware) is going to be released that early?:rolleyes: lol.

    Oct 27, 11:48 AM
    I already got two potential Christmas presents early:
    (lovin' it something fierce!)


    Would love to have this:

    or this:

    But since my budget nowadays says "oh hells to the naw", I'll probably have to settle for this:

    It's the 3-CD box set of Howard Jones's first two albums, being released soon on his Dtox label. Warner/Elektra gave Howard and his keyboard tech Robbie Bronnimann access to the original master tapes, and they've digitally remastered the albums with reportedly much better sound quality than the original CD issues. The third bonus disc, named after his rare "Risk" singles, contains live tracks from early performances.

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