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  • Dbrown
    Apr 30, 09:02 PM
    Well if it's a platform war, Android is getting seriously spanked by iOS. The iOS platform is holding its own in smartphones and still growing in market share and in dedicated media players, portable media players, and tablets, it isn't even a contest. The iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch and all the rest of the products on the iOS platform are seriously spanking the crap out of the Android alternatives.

    That's one of the reasons why the big developers concentrate more on the iOS platform than Android.

    Now did that register or are you just in denial?

    The only people who lump in tablets and PMPs into the platform are apple lovers who are in denial. Everyone else separates them by device. Smartphones are compared to smartphones. Tablets to tablets, etc.

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  • firestarter
    May 1, 10:25 PM
    I expected your post to be something along this view ... can you source the fact he has little or nothing to do with Al-Queda?

    He's just re-stating the obvious.

    Al Quaeda isn't a tighly led organisation. It's a movement. Loosing a leader is of little concequence.

    USA Today analysis from a few years back (http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2009-06-07-al-qaeda_N.htm).

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  • firestarter
    Apr 24, 10:39 AM
    They seemed pretty pissed off at her. I highly doubt they were beating her up like that simply because she's transgender. If they end up getting charged with a hate crime I'll lose a little more faith in humanity.

    I understand from the news coverage that they attacked her after she used the woman's restroom.

    Her transgender nature, and their reaction to that was absolutely central to this crime. If that isn't a hate crime, I don't know what is.

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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 24, 09:14 AM
    I just found that the person that was beat up was transgender and this was a hate crime. How come this is not all over the news? I guess hate crimes are okay now by black people but if a white person did this it would be the end of the world.

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  • rovex
    Apr 22, 05:41 PM
    Um no, they do not break very easily. Maybe a gorilla might break it easily.

    well mine sure did, and my iPad's not responding when I double click for multitasking. I'm no gorilla, it's called "wear and tear", maybe you haven't heard of it?

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  • mrkramer
    Apr 24, 11:01 AM
    It says it used different frequencies... but then how can people jailbreak/unlock their iPhones and use it on T-mobile?

    It's EDGE only, 3G is what uses different frequencies.

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  • Aduntu
    May 2, 03:09 AM
    I guess that'll teach him for using his real address on Playstation Network.

    You're roughly 125 posts too late.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Apr 11, 02:45 PM
    What's the Matrox product? Please be an external GPU...

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  • opeter
    Oct 28, 07:11 AM
    All I want is a real, good friend.

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  • guru_ck
    Apr 22, 04:22 PM
    My favorite iPhone design was the first one. Bring back the aluminum and rounded sides. It's not comfortable to hold this iPhone 4 brick!

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  • AlmostThere
    Jul 24, 03:22 PM
    Bah, these things are rubbish. The scroll wheel clogs up with dirt, just as scroll ball mice did in days gone by - except there is no user access to clean it thoroughly. Apple need to re-think the design on this one before updating it.

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  • calsci
    Jun 9, 08:56 PM
    all i have to say is wow.

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  • pmz
    May 4, 09:28 AM
    damn, I planning on leaving for the Navy before August, this does not play well for me :(

    Then don't go.

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  • Psilocybin
    Apr 18, 08:38 PM
    If the new AIR is using the same Sandy Bridge processor as the Samsung series 9, you'll be sorely disappointed with its graphics performance.


    3DMark is less than half of the Air (2188 vs 4611)

    WOW ran at a miserable 14fps at 1366x768 res compared to the Air that runs at 53fps at 1440x900. Battery life is worse as well.

    Ouch. I'm glad I have c2d air

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  • imnotatfault
    Aug 19, 08:41 AM
    Taking a good look at Leopard and what's on Tiger, I think that the majority of changes are either evolutionary or not really that exciting. /yawn

    Well, at least with the new iChat features people MIGHT actually start using iChat instead of Adium. Maybe?

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  • Smellovision
    Apr 26, 04:05 PM
    If it is as good as Ping, I'm IN!

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  • M-Life
    Apr 13, 11:29 PM
    So am I the only one left with the original iPhone? Had it since Sep 2006. Was going to wait for the 5, but I'll just get a white 4 in a few weeks. I'm happy.

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  • kskill
    Jul 24, 09:59 PM
    seems like a step in the right direction.
    this frees up the space of the wheel and would allow for a full screen ipod.
    pretty dope.

    now all they need to add is a 5.0 mp camera, wifi, web browser, and phone. :D

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  • bobber205
    May 1, 10:40 PM
    Looking forward to the movie version. ;)

    May 3, 11:38 PM
    This just in: New iPhone in August

    Nov 4, 03:24 AM
    VMWare is going to smoke Parallels when it comes out. I can�t wait. I'm still a little bit miffed though that no one has gotten native partition support so we can use the same partition while virtualizing or dual booting.

    That native partion support to use virtualization or dual booting would be awesome, having the best of both worlds (Boot Camp & Virtualization). I look forward to it!

    Mar 31, 10:33 AM
    interface looks complete, let's just hope that skin can be changed.

    Nov 4, 07:28 AM
    Whatever dude. 2Ghz\2GB RAM\256MB Video\160GB HD and there is NOTHING instantaneous about Parallels at all. It takes anywhere from 1-2 minutes to resume a session and another 2+ minutes to suspend it. This is with multiple images, several OS X installs, and I know how to tweak Windows with the best of them. Then there is the bug where it likes to freeze the entire system when you change locations. Not always but it�s a common enough thing that I have to stop the session to change locations or risk crashing my system.

    If it's taking you two minutes to resume a session and two minutes plus to suspend it, on that machine you mentioned the specs of, something is frickin' wrong with that machine.

    2.16 Core 2 Duo 20" iMac here, 2GB, stock 250GB drive, Parallels does the following:

    - it cold starts in 4 seconds
    - it boots my XP VM (512MB of RAM/8GB virtual hard disk) to the Desktop in 9
    - it suspended that same XP VM in 14
    - it restored that same XP VM in 11

    And that's with Crossover for Mac running several Windows apps in the background too, so some of my resources are already drained when I fired up Parallels and the VM. Memory usage at the moment for the entire machine is sitting at 1154MB of 2048MB, 69 tasks, 330 threads as measured by MenuMeters.

    So, give that box a tuneup or whatever, because you're certainly not getting the performance from Parallels that you should be getting. Also, check your VT-x flags under Parallels to make sure it's functioning properly.

    btw, this is Parallels build 1970, the latest and greatest, and I've had nothing but positive usage of Parallels since I bought it off the shelf in an Apple Store along with this iMac a month ago. 3 upgrades so far, no issues at all.


    Apr 15, 02:24 PM
    App Sandboxing? Since when does Lion do that??

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