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  • Spoony
    Apr 14, 09:13 AM
    I bet the non US growth is more like 30/35%. Amazing how they are growing like they are in the US.

    I've actually never owned a mac. Ipads and iphones but i'm buying my first mac this year. So I'll add to that US sales growth.

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  • vaderhater245
    Oct 11, 10:25 PM
    Work on the left. Play on the right.

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  • jackrabbit
    Dec 3, 07:38 AM
    i am tired of checking page two and seeing the Beatles. Thanks!

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  • AppleIntelRock
    Sep 7, 09:05 AM
    Hopefully that something invovles isight/front row displays that are more reasonable in price.

    Agreed. Dream prices:

    20"= $450

    They could always fill the $2k dispay spot with a 50", HDTV Capable display that supported 20 million pixles :D

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  • delawn
    Nov 3, 06:25 PM
    The amount of crap in this thread is amazing:

    1) Flash could never be a normal 'App' because it has to operate as a plugin for Safari since it's not a stand alone product on its own. For this reason, it would at the very least HAVE to be co-developed by Apple and included in a software update.

    Quite amazing is also the amount of misinformation.

    Apparently you have not heard of AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). It is an instance of the Flash player that has more functionality and runs outside of the browser.

    Of course if you mean in the context of the iPhone only, then the above does not apply.

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  • tk421
    Sep 22, 01:11 PM
    It's retarded. Wal-Mart won't lose any substantial sum of money if iTunes carries movies from all the major houses. But they will lose tons if they stop selling DVDs.

    I don't think Wal-Mart makes money on a lot of their DVDs. They sell them at a loss to get people in their stores. If people buy on iTunes, they don't come into Wal-Mart.

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  • Case-sensitive
    Nov 27, 12:07 PM
    Personally I see this as a big deal for a reason not many others have mentioned: bringing in the holdouts.

    The Beatles are the big one of course, but the others (Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, etc.) are still unsure about the whole digital music thing. If the biggest hold-out finally folds and goes for sale on-line, others will follow.

    (and yes, I'm not exactly sure if the Rolling Stones or Led Zepplin are "holdouts", but they're not on iTunes or anywhere else that I can see... surely there are others?)

    Add Frank Zappa to that list.

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  • animefan_1
    Jul 22, 10:16 PM
    I agree that this would be cool, but what would make it even better is enhanced iSync or other capability for third parties to take advantage and make content available. I suppose the iTMS could handle it, but the user should be able to load whatever he or she wants on it, I would think.

    pdf's sound like a good start to me. :D

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 29, 09:16 AM
    very true.
    an old german proverb says:
    who buys cheap, buys twice...

    An old Finnish proverb says: "Poor people can't afford cheap things"

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  • Doctor Q
    Nov 23, 05:11 PM
    You can save a little money by buying the box set on CD from Amazon, but then your music is in that old-fashioned "hard-copy" format so you have to rip the music to iTunes! :)

    Amazon also sells the mono collection, which I've been contemplating but haven't yet purchased.

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  • nemaslov
    Oct 16, 01:11 PM
    You killed your mother because your friends laughed at you :eek: :confused: :p


    NO, She died of natural causes BUT (TRUE STORY) on August 29th, 1966 a friend showed up at my house at 6PM with two tickets to see the Beatles at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. My mother said I could not go becuase I had a drum lesson at 7PM and unless it was cancelled a day in advance, we'd have to pay. So I missed what became the last official concert the Beatles ever played.

    I no longer play the drums :confused: AND my mother is dead. :(

    see not everyone here is 23...

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 12, 12:14 PM
    If a player is anticipating a "new" experience, I'd agree that there is room for disappointment from a story perspective.
    If someone is playing the 5th game in a series, and still expects new and dramatically different gameplay or story elements, they've set themselves up for letdown from the start. Halo is, and always has been, a shooter based around the Human-Covenant war. I'm not sure how much variance you can have in there (Halo Wars notwithstanding). That would be like hoping that the new Call of Duty is something other than a military-based, wartime shooter. It just isn't going to happen.
    If I critique it, story wise there seems to be no revelations regarding mankind's prequel pre-Halo encounter with the Covenant.
    Well, if someone really wants to know that stuff, there have been 3 or 4 books written in the Halo universe, along with Halo Wars, that fill in a lot of details about the story Pre-Installation 04. Not to mention all the Terminals in Halo 3 and the Datapads in Reach. If you want info, it is out there. And it is good. :D

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  • junkster
    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    Yippee! If only they had an improved video card.

    Almost always, a more powerful video card equals more heat and shorter battery life. I can completely understand the decision behind keeping the current card.

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  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 16, 04:06 PM
    Doesn't mean facts are not alowed here. I simply stated facts. Apple does not have the best hardware you can not say they do. They make great computers but there are always companies who will make a better product then them. Unlike software witch is a mater of Opinion hardware is a mater of Fact and Fact is apple does not have the best hardware. They purchase their hardware from the same places as everyone else.

    First of all I want to apologize for calling you a troll, that was uncalled for.

    Apple has never been about the producing products solely based on their specs. In fact, Apple likes to downplay the specs and focus on the the integration of hardware and software. Hence, the total user experience. In some cases there are good reasons why Apple chooses not to use the latest hardware (Nvidia/Intel issue, battery life, etc.). One of the down falls of the Windows PC manufacturers is there insistance that all the user cares about is specs. Average Joe cares more about what they can get done whether then if the laptop has the latest generation of processor in it. You can continue to argue all you want about which computer manufacturer has the best hardware but at the end of the day Apple is still packing their stores and fulfulling millions of on-line orders for soon to be very happy customers. If Apple followed the trend that the rest of the Windows PC manufactures are following there would be no doubt that Apple would not be as success as they are.

    Apple follows the less is more mantra and guess what an awful lot of people agree with that by voting with their dollars.

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  • jegbook
    Mar 25, 02:47 PM
    I've seen some 3G models that work great w/ 4.2.1 and some that don't. One was jailbroken, so I wrote that one off. The one thing I've seen that helped a s l o w non-jailbroken one was a double reset (force the phone to reboot, load, then force reboot once more). You could also do a complete wipe and see if it performs well before restoring your backup -and then do a piece by piece restore if that solved the issue.

    I don't think 4.x is that bad for everyone on a 3G, but I have seen it in "slow mode"- and the people experiencing this are not making it up. It's -bad-. I wish there were a definitive fix other than trial and error as above and hoping you don't put something on your phone to cause it again...

    Yeah, I think a freshly restored 3G with iOS 4.2.1 is okay. Something in the restore from backup part is where it gets s - l - o - w. I've seen it, too, and having a 3Gs which is quick (but not FAST) for most stuff, using the s - l - o -w 3G was like running Win XP on an old computer that hasn't had an OS rebuild in years with 1GB free hard drive space, high fragmentation, and 512MB of RAM. Usable, but one could justifiably argue against that. ;)

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  • levitynyc
    Mar 12, 10:40 PM
    once ipad is launched, millions will buy or check it out online. At the same time, if apple has updated the pros and airs, consumers may also choose to purchase them online.

    Apple wants to attract new customers all the time, it will be disappointing to see the line of mac products along with their price if nothing is updated before the ipad launch.

    makes perfect sense to update before ipad, that's what I think

    Agreed. You'll get all the foot traffic in stores as well.

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  • thworple
    Nov 8, 07:50 AM
    Looks like a slight price drop in the UK - black macbook for under 1000. Bet they shift a lot of units.

    Isn't it only a �30 drop - only done it so that it appears to be under a grand. Its not a significant drop - shame really, because its still so much more than the white one!

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  • PinkMac
    Mar 15, 01:44 AM
    I don't know what to doooo!
    Should I buy the current MBP or wait for the new one.... :(

    Help!!!!! :confused:

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  • sierra oscar
    Aug 24, 12:10 PM
    It was only hours ago I read that the batteries in Apple's products were cleared.

    What is the source of this recall?

    May 4, 11:06 PM
    FIRST the ipad will have retina display. THEN MAYBE possibly (hopefully not) it can have 3D features.

    Though I really dislike the idea, 3D is all the craze these days :/ But I wouldn't want to wear special glasses to mess with an iPad--that's not very portable.

    Aug 8, 08:07 AM
    I enjoyed the new features. They seemed "meh" to me when I was reading the live transcript, but when I actually saw them they impressed me. Timewarp is so much more than "volume shadow copy" and Spaces is much more than "virtual desktops ala X11"

    Anyway, this developer preview is suppose to have the 10 new features in it... does that mean it will have the new Frontrow and the new Photobooth? Because weren't they part of the "whole package" feature?

    Nov 8, 07:55 AM
    I ordered a Macbook through the university bookstore last week (before the rumors). I'm going to freak if I get a non-Core 2 delivered...

    Mar 11, 03:20 PM
    9to5 revoked their statement...

    Update: We've received multiple tips that there would be Pro updates in the coming days. This latest one about the MacBook Pros may have been fake. Shame on us.

    Edit: Sorry, Esquare was a nano-second earlier than me :P

    Sep 12, 03:48 PM
    my favorite new feature is the backward syncing:

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