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86 Corolla Sr5

86 Corolla Sr5. 86 Corolla Sr5
  • 86 Corolla Sr5

  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:53 PM
    To US its a big deal. It's a blow to the Al-Qaeda that doesn't exist anymore. The current one will still function just as it has for nearly a decade in its cell based way. If anything this will just piss off extremists. Don't think for a second some type of retaliation (most likely attacks in the Middle East) won't come about from this.We took down who they thought was invincible. That will hurt their ego and their pride. Will they try to retaliate, sure.

    Who knows what information we may have found in that mansion that could hurt them.

    86 Corolla Sr5. CA FS: 1986 Toyota Corolla SR5
  • CA FS: 1986 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • nowonder24
    Apr 28, 06:10 PM



    WTF ... who uses cases? And who cares for cases?

    If I look at people with their iphones, i see like less than 5% using anything on their phones. And all of them use the Apple bumper on some iphone 4. I've seen hundreds of iphones in the wild, but I still have to see one non-bumper case in the wild.

    Grow up guys ...

    P.S.: WTF does one use a case for? To make the phone THICKER? UGLIER?

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  • 1978 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • wordoflife
    Apr 24, 03:32 PM
    You can't even see it. LOL

    Oh wow! Fail.

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1979 Toyota Corolla SR5
  • 1979 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • Abstract
    Dec 30, 01:36 PM
    Creative positioning + bed with a good bit of "give", e.g. Memory Foam = enjoyment without that "crushing" feeling.
    Nothing should have to remember such an experience. Not even a mattress.

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1986 Toyota Corolla
  • 1986 Toyota Corolla

  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 10:50 AM
    IIRC, the manager said that they only had 16GB WiFi. But I had already tuned out at that point since I was there for AT&T, so I may have misheard.

    Ah okay. Well, I will probably be in line with my friend tomorrow so he can get his. We will definitely go early. I have a 16 gig white one I should try selling in line ;)

    86 Corolla Sr5. my 86 corolla sr5 was
  • my 86 corolla sr5 was

  • Luis
    Jul 24, 08:42 PM
    That would be realy awesome! cmon not only would it reduce scratches on the ipod but make it even cooler than it already is. This wold be one of the many features that would kill the Micro$oft "iPod Killer". I hope this is true....:D

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  • 89 corolla sr5

  • Surely
    Apr 28, 07:19 PM
    Hey, Jonny I've for CEO!!!! Not.

    Looks like his brain went to England but he left his body behind to do some last minute 'designs'. Nice attention to detail, all you had to do was change the color, genius. :rolleyes:

    Yes, that's all they had to do. It was that simple......that's why it came out so quickly.:rolleyes:

    I've ≠ Ive.

    86 Corolla Sr5. Toyota Corolla SR5
  • Toyota Corolla SR5

  • mingspace
    Oct 24, 08:45 AM
    I apologize for the big letters. I'm a mac newb and this will be my first mac. I have been waiting for this new macbook to buy and whats funny is that I walked into the Mac Store yesterday, the guy new everything about the product but seemed a little too clueless about the product cycle. He was like.. "uh, could be next February but no one ever knows". I asked how releases are typically handled for macs. He replies "I'm not really sure. It's anyone's guess". So I knew he was trying to avoid talking about it.

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1979 Toyota Corolla SR5
  • 1979 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • CristobalHuet
    May 3, 07:37 AM
    There it is

    86 Corolla Sr5. Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe.
  • Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe.

  • cpgallo
    Sep 30, 05:52 PM
    I live in upstate NY and I've only had maybe 2-3 dropped calls on my iPhone since I've had the 3g. I now have the 3gs and it's the same.

    86 Corolla Sr5. Toyota Corolla Rear View
  • Toyota Corolla Rear View

  • �algiris
    Mar 31, 10:34 AM

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5
  • 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • rolfbert
    Apr 22, 07:12 AM
    Germany is a painful place to defend a patent suit.

    because the law system actually makes sense?

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1984 Toyota Corolla SR5
  • 1984 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • kppolich
    Jan 28, 01:23 PM
    perhaps this weekend :)

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1982 Toyota Corolla SR5
  • 1982 Toyota Corolla SR5

  • Millionaire2K
    Apr 29, 03:41 PM
    it is not against the law in any way to give a different deal to someone else. Amazon bring more to the table than Apple and to add to it Apple strong arming has pissed a lot of people off and they want to break Apple strong hold.

    Exactly. Apple says they will pay 70% to the music companies. They worked out their deals with them at that rate. If another company wants to sell music, they by no means have to get the same deal as every other company selling music. It�s just nuts to think that way.

    All companies go and negotiate their own deals. Wal-Mart negotiates for most products they sell. They never say �What�s Target paying you?, we have to match that� but they might say �What�s Target paying you?, we have to BEAT that� They could end up paying more or less depending on how good the company is at negotiating. Also bigger companies with more products sold normally will get a better deal. A lot of companies would be screwed if Wal-Mart stopped carrying their products. This leverage allows Wal-Mart to work out great deals.

    Nothing is preventing Apple from reworking their deals. However no company has to change any deal unless they both agree to terms.

    Stop feeling �poor Apple� just because another company �may� have a better deal. It�s just business.

    86 Corolla Sr5. fs: 1984 toyota corolla sr5.
  • fs: 1984 toyota corolla sr5.

  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 29, 01:50 AM
    Ok, that works if you are thinking of getting a cellphone vs. not getting a cellphone.

    But when you are thinking of getting what type of cellphone, no, it doesn't count. Cause by deciding you are getting a cellphone but trying to decide which type, you already committed to buying the plan,what type of cellphone does not affect the cost of the plan, you are going to pay it regardless. So the cost of the plan really doesn't count for the cost of the cellphone when you are comparing cellphones together.

    Maybe if we were comparing getting a landline to a cellphone (where the costs of the service for the landline are going to be drastically different).

    Or even if we were comparing going from AT&T to Verizon there might be some small difference. So only if the cellphones are on different networks (with the iphone though, this only matters if you are comparing to a T-Mobile or Sprint phone as you can get an iphone on either AT&T or Verizon so the plan cost will be the same for the iphone as whatever other phone you want to get on either network).

    You still don't get the point.

    The point is when we are comparing different cellphones to each other, the service doesn't matter cause if you are getting the cellphone, you are going to pay the service regardless and which cellphone you get isn't going to affect the service's price. Therefore it is irrelevant when talking cost of one cellphone vs. another to bring in the cost o the contract.

    Total cost matters. And since you are going to have to pay the monthly payment even if you don't use the phone one second or download even one byte, then, yes, the plan is part of the total cost of the phone.

    Without the plan, the 3GS costs $449 not $49.

    The monthly cost for a 3GS will be higher than the initial payment. And my example is with the cheapest plan I could get, with a more expensive plan the difference in what you pay for the phone will matter even less. And mccldwll has an excellent point about the value of the phone at the end of contract period.

    Anyone who is unable to pay the extra $150 up front, probably shouldn't get a phone with a plan that will at least cost you $55/month. And if go for the cheapest plan, then what's the point of getting a smart phone?

    Is there actually anyone here who would buy a 3GS over a 4? Anyone who thinks that's a good idea? For themselves? Considering that most people here are talking about waiting for the 4S/5.

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  • 1974 Toyota Corolla SR5:

  • Dagless
    Nov 11, 07:14 AM

    86 Corolla Sr5. 1989 Toyota Corolla All Trac
  • 1989 Toyota Corolla All Trac

  • Cheerwino
    Apr 14, 07:44 AM
    Guys, which one should I get?

    I've been trying to score an iPad2 and now here comes the new ix.Mac.MarketingName, which sounds awesome! So between this and iPad2, ATV2, Air, MBP, iPhone, Mac Pro, Nano and iMac, what should I get?

    Mostly I would use this for web surfing and light photo editing, but it also needs to dry laundry and serve as daily transportation for my 8 mile commute. But, I'm worried the new ix.Mac.MarketingName requires Z-rated tires, which are quite expensive. I'm also curious whether, with the right apps, the ix.Mac.MarketingName can serve as a prophylactic or if it's better to have a dedicated device for that.

    So, whaddya think? What other ix.Mac.MarketingName rumors have you heard? :apple:

    86 Corolla Sr5. Corolla SR5:
  • Corolla SR5:

  • Don't panic
    Apr 29, 03:38 PM
    Lastly, I'm kinda bummed that I haven't made the narration yet.:(

    Me too. Given the theme i was already picturing myself as the marquee artist of the production ;)

    anyway, the situation right now is:
    eldiablo: 4 (dontpanic, chrmjenkins, aggie, ucfgrad)
    chrmjenkins: 1 (jav)

    not voted yet: Lbro, eldiablo

    not much room to maneouvre for eldiablo, except in deciding who to infect (if he hasn't done it already).

    so tomorrow should be 4 vs 1 (or 5 vs 1 if the hunter is successful). with everyone with equal chances of being wolfized.
    it's like starting a new game, a tricky one with two shots at finding the wolf

    86 Corolla Sr5. Corolla SR5 Coupe,
  • Corolla SR5 Coupe,

  • ChazUK
    Apr 22, 12:23 AM
    How long until we're likely to see what they've hit back with?

    Apr 29, 03:49 PM
    Its been my observation that most of the prices on existing content was increased to 1.29. I don't have hard number to back this up, just my observation that most of the content was bumped to the higher price point from being at 0.99 before.

    It's based on demand. If it's still popular its more expensive - no matter how old it is.

    Apr 14, 06:12 AM
    Well, it is almost time for a new iMac to be released, isn't it? (Or a Mac Mini, Mac Pro, or MacBook for that sake)

    iX... At first you could think about the Roman Number 9. But as you all know, in the upper part of X, you can also find the Roman number V. So that makes 14 then. (IX + V)

    Now, the iMac shipped in 1998, while now it's 2011. 13 years of difference. Almost fourteen. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe that's a hint from Apple?

    Then you got Mac, with a capital M, and a lowercase a and c. In M you can find I, V, and I, which together make (IV + I) 5. In a you can find c and I, which totals in 11 (C+I). Then you got the c, which of course, just translates in 10.
    5 + 11 + 10 equals 26. As much as all letters in the Roman (aka Latin) alphabet.

    Which leads us to believe that we have not to count the Roman numbers, but just the Roman letters.
    M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
    A is the first letter of the alphabet.
    C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet.
    TOTAL: 17.

    Now we all know Apple's marketing. And you know that's a hint from the name in the title: MarketingName. Big words mean more to Apple than big numbers. "This computer is fantastic" is more advertised than "This computer has 8 GB of RAM". So that can conclude that we'll have to substract the Roman numbers from the Roman letters.

    26 - 17 = 9. Nine indeed. Got it?

    9 was also the number iX, which we started with. This leads us to believe we have to be on the right track.

    Now what are those dots in between the words?

    Anyone else can further elaborate this? Thanks for your help.

    Edit: I forgot the lower case i in iX. I used it as an uppercase letter. So maybe that only counts as 0.5 instead? So that equals 13.5 with the V included. That only gives Apple 6 months to finish the new unknown thing!

    And I thought Ted Rogers was dead!
    Do I win Dusty Bin?

    May 3, 07:37 AM
    store down, but the details are here.

    Jul 24, 03:49 PM
    As a matter of fact, a cheap wired optical mouse is AS LOW AS 2 USD..

    May 1, 11:53 PM
    People's perception of reality matters more in these situations than actual reality. The fact that the average guy in the street probably still thinks/thought of him as the head of al-Qaeda is the important part.

    This acceptance of perception being more important than reality is exactly why everyone hates politics, its how this kind of thing works. It's a huge part of the problem when reality doesn't matter any more. It's an immense danger.

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