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3d moving wallpapers

3d moving wallpapers. 3d animated wallpaper for mac
  • 3d animated wallpaper for mac

  • jaigo
    Oct 24, 09:25 AM
    Now I need to get a nice case for my mbp :D

    3d moving wallpapers. Incredible Moving Arrows Width
  • Incredible Moving Arrows Width

  • RobertMartens
    Apr 14, 09:13 AM
    My $0.2

    Hey you've paid 10x too much for your opinion, in my opinion.

    3d moving wallpapers. 3D, Animated Wallpaper
  • 3D, Animated Wallpaper

  • bbplayer5
    Apr 22, 09:49 AM
    That's completely fine with me. LTE speeds aren't really LTE speeds anyway. Even Verizon which does have the fastest LTE falls short of at least 50% of the actual LTE speeds. It's all false advertising anyway :)

    I dont know of any wireless phone that could support real 4G speeds. Besides on a mobile device, do I really need more than 20mb down, 5 up? Thats already faster than my cable modem lol.

    3d moving wallpapers. free wallpapers for desktop
  • free wallpapers for desktop

  • twoodcc
    Oct 29, 09:24 PM
    Should get32/33 mins per frame, something else must be slowing it down. Could be the raid, spotlight, check the activity monitor. Keep HT on.

    oh wow. now that's a huge difference. something's gotta be wrong then

    3d moving wallpapers. free 3d animated backgrounds
  • free 3d animated backgrounds

  • Keleko
    Apr 6, 06:03 PM
    The Cherokee Memorial Park in Hopkinsville, KY, is where Chief Whitepath and Fly Smith, a clan leader, are buried. This site was one of the ration stops along the Trail of Tears. (

    3d moving wallpapers. Hyperspace 3D Screensaver
  • Hyperspace 3D Screensaver

  • kentkomine
    Apr 14, 10:45 AM
    I would've bought the white iPhone if Apple had put it on the shelves at release, but now that its April, I've decided to wait for the fifth-gen iPhone... Hopefully they won't have any problems with that one

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  • Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver

  • m-dogg
    Jul 25, 08:33 AM
    Does anyone know if the previous Apple BT mouse used laser? Or was it optical?

    3d moving wallpapers. 3d moving wallpapers
  • 3d moving wallpapers

  • robbieduncan
    Oct 24, 09:10 AM
    Finally, still confused as to why there is no 7200RPM drive option for the 15".

    I wanna order with a glossy screen but i'm scared i wont be able to return this if it has probless. Isnt glossy screen a BTO option?

    ANY change from the default spec is BTO (or CTO). The tech specs pages says:

    "15.4-inch (diagonal) TFT display, support for millions of colors; optional glossy widescreen display"

    Sounds like glossy is BTO to me.

    3d moving wallpapers. 3d desktop wallpapers
  • 3d desktop wallpapers

  • Ajones330
    May 4, 08:47 AM
    I wonder why they've moved it to a later date?

    Because that customer's service has been suspended due to non-pay. Trust me a customer care rep does not get this info... They are going off of what they hear in the media. Let's say the phone is coming out in the fall, Apple and all other companies have to wait for official announcement to give out info. That was some reps personal opinion...:rolleyes:

    3d moving wallpapers. 3d moving wallpapers
  • 3d moving wallpapers

  • aaronfzr
    Oct 24, 08:21 AM
    is the applecare more expensive now? or is it the same? I didn't take notice previously.. but it looks really expensive now

    Applecare is still the same price in the UK, �279 for the 15.4"

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  • 3d animated wallpaper bulletin

  • pmd
    May 2, 08:50 PM
    Also iMacs are still shipping in 24hrs on the apple website, a good sign that the new iMacs are not coming just yet.

    Well, that could be interpreted as:

    If you order an iMac now, it will ship tomorrow. It just might be a newer model than the one you were expecting! :D

    3d moving wallpapers. free 3d animated desktop
  • free 3d animated desktop

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 22, 03:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Is it a bad thing that apple doesn't want to increase the size of the iPhone? There are people who want/accept huge phones but the fact remains that the motorola razr is historically one of the most successful phones and people criticized the iPhone on its realease for it's size.

    The majority of the market wants smaller phones. Apple should go after that

    Also. Re: innovation. Ever hear of. Um. The iPhone? Or the iPad?

    It will add a few more onces and drain a little bit more battery. That is what will happen and that is not a worthwhile thing to apple.

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  • 3d Moving Desktop Backgrounds.

  • deannnnn
    Apr 23, 06:57 PM
    Maybe they're testing this so that when AT&T and T-Mo combine, future iPhones will be able to use the T-Mobile 3G bands, even though the phone would still be exclusive to AT&T (and of course, Verizon).

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  • A 3D rendered illustration of

  • batchtaster
    Jun 6, 09:53 AM
    sure. apple has no problem giving a refund, as they keep their 30% that the developer now has to pay. that's a cool $300 that apple just ripped off from the developer all to protect their mistake and their idiot customers.

    And you're basing this conclusion jumping on, what? You win for the most ill-informed, knee-jerk, baseless response in this thread.

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  • Watery Desktop 3D will animate

  • kainjow
    Nov 4, 10:27 AM
    Well. I have to say Bravo! VMWare!!!!
    It use SOOOOOOO little amount of memory compare to Parallels (4xxMB vs 2.xxGB), so there is better system performance. I cannot wait to test it on my Macbook but the different on my Mac Pro was HUGE!!

    I agree. VMware is already very good for a private beta (don't ask me how I got it ;)). Very fast already, and the app itself starts up about 5x faster than Parallels. And it uses a Cocoa native interface yay!

    3d moving wallpapers. moving 3D coral reef.
  • moving 3D coral reef.

  • DRGN89
    Apr 11, 01:40 PM
    external GPU's!

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  • 3d Moving Desktop Backgrounds.

  • Plymouthbreezer
    May 2, 12:15 AM
    Anyone outside the US — especially the east coast... Boston, NYC, Washington — will feel different than we do. 9/11 hit us hard. I'm not saying other folks weren't (and aren't) affected, but for me, it's not political, it's not about any election or foreign policy: it's what happen to us. United 175 and American 11 flew over my city, my head, and those on board would be dead just minutes later. We lived it first hand, we saw the destruction and cried and prayed and live with reminders every day. We can't just "move on" or "forget." I was 11, but I remember and relive it as vividly as yesterday.

    There's a sense of satisfaction that could only come with this news: a sense of achievement and resilience, of resolve and determination. It's not the end of the war, it's not the end of terrorism, and we all know that. It is however, the end of a trying decade that defined many aspects of many peoples lives.

    3d moving wallpapers. 3d moving cartoons3d moving
  • 3d moving cartoons3d moving

  • kernkraft
    Oct 28, 05:27 PM
    I'm a BMW fan and have thought about restoring an E30 or picking up an E36 M3. I personally would never buy a Countryman but the Cooper S and JCW appeals to me. I understand that this car may not appeal to some people but I personally dig it. It's very peppy and has soul. It does something for me and it's what matters. I've looked at a new BMW 335i...RWD...twin turbo. On paper it has everything a car guy would like but meh...too generic for me.

    I actually love those E30s, that is why I wouldn't have an issue driving any example. At least I'd be driving a decent car or something that was when new.

    I had all sorts of cars over the years, almost exclusively German premium ones but my biggest regret is not to get a 318is when I had the chance. I went for a practical E46 Touring (third in a row) and later I bought a 1983 SL280. That was a more special car but I still have a lot of admiration for those small BMW sport coupes. That is why actually, that I have high hopes about the 1 series coupes. The history is there, you can see the DNA, that's what BMW is very good at.

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  • Animated Wallpaper - Desktop

  • appie57
    Apr 14, 05:07 PM
    The economy is picking up again.

    Nov 23, 09:29 PM
    Something just happened in the stats, we got a big jump and many teams too. Yet I don't think this is the whole catch up as we still miss points as a team and I still miss a big unit...

    That was enough to get us to #58 though, just by a hair...

    Yes indeed, we just passed club lexus, I'll have to take a look to see if I got my points back.

    yeah, but i still haven't gotten my points back yet

    Apr 22, 11:44 AM
    I can read Wiki too...

    GPL is a license. GNU is a foundation. The guy i quoted said about GNU - i corrected him as to the licensing terminology..

    I didn't read any Wikis. None of my links are to wikis. And again, you're wrong. GPL is a license. GNU is a project. The Foundation behind this project is the FSF, the Free Software Foundation.

    The guy you quoted was me. You didn't correct me at all, you posted a ton of wrong information.

    And licensing terminology ? I didn't even get it wrong. I said Bash was part of the GNU project, you said "No, Bash isn't GNU, it's GPL", which is both very wrong and quite misunderstands the terminology used by the FSF.

    Look, you were wrong, drop it, you're only digging yourself deeper into your hole here.

    Apr 24, 11:26 AM
    I doubt it. If you don't have a US Centric view and look elsewhere, you'll see Android is gaining and passing the iPhone even in markets where both platforms are available on the same carriers. Here, Rogers sells a metric ton of Android devices, Bell pushes them out and Telus too. I see tons of Nexus One and HTC Desires around, tons of Motorola Milestones and even more Captivates.

    Yet all these people had a choice of getting an iPhone too. They opted for Android.

    So let's not get ahead of ourselves with all the Apple cheerleading and think a move to a new set of frequencies would mean world domination for Apple. It doesn't. But it does open up the option of the iPhone on carriers that support these, which is good for consumers (more carriers = more competition for plans).

    Just curious if you have any numbers to back that up? I honestly have no idea how Android fares up here. It'd be nice if they released numbers (have they?).

    Jan 30, 01:57 PM
    How does one buy stock anyway? (from the UK)

    I have absolutely no idea on the subject, is it just a matter of buying a share at a couple of hundred dollars, watching Apple go through one of its "win" moments then selling it for a little profit ($50 or whatever) just as a starter? What about tax?

    You can trade online from an e-commerce firm, such as this one--

    Apr 14, 03:30 PM
    Open a stock app, like Messages or Photos.

    Watch the animation, look at how the icons fly off to the edges of the screen and the app you pressed zooms forward from the centre of the screen and into full screen view. That, is the animation for launching an app.

    Now try it on, for example, Infinity Blade, Engadget, TUAW, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 3 (basically 99.9% of third party apps). Notice that when you press the app icon, it dulls as normal, but then the app immediately appears on screen. No home screen icons zooming off to the edges of the screen, no app you are loading zooming forward from the centre of the screen to fill the entire viewable area.

    Only once the app has been loaded, and is in the memory, can you open/close the app and get the animation as normal.

    No doubt you'll say you don't have that on your phone, but there you go.

    You're not alone. This happens for me too, including with this update. Even after a reboot. It didn't do it with any of the 4.0.x releases either. It started with 4.2 I think. Tap an app icon, freezes for a second, then the app appears with no animation. Or a very choppy animation.

    I've tried both rebooting and restoring (as a new phone). I had less than a gigabyte free so I tried freeing up some space thinking that might help and even with ~2GB free it still does it.

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