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Graffiti Tutorial : How to Draw Graffiti Letters Art


graffiti letters,How to Draw Graffiti Letters

Graffiti Tutorial : How to Draw Graffiti Letters Art

Graffiti can be developed in many ways, as the tangled ball style, etc., are simply the creativity needed to master the art. Produce a special visual effect through letters and colors are the main target of graffiti. If you have the art of drawing the Graffiti letters dominate and improve your skills, you can view the letter more interesting to her imagination and add their own styles.

Before learning the art of graffiti drawing, means that the main purpose of the use of graffiti letters, draw the attention of viewers. For that reason, the letters were usually painted in bright colors, and you need to understand patterns of color, while the application of the article. But as we begin to learn the letters of the graffiti, the understanding of certain aspects of graffiti. In this technique, write letters overlap generally be properly configured in part to ensure they are clear. The second important aspect is the letters are signed with a 3D effect.

Here are some tips to draw Graffiti letters

Can begin to use Graffiti, you must use a pencil to draw the letters. During interrogation Find ideas for design files? Well, there are many places you can get ideas about fonts, graffiti. Some of these sites have the ability to enter text and create graffiti letters on the selected sources. Take the help of these pages and copy the style of drawing letters on paper.
Looking at the letters on the paper Make sure you start with light strokes of the pen. Even some of the letters that are created, you can fill the letters with colors. But even if the design of letters, it is important to remember that the length of a particular text that you want to write graffiti letters. The shape and size of letters should be adjusted to fit over the paper, if necessary. Therefore it is important to consider the overview of the complete end of the pins of light, so you can remove the parts that are not good, too.
As the art of graffiti used primarily to attract attention, you can choose bright colors to increase the impact of their design. Start with the draft text with the end marker. Before using the colors you need to create the colors, the maximum power that can decide. Following a pattern, you must use different colors in the shadow of the inner and outer edges to create the 3D effect. The color of other letters with different colors.
The last part, how to draw characters Graffiti letters shadows. Shadows maximize the impact of text and turn the entire drawing. The shadows are made with signature bright colors. Are you ready to see the graffiti to use.
If you are interested in signing letters of graffiti on the wall, you must acquire the skills needed to win to get some letters on a sheet of paper or drawing. Make a rectangle on the wall with chalk or charcoal, to select the location where you want the drawing. They have the text with a side length of charcoal or chalk to draw, because it is easy to paint over if something goes wrong. Draw a small rectangle in the network to divide it into small squares, so that documents in exact proportion. If you paint with the contour of graffiti letters, delete species or terminated with dilute color. Before painting the colors of letters and shade so the soil is completely dead. Painting with a retail area and time.
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