Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

It's Friday, AGAIN!!!

A scene of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula - Taken on a recent :Mental Health Ride. On occasion will will take a day off work and ride to Sorrento (150 kms) for lunch and a glass of wine.
Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay was the first settlement on the bay and there are still a few graves of the first settlers that perished there.

Well, it seems like Fridays come at least twice a week these days. For this once a week Blogger, life moves too quickly and if it wasn't for my reduced superannuation I would retire soon. Never mind, the share market is improving and our dollar is close to parity with the US$.

This weekend is going to be spent with friends at a Mornington Peninsula town called Blairgowrie. They live on the back beach, walking distance from the ocean of Bass Strait and to the other side is Port Phillip bay. Barry is a school mate of mind and our best man when Sue and I married. His wife Gloria and Sue love entertaining and so I expect Barry and I will enjoy a few bottles of wine while the girls cook up a storm.

So on Monday, my blog will feature the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful place only an hours drive from our home in Mentone.

Talk to you all Monday.......................

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