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How to do Graffiti Letters? - Graffiti Tutorial

Graffiti letters,How to Graffiti


Graffiti Tutorial : How to do Graffiti Letters?

Not everyone can make their graffiti and asked "How to Do Graffiti Letters?" so that they many find information about it. Actually to do this is not a complicated thing to get the tp or write graffiti with a lot of good style and unique needs in a spirit of creativity in your art. Here are instructions stages that will help you in making or artistic graffiti writing. But before I will give a first tips that you make it easier in later.

1.Be the first pencil of light, so easy to erase mistakes.
2.Do not use a permanent ink marker or until the card.
3.Always start with a key on the basis of style that is easy to follow. Later you can open up more difficult.

Steps by Steps " How to DO Graffiti Letters?"

1.Start by writing a name on a sheet of paper. You can use any word. However, most graffiti artists begin to create their unique signature. Write all the letters of the capital and to leave enough space between each letter. Make It Big, and if you wish, you can take pictures on the cards. Enjoy stylus to draw letters, so if an error occurs, you can easily remove unwanted parts.

2.Now, choose a style for your word. There are different styles, Style Bubble is the most common. You can use any style that you find interesting and easy to adopt. May his letters have sharp edges or around, or you can choose the letters of the same size or some large and some small style letter.

3.If you choose the style, a careful examination of the letters if it is an adaptation of the style you have chosen. Use a pencil of light at the edges. You can take a while for things to do, but do not lose patience.

4.While drawing the outline, you must change the thickness of each letter. You can also test the lines of the same thickness, but with the nuances right, you can give a 3D effect letters. For perfect operation, check that the lines are thicker and closer locations. You can use the pencil shading of different thicknesses. Later in May darken with a marker.

5.Copy the drawing of a back-up. Adjust the color of the pencil lines lighting concerns are clearly visible. If you prefer, you can trace the design onto another sheet of paper.

6.Start darkened lines drawn with a pencil. You can use markers or ink on the basis of their choice. Be very cautious at this stage, because that determination. Once done, add color to the letters of graffiti to make them look really eye catching.

7.When you finish the whole word, as the success that has been in his company. If the graffiti is perfect and good, but if you can not get the desired effect, so do not be discouraged, try again. Over time you will not be bad.

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