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Portrait of Tracy M. standing in front of a graffiti art mural located on the parking lot wall of the Undisputed Fitness Center, located on 16th and K street, in downtown San Diego, Southern California. Graffiti writers HMS, Kiska, Pres One (and others) were the graff crew who did a excellent job buffing out this wall.

It was just a coincidence that Tracy was wearing yellow capri pants that day, which complimented all the colors (orange, red, blue and black) used by this crew when they painted this wall.

Portrait of Tracy M. low to the ground with graffiti mural in the background. Normally this parking lot is full of parked cars, but for some reason that day there wasn't one car in the lot. This allowed me to moved around the light and my PoV to get all sorts of different shots.

While we were shooting portraits in front of this wall I noticed these steel bars mounted to the wall. I thought it might make for some unique perspectives of her and the mural. Fortunately Tracy was open to climbing up to get these cool worm's eye view shots of her hair in motion with the mural and blue sky in the background.

Tracy M looking down at the camera as I shoot up the wall to get this down low (birds eye view) portrait of her and the wall. You can see a bit of colorful lens flare from some backlighting from the sunlight.

Graffiti art mural portrait of Tracy M. looking over her shoulder with her hands on the wall.


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