Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

3D Graffiti Art "to Mean"

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3D Graffiti Art "to Mean"

3D Graffiti Art "MEAN" is one of the Graffiti Graphic Design which has a strong 3D character. Graffiti Graphic Design at this time, Graffiti Creator create 3D animation with a little more interesting, the design size is made larger so that the characters emerge from this graffiti can be felt by the audience. In addition to 3D effects, Graffiti Creator also adds light effects on the colors used to play a little color gradation technique. Graffiti is a beautiful design and attractive, and coupled with a suitable color combinations and beautiful make graffiti Graffiti is a beautiful and special. If you are interested to be able to make graffiti like this you can learn the Graffiti Art Schools or learned through Graffiti Tutorial.
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